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Heavy Content is the podcast where I, your host Sam, watch everything with a fat person in it and tell you how damaging the representation will be to your well being. Coming at you every other Wednesday, sometimes solo and sometimes with a super special guest. Each 40min episode will feature a discussion about fat tropes in the media with some hard take examples. Oh yeah, don't forget to look out for our special segments featured each episode.

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Episode 6: SHE'S BACK!

Hello sweet and wonderful listeners. I AM BACK! After a like six month hiatus. I'm sorry, LIFE happened to me really hard.  But I'm BACK in a bit way coming LATE to the party to talk about Dumplin'.   Take a listen!  Follow me on twitter @heavypodcast, on insta @heavycontentcast on fb @heavypodcast  If you wanna get real personal, you can follow my personal sosh meeds, twitter @sammymarie and insta @2broke4bingo.  Don’t add me on facebook, it’s boring. REMEMBER!!!!! Follow, rate, and fall in love with Pop This! And here is the episode where I talk with Andrea and Lisa about Dumplin! NO ONE READS THESE  :) :) :) 

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26 Apr 2019

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