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Two sisters sharing their opinions and thoughts on anything and everything, laughing hysterically, and occasionally arguing along the way!

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The One All About the BABY!

We are back with a super fun episode! This one is all about Lindsey's first trimester of pregnancy. It is interview style where Montgomery asks a ton of questions about all of the fun details!We also share some tips and tricks about how to say busy during the quarantine! We hope you enjoy!


3 Apr 2020

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Let It Go!

Austin Poss joins us this week and we talk through situations that you should let go of and move on from, and how we do that in our lives! We have two questions of the week because we got a little overly excited (and forgot we had already recorded one HAHA).The Bachelorette recap for episode 6 is here, so SPOILER ALERT!*We had a few technical difficulties throughout the episode so bear with us*


20 Jun 2019

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Life's BIGGEST Questions: Trying to find where we fit

We have been doing this for a while now, FIVE MONTHS! We are trying to find out where we fit and what y'all love to hear!! Let us know by messaging out instagram, @backyardandboujee. 


25 Oct 2019

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Everything is better in the SUMMER!

In episode 3 we talk about all of the things we have going on this summer and how we plan to navigate our busy schedule. We'll be sharing our tips and tricks that keep us on track when we have tons going on. We also recap episode two of the Bachelorette and tell our winner picks. 


23 May 2019

Rank #4

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Life Update: Telling All About the Last Two Weeks

After an unplanned week off, we are back telling everything that we did in the past two weeks. It has been wild and filled with two epic parties, sickness, and amazing moments and memories made with our friends. We are also talking about what is next for B&B and where we would love to go from here!! Enjoy!!


8 Nov 2019

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Getting back in to the groove: staying organized, how we adjust, and what we are taking away from the summer

Kate Brooks joins us to discuss and give tips on how to get back in the groove and adjust to a new stage of life. If you are someone that is starting college soon, a new job, or a new season- this one is for YOU!Bachelor in Paradise episode 1 and 2 recap is here and it is INSANE!!

8 Aug 2019

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Getting Married: Planning and preparing for a wedding with Catlyn Chapman

We are joined by Catlyn Chapman this week!! We are talking all things marriage. She shares insight on how she planned for her wedding that is TOMORROW! We ask her questions about how her and Robby prioritize each other, what vibe/aesthetic she is going for during the big day, and MORE! It is a really cute and funny episode and we hope you like it!Don't forget to say a prayer for Robby and Cat as they embark on their new lives together :)


11 Oct 2019

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Learnin' and Lovin'

In this episode, we share the things we are learning during our current season of life. This has definitely been one of our favorite topics to discuss. We hope that something that we shared connects with you!


30 May 2019

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Turning Passion into Career: Tips and Advice with Dani Andujo

We sit down with Dani Andujo (insta- @dani_andujo) to discuss how she turned her hobby in to a career. She is a current student at SCAD, works with social media, and has her own photography business. She shares her advice for people just starting out and how she navigates her busy schedule. You do not want to pass up on this episode!


5 Sep 2019

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What it's really like to be sisters: Our childhood, memories, and fights

In this episode we are talking all out what it is really like to be sisters with one another. We try to break down our dynamic and what role each person plays in everyday life and as cohosts. It is a fun conversation about what we love about being sisters and best friends. We are recapping the PCAs and the CMAs! We share our thoughts on the winners, performances, and the red carpet. 

1hr 1min

15 Nov 2019

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Let's Spill the Tea #8: A pop culture recap

February's pop culture episode is here!! We talk about celeb pregnancies, new couples, new celeb documentaries, and the controversial Super Bowl half-time show! Thanks for listening!!


7 Feb 2020

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WE'RE BACK... and boujee!

After taking a much needed week off, we are so happy to be back! We are filling you in on all that has happened these past 2 weeks and what is to come. We are both transitioning in to new seasons of life and can't wait to share with you our experiences. Bachelorette fantasy suite week recap + some of men tell all. 


25 Jul 2019

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Let's Spill the Tea! #2

We are back with another pop culture episode! We recap USWNT's win, Jopie wedding, Chris Lane's engagement, and more!! Bo joins us to recap the Bachelorette and her hometown dates. Thank you for listening!


11 Jul 2019

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Getting Real...ationships

In episode 9, Bo Wells joins us and we share our experiences in all stages of relationships. We talk through being single, long distance, dating, engagement, and marriage. We hope you enjoy!Bachelorette recap :) Instagrams- @backyardandboujee, @montgomerygrace_, @wellslinds, @bo_knows10, @nerdy_30


4 Jul 2019

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Pumpkin Spice Everything: Goals and favorite things about FALL

IT'S ALMOST HERE! We are gearing up for our favorite season ever!! Sharing some of our favorite things to do in the fall and some goals we have for the upcoming season. Beware.... it is very backyard.


29 Aug 2019

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Let's Spill the Tea #7: A pop culture recap

We're back for another pop culture episode! We are recapping ALL the news: Megan and Harry's departure from the royal family, Rascall Flatt's announcing their farewell tour, celeb marriages and celeb breakups! We recap the first episode of The Bachelor and share TONS of new music!Enjoy!! 


10 Jan 2020

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Throwback Thursday

It's throwback Thursday! We are talking about our favorite things of the past we wish would make a comeback. From track suits to Hannah Montana, we talk about it all. And, as Hannah B. continues on her journey to find love, we continue to roast all of her guys! Bachelorette recap for episodes 3 and 4 is HERE!


6 Jun 2019

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Happy New Year: Recap of 2019 and goals for 2020

 Happy New Year everyone! We have loved sharing our 2019 with you guys. We talk through some of our best moments and memories from this past year and share our goals and hopes for 2020! It's going to be a GREAT YEAR!


31 Dec 2019

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Body Positivity and Self Love: How we navigate it

Hey everyone! We are getting vulnerable and talking all things body image, body positivity, and self love. In no way are we experts on the matter, but we do have some ways that we navigate the topic. We also give a Grammy's recap and share our thoughts on some of the big winners!Thanks for listening!


31 Jan 2020

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Q & A: What you need to know about us!

Hi everyone! If you're a new listener, this is a great episode to tune in to. We share everything about what we are doing in life, how it has been working together, and we answer tons of questions that were submitted to out instagram! Thanks for listening!


14 Dec 2019

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