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Intermittently Amusing

Winner of the 2002 Schaumburg Park District Boy's Soccer Participant award, Daniel Martinez brings you "Intermittently Amusing", a podcast created after one of his tweets received 12 likes and 3 retweets.

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Surviving St. Patrick's Day: The Daniel Martinez Story

After a week off, I return with how I survived St. Patrick's Day and the Michael Jackson documentary.  Special guest: Ollie, my cat.


25 Mar 2019

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In this episode I talk about how Bradley Cooper got robbed for the Oscar, how Jussie Smollett brought us all together for a week, the funniest thing Kanye has ever said, and how my ancestors (according to me) chose our last name. 


26 Feb 2019

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Are They the Migos?

Just like Game of Thrones, I am back! In this episode, I talk about being on a 3 week hiatus, my trip to Vegas and Arizona, and people watching at airports.  Follow me on Instagram! daniel_em7


16 Apr 2019

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It's Pothole Season!

Sayonara February! In this episode, I discuss the seasons we have here in Chicago, Khloe getting cheated on again, and how growing up in the 90's and 2000's was simply the best. 


4 Mar 2019

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If Everyone Cared

These are my confessions...In this episode, I confess something that not many people know about me. If you stick around after this shocking confession, I then discuss R. Kelly, how different it is to workout in the morning than the evening, and why people who don't wipe down the mirror before taking a mirror selfie are the worst. 


10 Mar 2019

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