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Looking for an easy and intuitive approach to start, launch and scale a podcast, created especially with life coaches in mind? Kara Gott Warner, host and former craft publishing world influencer and magazine editor, turned life coach with a business mindset "edginess," shows you how to stop wasting time going down rabbit holes in search of the perfect process. Based on Kara's 8+ years of experience as a podcaster, teacher and podcast thought leader, she knows it's NOT about the equipment, the tools, tactics or editing. It's about creating your voice, and unfurling your beautiful peacock feathers while staying true to your unique vision. Through Kara's words of podcasting wisdom, you'll be inspired to speak your message with passion and purpose to conjure up your own special alchemy through the art of the spoken word. Watch Kara's Free Class - How to Podcast in 3 Simple Steps to Create a Wildly Successful Podcast https://www.karagottwarner.com/freeclass

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006 Patty Lyons Teaches You How to Be a Mindful Knitter

In this episode I'm joined by Patty Lyons, a nationally recognized knitting teacher and technique expert who is known for teaching the “why” not just the “how” in her pursuit of training the “mindful knitter”. She specializes in sweater design and sharing her love of the much-maligned subjects of gauge and blocking. Patty teaches nationally at guilds & knitting shows around the country such as Vogue Knitting LIVE, STITCHES, and the Knit and Crochet Show and her popular classes can also be found online at Interweave, Annie’s and Craftsy. To read the show notes: www. powerpurlspodcast.com/006-patty-lyons To listen to more episodes like this: www.powerpurlspodcast.com To subscribe on iTunes: itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/power-purls-podcast/id1043956186

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28 Sep 2015

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042 Power Purls Unplugged: Your Knitting Questions Answered with Kara & Tabetha!

We've gone a little crazy pants and broadcasted live on Facebook, and... turned it into this podcast episode! with Tabetha Hedrick, Design Director of Sweet Georgia Yarns. I thought it would be an interactive way to bring you another edition of Ask Kara & Tabetha Anything. We answer a listener question about pattern grading and how to create balance between life, work and finding time for our knitting. If you want to watch the original video broadcast, you can check it out, and you can also catch me live at 12pm EST Fridays, on Facebook.com/PowerPurlsPodcast. To watch past broadcasts, you can find them in the video library on the Power Purls Facebook page.   Episode highlights: How we are turning the video version of Unplugged into a podcast episode. When it comes to grading (sizing) patterns, is this the designer's or the publisher's job? Sizing standards for designers and hobby knitters: www.craftyarncouncil.org Does the publisher provide a tech editor for designers patterns? When to hire a tech editor to size your patterns. Kara and Tabetha debate this topic! Work/life balance is learning to "take turns" as Crochet! editor Ellen Gormley explains in episode 021  You can do everything you want, but just not at the same time. We're looking for a way to put everything in a neat box, but we live in an imperfect. If balance is a myth, what can we do what matters most in the moment. Learning to say no and practicing acceptance because we can't control the universe.


20 Aug 2016

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002 Ask Kara & Tabetha Anything: The Anatomy of a Design Proposal

In this first edition of Ask Kara & Tabetha Anything, Kara and Tabetha chit chat about the design proposal process and the key components that go into a professional knitting proposal. Kara and Tabetha also talk about the importance of a clear sketch, a swatch, the schematic and why it’s so important to articulate your vision clearly and they also answer one of the most daunting questions new designers often ask: I want to start designing, but I don’t understand how to grade my pattern? To read the full show notes: www.powerpurlspodcast.com/002-ask-kara-tabetha-anything To listen to more episodes like this: www.powerpurlspodcast.com To subscribe on iTunes: itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/power-purls-podcast/id1043956186


26 Sep 2015

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055 Meet the Ultimate Fiber Boss, Chelsea Fitch!

Chelsea Fitch was drawn to yarn as a child - the colors just sucked her in and mesmerized her from her youth. Fast forward years later, when Chelsea was living in Japan and she learned how to knit. She started with continental knitting and she could not get enough of it. She quickly consumed everything she could about knitting and learned all she could. Something told her to start making videos of her knitting and that was the catalyst for what has turned into Chelsea’s knitting empire. Although she’s only been knitting for 3 years, she’s taken action on her ideas along the way and she’s made herself and integral part of the knitting industry. She’s currently pouring all her efforts into KnitFitch.com and she also has courses available at FiberBoss.com. Chelsea's not done yet, because she also might revive her podcast as some point. I can’t wait for you to hear the story of her foray into the knitting world and I hope that it will inspire you to jump in and be a part of the knitting industry!  Learn how Chelsea learned to knit Why Chelsea turned down her dream job offer New baby, new hobby - continental knitting 3 years into knitting, she’s considered an expert Knitting, a great anti-depressant Falling in love with Ravelry The desire to be part of the industry, rather than just around the industry was overwhelming How being a “fly on the wall” helped birth her business idea See a need; fill the need The MCN formula  Chelsea’s biggest struggle in business Your logo isn’t as important as you think it is Just start. That’s the most important thing you can do for your business Test before you invest Knitting time is meditation time The role having an accountability partner has played in her success Chelsea’s Courses are available at the Fiber Boss Campus at fiberboss.com www.voxer.com Instagram @knitfitch FiberBoss.com


