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Following the Breadcrumbs of Your Intuition

Your intuition is UBER powerful, are you tuning in?In Episode 68 I share my experience of truly tuning into that little guiding voice inside and the monumental changes I have seen not only in my business but my level of joy with my business. We headway into the woo this week, but stick with me it's TOTALLY worth it. I talked about meeting my Mastermind Group in a previous episode, but the reality of the situation is, that if I would ignored my inner voice, I would have missed out on the opportunity to connect with those ladies and it would have completely changed my experience at that event and the support network I have now.  I tell the whole story over here.I came up with a list of ways to connect to your intuition, here's my system:1. Get clear about your intention.  If you don't know what the heck you want or want to happen, how can your intuition know how to answer? Short answer, it can't.  So get SUPER clear and ask. 2. Be quiet. As in shut yo' mouth and your mind down.  If you keep trying to run the show, you will continue to run the show (that's called free will). But, that will override your intuition, the divine, God (however you want to label this.) So take a hint from the game makers and Watch Your Mouth (and Your Mind). 3. Pay attention and believe in serendipity.  Do you know how many times a day we miss the signs of our deeper wisdom?  All the dang time.  Because, let's face it, we are distracted.  When we are distracted, we lose focus and the signs popping up in front of us all but disappear on our radar.  So, be present. Pay attention and believe in the serendipity the universe presents to is a conspiracy for your higher good and success. 4. Control your distractions. Yep, we are distracted, social media, email, phone calls, office visits and on and on, it's hard to focus when we have a million things pulling us in different directions. But, there are distractions you can control, monitor and set aside.  Determine what those are and do something about it so that you have the ability to focus on your intuition. 5. Gutcheck it. I think this is probably the BIGGEST key to intuitive success.  Your gut (sacral chakra for you woo woos, you know who you are) never lies.  If you are contemplating following your intuition and it doesn't check out with your gut, it's probably time to check back in at #2 in this list. 6. Take action. Ok, so all signs are equating to a green light, why the heck are you still sitting there? This is the place where we as entrepreneurs get stuck ALL THE DANG TIME.  We tend to analyze, over-analyze and continue analyzing at nausium. Get off the dang fence and take some action. We can't improve standing on the shore, we have to get in the water.  Your intuition is the same.  Follow it, see what happens and give in to the idea that you aren't always going to get it right.  It's ok! As Nike would say, Just Do It! 7. Reflect and give thanks. When you listen to your inner guidance, check-in afterward and evaluate if it truly was your intuition (or your big head) that led to the results.  Regardless of the outcome, always say thank you.  Because lessons can often be disguised as mistakes, and when we reframe them as a lesson, we take away the benefits.  Giving our intuition encourages more of the same.  Meaning your intuitive skills will grow when you are grateful.What if you feel like your intuition is wrong?I get it, this is a new gig for many of us.  And sometimes, what we follow (and think is our intuition) is really our hard-headed ego running the show.  But, if you really aren't sure, I've put together a list of things to check when your intuition feels "off". 1. Meditate. Find some time to be quiet.  Ideally 15 minutes a day. 2. Check-in with yourself. Did you misinterpret or miss something along the way?  In other words, did you examine all the clues? 4. Ask questions and journal them out. This will help you get out of your head and often find the answers you are seeking faster. 5. Did you take action? If so, document it and see if maybe you took a wrong turn or the wrong action. 6. Did you act quickly enough? I give a great example of this in the episode. But sometimes, we sit on the fence too long and then blame our intuition for getting it wrong. 7. Trust yourself.  This is the most important step. Tuning into your intuition means trusting yourself.  This can also be the hardest step, so be patient with yourself. Did you tune into your intuition this past year or before? Come and tell me about it over on the facebook page here.  Until next week, be well. What did you think about this episode?   Come share your results on the Facebook Page and let me know if you learned something new.Download the entire episode transcript here.


25 Dec 2019

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Simple Ways To Create A Cohesive and Memorable Brand

To be memorable as a brand, you need 5 key componentsThis week I break down those components on the Podcast as well as explaining the difference between branding and marketing and which you need more depending on which phase your business is in.  You can hear all about those differences here in the episode.A brand is made up of visuals and also foundational components.Let's jump into the importance of visuals and the four that specifically make up your brand. Using these four visual elements consistently creates memorability with your audience as well as helps to eliminate confusion and create cohesiveness.  If you confuse your audience and those you are trying to attract, they will just find someone easier for their brain to understand, which is why having a clean and clear brand is essential for any business.1. Colors.Many business owners choose their brand colors based on what they like.  In the episode, I discuss why this could be prohibitive to growing your business.  In reality, brand colors should appeal to buyer behavior and also be attractive to your ideal client. If the people you most want to serve are turned off by your brand aesthetics, then "Houston we have a problem." When choosing your colors, try to choose 2-3 foundational colors, a neutral or a neutral palette and a max of 3 accent colors.  This gives you a big variety and also enables you to create differentiation in your marketing materials.2. Logo.The biggest issue I have seen in the creation of logos is they are too complicated.  When creating a logo, the more complicated, the more difficult it is to incorporate the logo into different marketing materials. When creating, keep in mind, you may need to add that logo to signage, to glass, to your website and in various other places.  The more complicated, the more likely it will come across as blurred, confusing or worst of all unmemorable.  Simple is better (are you seeing a trend here?). It should explain what you do, and if it isn't clear, add a tagline. Until you are as recognizable as say, Nike, you need a tagline and a clear identifier for your business.3. Photos and Images.There are two different types of images that could be used in your branding and marketing. The first is any type of icon or drawing, and creating consistency in shapes, line width, etc. in relation to your logo is a must to appeal to your audience's brain. Our brains are brains often pick up on things we don't realize. But thinking through how all the elements of your brand work together in advance will keep the subconscious and conscious brain happy.  I give specific examples in the episode, give it a listen here. The other visual component that should be thought through is images added to your website. You want to balance personality, relationship building and results when choosing your photos or working with a brand photographer.  Each intentional image should lead your audience to the next step in your relationship and create trust.4. Fonts.Designers get a little twitchy when it comes to fonts, but here's the easy breakdown. Choose 2-3 max. Think about how you want to differentiate between titles and ideas you want to bring to the forefront. Be sure to choose fonts that will be readable on all platforms.  That beautiful handwritten font you have on your business card may look like a giant mess on a website. I discuss the 5 different font types in the episode but below is the easy visual break down as promised so you can get a gist of which fonts are in which families. 5. Messaging.I've saved the most important for last. As you probably have heard me say before, if you don't have compelling messaging, all the aesthetics in the world aren't going to do you a lick of good.  People are looking for you to solve their problems.  If you have a gorgeous logo but no ability to relate to their problem and offer them a solution you are dead in the water. I cover the 5 key questions in depth that need to be answered with your messaging in Episode 71. But here is a quick recap of those questions: Who do you help (specifically)? How do you help them? Why do they care about your solution? Why are you different from everyone else that has their attention? How do they get started with you? Add those 5 components to your brand and you will be miles ahead of your competition. Which item are you going to tackle first? (Please tell me it's your messaging! 😁)  Come join me this week on the Facebook page to get your brand and messaging questions answered.  See you over there. What did you think about this episode?   Come on over to the Facebook Page and let me know what you thought about this episode.Download the entire episode transcript here.


15 Jan 2020

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Planning Your 2020 Success Now

I'm not Barbara Walters, but this is 2020 (well almost).In Episode 67 we jump right into planning next year.  Why start now?  There are holiday cookies to enjoy.  Parties to go to.  And in between, you have to squeeze in some client work. That is THE EXACT reason to get started now.  Because you are starting to wind down and that means your creativity will start to ramp up.  Meaning you will have some of your greatest ideas for next year - RIGHT NOW!  Do you have to create an elaborate plan? Nah, but you do want to get a jump start by capturing those ideas.  In this week's episode, I share with you the plan to get things rolling to have your best year yet in 2020.  Give it a listen here.First, a special takeaway that I didn't include in the episode.Because I love you all that much.  I actually meant to include this in the episode and then forgot.  Oy the holidays.  So this year I didn't follow this system, but I did in previous years.  It took me FOREVER to get going and start getting traction. I did manage to get some traction, but it took a LOT longer. I truly attribute it to not giving myself the time to properly plan.  So, the system works. Get all the details here.You have to look backward in order to move forward.Say what? That probably sounds a little counterintuitive, looking back in order to go forward. But you can't see what worked and more importantly what didn't if you are looking forward and don't do some reflection. If you are like me, you may be thinking, I can't even remember what happened last month let alone all year.  Well, that's where your planner comes in handy.  Don't have one? Add it to the MUST HAVE list for next year.  I have a couple of recommendations that are my favorites.  YES, I have more than one.  I'm a planner girl, what can I say?  Office supplies are my love language. Danielle Laporte's Desire Map Planner 90X Goal Planner In the episode I recommend that you do some of the following when reviewing your year: Document highlights in your year? Revisit your goals if you wrote them down how did you do financially, emotionally, mentally and physically? What did you learn along the way? Did you take any detours?Celebrate your wins.As entrepreneurs, we may find ourselves focusing on all the "things" we are doing "wrong". Keeping us from celebrating all the "things" that went well, what we learned and that turned out even better than we could have imagined. I share some of my big wins this year and not a single one had to do with the increase in the number of clients, money or goal crushing.  Yes, those rocked too. But the other lessons I shared here were even more important to celebrate.What's the why behind your goals for next year?The remainder of the episode I delve into some mindset shifts. I share with you a quote from a great book I'm reading called The Complete Works of Florence Shinn and how paying specific attention to where our thoughts lead us will impact our success or failure.  This book will change your life (and that's a big promise!) Check out the episode to get the complete skinny on why mindset affects the outcome of your success or failure. I wrap up the episode by encouraging you to create and follow a morning routine.  I shared the following ideas and resource to get you started: Start the day with Gratitude Fine-tune your brain with positivity and knowledge that will improve you not just your business. Identify 3 MUST do's for the day and make sure they light you up. Otherwise, kick them to the curb and try again. I recommended The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. And if you like that one, you can add The Miracle Equation to your list as well.  This is on my list to read at the beginning of 2020. Lastly, give yourself the gift of time to recharge! A toast to your continued and overwhelming success in 2020.  Thanks for a great 2019, I can't wait to see what you do next year! Share with me what your #1 goal is for 2020 over on the facebook page here.  Until next week, be well. What did you think about this episode?   Come share your results on the Facebook Page and let me know how your life is shifting.Download the entire episode transcript here.


