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Coach BK gives us critical information on the issues that present as obstacles in our journey towards improved health, well-being and athletic pursuits.www.BonnieKissinger.com

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#51 Ironman 70.3 St. George Race Review


10 Dec 2016

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#60 Ironman Arizona Triathlon Race Review

Coach BK of BK Coaching and Ironman Triathlete Nelson Rodriguez chat about Ironman Arizona. This is an excellent race as a first time ironman race and to the newer to triathlon athletes. KEY POINTS Swim: Self seeding rolling start in Temp Town Lake which looks like a canal. Athletes enter the water off a metal type dock The water temp is usually cooler with sleeveless wetsuits being just fine Bike: 3 loop course with 2577 ft of gain Wind can pick up later in the day and turn into a head wind Roads are great and the support is excellent Run: 2 loop course that is flat Just about the entire course is on pavement, which is very unforgiving The run has zero shake so make sure to understand how to protect yourself from the sun and heat


10 Aug 2017

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#56 The Steep Learning Curve of Your First Half or Full Ironman

Coach BK and athlete Barb chat about all the things that an athlete learns on their first journey (or 2nd or 3rd) in 1/2 or full ironman.  There are so many things to learn and develop.  Also, we sprinkle in a bit of chatting about experiencing your first DNF and how your attitude greatly affects the results. Coach BK does free athlete health assessments and gives guidance on how to tackle goals, races and if a specific race would be good for you. www.BravingKarma.com Free Athlete Health Assessment:  www.bonniekissinger.com/aha


27 Jun 2017

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#62 How Not to F Up Your Ironman Season, the biggest mistakes triathletes make

What will get in the way of a successful (successfully executed) What is a Successful Ironman Season Healthier and happier in the other side Not divorced, family not disgruntled Evolved into the next version of yourself Meet goals Managed yourself well in training AND racing Habits that Really Get in the Way of a Successful Ironman, and may result in a DNF Not doing it for yourself or the healthier whys.  You are not “a real triathlete” until you do an ironman.  Peer pressure. Doing it for Status.  Unhealthy drive to do the really hard things to prove that you are good enough. Dreamboard or vision board.  YOU HAVE TO REALLY WANT IT.  For yourself for it to be enjoyable and “successful”. And not a shit show. Losing track of your why Dreamboard Not resting and recovering enough. Utilizing too aggressive of a plan, some plans cycle 3 weeks on and one recovery.  Some (ours) do two weeks on, one easier. Acknowledge that recovery is mandatory and do it.  (don’t complain about it) Have a plan that works for your lifestyle, life demands, etc Listen to your body, have a sounding board and alternative activities that are more “rest like” that are productive but won’t tear you down.  Wear you down.  Drag you down.   Not be consistent and disciplined.  Not get up in the am.  Staying up too late.  Have that 3rd glass of wine. Not learning the ever important nutrition discipline.  You need to be very consistent with what you try and make small changes.  Learn to ask your body specific questions in order to know how to fix the things that BEGIN to go sideways (before your yacking in the john) Not understanding the principles of hydration/electrolytes fueling Injury. How to communicate to coach (or …) and how to fix early before it becomes a big darn deal.  THIS IS A BIG ONE. Lack of strength training and self care.  Not fucking doing your yoga or stretching.  Ironman is a lot of motion in one dimension → injury. Strength training keeps all joints CENTERED.  Running, biking (in general) tend to not unless your form is PERFECT. Not honoring limitations Not preparing for course specifics such as bike elevation gain or hot runs, choppy water, wind. Not learning some technical aspects, mostly concerning the bike.  Bike stations, tire changing, dropped chain and generally not having a lot of bike handling skills. Not training smart, like heart rate training. Driving too hard, working too hard. Not having a coaching.  (Coral’s example of her first ironman. Sounding board, etc).  Or expecting/thinking that you can travel the EXPONENTIAL LEARNING CURVE by yourself.  The books and groups are awesome, however … if you are not perfect or slightly cra cra or identify with being a hot fucking mess … you might want to get a coach. Namaste.  There are some great structure programs with support groups that provide great plans.  However, they do not have tailored help and instruction for those that have specific needs.  Do you have issues like swim anxiety or hip issues …. Because in ironman, little issues become big fat issues fairly quick.  And might end a season or make a race a complete crap show.