3 Feb 2017

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050 Marly Bird - Author, Spokesperson, Designer and YarnThing Podcaster

Marly Bird is bi-crafty - a knitter who also crochets! She has been podcasting about the craft since 2007! She is the national spokesperson for Red Heart Yarns and she’s the host of the YarnThing podcast. She’s an author and designer with a prominent YouTube channel as well! You can find her at craftsty.com and she has classes available at creativebug.com.  Marly had a respectable career in the financial services industry before her love of all things yarn took over her life and career. She was podcasting about it when everyone else was just blogging. She’s always been way ahead of her time, and she’s been able to create a knitting and crocheting empire that has been a resource to share her love of the craft in all forms of media. She’s got a special offer for Power Purls listeners today, so don’t miss out! How she started podcasting in 2007 - Ask Jeeves to the rescue! Her philosophy for sharing her guests with her audience and why she loves sharing the stories and connections How she found her stride when there wasn’t an established format for a podcast Is Craftsy killing the yarn store? She covered it in her early podcast. Bridging the gap between social media and the podcast with Facebook live! How a live show is different than a pre-recorded show Why she transitioned from a pre-recorded show to a live show The run down on having a live hosted podcast on Blog Talk Radio Return to the rustic and real - could it be a trend? Competing and cooperating in the world of yarn Having a business built on podcasting - it isn’t easy The juggling act of creating income from her knitting passion Life lessons from knitting and crochet Knitting bonds and lessons from Grandmothers - there could be some tears! Build your support system the Jim Rohn way Diversify your income in this industry. You can’t be just a designer! Resources: www.MarlyBird.com www.redheart.com/my-first-with-marly-bird www.blogtalkradio.com/yarnthing Marly has a special discount for a limited time, in her Ravelry Store. She's giving our listeners a free pattern for using the Code POWERPURLS at checkout. Make your purchases by midnight on Dec. 2! www.powerpurlspodcast.com/marly


25 Nov 2016

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111 The 3 Things that Keep You from Reaching Your Creative Goals

Today we're talking about the 3 "dream stealers" that keep us from carrying out our best-laid plans.  I also teach these in free time management workshop for the creative woman. Reserve your spot now by going to karagottwarner.com/tameyourtime   This will be a great workshop for you if you struggle with time management and you're not sure how to use a planner effectively. It will also help you with the mindset issues that keep you stuck in a cycle of confusion and overwhelm. Click here to sign up.    This episode dives into the "trifecta of dream stealers" that keep us stuck, and make us go right down the schedule shame path.   I also share a little bit tough love too because with my coaching clients, I see this scenario happen all too often: we get the fancy planner, hook up the googles and other calendars, and we don't develop a process to use any of them.    You'll learn how to plan the work and work the plan. Don't allow your goals to just be wishes. I'll show you how avoid these 3 saboteurs of planning success!


18 Feb 2020

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041 Power Purls Unplugged: Letting Go of the End Result with Your Knitting

Today I continue with this topic of knitting with a mindful intention on today's edition of Power Purls Unplugged on this #FreeformFriday! Do you struggle unless you see the end result? Is starting with the end in mind always the right way to start? Paying attention to what's happening moment by moment is what this episode explores today. and the idea of deciding in advance to "cultivate not knowing" the end can provide you with special surprises that you wouldn't find unless you let go. Not knowing the next step in both life and knitting can be a roller coaster ride of uncomfortable and exciting feelings, but so worth experiencing this as part of our life's journey.    Join me every Friday at 12pm EST on Facebook.com/PowerPurlsPodcast for my live broadcast. To watch past videos, you can find them in the video library on the Power Purls Facebook page.   Episode and video highlights: Forget the pattern, focus on the stitches and movement. Don't let skill levels defeat you. If you see something you love - then go for it. Don't let the comfort of knowing the end take over. Be a stitch adventurer! Do you think of frogging as torture or a learning experience? I'm often reminded in my life of the wise words of my late grandfather - "Try it you'll like it!" he was always right. How we often hold on to wanting our finished project to be a certain way, but what if that doesn't happen? Support Power Purls on Patreon! Check out the details here to learn how to become a patron of the show... there are some pretty sweet rewards for getting in on this ground-floor level!


