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Sound Advice for a Doctor's Spouse

In this episode, I interview Donna Rovito, editor of Physician Family Magazine. Bio: Donna Baver Rovito earned a Penn State journalism degree back when “cut and paste” involved exacto knives and rubber cement. With decades of writing and editing experience, her work has appeared in numerous national, regional and local publications, including the Washington Post. She and her general surgeon husband of 36 years, Peter F. Rovito, MD, have two sons: Peter, a graduate student at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine who aspires to become a physician, and Tony, a graduate student studying criminal justice at Penn State who hopes to become an ATF agent. Donna is a longtime member of the AMA Alliance - a supportive and powerful voice for physicians and their families, an outspoken advocate for physicians and patients, and has spoken about legislative issues that impact health care in dozens of venues.Donna is also a breast cancer survivor and a self-described ”total science fiction geek" who has written, but not published, an original Star Trek novel.     Here are appropriate links: AMA Alliance Website - www.amaalliance.org AMA Alliance Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/AMAAlliance/ Physician Family Magazine website - www.physicianfamilymedia.org Physician Family Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/PhysicianFamilyMedia/ Physician Family COMMUNITY (closed FB group for medical student and physician family members, along with the medical students and physicians themselves!) - https://www.facebook.com/groups/PhysicianFamilyCOMMUNITY/


8 Jul 2019

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The Life of a Medical Resident's wife

In this episode, I interview Sarah Lowe, a wife of a medical resident who describes the many challenges that face spouses of medical doctors in this stage of training. Sarah describes her tale in the following: Hey ya’ll my name is Sarah. We currently live in the Midwest, and my husband is currently a PGY1 Emergency Medicine Resident other-wise know as an intern or lowest man on the resident totem pole. We have 1 child currently and made the joint decision for me to stay home during this time of training. So I wear all the hats while he’s a work. We are building a life while he begins his career as an EM physician. You can find me over on the ‘ole if you want a taste of the good, bad, and ugly of being married to a resident. You can find Sarah on Instagram @realliferesidentwife


12 Jun 2019

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Why Do Men Cheat?

In this episode I interview Elda Lopez, author of the book THE (IN)FIDELITY FACTOR: Points to Ponder Before You Cheat 1. Infidelity is becoming "normalized"  2. Her story  3. Infidelity factors not often recognized, the individual backstories that may contribute to the behavior: family structure, religion, culture, as well as gender stereotypes, societal conditioning, health conditions (mental, physical) 4. The fallout: financial, emotional, physical. Affects society at large. Recovery. 5. Prevention is key. Self-awareness, personal accountability, growth, emotional intelligence. Healthy individual, healthier relationships. Elda M. Lopez holds a B. A. in Theatre Arts from Whittier College, which included a semester of study at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Her entertainment career includes film, television, radio, and stage acting as well as dialogue coach, voice-over artist, and casting director. She has taught English in Japan and tutored Language Arts to underserved Southern California communities. Fiercely committed to guiding those conflicted about infidelity toward a healthier path, Elda delved into the causes and preventions of this behavior by recalling her own experiences as a betrayed wife as well as being "the other woman." To learn more: www.eldamlopez.com To buy a copy of the book: https://www.amazon.com/FIDELITY-FACTOR-Points-Ponder-Before/dp/057812159X For more information about Guy Golan's life coaching services: marriedtobusy.com


23 May 2019

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Empowering Women of Color in Medicine

In this episode, I interview Dr Ruth Arumala an OBGYN doctor who practices in TX. She discusses many of the challenges facing women of color in medicine and provides lots of excellent advice on how to thrive in an workplace that is not always supportive. “ I have a patient-centered approach to healthcare. I believe in treating patients not conditions. I have a passion to not only provide excellent medical care but to empower women to make healthier choices that enable them to live a happier, more fulfilling life.” As an Obstetrician-Gynecologist with a practice in Mansfield, Texas, Dr. Ruth Arumala daily provides medical care to women of all ages at all aspects of their lives. She also serves as the hostess of the ‘Pretty in Pink Podcast: A Modern Woman’s Guide to Health.”  The Pretty in Pink Podcast features a inspirational female experts who explore a broad range of topics that affect women. Armed with her varied experience in medical training, Ruth Arumala, DO, MPH invests a lot of time and resources to preparing the next generation of physicians for their careers through one-on-one mentoring and public video series.  To learn more about the work Dr. Arumala is doing check out IG Personal @i.am.dr.arumala IG Ob/Gyn Practice  @my.mansfield.obgyn_ Our practice story: http://www.texashealthhuguley.org/news/ruth-arumala-do-ob-gyn-opens-womens-health-practice-in-mansfield-texas Podcast: http://prettyinpink.libsyn.com/ (also available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify & Soundcloud)


3 Jul 2019

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Between Marriage and Success

Are you married to a medical doctor, an executive, a lawyer or a tech professional? If your husband or wife is married to their work, you may feel left behind, unappreciated, frustrated, or stuck. In this episode Dr. Golan speaks about his work as an executive life coach who specializes in high achievers and their spouses and discusses some of the keys to empowering client lives through coaching.  The interview was originally recorded on positive psychology Facebook show The Golden Mic hosted by speaker and positive psychology coach, Marc Cordon For more information about Dr. Golan's coaching services check out his website marriedtobusy.com or connect with him on Instagram lifecoach4MD


