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Real News. Real People. Real Boise is a podcast for people in, or interested in Boise, Idaho. I'll discuss local issues and stories about the greater Boise area, talk to real people, and talk about real issues.

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The North End Organic Nursery | Lindsay Schramm

This week: North End Organic Nursery, Lindsay Schramm, dirt, pesticides, gardens, and compost tea.I had the pleasure of talking with Lindsay Schramm, the owner of the North End Organic Nursery, the area’s only completely organic nursery. We dug into Lindsay’s background, her passion for soil, food, her family, and her store.  As the conversation unfolded, Lindsay shared her background and how it has come to manifest itself into the North End Organic Nursery. As we were wrapping things up, we talked tips; when to start gardening, what to grow, and resources for the beginner.Links & Resources:North End Organic Nursery (official website)Garden Minutes (Lindsay’s video tutorials & guides)North End Organic Nursery Facebook PageInstagram North End Organic Nursery

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28 Mar 2020

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Youth Baseball & Softball in Boise

Let's play ball! Ready or not, it's time to register for youth softball and baseball in Boise and throughout the Treasure Valley.  In this episode, we discuss all of the opportunities for youth baseball and softball.  No matter the skill level or experience, there is something available for your son or daughter!My special guest is the Vice President of the East Boise Youth Baseball and Softball program in East Boise.  He and I cover many of the frequently asked questions and also dive into things that most kids and parents never knew about youth baseball.  Between Eric and I, we have over 20 seasons of volunteer coaching and assistant coaching in the area.Topics we cover: Where and how to registerHow much is registration might costWhat gear is necessary and what's notWhen do seasons beginWhat kind of time commitment is expected Club baseball If you're new to baseball or softball, you're going to love the opportunities that are available for your kids.  In fact, youth baseball and softball in Boise is established well enough that your kids could play all the way from Tee-Ball through the University level, right here in town!  Youth baseball programs are great for health, relationships, team building, communities, and they're tons of fun!***Subscribe*** iTunesStitcherGoogle Podcasts***Visit the new website***www.realboisepodcast.com____________________________________________________________________________League Baseball & SoftballEast Boise Youth Baseball & SoftballNorth Boise Little LeagueKuna Youth BaseballSouthwest Ada Little LeagueWest Valley Little LeagueWest Boise Little LeagueClub SoftballBoise BlastCrossfireNampa PrideGolden GlovesClub BaseballDalton BaseballBoise Beasts208 RumblersNampa ClutchIdaho Cubs


28 Jan 2020

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How Short Term Rentals are an Amenity for Boise

Thanks for joining us for Episode 4! As I've said multiple times, Short Term Rentals (STR's) are an amenity for the neighborhoods and cities within which they're located.  In this episode, I talk with a property owner and a short term tenant.  Tony owns an Airbnb in Boise along with other long term rentals.  Megan is a tenant that occupies Tony's Airbnb after her rental flooded and was left without a home.  In the dead of winter and with little options, Megan was able to secure a place to stay thanks to the availability of Tony's STR.Tony and I discuss the challenges of making a profit in the residential rental market as well as the ways STR regulation would affect his investments. Megan shares her experience as she's transitioned from a rental to an STR, and her plans to travel abroad which has made the necessity of STR's like Airbnb a requirement.Listen in as we talk about the challenges and opportunities that Airbnb's in Boise present.***Subscribe*** iTunesStitcherGoogle Podcasts***Visit the new website***www.realboisepodcast.com


14 Jan 2020

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Short Term Rental Regulations | Part 3

$3.7 Billion Dollars. That's the size of the tourism industry that employs more than 45,000 Idahoans and generates over $475 million dollars in local, State, and Federal taxes saving Idahos over $700 per year in property taxes.In this episode, I go over the benefits and not so beneficial characteristics of Short Term Rentals and Airbnb's in our area. The benefits of Short Term Rentals (STR's) for neighborhoods and for the City of Boise are often overlooked and are instead replaced with hearsay and negative assumptions. Obviously there are bad players in any sport and STR's aren't immune to absent owners or "list it and forget it" property managers. In my experience, however, Airbnb's that we manage are an asset to the neighborhoods in which they're located and are generally in a higher quality condition than surrounding homes.With quality management, Airbnb's can greatly benefit the neighborhoods, communities, and cities where they exist. This isn't just a cool idea, it's an actual fact._________________________Links & Resources:Shared Opportunities: How Airbnb Benefits CommunitiesIdaho Commerce | Tourism ResourcesEconomic Costs & Benefits of AirbnbWhy Cities Should Embrace AirbnbEconomic Impacts of Airbnb


10 Dec 2019

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Short Term Rental Regulations | Part 2

**Update 11/29/19** Mayor Beiter has retracted his proposal for his previously recommended Short Term Rental Regulations in Boise.  See the article here: http://bit.ly/2Oz1YbgIn the second episode of the Real Boise Podcast, I discuss Short Term Rentals (STR's), what they are, the kinds of people that own them, and the kinds of people that stay in them.  I also share a bit about the benefits and drawbacks of owning STR's.  As a quick note, it's important to mention that in Episode 1, I discuss the proposed STR regulation, but with a mayoral runoff it's clear that Mayor Beiter has retracted his support for regulation. If McLean is the successful Mayoral candidate, then it's likely that there will be an extended conversation about STR regulation in Boise.  That said, it's important to continue this series about the future of Short Term Rentals in Boise.


30 Nov 2019

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