9 Aug 2016

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039 Power Purls Unplugged: Mindful vs. Mindless Knitting. What Does This Mean?

Welcome to another edition of Power Purls Unplugged on this #FreeformFriday! In today's episode let's dig into the concept of mindful vs. mindless knitting and explore what this REALLY means to us as knitters? Join me every Friday at 12pm EST on Facebook.com/PowerPurlsPodcast for my live broadcast. To watch past videos, you can find them in the video library on the Power Purls Facebook page. Episode and video highlights: We're never really mindless when we are knitting, but rather fully and completely engaged. Looking at knitting as a freeform art form. Can you let go of "the pattern?" Does the thought of not having a road map for your knitting make your fearful of the unknown? "Mindless" knitting is in fact it's the most mindful way to knit. It puts us so viscerally close to the craft. How spontaneous knitting allows us to focus on the tactile feeling of the yarn gliding through our fingers, the sound of our needles clicking and marveling at the work that is made after knitting just a few rows. The most amazing -- we see something, that just a short time ago was not there. The magic of making something with our hands. What could be more amazing than that? Becoming a fearless knitter! Paint your world with your needles.


5 Aug 2016

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106 3 SURPRISING reasons you lack confidence in your knitting skills

Learn the 3 SURPRISING reasons why you lack confidence in your knitting skills (and these reasons are NOT what you might expect!) Just understanding these 3 things is exciting news because they can have a positive impact on your life if you apply them!


9 Oct 2019

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100 Interview with Stephanie Palmer, Creator of The Knitter's Planner

Welcome to the very first episode of 2019 where you will meet Stephanie Palmer, creator of The Quilter's Planner! Last year, Stephanie reached out to me to help her create The Knitter's Planner, and as an organization and planning fanatic, of course I was thrilled to collaborate with her on this exciting venture! In this interview, we dive into the details, and share what makes The Knitter's Planner unique, and why you'll want to get your hands on one if knitting and staying organized are on the top of your list! We are working hard to create a holistic approach to the planning process so you can connect the dots in your life and knitting, and customize the planner to suit your own creative personality. 


10 Apr 2019

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103 Cables & Flow with Alison Green

It’s more than designing for cables-queen Alison Green, Berroco’s Design Department Manager. Listen in as Alison takes us into the many roles her title brings, from managing over fifty patterns in a single season to learning how to simplify her approach. It's all about going with the flow.


22 May 2019

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108 You Are Worthy

Sometimes we keep striving, and doing because we think we are not enough. We are enough. We are DOING enough. We are worthy. When you believe you are worthy and enough, then you don't second guess yourself. You don't let yourself down. You put one foot in front of the other. You keep on truckin.'   Why you need a planning process ...   I live by my planner - it helps me to find my lead domino every day to help me move the needle forward in my life.    Without a planner, I would be a victim of my circumstances, and who needs that when you can CHOOSE your daily destiny!    Think of a planner as a self-care tool, not a wasteland of sticky notes, which is why I helped create a new all-in-one planner and knitter's notebook, called The Knitter's Planner.   For a limited time, get 10% OFF your planner: karagottwarner.com/knittersplanner and go from HOT mess to planning diva!


20 Nov 2019

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058 Tabetha Hedrick, Design Director of Sweet Georgia Yarns

In this episode, Kara chit chats with Tabetha Hedrick, Design Director of Sweet Georgia Yarns, and Contributing Editor of Creative Knitting Magazine. Tabetha is also Kara's sidekick in crime co-host of the Ask Kara & Tabetha Anything series. In this episode, we share details about the upcoming Stitchucation Shawls 5-Day Challenge and Workshop starting April 10, 2017, sponsored by Sweet Georgia Yarns. In the extended, patron only version, you're in for a treat because Tabetha closes the convo with the 5 top things to master when submitting designs to yarn companies and craft publishers. This is valuable advice that you can use in any of your professional endeavors. Check out the benefits of membership here.  Episode highlights Tabetha remembers her first ugly sweater project. Don't we all have one?  A random meeting at McDonald's sealed her destiny as a knitwear designer. How to go get what you want instead of waiting for opportunities to come to you.  Diversification is essential to thrive as a knitwear designer. What led Tabetha to landing her role as Design Director of Sweet Georgia Yarns. How becoming a go-to person makes you invaluable as a designer.  Grabbing the bull by the horns and luck led Tabetha to her role as Design Director of Sweet Georgia. Don't wait for things to land in your lap. Create what you're looking for.  The trials and tribulations of working remotely and what helps Tabetha stay organized. Tabetha, the queen of organization shares tips for staying on top of tasks and deadlines!   How to find out more about Tabetha: Sweet Georgia Yarns: SweetGeorgiaYarns.com  Mentioned in this episode: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert  Productivity apps: Asana and Evernote Inkwell Press Planners: Inkwellpress.com Stitcucation Shawls 5-Day Challenge. Sign up here! Challenge special: enter Stitch10 at checkout to get 10% off Sweet Georgia Yarns