17 Dec 2019

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Calendars, Schedulers and Your Website

In our busy world, it feels like we never have enough time!With the start of the new year, comes the tendency to want to become more organized.  To do things in a new and different way. It comes from the clean slate of a brand new year. One of the biggest time savers I have implemented into my website was adding a calendar scheduling link to my website. It saves me from going back and forth to find a time that works for everyone. It also enables me to calendar block my time so that I am not jumping around with tasks and can instead be present for client calls when they occur.  I dig into how to set this up on your website in this week's episode, get the whole scoop here.I cover both calendars and scheduling links specifically for WordPress.If you don't have a WordPress site, I highly encourage you to look at building one for your next website. I go into all the reasons why in Episode 60, but the big two are scalability and SEO power.  If you have a different website, the scheduling piece of this episode will still be relevant, but you may want to fast forward to that piece (20:45).Let's jump into website calendars first.First, why would you want a calendar on your website? Specifically, this works for businesses that offer classes or regular events.  I talk specifically about uses for restaurants and my friends over at the Craft Box who offer a multitude of classes for their audience. Get the whole scoop on how it could work for you here.  These are my 3 recommendations for an integrated (lives on your website) calendar: 1. Modern Events Calendar.  They offer a free version that you can try out first, but if you have advanced needs like adding ticketing and payment options to your events, you will need to purchase a license.  For one website (which is most likely what you will need) it's currently $75.  I like that this calendar: Integrates with lots of other software (including payment options) That you can categorize events That you can enable reservations (super helpful!) That you can customize the calendar to match the rest of your site You can create recurring and custom events They offer options for weather, maps, and location 2. Sugar Events Calendar. This option is less expensive, but as always, you get what you pay for.  The paid version of this plugin is $29 a year and comes with quite a bit of functionality. But, if you need something with advanced features, I would go with Modern Events Calendar. The best features for this calendar are: Simple to use Quite a few features Integrates with most calendar options They claim it won't slow down your site 3. Events Schedule.  This option is $29 a one time fee.  It offers 12 style choices, but no customizing.  Because this is a third party plugin offered through a vendor, support can be spotty.  That is the main reason it is the third option on this list. The benefits of this option are: It integrates with most other calendars It includes a schedule builder Is optimized for speed Is easy to set up  To wrap up - here are some important questions to consider before making a calendar choice: Will it integrate with your current calendaring option (Google, iCal, Office, etc.)? Is it responsive so it serves your mobile audience well? How will the integration affect your overall site experience (slow it down, etc.)? Does it have the functionality you need in your business? Let's hop into Schedulers next! In the episode, I cover why you need a scheduler and the different ways an online schedule link can help you optimize your time. Here are my recommendations: 1. Acuity Scheduling. This is the scheduler I use and I have tried a few.  I prefer this option because: I can control my time by appointment type (some appointments require more time) Integrates with my Google calendar I can add teammates as I bring them on I am able to customize the look and feel I can create surveys for different client types There are multiple time-saving integrations like Zoom and payment connections This plugin is easy to connect to any website, I am going to do a live video this week over on the Facebook page to show you how to set it up in WordPress.  Come check it out here. 2. Schedule Once. I started with this plugin and it has a lot of great features, but I moved to Acuity because: The mobile access is terrible No client data is stored They don't offer recurring appointments Personally, I didn't really like the backend, I felt it was harder to maneuver. But, it's still worth checking out depending on your needs and they do offer online training. 3. Timetrade. I've not used Timetrade, but this a good starting option. As a starter, there are not a lot of the above options available.  However, the price is right to get you started.  Onboard pricing is $6.50 per month per user.  Here are some of the reasons it doesn't work for my business: Limited to creating one calendar. There are no analytics available for measurement. There is no way to break up appointment types (one link for all different appointments). Lower pricing options don't offer integrations or advanced features. No free trial. That's a wrap for this week. Overall, adding a scheduling link to your website can be a HUGE timesaver, but you will have to choose which option works best for your business model.  If you are interested in that quick training on how to integrate with WordPress, join me this week on the Facebook page. What did you think about this episode?   Come on over to the Facebook Page and let me know if you learned something new.Download the entire episode transcript here.


8 Jan 2020

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Making Your Website Sales Funnel Friendly

Making your small business website customer-friendly is a MUST.How many times have you gone to a website looking for a specific article, product, or answer only to get lost and wander aimlessly? Ultimately leaving you frustrated, walking away or worse spending hours searching out the very thing you CANNOT for the life of you find.  This week's podcast episode is all about the 3 things you absolutely must have on your website to be effective and get more customers.I packed a few extra bonuses in this episode at the beginning, wrestled with some teens in the middle of recording and lost my train of thought . . .But ultimately, I deliver a short and sweet episode covering the must-haves to make your website function as part of your sales funnel and also keep your customers and audience happy and returning regularly. One of the things I mention in the beginning is the need to have an SSL on your website. One, because it makes your visitors feel secure. Two, because Google gets downright hostile with your search rankings if you don't have one. I mentioned my favorite hosting company SiteGround, which offers a free SSL with its hosting service. You can check them out here.1 - Call to Action.You may be saying to yourself, I have a Call To Action, Alisa. It's right there and says meekly, "Learn More". Let's have a come to Jesus meeting real quick.  NO ONE wants to learn MORE.  They want you to solve their problem, understand their problem, talk about their problem, and ultimately fix their dang problem.  I go into several examples here in the podcast episode of what not to do and ultimately what should be done instead.  But don't hide your next step from your customers.  They won't go looking for it, instead, they will go to your competitors. Ain't nobody got time for that, so let's buck up little campers and slap that Call To Action front and center.2 - Connect with your audience -consistently.Consistently is relative to you and your audience. Some people will connect daily, some people once a month. It will take some trial and error on both sides of the fence to get it right. But set the parameters, communicate, and show up.  Most importantly give value and build the relationship. I go into one of my not secret vices in episode 86 and share the story of one of the people I recently followed who is doing it right.  I also dive into how she is doing a great job with her consistency, her creation of content and how it meets the needs of her audience and last, how it leads to her sales funnel and people buying what she's shlepping.  I may have gone a bit of tangent here as well, but it's late in the day and I tend to do that when I am enjoying sharing the scoop with you all.3 - Collect the "goods".The last must-have piece of your website is a way to collect your visitors' names and email addresses.  There are about a million different ways and ideas to do this. But, it's critical because if you don't collect something, you have no way to engage with them, love on them and keep them moving through your sales funnel.  Meaning, your website is a lazy teenager who isn't doing their chores and you keep paying them anyway.  The point is, figure out a way to gather those email addresses and names so that you can add them and keep them moving through your sales funnel. So that ultimately they buy from you. I will have a "Create your free download" challenge coming up in May (just a heads up for reading this far!) That's a wrap for this week.  Short and sweet, the 3 BIG things you need to make your website sales funnel friendly. These are critical now and will be in the future. Will you be doing a few upgrades to your website?  I'm doing 2 free website reviews over in the Facebook Group this week.  Look for the post and add your comment to have yours reviewed for free.


29 Apr 2020

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Sales Funnels Equal Small Business Survival