11 Aug 2017

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#70 Half Ironman Triathlon Ohio 70.3 Race Review

Coach BK and athlete Angie K chat about the fine points of Ohio 70.3 www.TrainwithCoachBK.com Free athlete health/performance assessment. www.bonniekissinger.com/aha


21 Jul 2018

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#59 Ironman Triathlon Special Needs Bags

What to do with all of the bags you receive at your Ironman race What the #?$% do I do with all these bags?! You just checked in at your Ironman race as are headed back to your hotel/condo wondering why did they give me all of these bags – Do I need them? What goes in them?   Where do I need to bring them and when*?  This can seem a bit overwhelming at first thought, so let’s demystify the process. There will be 5 bags, each with a specific purpose to be utilized in a particular time and place: Pre-swim/dry clothes Swim to bike (T1) Bike special needs Bike to run (T2), and Run special needs. The bags will either come pre-numbered or you will receive a sticker sheet with your race number to place on the bags.  It is best to think about what you want to put into these bags well ahead of time.  Make a checklist for each bag so that you will not forget a single item.  Lists are a way to keep a sense of control at a time when tensions can be high.  Having this control and order will go a long way to staying calm during your final race preparation.  Let’s take a look at each bag. Morning Clothes Bag – This bag is for your “street” clothes you wear to transition on race morning and/or your dry clothes for after the race.  Don’t underestimate how great it will feel to get on some dry clothes after being in clothes that can be wet and rather gross for so many different reasons.  ;)  One item that is always a post-race favorite are flip-flops (aka “slippers”, if you’re in Kona). Bike Gear Bag – This bag will be placed in T1 during the gear check-in and will have everything that you need for the bike leg. Helmet Sunglasses Socks Cycling shoes Chamois cream Sunscreen (this is often available in T1) Arm warmers/coolers (and any other special clothing) Race belt with number (if required to wear it during the bike leg) Nutrition (calories, hydration, caffeine, and electrolyte tabs – if not stowed on the bike) Cycling race kit (if not worn during the swim leg) Run Gear Bag – This bag will be placed in T2 during the gear check-in and will have everything that you need for the run leg. Visor/Hat Running shoes Sunglasses (if not worn on the bike) Race belt with number (if not worn during the bike leg) Nutrition for the run (calories, hydration, caffeine, and electrolyte tabs – if you plan to carry some) Body Glide Bike Special Needs – This bag will be available to you, usually right around the halfway point of the bike.  This bag will be dropped off race morning*.  Some items for this bag include nutritional items and some basic “oh crap” bike repair items.  Know that these repair items are purely back-ups and you should carry them and more on the bike with you. Nutrition – bottles of your special sauce, gels, bars, caffeine, and electrolyte tabs, etc. Something yummy – if things aren’t going well, it can be nice to have a special treat that you know will sound good.  I always put a king size Snickers Bar in my special needs bag, just in case. Spare tubes/tubular tire CO2 Inspirational note or picture.  This is always nice to have…  You can even write a note to yourself with some words of encouragement. Run Special Needs – This bag will be available to you, usually right around the halfway point of the run.  This bag will be dropped off race morning. Some items for this bag include nutritional items and comfort items. Nutrition – bottles of your special sauce, gels, bars, caffeine, and electrolyte tabs, etc. Something yummy – if things aren’t going well, it can be nice to have a special treat that you know will sound good.  I always put a king size Snickers Bar in my special needs bag, just in case.  Yep, I put one in each of my special needs bags.  J Comfort items – extra pair of socks, long sleeve t-shirt, etc. Vaseline/Body Glide What you put in your particular bags is a very individual decision.  You have control over what you want out there on race day.  Know that Murphy’s Law is always in effect during those precious 17 hours.  I like to have a system of redundancies.  Think of a squirrel stowing nuts away for the winter.  Before I had laser corrective surgery, I had contact lenses stashed in every bag…  It is better to pack it and not need it, then to leave something out because you “probably won’t need it”.  Also, don’t forget to fully utilize your family and friends as Ironsherpas.  They will want to help and giving them a specific task, i.e. carrying your equipment and/or dropping off your special needs bags will give them a mission and save you the walk up the road. *Be sure to read the athlete guide to confirm when and where to deliver each bag.