4 May 2019

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Love, Lies, and Happy Endings

Are you looking for love and can not find it? Why is it that so many high achievers are single? In this episode, I interview dating/relationship coach Michelle Baxo: Michelle Baxo is an International Love Coach and Dating Expert who guides women in a unique approach to love and dating so they can have lasting love without settling. Michelle’s passion for helping powerful women create the love life of their dreams started from her own personal journey from successful but single to empowered and in love. In just two years, over 12,000 women have started to follow Michelle’s work through email and social media, and her YouTube channel has had over 22,000 views and counting. Michelle’s articles have been published in Dreams Recycled and Thrive Global and she’s been featured as a love and dating expert on various podcasts. Michelle has been quoted numerous times in Bustle and UpJourney and has also been interviewed as an expert in 10+ summits including Manifest Epic Love Series and Fabulous and Fearless over 40. Michelle has a Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology and a professional background in psychotherapy, mind-body healing, and coaching. She has spoken at personal development events to hundreds of people. Today Michelle’s time is mostly spent serving clients through her flagship program Power Love VIP, and spending time with her partner Tommy and daughter Isabella. To connect with Michelle: Free Power Love Workshop: https://michellebaxo.com/powerloveworkshop YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/MichelleBaxoPowerLove Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/LoveCoachMichelleBaxo/ Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Love4powerfulwomen/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/powerlovecoach_michellebaxo Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michellebaxo/ ◦


17 May 2019

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Finding Your Zone of Genius

In this episode, Guy Golan interview life coach and author Danielle Laura who specializes in life and couple coaching. We discuss the many challenges facing millennials in both their professional and personal lives. To follow Danielle Laura on social media: Website: www.danielle-laura.com Email: danielle@danielle-laura.com Instagram: daniellelaura Facebook: @daniellelauracoaching To learn more about Guy Golan's life coaching for the super busy go to marriedtobusy.com or the Married to Busy FB group


11 Apr 2019

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Balancing Marriage & Orthopedic Surgery

In this episode, I interview Scott A. Sigman MD is a Nationally recognized Orthopedic Surgeon and an expert on Opioid Sparing Surgery. He specializes in Sports Medicine, knees and shoulders. He is in private practice just north of Boston where he is the team physician for UMASS Lowell. In addition to his clinical responsibilites he is the Chief Medical Officer of OrthoLazer Orthopedic Laser Centers. He is a fellow of the Worlds Society of Sports Medicine and Exercise. Dr. Sigman travels the globe educating  physicians on advanced surgical techniques and Opioid Sparing Surgery.  Dr. Sigman shares advice on how to balance between a super busy medical career, a large family, and a marriage to a high achiever wife. You can get all of the contacts for Dr. Sigman on any of the following platforms: Facebook: Scott A Sigman MD Instagram: Scottasigmanmd Linkedin: Scott A. Sigman MD www.orthsurg.com www.ortholazer.com www.scottasigmanmd.com   To learn more about Guy Golan's coaching services go to marriedtobusy.com or join the Married to Busy FB group


10 Jun 2019

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Reimagining Pediatric Medicine

In this episode, we host Dr. Clemons who is offers concierge pediatric medicine services to patients in Orange County, CA. Dr. Clemons is a board certified pediatrician, with twenty years experience practicing medicine. She has a variety of experiences adding to her wealth of knowledge: including her early training in boarding school when she attended high school at Phillips Academy, (Andover , MA). She went on to attain a BS in Chemistry and Mathematics from Spelman College, followed by a MD from medical school at Morehouse School of Medicine.  She completed her internship and residency at UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland, (one of two ACS designated pediatrics level I trauma centers in CA and ranked among the top 25 in 9 out of 10 hospital specialties in the US News and World Report for best pediatric hospital listings.) After residency she completed a fellowship in multicultural health.  Non-traditional medical experiences include appearing on "The Oprah Winfrey show", "Its a Miracle", interviews with Dr. Drew and ABC evening news, and writing articles in First for Women magazine. She has a special interest in childhood obesity and is very dedicated to educate, prevent and eager to serve as a part of the solution to the national epidemic. She has given several lectures and trainings to physicians and local community on the subject matter. Her most recent major accomplishment is the completion of her first book, to be released soon! For more information: http://compassionatechildrenscare.com To learn more about Dr. Golan's life coaching services: marriedtobusy.com


11 May 2019

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The Rules of Medicine

In this episode, Dr. Golan hosts the amazing Sonya Sloan, MD. Sonya M. Sloan MD., better known as #OrthoDoc, has established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the male-dominated field of Orthopedic Surgery. Licensed to practice medicine in several states, she travels the country to extend the impact of her unique approach to patient care, including locum tenens and telemedicine one of the first ventures of its kind. Dr. Sloan is the quintessential fusion of her love for medicine and her passion to help others. Her work in medicine, as well as in the community and internationally, has positioned her as a highly sought after public figure for health awareness, health development programs and motivational speaking. Dr. Sloan believes in paying it forward which is a direct example of her new book: The Rules of Medicine a Medical Professionals Guide to Success. You can follow Dr. Sloan on all social networks @sonyasloanmd Website: https://sonyasloanmd.com The Rules of Medicine on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Rules-Medicine-Medical-Professionals-Success-ebook/dp/B07NSBTMP2