Creating an optimized sales funnel = survival for your small business.It breaks my heart seeing so many small businesses closing their doors or laying off employees because of the Covid19 pandemic.  This is why in this week's podcast episode I am sharing the power that a simple sales funnel can have to help you not only overcome unforeseen obstacles in your business now but also in the future.  There are 9 things to consider when setting up a sales funnel that works, in this week's episode I dive into each one.A few weeks ago, I got chosen as a coach for the 1st StoryBrand Livestream event . . .Donald Miller, the creator, and author of StoryBrand opened a session by saying sales funnels = survival. This is why I am passionate about sharing with you the lessons, observations and what works in this week's episode. I want you thriving, not just surviving.  So let's dive in!1 - Create a strategy.Now let's be clear, strategy is a big word for plan. Just like you wouldn't hike Mount Kilimanjaro without a plan and the right equipment, you don't want to jump into marketing with no plan. This eats up your time, energy and money and in the end, you have no idea what's working and what's not. (more on how to fix that later) Throwing out marketing because you had the last minute idea will lead to frustration, overwhelm and ultimately you giving up on marketing altogether. How do I know? (raising hand) Because I've been there. I get it! So figure out a plan and for some tips, tune into this week's episode here.2 - Solve a problem.I see SO many examples of people throwing together a business because they love to do something. For example, opening up a pottery shop because they love to make pottery. That's all fine and good, but if you don't have an audience who wants to paint pottery and will come and pay to do so, you won't make it in business very long. (Hence the 85%+ failure rate of so many small businesses.) In episode 85 I give you three reasons that solving a problem will help you thrive as a small business.  As well as three reasons not solving a problem will not only keep you from growing an audience but will have them looking elsewhere to do business. Be sure to head on over and give it a listen.3 - Don't ghost your audience.The fastest way to lose and disappoint your audience is by sending them one email and then disappear.  The goal of a sales funnel is to attract and connect (nurture) with your audience so much that they can't wait to buy from you. When you disappear and then reappear after six months, they don't remember who you are, let alone what you do and then the big unsubscribe surge happens.   Don't treat your audience like a transaction, treat them like people, because they ARE people. This is the FASTEST way to grow engaged fans and followers.4 - Track what you are doing.This is the #1 thing that nearly every business owner struggles with. If you are investing in marketing, time or money, track it. Because if you don't have a way to track whether or not your emails are being opened, a coupon code is being used by whom, a purchase was made, then you will NEVER know which piece of your marketing is working. The good news, it doesn't have to be that hard to track your marketing efforts. Give this week's episode a listen for a ton of ideas on how to track what you are doing so that you know whether or not to keep doing it or let it go. Because there is NO sense in continuing to invest in marketing that isn't growing your audience or bringing you customers.5- Get focused.When you start throwing marketing together and slinging posts up on Instagram or going live on Facebook without a strategy or funnel you look unfocused. Your audience doesn't know what you want them to do and you come across as scattered.  Giving you nearly zero possibility of gaining traction with your audience or moving them toward the end goal of purchasing from you. Clarity = cash. When you are clear your audience will follow the breadcrumbs of your sales funnel. (need some clarity on the breadcrumb analogy, listen in I explain it in depth). The next cash killer is lack of consistency.  If I could give you only two pieces of marketing advice they would be #1 clarity and #2 consistency. When you show up, your audience pays attention (even if they are just lurking). When you disappear and then reappear people have stopped paying attention. It can be hard to be consistent without a plan (read strategy) and easy to lose track of what you're working toward. So in order to be clear and consistent, create a plan and then follow it.6- A free download is NOT a sales funnel.Somewhere along the way, marketers sold the idea that If you had a free download that the sales would come pouring in. Like there were some magical funnel fairy that would sprinkle new customers into your world just because you put that new download out onto the interwebs. Unfortunately, you've been lied to. If you don't have a connection between your download, you and your products and services, you will be waiting A LONG time for your cash register to ring. So ensure that you have a plan that includes that new freebie you are proud of that leads your people to where you want them to go next. Ending of course with them either purchasing or moving out of the funnel. (the latter is ok as well because when they leave they make room for someone else.)7- Don't try to sell too soon.We have all had or heard about the experience of the used car salesman stalking you as soon as you drive into the parking lot. It feels icky. But, have you thought about how your audience could be living that same experience going through your marketing system? When we provide something of value to our audience free of charge and then try to sell them into something quickly - like within the same transaction or the next email, we haven't earned the right to have their business yet. Meaning we are being slimy even if we don't mean to be. It's important to take into consideration your customer experience and also how long your sales funnel (warm-up) should be. Typically lower-priced products have a shorter sales funnel. But if you are going from a free video series into a $2000 course with no one buying - you're asking too much too soon! This is all determined by knowing your audience and your product suite.8- Don't forget to sell.The opposite scenario from the above is those who give everything away for free and never present an offer. Or, they make it impossible for their customers to know how to buy from them. (Guilty as charged - but I'm getting better!) Giving away everything for free is not only detrimental to paying your bills, but it is also a sure way that you are robbing your audience from results.  They don't have any skin in the game when they don't invest. It's an energetic transaction to exchange money. They are invested both monetarily and emotionally when they pay you money just as you are more invested because they have paid you than you would be if you were helping them for free.  Sell your stuff, stand up confidently in what you can do and change the lives of those that are waiting on you to do so. In the meantime, build a sales funnel so that you have a plan when you start to falter.9- Build your sales funnel first.Before you start that YouTube channel, have the Facebook Live, build your audience, invest in a marketing agency or spend tons of time and energy figuring out the best way to grow an Instagram following - figure out where you want them to ultimately end up.  What will they buy? Why will they buy it? And how can you make their journey to get there so easy that they can't think of saying anything besides YES YES YES all along their journey to get there? When you start with the funnel, it becomes easy to know how to promote, where to promote and what your next steps are. So start with your endpoint and work backward. There you have it, 9 specific things you need to build an optimized sales funnel that works.  Sales funnels assure success even in times of uncertainty and crisis.  There are definitely specific components in your funnel that you can be and should be building right now. Which will you be focusing on next?  Head on over to the Facebook Group and tell us what piece of this episode resonated most with you.Listen to the entire episode here:


22 Apr 2020

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What Doing Everything Is REALLY Costing Your Small Business

Small business owners take pride in being able to figure everything out.But at what cost? We are scrappy and we put our heads to the grindstone to get it done. In this week's podcast episode I encourage you to take a look at what is slowing down your growth and eating up your time and freedom along the way.  I give you five questions to ask yourself to identify where you should REALLY be spending your daily hours to get the most bang for your buck and reignite your passion in your business again.  I even created a free downloadable worksheet to help you out.  You can grab that at the bottom of this post or by going here. The questions in the episode and on the worksheet will help you identify tasks that are keeping you stuck where you are as well as tools to move forward and accelerate your growth.  Let's jump into those burning questions (I know you can't wait!)#1 - Where do you spend most of your time now?Are you putting out fires? Jumping from one task to the next with no rhyme or reason only to end the day wondering what the shiitake steak did I get done today? I feel you, this can make you feel disheartened, burned out and unfulfilled in your business.  We need to get you out of that routine. In order to do that, we have to figure out where you are spending your time, how much time you are spending on those tasks and where you would rather be spending time.  In the episode, I give you some examples of tasks that eat up your time that you could eliminate or delegate.  Give it a listen here.#2 - What repetitive tasks can you create processes for?We all have those time-sucking tasks that MUST be done. But do they need to be done by us? In the episode, I give you the following tools and ideas to easily create processes for your business so that you can then delegate to a team member or contractor.  The first is Loom which enables you to record your screen as your going through a process and then you can share that recording with your new team member. I recommend using a learning portal like Kajabi to organize everything as well as ensure that your processes are private.#3 - What is always on your to-do list?If you're like most business owners, you have a never-ending to-do list.  In fact, I really don't understand the phrase "I'm bored!" I've not been bored since starting my business and probably before. Can you relate? But, it is easy to be overwhelmed by that list of tasks, especially when they never seem to reach completion. When you take a look at that list and choose 3 things that have to go, right now! As in today! How does it make you feel when you will get to let those go? Sit with that feeling and then find someone to do them. I know, I know, you can't afford it.  I'll be getting to that in a minute. But remember, to grow we have to let go.  And letting go means releasing the illusion that we are the only ones that can do it "right". Our pride and perfectionism keep us stuck.#4 - Saving money is costing you time which is costing you money.  Is it worth it?In episode 84 I walk you through a simple scenario that illustrates exactly how much it's costing you to keep doing everything yourself.  And not just monetarily - but your happiness, passion, and freedom as well.  I also go down a little bit of a rabbit hole when it comes to trading your services or not charging what you're worth.  You'll have to listen in to get the scoop on that, but it's SO worth it! I promise.# 5- How will you cast a vision for your business and build the team to take you there?First, you have to know where you are going. Hence the vision. Don't get caught up in the semantics. Make it a year, three years or even five years.  I don't think I would go much past that, because frankly, as we have seen recently, things can change quickly. Once you have that vision you have to come to the conclusion at your own pace that you can't get there alone. No one does. Which means you have to seriously consider who it's going to take in your corner to get you there. I recommend making a list (even if it's just a wish list right now) of those people and describe who they are, what they are like and why they would fit well with your team.  Last but not least, put up a job post on indeed.com, ZipRecruiter or even Craigslist.  Just because you post the job doesn't mean you have to hire someone. But getting into the practice gets you ready to put your plan into action. These five questions will start you down the pathway to spending more time doing what you love in your business while building a support network to get you to your goals.  Don't forget to grab the free worksheet so you can answer these on your own. Head on over to the Facebook Group and share your challenges, your hopes, your vision, and your next steps.


15 Apr 2020

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Simplifying Facebook Ads With Sam Pilling of BiteMe Marketing

This week I bring on a small business Facebook Ads expert.Facebook advertising is still the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to promoting your small business.  It enables you to get in front of your ideal client and target your ads so that you can save money, frustration and time. Join me in this special interview episode with Samantha Pilling of BiteMe Marketing.Facebook ads to bring in sales.Facebook advertising is a great way to grow and engage your audience, bring attention to your brand and bring in more sales. In Episode 81 of the podcast, my guest Samantha Pilling provides answers to fear around getting started with Facebook Advertising, how to get started quickly and easily and why you should consider Facebook ads to grow your small business. If you're ready to give Facebook ads a try and want to learn more about how to get started, listen here.What are the advantages of using Facebook over other types of advertising?First, answer these questions (they should be familiar if you listen regularly): Who are your customers? Where are your customers hanging out? What can I invest in time and money? Facebook is still a big player in the market as far as social media platforms.  69% of American adults are using Facebook for over 37 minutes a day.  It's a regular part of their day, meaning your customers are going to be there.  If you're not there, your competitors are, so you should take a look at being there as well.  Facebook also has very sophisticated audience targeting, meaning you can more easily find your customers based on the information that Facebook collects. They have the reach and the targeting and has leveled the playing field for smaller businesses to advertise as far as cost.How can you use Facebook to research and find out more about your audience?Using Facebook Insights is a great way to research your audience more thoroughly. But, Facebook is also striving to make it even easier to get in front of your audience. Previously, you had to do a lot of research and know a lot about your audience. But if you give Facebook some leniency in finding your audience, they will do the research for you. They will go and find your customers for you.  In Episode 81 Sam talks more specifically about why it works better to give Facebook some space to go and find your audience, give it a listen.What if I'm afraid to or don't know how to create an ad?In this episode, Sam gives you the inside scoop on getting over the fear and trepidation of creating your first or next Facebook Ad.  As in most sales funnels, Sam recommends setting your objective first.  Pick one and then move in that direction. Understanding what your objective is and then tell Facebook that's the direction you want to go and then they will help you accomplish that goal.  You can actually set up an ad, not spend a dime and just try it out and release some of the fear.  For more details, listen to Sam's excellent examples of objectives here. This helps eliminate some of the fear and makes it less complicated because Facebook really does want your ads to work. They aren't trying to trick you or make you fail.What are some things I can avoid so that my Facebook ads don't get rejected?Avoid using negativity in your ads.  Facebook users do not want to have a negative experience. They will always do whatever enables their users to have the best experience possible.  If they deem your ad to be more negative it will either cost you more money or they will reject it. Don't make claims you can't guarantee. Facebook will say that you can't guarantee that everyone will get those results so they will reject your ad Too much text on your ad. Facebook wants users to have a good experience, overcrowded ads are not eye-appealing and so often will get rejected.  There are text requirements for ads that you can review here. In general, the rule is no more than 20% of your ad should be text. Certain industries will have a harder time with Facebook ads. You can find more details on those industries and how to create successful ads in this week's episode. As a new advertiser, you may get rejected just because you're new.  Don't be afraid to ask for a review.  Usually, they will get approved so don't be afraid to ask for a review.How can you analyze if your ad is working or not?Depending on your industry, it will be easier to track your return on investment. For example, if you are an e-commerce store, you will know whether or not an ad is working if people are purchasing after seeing your ad.  This is done with the Facebook pixel (more on that below).   Secondly, don't give up too soon.  Running one ad that didn't work, doesn't mean that Facebook ads don't work.  Sam gives a really good example here, give it a listen.What is the FB pixel and what does it do?The Facebook pixel is a tiny piece of code that lives on your website that tracks visitors that come to your website.  It enables you to track who is showing up on your website based on your ad.  But the real power comes from retargeting (we will get to that in just a minute.) I'll be adding a FB pixel tutorial to the Facebook Group this week so you know how to add the pixel to your website.  Stay tuned for that tutorial.  Not in the group? This is a great time to join us.  You can do that here.What is FB retargeting and why does it matter?Retargeting is a powerful way for you to keep showing up in front of your ideal customers to remind them of who you are and what you offer. If someone watches a video, comes to your website or sees a post - retargeting ensures that you can get in front of them again with new content or an offer. Keeping you in front of them will put you top of mind so that when they are ready to buy, they will see you and will be more likely to purchase from you.What are the mistakes you can avoid when using FB Ads?Knowing your objective and thinking about what the next step is for them on your customer journey will help you succeed dramatically with your Facebook ads.  How will you follow up? Start a conversation? Download your free offer? The good news is, if you prepare and take action, you are already ahead of your competitors. Most companies never think through a strategy, they jump in and start showing ads with no plan of tracking or objective and then have an unsuccessful experience.  Listen to a few specific examples here on how to be successful and to give you a place to launch your own creativity. Now it's your turn. Are you going to give FB ads a try? Head on over to the Facebook Group and tell us about the first ad you are going to run, or get some insight on your current ad copy or ideas.If you want to connect with Sam Pilling, you can do that here:Website Facebook LinkedIn


