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The Official podcast from Harmonix Music Systems, masters of the gaming universe. All the Rock Band and Dance Central news you can take. Interviews with awesome people. DLC Roundtables. Employee profiles. Goofs and spoofs!

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Episode 148 – Return of the Podcast

The Harmonix podcast returns after a year-long break! We're recording the podcast live on the Harmonix livestream each week, and our first episode features User Researcher Matt Kristek. Matt runs all of playtesting for Harmonix and was a guest on the podcast back in the day. Join us for the return of the podcast, and tune in to the livestream on Wednesday afternoons to see the show recorded live!


29 Jul 2016

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Episode 145 – 20 Years of Harmonix

This week’s a very special show. 20 years ago almost to the day, Harmonix Music Systems, Inc opened its doors for the first time. Those doors may or may not have been on Alex Rigopulos’ parents’ house. Tune in and take a walk down memory lane with Alex and co-founder Eran Egozy as they share their memories of starting up the company after grad school.


8 May 2015

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Episode 146 – Burrito on the Beach

It’s been a massively eventful month for Rock Band 4. We’ve done a month of in-depth coverage with IGN First touching on numerous aspects of the game. The crew runs down what sort of stories you can find there, and chats about how great it’s been taking Rock Band 4 back on the road again!


8 May 2015

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Episode 144 – Come Playtest at Harmonix!

On the latest podcast we talk with the “Harmonix Playtest Guy,” and pull in a few guests who have worked closely with him to talk about playtesting! What is playtest? Why is it important? How does playtesting make games better? All important questions that we answer IN THIS SHOW. Give it a listen and sign up at HarmonixMusic.com/playtest for a chance to come in and help playtest our games (like Rock Band 4 or Amplitude) before they are officially released!


17 Apr 2015

Rank #4

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Episode 143 – Harmonix Game Jammy Jam

In the latest episode of the Harmonix podcast, we talk about game development, game jams, making games, making jam, and more! This podcast includes pro tips for aspiring game developers from Harmonix design guru, Chris Foster. Don’t miss it!


3 Apr 2015

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Episode 142 – Rock Band 4 Announce and PAX East Recap!

PAX East is over! We announced Rock Band 4! We’re back in the office and we’re all so tired! Tune in for a recap of one of the busiest weeks we’ve had in the last few years, with plenty of details about the RB4 announce, what’s coming up next for RB4, and a rundown of all the games, merch, panels, and parties that kept us busy during PAX East! Are exclamation points really necessary for all of these sentences? YES!


20 Mar 2015

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Episode 141 – Rock Band 4 Announced!

It's happening! It's really happening! Rock Band 4 is coming later this year. We sit down with a group of special guests to talk about the new game.


6 Mar 2015

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Episode 140 - Rize of the Shack

This week on the show we discuss another batch of surprise Rock Band 3 DLC! We’re also joined by our friend Alexander Sliwinski, recently of Joystiq. He joins us for a rousing discussion about the games press!


20 Feb 2015

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Episode 139 - PAX East is Coming!

PAX East returns to Boston in a month, and Harmonix has a whole lotta STUFF planned for the show. Tune in to hear what games we'll be showing off, and get the early scoop on our party plans. There's a ton more info coming, but this episode of the podcast kicks off our 2015 event season plans!


6 Feb 2015

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Episode 138 - Not Much To Talk About Today

This week on the show the gang discusses our newly released Rock Band 3 DLC, as well as an informational survey about your Rock Band playing habits!


23 Jan 2015

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