25 Apr 2019

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The Joy Revolution

THE JOY REVOLUTION COHORT WHO ARE LEADING POSITIVE CHANGE In this episode, I interview Marc Cordon, positive psychology coach and one of two founders of the Joy Revolution. A program aimed at promoting business by focusing on positive outcomes, social justice, and real life impact. To learn more about the Joy Revolution and Marc Cordon, check out: http://thejoyrevolution.org/ and http://marccordon.com/ For more about Guy Golan go to: marriedtobusy.com


24 May 2019

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Intimacy in Marriage

In this episode, I interview Natalia Rising  a certified relationships, sexuality and life coach. She is originally from Russia. I am passionate about helping others creating their best life through improving their relationships and sexuality exponentially. she helps my powerful women clients feel authentically sexy and have better sex in their relationships and marriages through connecting to their femininity, sexuality and releasing conditioning and blocks that are in the way of that. She has four daughters and went through a difficult divorce and learned through experience and later professional training with top experts in the field (Peter Levin, Layla Martin, Diane Poole Heller are some of my beloved mentors) about what really works in relationships, families and marriages and what does not, as well as all about effective emotional, sexual and trauma healing. In her personal journey, She healed a lot of trauma, abandonment and control issues and went from having sex on my to-do list to being highly orgasmic. Typically my clients come to me when they are ready to step into their power, authenticity and their most expressed and alive selves. Her IG is @natalia.rising and blog nataliarising.com


3 Jun 2019

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Busy Stepmothers from Tears to Triumph

Tuniscia Okeke is an international speaker, trainer and transformational coach for stepmothers. The author of Empowered Stepmother: Grow, Glow, and Thrive Harmoniously In Your Blended Family and Developing the Mindset of a Badass CEO & Empowered Stepmother. As a result of the strategies and techniques provided to empower stepmothers, thousands have had mindset shifts to go from tears to triumph in their marriages, blended families, and businesses. The international family vlog “Tea with Tuniscia O” shows a candid look inside the love and connection shared between her and her stepson, her marriage and the beautiful bond with their older children in their blended family. They are journaling their families victories and strategies to co-parent successfully with Ike’s biological mother.   FB https://www.facebook.com/blendingour.love.7 IG https://www.instagram.com/blendingourlove/ Linked In https://www.linkedin.com/in/tuniscia-o-4b9b8768/


22 Jul 2019

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Keeping Negative Energies Out of Home

Do you ever come back home from work forgetting to leave its energies at the door? This can impact your relationship with your spouse and children. In this episode, i interview Cathy Weiss about energy management. Cathy Weiss is a naturally gifted intuitive, clairvoyant, and source energy channel. She guides women to align with their heart and soul-centered lives, providing high levels of clarity and direction on how to move forward. The result of her Intuitive Energy Readings is feeling aligned, emotionally lighter and more confident. Cathy also works with entrepreneurs and businesses to help them understand their energetic imprint on consumers, uncover energetic blocks as a whole and with individual employees, and help them access creative solutions from an energetic perspective to drive their brand forward or make a shift if needed. She holds a Master’s Degree in education, and is an experienced, certified yoga instructor. Teaching yoga to individuals and groups since 2006 and providing Intuitive Energy Reading & Guidance sessions since 2018, Cathy is passionate about meeting women (and men) like you where you’re at and empowering your wellness and soul-centered life. Web: www.cathy-weiss.com FB: https://www.facebook.com/LightworkerCathyWeiss/ IG: https://www.instagram.com/lightworker_cathy/ You Tube: bit.ly/youtubecathy to learn more about Guy Golan's coaching services go to marriedtobusy.com


1 Jul 2019

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Becoming a Badass in Business

How can a high achiever take it to the next level? Check out the latest episode of Married to Busy. In this episode Dr. Golan interviews Dana Pharant, speaker, author and all around badass performance coach.  To learn more about Dana: danapharant.com More from her website: Self-judgment is the single biggest reason women aren’t bolder in their lives and businesses. Most are not willing to take a chance, because they’re not willing to make the wrong choice. So they hesitate, and the bigger and bolder the choice is, the more risk there is of it being the wrong one. I was willing to lose everything, to surrender into the bankruptcy, so instead of desperately clinging onto something I was able to reach out for something different.  I made a commitment to myself that business was going to be fun and make me money or I wasn’t doing it. So I restructured the company and sold it. When you resist failing you don’t play full out, you don’t dive in and take the opportunities and risks that will propel your business forward. But when you surrender and let go, you lose that heavy, serious energy. Then laughter and playful energy shakes things up and you get back into who you are; you tap into your creative juices and that is the sweet spot for your business. If you’re creative and you’re lit up—boom! You’re gonna rock it!


13 May 2019

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