25 Mar 2020

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Self Care Isn't For Suckers

Go ahead and skip the self-care . . . . . . and let's see how quickly you build your business. I swear if I hear the word hustle one more time, I'm going to go over the brink into insanity. It's like we wear action as a badge of honor, when in reality - the magic happens when we stop and rest.  Did you catch that last part? In case you didn't, I'm going to repeat it. The magic happens when you stop and rest.You only get one life.Say what? Yep! It's true.  This is it.  The one. The only. And you're in the middle of it. So if you are chasing the notoriety, almighty dollar or approval of others at the expense of your own sanity and happiness - you need to get your poop in a group my friend. I say that with total love and affection - but THIS IS IT! And if you aren't taking time to enjoy your life, what's the point of all of it? This is why this week in Episode 78 I break down the symptoms of not getting enough self-care and 5 simple steps to get you back on track. Check out the entire episode here.Am I a hot mess or just need a little self-care?Great question! I thought it might be helpful to have a checklist of "watch for" symptoms, in case you've totally lost track of what's happening to you while you build this life you've been dreamin' about.  If you are suffering from one or more of the following, you may be in a self-care crisis: Confusion Feeling stuck Unmotivated Tired Burned Out Frustrated Overwhelmed Anxious Unsure Fearful AngryHoly crap Alisa, I go through all of those at least once a day.I get it.  I hate to break it to you, but you're an entrepreneur and part of that is considered normal. But when those feelings stick and you can't move past them, it is DEFINITELY time to take a break and recharge.  That means without a phone, email and social media be damned. Because let's be real, all social media does is exasperate your self-loathing when you're already at rock bottom. In this week's episode, I get pretty real with my journey of doing vs being.  They are two very different modes of Operandi.  When you are busy doing doing doing you end up with a handful of hair (because you pulled it out in frustration) and a lot of "to do's" that never seem to get done. Whereas, if you spend your time being who you want to be known for and doing the things that fill you up and make you shine, it's a WHOLE different experience.I'm picking up what you're putting down, but how do I start?Lucky for you, I've perfected a list of just how to learn to experience as the Italians say "Il Dolce Far Niente" which translates to "the art of doing nothing." Uh, do nothing Alisa, really? That seems like some hocus pocus woo-woo cuckoo-ca-choo. I know but stick with me - because I AM DEAD SERIOUS when I say this stuff REALLY works.  I know, because I tested it for a month. Does that mean you can lay around everyday eating bonbons and think your biz will hit the big time? Uh, no! But, it does mean that it's ok - more than ok - to take some downtime, do some self-care and then get back to it. So let's jump into that 5 step plan: 1. Rest. Entrepreneurs are driven. They don't like to stop. They don't really understand how to rest. We are constantly checking our phones, answering emails, connecting to customers on social, making phone calls, stopping in to say hello, networking, marketing, and the list goes on and on. But without the rest, we won't have any energy to do all of the things that need to be done or enjoy the freedom that started us on this entrepreneur gig in the first place. So practice, resting. I know it won't be easy - but oh baby, when you finally get into it - you are going to thank me.  I do love me some chocolate, just sayin'!  2. Create. Never underestimate the power of creativity. Because I'm telling you what, nothing gets the brain juices flowing like a little bit of creativity. It doesn't matter what you are doing, just jump in there and paint, cook, draw, write, color, build or whatever your little creative heart desires.  I give you lots of different ideas here in the episode. 3. Breathe. Say what? I do breathe, Alisa or I wouldn't be standing here.  I get you, but the reality is we just breathe, it's what our body does to stay alive. When we consciously breathe and tune into our breath on purpose - your whole world is going to open up.  Especially if you add something like yoga to the practice.  Mind blown!  I have had some of the biggest breakthroughs during and after yoga.  I'm telling you, you can't pay enough for that kind of therapy. 4. Move it. You've got to move it move it.  Yeah, I'm getting punchy.  But in all seriousness - move your body. When you take that walk, go for a bike ride, shovel snow or do whatever is you do to move the energy around in your body miraculous things happen. (see above) Whatever you choose to do, make it a habit.  I give you lots of ideas here in Episode 78 as well. 5. Journal. As I'm writing these notes (well after the episode has been recorded) I had an experience JUST today that shifted my entire day around simply because I started journaling. As entrepreneurs, we do a LOT of thinking. Sometimes to our own detriment. Because we need to get out of our heads. One of the greatest ways to do that is to pick up a pen (yes a pen) and start writing. There is no right way to journal.  Just do what works for you. Below are a few of my favorite places to find journals and some journal prompts to get you going. I share my crazy way of journaling here in the episode, check it out. Journals: Amazon 2nd & Charles Silk & Sonder has bundled a planner and journal and they are GORGEOUS Journal Prompts Now it's up to you! Are you going to buy into the hustle, or give yourself some downtime?  Head on over to the Facebook Group and share with the group your next self-care strategy.Listen to the entire episode here:


4 Mar 2020

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Finding Your Ideal Client To Save Time and Money

The #1 way to get traction in your business is to get ultra-clear about who you serve.As business owners, we want to help people, specifically people that are in one way or another like us. Whether that is how we are now or similar to who we used to be. Unfortunately, our brain convinces us that we should help EVERYONE. First, course of action - stop shoulding on yourself. The second course of action, pick your favorite.I know you've been taught not to have favorites.But when it comes to the world of marketing, it's not just recommended, it's required to gain traction, stand out and expedite your success rate. But one of the HARDEST parts of being an entrepreneur is nailing down your ideal client. This is why this week in Episode 77 I cover the top reasons why finding and aligning with your ideal client will not only save you time and money but it will help you gain traction and get out of that desperate loop of overwhelm when it comes to marketing. You can listen to the entire episode here.Have you ever said to yourself "If I don't help everyone, there won't be anyone who hires me?"I see a few hands raised and hear a few #preach responses out there. I think if you are walking the path of creating a business, this thought enters your mind at one point or another. It makes sense to the scarcity devil that lives between our ears. But the abundance angel doesn't believe it for a minute. The reality is that if you keep trying to help everyone, you won't be able to help anyone. Simply because you will meld into the background like a landscape in a Monet painting.When you target who you help, it's like hitting the easy button in your marketing.Because you no longer wonder what to say, who you're talking to, whether they are listening or how they will find you. Because you know where they hang out, what they're doing at lunchtime on a Tuesday and what their favorite Netflix binge show is. Most importantly, you understand what is keeping them stuck in their business and causing them to lose sleep at night. In this week's episode, I give you a huge list of what happens when you don't clarify your customer and I'm not going to lie, it's not pretty.  It can add up to thousands of hours wasted and even more money thrown out the window.I'm sold! I'm ready to find my ideal client, but where do I start?Well, I have good news and bad news. The answer starts between your ears. The good news it's not hard to access.  Nine times out of ten you are your ideal client, or you have been in their shoes at some point in your business journey. The bad news, our brains don't always remember where we were and what we're struggling with once we move past that hurdle making it hard to pin down pain points. Regardless, interviewing yourself is a great place to start to define your ideal customer base. Asking questions like what has been my business journey. When I started what was the biggest struggle I faced? How did I overcome the problem? Where do I spend most of my time? Where did I spend most of my time before? You get the idea. Self-interviewing helps you create a baseline for where you were, where you have become and where you are striving to be. People connect with people. Your people are ready to connect with you - so start here to begin to understand them and create that connection. The deeper you dig the faster you will connect. Try searching in: Business Associations Networking Groups Social Media Groups, Pages and Comments Talking To Your Customers Google Look At Your CompetitionTake that baseline and search out more information about your customer. If you can arm yourself with as much detail as possible it makes your marketing strategy, content creation and overall life SO MUCH EASIER. I pinky promise! Because you will stop wasting time on social media platforms that will never get you in front of your audience, at coffee meetings with people who can't afford you and most of all cut through the forest and create a pathway for the people who need you most to find you quickly and easily. In the episode, I share two REALLY good examples of how not serving a specific customer will take you off task, have you questioning every business decision you are making and worst of all, delaying or deterring your success because your people can't find you or are confused about whether or not you are the answer to their prayers.  When you are clear, people take out their credit cards. Clarity rings more cash registers than a Black Friday sale. Now it's your turn! Where will you go on a treasure hunt to find more information about your ideal client?  Head on over to the Facebook Group and share the newest detail you learned about your ideal customer.