22 Jul 2017

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#66 Fueling and Nutrition with Infinite Nutrition

Coach BK and Michael Folan chat about how Infinite Nutrition is an excellent method of fueling for training and racing for endurance races/adventures. Check out more information at www.bonniekissinger.com/trainingnutrition Free Athlete Health Assessement at: www.bonniekissinger.com/aha Save $$ with discount code: "BKCoaching" Check out Infinite Nutrition at : https://www.infinitnutrition.us/


29 May 2018

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#68 Half Ironman Muncie 70.3 Race Review

Coach BK and Wolfpack Athlete Shelona chat about their experiences at Muncie 70.3.  This is a fun and wonderful race for experienced and new triathletes. Free athlete health/performance assessment: www.bonniekissinger.com/aha


20 Jul 2018

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The Heart of Endurance Part 1 - BK Coaching

Coach BK and athlete Sarah Brown chat about the "Heart of Endurance".   We come to it in search of ... We find ... Part 2:  How The Heart of Endurance helps us to heal Part 3:  How the Littles are Watching


31 Jan 2018

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#67 Ironman Triathlon Volunteer Part 1

Coach BK and Derek Redenius, boyfriend, chat about his experience of volunteering at Ironman Texas in 2018.  He gives a wonderful perspective from a non triathlete point of view, as well as from the the view of being a significant other supporting an ironman in training.


30 May 2018

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#69 Adulting DNF #1 - Urine Filled Shoes

Coach BK and Coach Gina share a funny or two about peeing in shoes and not adulitng those shoes very well. www.bravingkarma.com


21 Jul 2018

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#71 Ironman Louisville 2019 A New Ironman Mom Experience

Coach BK and Wolfpack Tri Club athlete Carissa Dukes chat about the Ironman Louisville 2019 experience. Her perspective comes from a mom with two young kids and her take on the swim being cancelled.  Honest words from the heart. www.WolfpackTriClub.com Free athlete health/performance assessment. www.bonniekissinger.com/aha


15 Oct 2019

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#57 Hydration and Electrolytes for Athletes Runners Triathletes Ironman Part 1

Coach BK and Rachel Shuck chat about the nuts and bolts of hydration and electrolytes.  This is part 1 of 3 parts on this very important topic. Background information, numbers and other resources are available at www.bonniekissinger.com/electrolytes Wondering how you are doing .... schedule a health/performance assessment session with Coach BK!  Go to the link below to complete the online form and schedule a chat with her! www.bonniekissinger.com/aha Train Smart.  Eat Well.  Be Awesome. Cheers.  Coach BK


7 Jul 2017

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#61 The All Day Energy Diet with Yuri Elkaim

Coach BK and Yuri Elkaim chat about how important nutrition and  health eating is, especially when considering endurance athletes and female health. Yuri Elkaim is a health and fitness expert, "energy nutritionist", and author of The All-Day Energy Diet. He wrote this book for himself - he battled for 20 years with crippling health issues, which included extreme fatigue - as well as millions of everyday people for whom low energy is robbing their lives. Now, serving over 250,000 people on a daily basis via email and with over 15 million Youtube videos watched, Yuri is most famous for helping people enjoy all-day energy and amazing health in a very short period of time without radical diets or gimmicks. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education and Health from the University of Toronto and is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. Yuri is also a former pro soccer player and served as the strength & conditioning and nutrition coach at the University of Toronto for 7 years. He's on a mission to transform the lives of more than 10 million people by 2018. For more visit: http://www.yurielkaim.com


10 Aug 2017

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Ironman Boulder 70.3 Race Review

SWIM:  AG wave start, off the beach, standing waist deep start, buoys on your right, sunny on one side   BIKE:  Not flat, maybe not fast, a bit of a challenge     RUN:  Unpleasant.  Mostly dirt roads and can be incredibly hot.  Well supported.


14 Aug 2017

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#55 Ironman Muncie 70.3 Race Review

Coach BK www.bonniekissinger.com Free athlete health assessments:  www.bonniekissinger.com/aha


7 Jun 2017

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#72 Wrapping up your Ironman Season to prep for an EPIC next season

Coach BK and fellow Ironman triathlon Michele, Wolfpack Tri Club athlete, chat about great things to do to help with reflection on the life/race season.   Check out this article on wrapping up and planning for the next race season! http://www.bonniekissinger.com/how-to-start-your-off-season-well/ If you are interested in a free athlete health/performance assessment, complete this form!  www.bonniekissinger.com/aha


15 Oct 2019

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#52 Ironman Mont Tremblant Race Review


3 Apr 2017

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Oceanside 70.3 Ironman Triathlon Race Review


20 Aug 2017

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#50 Kona Ironman Experience with Kristin Larimer


9 Dec 2016

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