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A weekly history podcast that will cover France from 3 million years ago to present. Presented by Gary Girod, with contributions by numerous scholars.

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16 – The Gallo-Roman Apocalypse

52 BCE and Prince Vercingetorix unites Gaul in a war to the death with Caesar that will decide Rome and Gaul's fates.


29 Jun 2019

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21 – The Battle of the Teutoburg Forest

Augustus decides to invade Germania and Romanize it as he did with Gallia. Family drama and an insurrection give the Germans a chance to revolt. What follows is one of Rome's greatest tragedies and a history-defining moment for Gallia, Rome and Europe.


7 Sep 2019

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8 – The Greek Empire in Gaul

Anatolian Greeks establish an empire in Southern Gaul around Masallia, or modern-day Marseille.


16 Feb 2019

Rank #3

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25 -The Ancient Superpower and its Decline

Rome ascends to unprecedented glory by the time of Antoninus Pius. Then the unthinkable happens and the ancient superpower is hit with one disaster after another. Plague, civil war and invasion bring the glorious empire to its knees.


16 Nov 2019

Rank #4

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10 – Destiny Meets Opportunity

A crisis in Gaul sparks a war between civilizations a millenia in the making.


6 Apr 2019

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11 – The War Begins

A migrating wave of Celts from Switzerland gives Caesar the opportunity to invade Gaul. But things aren't so simple; to conquer Gaul he'll have to defeat a German king before he can bring over an overwhelming number of warriors.


20 Apr 2019

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9 – Gaul Before the Fall

Where we tell the story of the Gallic kingdoms before the Roman conquest.


23 Feb 2019

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24 -The Two Lost Centuries

Nearly two centuries of Gallia's history go missing. What happened to the records and what happened in Gallia?


19 Oct 2019

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23 – Three Gods, Four Emperors

The Year of the Four Emperors in the Roman Empire brings chaos and war. In Gallia, three people claim divinity as they revolt against the empire.


5 Oct 2019

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Notre Dame de Paris

Ph.D candidate Gary Girod tells Notre Dame's fascinating history from the first stones laid for the Roman temple to Jupiter, up until present and explains why there's hope for a complete restoration after the April 15, 2019 fire.


20 Apr 2019

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22 – Twilight of the Druids, Madness of Emperors

Another revolt convinces Tiberius and later Claudius that the only way to civilize Gallia is to rid it of its druids. Gallia survives the madness of Caligula and then unites with Hispania to overthrow Nero.


21 Sep 2019

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26 – The Gallic Empire

Rome is falling apart. It's being invaded along its entire northern and eastern borders. Emperors are assassinated. Usurper generals rise up every year to seize power. Plague devastates the empire. Out of this chaos a Gallic military commander decides to create a new Celtic empire and revive a free Gaul.


30 Nov 2019

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27 – The Empire Strikes Back

The year is 285. Diocletian is the undisputed master of a Roman world in tatters. Gaul has fallen completely apart as its own people ravage the land looking for food while German hordes poor in. Diocleatian sends two emperors to save Gaul, but even if they can bring peace it will never be the same as Celtic Gaul declines and the Franks rise.


3 Jan 2020

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France, Haiti and the American Civil War with Dr. Matthew Clavin

The Haitian Revolution has often been described as an oddity that had little impact on the world. Since then, historians have challenged this narrative and argue that Haiti's victory over France had a huge impact on the Atlantic World. Dr. Matthew Clavin of the University of Houston argues that the Haitian Revolution had an enormous impact on the world.


12 Oct 2019

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4 – The Indo-European Migration

The Indo-Europeans are on the move and heading to Western Europe, bringing with them war, horses and apocalypse.


19 Jan 2019

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5 – The Metals Revolution and the Revolution of Ideas

The tools and minds of the early French undergo a tremendous leap forward.


26 Jan 2019

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29 – Life in a Crumbling Empire

What was life like for ordinary people in 4th century Gallia? In this episode we're covering men, women, children, the family, culture, entertainment, language, medicine, the environment, food, barbarians & everything else that made up the lives of the Gauls during the Late Roman Empire.


1 Feb 2020

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14 – A Year of Heroes: Lucius Vorenus, Titus Pullo and Vertico the Gaul

Caesar begins the year by invading Britannia and harassing Belgica. Meanwhile Celtica rises up and the Gauls surround two Roman armies. With doom approaching heroes are born as Vorenus and Pullo make an epic last stand.


1 Jun 2019

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13 – The End of the World and Beyond: Caesar’s Invasions of Germania and Britannia

Caesar's devastation of the Belgae opens up Gaul to a German invasion to the east. To the north, Britannia unsettles Gaul. To solve both problems Caesar will have to go where no Roman ever has and become more than a mere man.


18 May 2019

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15 – Fate Meets Folly

It's 53 BCE and Marcus Licinius Crassus is tired of watching Pompey and Caesar take all the glory. Crassus raises an army to invade Persia, a gambit which determines Rome's fate. Meanwhile, Caesar's divide and conquer tactics reach new heights as he turns the Gauls against themselves.


15 Jun 2019

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