26 Feb 2020

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Growing Your Email List With Killer Content

The marketplace is oversaturated with content - which means . . .. . . there is NO room for humdrum content anymore. If you want to stand out in today's crowded internet space, your content MUST be killer.  Yeah, that's a strong word, but seriously - you need to be thinking outside the box when it comes to getting your audience's attention.  And more importantly, how to keep their attention once you have it.But, how the heck do you create killer content?In this week's episode, I share the 3 MUST have components when creating killer content that drives traffic through your sales funnel (more on that in a bit) and 7 specific tips to gain engagement and grow your email list.  Want the inside scoop with examples, mayhem, and musings? Tune in to the entire episode here.What the heck is killer content and why do I need it?First I dig into what killer content is and the #1 key factor is giving your audience a quick win.  Say what? Yeah - a quick win.  They don't have all day, week, year for results.  They need something NOW to know you are the real deal and can help them get from point A to point B pronto monto.  (That's totally a saying I stole from my mom - what the heck is a monto anyway?) So give them the win and don't make them work too hard for it - you are just wetting their whistle for more.Answer the unanswered problem.When you can listen to the questions that aren't being asked and start answering those, you become the master of your market and also a marketing master. Tune in here to understand what everyone else is doing in your marketplace and how you can be different. It's easy to follow bandwagon trends, what isn't easy is seeing what people are really asking without asking and taking the conversation there.  When you can do that, you become the trendsetter and people will wonder where you got your secret powers.  The secret is simple. Do a LOT more listening than you do talking and start listening to what people aren't saying when they ask questions. Create content around that and you my friend will become the go-to person in your industry.  It's just a matter of time.No matter what you create, make sure it leads somewhere.So many times I see people pour their heart and soul into content only to say "well that's all folks" and sign off.  No call to action, just information. No next step, no continuing the conversation. It's so depressing to watch. Especially when their audience is hungry for me.  It's a disservice to not ask people to take the next step with you.  I give examples from a very specific industry that you can listen to here. Lesson learned, make sure your content is leading to the next step of turning that audience into a customer.  Otherwise, you are spending a WHOLE lot of time creating stuff that will NEVER make you money.  Ain't nobody got time for that.But what the heck do I talk about? aka What content should I create?After creating 76 podcast episodes, umpteen training videos, and various webinars, etc. I've learned a thing or two (usually the hard way) about how to create content.  I've also studied a LOT of the masters.  Here's the shortlist of how to know what to create: Know your ideal client inside and out.  You've heard it before, you're hearing it again. But when you know your audience, you understand them. When you understand them you know their struggles. When you know their struggles you can create a solution. That solution is what they are looking for.  Create it through content. Stalk your competitors and see what questions are being asked that they aren't answering. (see above) A quick gander at comments in a Facebook group or on an Instagram post will give you BIG insight if you are in detective mode. Research isn't easy, but it makes all the difference. Go pull up a Facebook group you know your peeps are in and see what questions are being asked.  There's this cool search tool to make it easier.  Hurry up, I'll wait. (insert the Jeopardy theme song) Did you find anything? I already know you did, so get to it.  Create the content already. Look everywhere for questions that are being asked. Networking groups, online forums, social media, questions asked at events you attend, questions being answered by your peers and other industry leaders. Those questions become the content for your audience. I can guarantee the people you are serving have not invested in all the areas of education and learning you have.  They simply don't have the time, so become their resources simply because you are well versed in what you do. Become a go-to resource known for the value you provide. There are a lot of people out there (who shall not be named) that just skim the surface. But when you can offer a specific solution to a specific hiccup, the clouds will part, the doors will open and the people will literally FLOOD in. Do that, and then do it again. And again. (you get the picture) Ask more questions. This simple trick will set you light years ahead of the competition.  Why? Because most of your competitors are busy talking about themselves, their products and services and could care less about the critical component of sales. The customer.  If you are listening, you aren't talking. When you listen, you hear and you learn. Take that knowledge and use it to grab attention and create transformation. Win-win. Be genuine, authentic and you. People buy from people. When it comes down to it, someone will choose you over someone else because . . . you are you. They relate to you. They get you. They are your people. But if you are busy trying to be someone else, the waters get muddied and they can't find you or relate to you - alas they go elsewhere.  Because confused people don't buy.  They want answers, help and they are already confused - they don't need more confusion, they need answers and they NEED them from YOU! Relate to your audience outside of the business.  So maybe you run around thinking about your business all the time. Totally acceptable and expected. This is your baby. This is your passion. (if it's not, we need to have a chat, but later.) Regardless, you may be a little obsessed with what you do. However, your people are not. This is just one little ticker in a whole line of things they have going on in their business and their lives.  We as humans are naval gazers. We can't help ourselves. But if you can lift your head up and realize life is going on outside of business, you will see people are living their lives. When you can create continuity between yourself, your experiences and theirs, you start to build relationships.  This is a VERY good thing. That a wrap for this week.  I would love to know what content you have been inspired to create.  Head on over to the Facebook Group and tell us what piece of content you'll be creating next.


19 Feb 2020

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The Power of Love Beyond Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day can run the gamut from rough and turbulent to joyful and celebratory.But did you know it can ultimately impact your success, growth, and profitability as a business owner? This week in Episode 75 of the Feed U Podcast, I give you the low down on "real" love. And the difference it has made in my life to focus on love's counterpart, gratitude. I share with you the real scoop on why gratitude can propel your success faster than any tactic, measurement or social post. We get all twitterpated about V-Day, but why not enjoy the Valentine's Day love fest all year long?In this week's episode, I introduce you to some of my gratitude practices so that you can have your very own love fest any time you want.  You don't even have to send flowers (unless you want to). If you're ready to deep dive into some love and gratitude practices that won't cost you a cent, listen to the entire episode here. As any proud mom does, I speak a bit about the love of my boys and family. I realize not everyone has a typical "family". But all of those people that pick you up when you're feeling down, answer the phone when you call at 3 am or even drive to get you Baskin Robbins because they know you are in a bad way - those people ARE your family. When was the last time you sent up a little prayer of gratitude for them? Or better yet, sent them a note, text or picked up the phone and told them how blessed you are to have them in your life? The other perspective I talk about is the people who are cheering for you to succeed that you aren't even aware of.  Did you know there are lurkers watching your every move, waiting for you to WIN big, just so they can follow your example? Mind-blowing, right? 🤯 🤯 🤯 You never know who you are impacting for the better - you literally have the ability to change people's lives every minute of every day.  How cool is that?The next gratitude I cover for myself is having a home. I delve into my experience working with the homeless community in San Francisco and the little things we take for granted every day.  Simple things like we don't have to think about where we are going to go to the bathroom.  If you want a whole slew of reasons to be grateful that are surrounding you as you read this, tune in here. You don't have to worry about being safe when you go to sleep. You likely don't have to worry about your next meal, or whether or not you will survive the night because it's 9 degrees in Colorado. SO MUCH to be grateful for.Next, I cover how lucky I feel to be living the entrepreneurial dream.If you've ever worked in a job with a boss from H-E-Double Hockey sticks, this one will hit home with you. If you ever think of giving up on your dream, think back to the boss that never listened to your ideas, promoted someone else who was quieter and was a behind kisser (let's face it most entrepreneurs are not) or just plain made you miserable because their energy was toilet water. When you think about giving up on this dream of having your own business - just realize all of that is still waiting out there for you and you can go back anytime. (Why would you want to do that is beyond me.) Want to hear more about this, listen to the episode here.  Sometimes being your own boss, means trusting the plan I delve into my search for a new puppy story here and how the process is forcing me to learn the lesson of trust. Sometimes we have a plan, a goal and a desire that we THINK should look a certain way. But, what we don't see is that if we got what we wished for in the way we HAVE to have it, it wouldn't be for our best good or highest learning potential.  I use the example of trying to adopt a new pupkin to drive my point home.  You can hear the whole story here. Last but not least, I end the episode with a Tweet that Bishop Karen Oliveto shared that was originally posted by Pope Francis.  You can read the original quote and her response here.  In an effort to create unity, it was shocking to me how many people had to comment about how "bad" someone else's opinion was. How their thoughts and beliefs are "right" and that they didn't believe that Pope Francis had even tweeted the information.  I was stunned.  Since when did stating an opinion become that of one-upmanship? Are we really that far gone that we can't sit, listen and be open to letting someone of differing opinions share their point of view? I'm not saying you have to agree. I am saying, that it is a human right to express and share your opinion and have others support you simply because you are a fellow human being. The divisiveness and hatred in this country are astounding.  I may not agree with you, but I will hear you out.  I beckon you to listen to others with an open heart. Even if the only outcome is to just let them be heard. You don't have to change your opinion, you don't have to agree, but because you love the human race - just listen. There is so much disconnection in our world and so many people who just want to be seen - how hard is it to let them be seen and heard? I leave you with something stolen from Stand By Me that I refer to as the "spit handshake". You're allowed to argue, back then we were even allowed to wrestle it out. But in the end, we spit and shake hands as an act of solidarity that no matter what we can still get along.  This week of Valentine's Day - I encourage you to swap more spit handshakes. (You can even leave the spit part out if you want!) I mention this article by Leila Janah. She spoke about how building your own business is like Growing Your Own Garden.  It is a beautiful and true interpretation of the emotional experience of starting, building and growing a dream. As I went to find the article, I found she passed away this month from cancer. I am honored to share her beautiful article and hope it inspires you to do the same.  Rest in peace Leila. Thank you for leaving the world a little more beautiful.  I'll be back next week with more marketing tips.  In the meantime, if this episode resonates with you, come and share your thoughts over in the Facebook Group. What did you think about this episode?   How will you practice love, gratitude, and connection during Valentine's Day and beyond? Come on over to the Facebook Page and share your journey. 


12 Feb 2020

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Evolving Your Why

Knowing, living and believing in your business why is essential to staying motivated during the tough times.You know the times when you want to crawl into bed with your favorite cookie dough and just watch vampire movies all day. Hiding out hoping the world won't find you and avoiding the "What's for dinner" pleas coming from outside the bedroom door. Maybe that's just me.  I was SO confident in my why when I started my business.  But, what none of the experts told me and I had to find out the hard way (over the last year or so especially) is your why evolves. It has too. Everything evolves, seasons, the day into night, babies into children into adults. Nothing is constant but change. So why would your business why evolve as well? I know it seems like a no brainer, but for some reason, I had convinced myself that mine should stay the same.  BOY was I wrong.If you're like most business owners, you had a specific reason for beginning this journey of entrepreneurship.Most likely, it was to help someone in some capacity and to gain some freedom of time, energy or the boss that stalked you to the bathroom wanting to know every move you mad.e  This week I talk about my journey of entrepreneurship, my original why and how it has been evolving over time. You can listen to the entire episode here. I also talk about the importance of evolving your why and business to adapt to market changes, your audience, and your passion. If you stay stuck in a rut, you may just stay there and find that you aren't growing, attracting new people and are flat out bored and uninspired. This episode is more from the heart and less about specific teaching. But, nonetheless, being clear about why you are doing what you doing is no simple matter. I hope my story, the shifts I have made throughout my business and where I am going will inspire you to take a look at your own why. Perhaps encouraging you to ask yourself the hard question, of "Am I still moving in the direction that speaks to my soul?" If not, I implore you to sit with that question a little longer. Before the burnout begins. Before you find yourself longing for change from a situation you can escape from. And most of all, before you give up completely. I'll be back next week with more marketing tips.  In the meantime, if this episode resonates with you, come and share your thoughts over in the Facebook Group. What did you think about this episode?   Can you relate to the major shift of your why? Do you have a similar story? Come on over to the Facebook Page and share your business journey. Let's make it safe to support each other during the highs and lows.Listen to the entire episode here:


5 Feb 2020

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Avoiding The Overwhelm of Marketing

Marketing your business today requires you to juggle dozens of balls in the air . . .Including areas like social media, your website, opt-ins, landing pages, ads on different platforms, email, local promotion, networking, speaking and the list goes on and on. Unfortunately, with so many balls in the air, inevitably some of them will get dropped.  Not to mention that your full-time job isn't as a marketer.But you're stuck between a rock and a hard place . . .You have to market your business to attract new clients, but marketing is likely taking over your business, your free time and your life.  Ugh!  There has to be an easier way.  This is why in this week's episode I share 3 tips to avoid the overwhelm in your marketing endeavors.  You can listen to the entire episode here. Here's the short version of what I shared:1. Start with the end in mind.You can't get where you're going if you don't know where that is. If you are making a sandwich and you try to pile all the ingredients in your arms to avoid making multiple trips to the fridge, some salami is gonna hit the floor. You have to have a sandwich and a fridge execution plan. Know what you want, plan it out, and then create the sandwich.  The same goes for marketing. So many business owners jump into the next new fad to gain followers, likes, posting and the list goes on - with no plan of what to do to get there or more importantly what to do when they reach that goal. Without a plan to get them to your shopping cart to start, that captive audience will never get there. Which means you are putting out a WHOLE lot of effort and not getting paid. For more details on how to back it up, give this week's episode a listen here.2. Take an inventory of what you are already doing.Again, if you don't take control of your marketing, it will control you. If you're like me you've signed up for services, courses, consulting masterminds, you name it and think I'll get to that . . . then the next thing you know the bills keep rolling in and you have yet to see any return on that monthly payment. Step two is to take a look at what you are currently investing in and ask these four questions: Is the marketing investment leading to a sale? Is the marketing tactic paying for itself? Is the investment offering you the opportunity to make more money in the long or short term? Can you measure the results from each marketing investment tactic? For more examples and details, listen to this week's episode here.3. Are you showing up where your audience is or wants to be?Knowing your audience is the most critical brand and marketing tactic you can implore. If you are showing up on Facebook and wanting to connect with Fortune 500 CEO's you'll be in for a long wait. Whereas, connecting with that audience on LinkedIn is much more plausible. But everyone is on Facebook you may say, the answer is "yes" and "no". If you are a typical social user you are likely on Facebook to connect with family and friends and being sold to (especially in a business capacity) during your downtime, is annoying. Same if you are running a webinar or Facebook live in the middle of the day and your audience is working their 9-5. Yes, there is a replay, but that diminishes your ability for live interaction.  Isn't that the point of the LIVE video after all? In the episode, I give you some other examples and you can check them out here. Implementing these 3 plus 1 tips will help you take back control of your business and your marketing. When you take your inventory, come tell me what you found out over in the Facebook Group. What did you think about this episode?   Come on over to the Facebook Page and let me know what you thought about this episode.


29 Jan 2020

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The Podcast Equipment Breakdown

The #1 Most Asked Question I Get Is About My Podcast.Selfishly, I am creating this week's podcast so that I have a reference to send people to when I get the questions again.  :D But for all of you, this is a resource for starting and creating your own podcast.  Episode 65 is all about what you need to get started with your own podcast.  But, in case you were thinking of opting out of this episode, it's work giving the first few minutes a listen, because they apply to any type of content creation you may have in mind.  You can give it a listen here.The biggest question that MUST be answeredabout starting a podcast is really my biggest tip this week.  Go give the first few minutes a listen to find out what you NEED to know before starting your podcast.  You can do that here. Here's the breakdown of other resources:Microphones:In this week's episode I give you the break down of each of these microphones, but here are the top 3 I recommend as well as the one I suggest you provide or have your interviewees attain. ATR2500 - Around $100 with the filter and arm (I have this one) Blue Snowball - Around $45 Blue Yeti - Around $150 without the filter and arm Guest Mics: Vogek, Logitech, MPow, RunmusSoftware:You need a way to record, that's where software comes in.  I give you the lowdown on the freebies and why I chose Screenflow, but if you listen to the entire episode you will have a better idea of what will work for you. Audacity GarageBand (MAC only) Screenflow (I use this) Adobe Audition Zoom(interviews) (I use this) Skype (interviews)Royalty-Free Music For Intros & Outros:The great debate over intros and outros happens over here in Episode 65. Here are the resources you will need if you choose in favor of adding an intro or outro. As well as, whether or not you want to create it yourself or have it done for you.  It's important to use only royalty-free music because just like photos or videos, the fines can be hefty for using someone's copyrighted work. Free Music Archive Free Music Soundtrack Archive YouTube Audio Library Free Sound Project Music Radio Creative Audio JungleEditing:There are really only two choices here, edit yourself (which = many many hours of YouTube tutorials) or hire someone to edit for you.  I give you the entire scoop over here in Episode 65. But the software for recording mentioned above in all instances (minus Zoom and Skype) have editing abilities as well.Choosing a hosting platform:So you won't want to host your podcast on your website because it will slow things down to a crawl.  I recommend using one of these podcast hosts to keep things neat and tidy and help rank your podcast so people can find it.  Keep in mind you get what you pay for and that there are also some "all in one" solutions out there.  I don't have any experience with them, so I am not going to recommend one of those. They all offer different features, so do your homework and see which one will work best for you and what you want to do. Podbean Lybsin Soundcloud Blubrry Simplecast Last but not least, I covered transcripts and show notes: I recommend at the minimum creating show notes to increase traffic to your website.  You can get a good example of what that looks like, well, from this post.  :D  If you want to kick it up a notch, consider adding a transcript either download or as a separate page.  Here are the two resources I recommend for that.  If you want the inside scoop on the difference and the benefits, listen to this week's episode here. Temi Rev The other resource I mention is Searchi which makes your audios and videos searchable.  Currently invite-only, but never hurts to get on the list. The skinny on that is also in the episode. That's the low down on all things podcast.  I hope this becomes a resource for you to dive into your own podcasting adventure. What did you think about this episode?   Come share your results on the Facebook Page and let me know how your life is shifting.Download the entire episode transcript here.


4 Dec 2019

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Lessons Learned From Attending My Mentor's Live Event

I've attended conferences before, but this time was 100% different.Oh c'mon Alisa! Conferences are always the same.  But seriously, this event was the bomb-diggity.  For SO many reasons, most of them not having to do with my mentor at all.  Which is sort of why I'm sharing the story with you.  Usually, when you get to meet someone you idolize a smidge, the event becomes about meeting them and just standing in the shadow of their wonder.  But this time, things were VERY different.  Tune in to Episode 61 for the entire scoop, lessons learned and some homework.  Are you ready?The 5 BIG Lessons I Learned In Cali at BBD Live1. Be open to serendipity but set an intention. I set a pretty specific intention for this conference around who I wanted to meet and why.  I share all of the details in the episode.  But let me tell you, that intention showed up BIG time throughout all 3 days and when I walked away I sounded a bit like Mathew McConaughy saying "Alright, alright, alright."  Instead of just going to an event to learn tactics and new processes, adopt the mentality of being serendipitous and see what shows up. 2.  Step outside of your comfort zone. I left this event with a group of new friends, mentors, and masterminders and it never would have happened if I hadn't stepped outside of my comfort zone to have conversations with some of the 600 people I didn't know.  I went to this event not knowing a soul, which is BIG for an introvert.  But, I conquered my fear, started up small talk that led to more in-depth conversations and even ventured to talk to people who have "made it" bigger than I have so far.  But one pivotal conversation changed the event for me.  Listen to the episode to hear the story. The next time you are tempted to cower in a corner at an event, I want to encourage you to instead start a conversation, say hello, you never know where that will lead. 3.  Your heroes are humans too. So yes, I have sort of business crush on James Wedmore and have for about 2 years now.  So going to this event I was PRETTY excited to meet him and get my picture taken with him.  Alas, what did I realize instead? He's a human being too.  SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!  Seriously though, it's true.  Seeing him connect with his audience before and after the event and share so deeply really hit home his humanness.  The irony, I respect him even more now.  So keep in mind, your heroes are humans too.  See if you can dig that out of them. 4.  The biggest lessons and shifts come from inside of you. Maybe that isn't a surprise to you, but when it actually happens you may be standing there with your mouth gaping open.  At least I was, going WTHocky Sticks just happened.  It left me asking questions, like is what you are doing lighting you up? Are you full of passion? Do you like the impact your having?  Is the entire reason I'm creating this business because I want to make money? Even though I keep trying to pretend it isn't? SAY WHAT?  Mindblown - seriously.  You see our brains are tricky little critters, and sometimes we talk ourselves into what we think we want when in reality, we are a hot misaligned mess.  When was the last time you asked those questions and really listened to the answers?  More coming on that (stay tuned below).   5.  Don't underestimate the power of journaling. Ok, so I know people say that and I am confessing, I haven't been a great journaler in recent days.  But, after this event and having SO many epiphanies after journaling it is growing on me.  So much that I have added it to my daily practice and am giving you all some SUPER yummy journaling questions to kick your business in the booty!  Ready?  Here you go: If you could do anything in your business right now, without failing, what would you do? How would you have to evolve or change as a person to bring #1 to fruition?  How is that different from who you are now? What 3 action steps can you take today, this week, this month to inch closer to making #1 a reality? Who can keep you accountable so you can succeed? How will you know that you are successful?  How will you measure it?  (This is a DOOZIE by the way - especially if you think it's one thing and then it's TOTALLY not!)  Last but not least my tool takeaway:I had the pleasure of meeting Alon David at the event and was introduced to his 90X planner.  Now, let me be real.  I am NOT a good goal planner user.  But, after talking to Alon and all of the awesome sauce he has going on inside and outside his planner, I was sold.  Of course, I got the pink one. But don't you worry, I've got you taken care of and I have a challenge for you.  Alon has graciously offered a 31% discount for my audience only on his planner to get you started.  You can get one here and enter the coupon code "FeedU31" at checkout to get your discount.Now, for the challenge.Beginning on December 1st in the Facebook Group, we will start our 90 Day goal challenge.  All you have to do is get a planner and show up.  We will start by filling it and declaring our 90-day goals.  Remember how I mentioned accountability, well here you go - here's your chance to get to the goal you wrote about in journal prompt #1.  So get your 90X planner and let's do this.  Last but not least,I would love to give a birthday shout out to my eldest son as he turns 18 today.  I'm sure he isn't listening (because there is nothing cooler than your mom's podcast) but regardless - the last 18 years have been a blur but I wouldn't trade them for the world.  Happy Birthday, Reilly! What did you learn from this episode?  Come and tell me in the Facebook Group. Not in the group yet? Consider this your official invitation to join me in my Facebook Group. I talk all things online business growth but specifically sales funnels, branding and WordPress.Download the episode transcript here.


6 Nov 2019

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The Power of WordPress

You've heard WordPress is Powerful, but what's the big deal? Really?!?!?Nearly 60% of all websites online are built on WordPress, but you may be wondering why is WordPress so dang special? When companies like CNN, TED, UPS, and CBS Radio use WordPress, it may pique your interest to investigate this website platform.  This week I dive deep into the 11 reasons WordPress is so powerful and even share what the heck is WordPress and why you might need it. Dive into Episode 60 and listen to all 11 reasons and grab some recommendations if you are ready to dive headfirst into creating your 1st WordPress website.The 11 Reasons for Why To Use WordPress?1. It is ridiculously scalable. You can literally build any type of website on WordPress.  I give you some warnings in the episode around the open code concept in the episode.  Totally worth the listen, but as Kevin Costner would say "If you build it, they will come." I mention that Coca Cola was built on WordPress, they have since had their site rebuilt.  But other big names include The Disney Company (including the official Star Wars Blog), Time, Katy Perry and Sony Music. 2.  WordPress Coding Is Free. Ok, before the nay-sayers get their panties in a wad, the WordPress coding is free.  Does that mean it is free to have a WordPress website? No. But the cost is not prohibitive and it will be the best investment in your business you can make.  You will need hosting (where your website lives) and I recommend Siteground in the episode. For a list of reasons why check out the episode here.  You will also need a domain (the name of your website) which can also get from Siteground. Lastly, you will need a theme.  I recommend Divi by Elegant Themes. If you are feeling overwhelmed, I have a solution for you.  I'm going to do a training in the Small Business Builders Facebook Group to show you how to build a simple WordPress site in less than a day.  Not in the group? No worries, come join us here. 3.  WordPress is a stable platform that has been around for over 15 years. WordPress is a stable, responsive platform that stays aligned with the newest technology out there.  There are 1000's of developers working on the platform every single day. They keep up with trends and partner with some of the best designers in the market to create beautiful yet functional website themes. 4.  WordPress enables you to literally design anything on your website. Using either free or paid themes you can create the website your little heart desires and dreams of.  Do you need to have some coding knowledge to go crazy? Yes.  Is it possible? Yes. Will you need some help if you're just getting started? Probably. 5.  Designing in WordPress is SUPER flexible. With over 22,000 plugins available you can add or create just about anything you want.  A plugin is an addition you "plug into" your website.  Some examples I gave in the episode include creating a calendar and selling dates to an event.  Creating an online store. Building a community or course.  All the details are in the episode, give it a listen here. 6.  WordPress SEO is a force to be reckoned with. With the assistance of some excellent SEO plugins, WordPress becomes a search engine machine for your content.  My favorite is Yoast which gives you the yellow, red or green light based on your search engine optimization. The free version works great, so don't panic about getting the paid version unless you want to become an SEO guru. 7.  WordPress makes content creation a breeze. Whether you are blogging, adding videos, podcast episodes or a combination of content - WordPress is ready for you. Blogging is as easy as using Word and getting started on your content creation is THE BEST way to keep Google coming back for more. 8.  Communities & Memberships. You can create both communities and memberships on WordPress with some additional plugins.  These are likely paid options, but if you want total control of your products and the people in your membership, WordPress will help you do that. 9.  Social Sharing Made Easy. WordPress makes it simple for your audience to share your content with other people.  There are a ton of sharing plugins and the best place to put sharing is at the bottom of your blog post.  Elegant themes offer their monarch plugin for sharing, you can find it here. 10.  Open source code means anything is probable and possible. With 1000s of developers working on WordPress functionality every single day, if there is something you dream of making happen on your WordPress website, chances are it is either already in progress or you can find someone to help you create it.  The website world really is your oyster.  With that oyster, make sure you are installing some security so no one ruins your party.  I recommend iThemes Security plugin. 11.  WordPress can be as simple or complicated as you want it to be. Because WordPress offers so much functionality, it can seem overwhelming.  But, keep in mind that it doesn't have to complicated.  Simple WordPress sites are built every day by people who want to control the design, functionality and behind the scenes of their website.  If you want some help getting started, hop on over to the Facebook Group for the free training happening this week. I'll get you started and then you can run with it.I mentioned the following resources to help you create your first WordPress website, and you can find those here:Siteground Website Hosting Divi Theme Yoast SEO Monarch Sharing Plugin iThemes Security Plugin What did you learn from this episode?  Come and tell me in the Facebook Group. Not in the group yet? Consider this your official invitation to join me in my Facebook Group. I talk all things online business growth but specifically sales funnels, branding and WordPress.Download the episode transcript here.


30 Oct 2019

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Powering Up Your CTAs (Calls To Action)

Your CTA (Call to Action) can make or break your sales funnel!Literally! If you have a non-existent or uncompelling CTA, your audience just won't take action.  If they don't take the next action that loop of your sales funnel is officially CLOSED. Meaning you either have to start over or worse, you have lost them forever.IWhat the heck is a call to action?This week in Episode 59 of the Feed U Podcast I answer that questions, plus give you 6 power tips to increase the traction of your CTA, plus (yes there's more) I give you some insider tips that will knock your audiences boots off once you start adding them into your repertoire.What, where and when to use a CTA.This week's episode breaks down all three of those components, so give it a listen for a place to start. But a CTA is a Call To Action.  It's fairly self-explanatory, it tells your audience what you want them to do next.  Of course, you being the brilliant entrepreneur you are, have already mapped all of that out in your strategy. Making it SUPER easy for you to tell them what to do, right?   If you haven't then get to it my people, because 70% of small businesses don't use a single call to action.  So for no other reason than to differentiate yourself, you should be sticking those things on every piece of marketing material you create.  The big guys do it and guess what, it works.Here are some places to put that call to action:Blog posts (and not just at the end) Podcasts Any ad you run Landing Pages Opt-in Forms Sales Pages Hard Copy Collateral (flyers, postcards, etc.) VideosBut how do I make my CTA's powerful Alisa?Well, I'm glad you asked! Because there definitely some powerful things you can do to power up those Calls To Action.  Here are just a few, but get the whole list in Episode 59. 1. Stop hiding the darn things. If you do have a call to action, you need to make it obvious.  Hiding it because you don't want to seem pushy or salesy is ridiculous.  You are in this business to sell something - so get used to it and make it easy for people to find a way to do that with you.  When you hide it, you are essentially putting your cash register under a blanket and saying "I just bet you'd like to figure out how to pay me."  Guess what, they won't.  They simply won't figure it out, they are just going to move along. So make it stinking obvious. 2.  Make your CTAs clear and concise. Don't mince words, say what you mean.  Tell them how you relate to the biggest nightmare in their business, how you can solve that for them and what it will be like for them after that problem is solved.  Set expectations about what that process looks like and then sit back and watch them eat it up.  Because they will.  Wanna know why? Because everyone else is talking about how great their widget a, b and c are and how you should buy one - but your customers don't want widgets.  They want to sleep at night.  So help them do that. 3.  Have a goal and measure it. As I type this post up, I just finished a speaking engagement on opt-ins.  First, no one in that room had a plan.  They had a free download on their website but they had no idea if it was working. They had no idea what to do with the people after they downloaded the freebie and basically, they were leaving piles of money on the table.  PILES OF MONEY.  Don't be them.  You are smarter than that.  Know how I know? You are reading this post.  So make a plan, and then measure it.  Otherwise, you won't know what is or is not working.  Want the other 3 tips?  Tune in to the episode here.I mentioned the following resources to help you create some awesome copy, and you can find those here:How To Write Copy That Sells Money Words Building A StoryBrand Last but not least . . .Here is the quick low down on 5 Expert Tips to SuperPower Your Call To Action: Use action words. Create curiosity Focus on giving value, ALWAYS Use social proof like testimonials, case studies or reviews. Invite, Invite, Invite your audience to take the next step. What did you learn from this episode?  Come and tell me in the Facebook Group. Not in the group yet? Consider this your official invitation to join me in my Facebook Group. I talk all things online business growth but specifically sales funnels, branding and WordPress. Download the episode transcript here.


23 Oct 2019

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Becoming An Authority or Influencer

So you want to be a star huh?Well, there is a lot of unglamorous aspects to becoming a star, an influencer or an authority.  But . . . they often don't outweigh the benefits that the attention brings to you and your business.Why would you want to be an influencer?This week in Episode 58 of the Feed U Podcast I dive into the 5 reasons becoming an influencer and authority in your market space is critical and necessary, especially in today's hustling bustling online world.  I also walk through the 10 steps to become an influencer.  Are they hard? No.  Are they instant? No.  Are they worth it? Abso-freakin-lutely.What are the benefits of becoming an influencer?Below is the top 5 list of why you want to become an authority in your field of specialty.  You can get all the details and examples by listening to this week's episode here.  It will help you gain momentum and traction in your business, especially online. It will enable you to make a greater impact, change more lives and leave a legacy. It will help you build trust with your audience, customers and fans. It will help you become an authority with prospects, industry leaders and your clients. It will help you reach larger audiences through collaborations, which leads to you growing your own audience.So are you in yet? Well, if you are - keep reading.  I'm about to lay out the 10 steps to becoming an influencer.  Again, more antics, hilarity, and information are in the actual episode which you can listen to here.Here are the 10 authority building action steps:1. Do things differently. This is probably a duh, Alisa factor. But it needs to be said.  Take a look at the people you admire online and offline. That list of top 20 entrepreneurs.  They all have one very BIG thing in common.  They looked at the way things were being done and said, uh no, I'm doing it this way.  And guess what? People LOVE them for it!  So what makes you different, what makes you unique?  Why aren't you talking about it some more?  Get to it!  2.  Be or become a leader.I'm sure you've heard the saying, "they are a born leader". I don't think leaders are born.  I think people become leaders through trial, tribulation and taking a chance.  Leaders take chances.  They look at fear and laugh and jump in with no abandon.  Becoming an authority is a one-way ticket into self-love and improvement.  It is impossible to stand in front of a group of people and "influence" them if you are carrying around of bunch of self-doubt emotional garbage.  So let that shiitake go for the love of Pete.  People are waiting for you and they aren't going to wait forever.  So, become the leader I know you are. 3. Value and hold yourself in integrity. Simply put, if you promise you are going to do something, do it. Especially if it is a promise you have made to yourself.  There is nothing worse than letting yourself down because you will carry around the guilt and negative nelly self-talk F-O-R-E-V-E-R.  So be true to yourself and be true to your word.  It goes without saying to also be true to your word with other people.  There isn't enough of that going around these days, so be the exception and you will be remembered. 4.  Know your audience/niche. You've heard it before the riches are in the niches. Did you consider there is a reason for the saying? Because it's true.  Once you get clear on who you serve it becomes SO much easier to create and implement all of your marketing.  When you are running around trying to figure out where to be, what to say and how to say it - stop! Because your audience already has the answers to all of those questions. If you get to know them, you will have the answers too.  More importantly, you will know where to show up (think events, social media, podcasts, etc.) and when to show up there.  There is nothing worse than showing up every day to an empty room hoping someone shows up. 5.  Collaboration over competition. This is a biggie.  You see if you can really and truly embrace that there is MORE THAN enough for everyone.  This amazing thing happens, the flood gates open, opportunities show up unexpectedly and the world REALLY is your oyster.  Not to mention that you have met some really cool cats along the way. So look at those people that you are internally at tug-o-war with and see why they are different and then reach out to figure out a way to partner with each other.  Will it work with every single one? No.  Will it work with the ones that it's meant to work with? Absolutely! 6.  Share what you know, but have it lead somewhere. You've learned a lot of stuff along your journey as an entrepreneur.  Share it.  Save somebody time, energy and headache and they will forever be in your favor.  Yes, that was a total Hunger Games line, but it fits so well!  One of the biggest mistakes I see small businesses make is not sharing what they have learned or know, out of fear.  The second biggest mistake is sharing everything they know and not having it lead into selling their product in some way.  So, share - but make sure that sharing has a plan behind it.  Sharing increases trust, authority, and influence. But it does you know good to have those if you haven't figured out a way to monetize them.  Otherwise, you won't be in business very long. 7. Pick one platform and how up there. Most business owners have a supercalifragilistic plate full of things to do. Add in marketing in multiple places and creating all kinds of content and they will be one step away from packing it up and heading to Tahiti, permanently.  Besides that it is an insane way to run your business, it will only lead to one place - burnout.  Instead, pick a platform that melds where your audience is and what you like and show up there.  Which leads us to #8 . . . 8.  Be consistent. This is the most important marketing advice you will ever get.  No matter what you choose to do, online or offline, do it consistently.  As one of my mentors, Donald Miller would say, "marketing is an exercise in memorization".  People can't memorize who you are, what you do or how you can help them if you aren't in their face.  If you train them to know you will be on Facebook every Wednesday at lunchtime, they will show up there.  If they get an email in their inbox every Wednesday morning, the week they don't get one, don't be surprised if you hear from them. Consistency wins the race, every. single. time. 9.  Engage with your fans. Imagine the phone rings. You pick it up and say "hello". It's your best friend calling to say she saw your newest blog and how great it was.  You set the phone down and all she hears is crickets.  How long do you think she would stay on the line?  Obviously not long.  And this is someone who already knows and likes you.  Now imagine, that's a stranger.  That person would be so outta there and more than likely would never return.  This is exactly what happens when you create engaging content and then don't respond.  Your audience is ready to have a conversation, but you just disappeared.  So create conversations. Talk to them, not at them. And for the love of all things holy, love on them.  Call them out for being fans. Say thank you.  Dedicate posts to them. Sing them a song. (Ok, maybe that's a little far, but you get the idea.) Drumroll please . . . . . 10.  Have a plan. Having a plan to become an authority, step by step and then taking action on those steps is THE only way to become an influencer.  Period.  If you don't create a plan, and you just wing it, you will either 1-get burned out or 2-give up because it's a lot of work and you don't know when, why or how you will get there.  Your plan doesn't have to be a spreadsheet with every detail mapped out.  Just create a list of goals and tasks to achieve those goals. Make it an outline.  Pretend you're creating a college research paper (do they still write these?) I have a surprise tip #11 But you can only find that one by listening to the episode.  So head over here and give Episode 58 a listen.What did you learn from this episode? Come and tell me in the Facebook Group. Not in the group yet? Consider this your official invitation to join me in my Facebook Group. I talk all things online business growth but specifically sales funnels, branding and WordPress.Download the episode transcript here.


16 Oct 2019

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The Power of Setting Intentions + Taking Action

The problem with manifestation is . . .There are a lot of gurus out there that will tell you to just sit around and manifest what you want into your life.  Unfortunately, the key ingredient they leave out, more often than not, is that you have to take intentional action that aligns with what you are trying to bring into your life.  An intention is a contract between your subconscious and conscious mind, but intention will only take you so far in attaining the life you REALLY want to be living.How the heck do I start bringing my intentions into my reality?This week we are diving into some mind work, because believe it or not, if your mind isn't aligned with you what you want in your business (think subconscious running the show) then no matter what tactic, system or method you put into place - you will find yourself right where you are now.  Which is why this mind-stuff is UBER important.Please don't tell me I'm going to have to meditate Alisa!Okay, I won't. But you do, sort of.  You see your subconscious mind is already programmed.  For many of us, years and years of programming in fact - back to about the time we were 8 years old.  We have beliefs and thoughts that we likely don't even know we are caring around (unless we have done a lot of digging to find them out.) The other thing about your subconscious is that it really likes to run the show and to tune into your inner wisdom, which is not always aligned with your subconscious, you need to quiet the mind.  But, I'm getting ahead of myself.In this week's episode, I've laid out 5 specific steps you can take to align your intention with some good old fashioned action steps.Listen to the entire episode here for all the details, but here's the lowdown on how to get started: 1. Take some time to be quiet, every day!  (yes you read that right!  EVERYDAY!) I'm not saying you have to meditate, you do you boo.  What I am saying is that we live in a SUPER busy world and it is easy to start your day being inundated with notifications, alerts, and the demands of the world.  You will never be able to make changes happen if you can't find a few minutes to sit, breathe and listen. 2.  Listen for the gap between your thoughts. I once had a meditation guide say "listen to the space between your thoughts" when meditating.  Isn't that wise? The blank empty space that is as short as a breath. When you can focus on that, it will get longer and longer and your mind will slow down and become quiet, and you my friend, will be a meditating guru. Because that's all it takes, to be aware of the silence and just listen.  Not so hard right? Ok, it is totally hard, but that's why it's called a meditation practice. Practice makes perfect. 3.  Set your intention and here's the key -->>>RELEASE IT. You can intend all day long, but if you try to control the outcome, you aren't giving the universe space to deliver to you what is in your best interest.  Oh I know, if you are anything like me, you've already figured out what would be in your best interest.  But, experience has shown me that the more you try to control a situation instead of letting it go, the more difficult things become.  Learn from my pigheadedness, just let it go and let it unfold, it is SO MUCH EASIER. 4. Verbalize and or write out your intention. Setting your intention is one thing. But when you put a stake in the ground by writing or saying your intention out loud, the universe will hear you loud and clear.  I actually recommend doing both. It leaves no room for miscommunication or interpretation.  You've said it and written it and it's what you want. It's also psychologically important because you can hear what you want and that's some powerful vibration.  Does that mean you can't change your mind? Of course not. But if you do, just be sure to say it again. 5.  Now it's time to take action. This is the #1 thing that is forgotten or overlooked when it comes to making changes in your life.  You can't just sit around on your couch eating bomb bombs and expect the universe to deliver millions of dollars to you.  You have to take action.  More importantly, you have to take action in faith.  Plan out what you can control to get the ball rolling and here's the kicker, then let it go.  Because things may not roll the way you have planned them.  Be patient, do what you can do and see how things unfold.  I PROMISE, the universe really does have your back.  Another tip in this area is don't fret about the details.  Believe in serendipity and just keep an eye out for the universe at work. It's pretty amazing stuff when you start paying attention. I promise you the universe is conspiring for you to succeed and is always working in your favor.  I've seen it in my life again and again and I share a lot of stories and details in Episode 57.  Give it a listen here.What did you learn from this episode? Come and tell me in the Facebook Group. Not in the group yet? Consider this your official invitation to join me in my Facebook Group. I talk all things online business growth but specifically sales funnels, branding and WordPress.  Download the episode transcript here.


9 Oct 2019

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