17 Mar 2017

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091 Scrappy Ways to Blend Your Skills & Passion to Start a Yarn Crafting Business

This episode answers a question posed by listener Cynthia who asks: How can I learn more about those who use yarn crafts beyond selling patterns-- the networking, other income streams, teaching, etc. Kara answers with 10 ways to blend your skills and passion to start a business to serve those in the yarn crafting space. You can support Power Purls Podcast and receive subscriber-only content at http://www.Patreon.com/KaraGottWarner 


16 Aug 2018

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046 Brooke Nico, Knitwear Designer, Author and Co-Owner of Kirkwood Knittery

Brooke Nico is the co-owner of Kirkwood Knittery, where she uses her eye for detail and fashion experience to keep her store ahead of trends in knitting. However, lace is where Brooke has really made her mark, and her talent has been recognized by Vogue Knitting, Knitters, and Debbie Bliss magazine. She has taught lace classes at VKLive, VKLive LA, and several Stitches (XRX) events. Brooke lives in Kirkwood, MO. I think you have to keep the big picture in mind, so over the course of a year, I have a work/life balance. Today, I may feel guilty because I'm missing a soccer game. But next week I'll make the soccer game and have something else to do. I can't take each day as a snapshot. I have to look at the whole picture. Episode Highlights: 03:50 Brooke and Kara discuss how they met. 05:00 Kara digs into Brooke's extensive knitting background. 06:40 Brooke talks about purchasing Knitting for Dummies as her intro to knitting. 08:45 Kara asks if Brooke took to knitting right away or if she was frustrated at first. 09:30 Brooke says to "Pick something that you will love" as a project. 11:16 Why lace? Does Brooke find it similar to Cablework? 12:30 What advice Brooke gives to intimidated newbies. 15:10 Designing and authoring books vs. opening Kirkwood Knittery. 17:30 Brooke's work/life balance mindset. 19:20 How knitting "chose" Brooke. 22:00 What advice would Brooke give her future self? 24:47 Is Brooke afraid of losing her passion for knitting? 26:35 What's the best piece of advice she's ever been given? Resources: Brooke Nico designs at Ravelry  Kirkwood Knittery Kirkwood Knitter Twitter Brooke Nico on Twitter @bdnico Brooke Nico on facebook Knitting for Dummies


30 Sep 2016

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089 How to keep the passion for yarn crafting after you start a creative business

Learn why it could be a mistake to do all of your own sample making and why hiring the right team of test knitters and crocheters, sample makers and tech editors will help you keep the passion in your knitting and crochet so you can knit and Netflix after you start a creative business! You can support Power Purls Podcast and receive subscriber-only content at http://www.Patreon.com/KaraGottWarner Want to make knitted shawls YOUR way? Want to become a more intuitive knitter? There's a course for that!  In 5 video lessons we start with the basics, and walk through the steps to customize your own shawl, through a series of video instruction, templates, charts and stitch patterns to enhance your shawl-making know-how! In just 5 lessons, this course will teach you how to become a more intuitive shawl-maker and trust what's on your knitting needles to you walk away with the confidence that YOU CAN customize and create shawls your way! Learn more: https://bit.ly/2uy5Ezx 


18 Jul 2018

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054 Using Kickstarter to Validate Your Knitting Product with Mariah Clark of Laurie Laine Knitting Bags

Have you ever thought about creating a physical product? The task seems a bit overwhelming to most of us. Today’s guest took the overwhelming tasks of product creation to a whole new level. Not only did she hone in on her target customer, but she ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to validate her idea! Simply brilliant!  Today, we are talking with Mariah Clark. She’s been designing bags for more than 6 years and prior to that, she has spent more than 25 years working with yarn. She has a degree in Apparel Design from Virginia Tech and she even spent time in Paris, studying couture sewing! She is the owner of Stitch Amour, a brick and mortar yarn shop in Waynesboro, VA. Her new venture is Laurie Laine knitting bags. She’s here today to talk about the design process, the Kickstarter campaign and the popular Duo bag!  Listen to the episode as Kara and Mariah discuss: How Mariah went about getting feedback on her bags The development process behind the Duo bag from Laurie Laine The target market for her bag and why that was important What makes her bag different How she decided to use Kickstarted to test the validity of her bag Her best practices for running a successful Kickstarter campaign How she systematizes her processes to accomplish her goals Why knowing your customer is important You can pre-order the Duo bag at www.laurielaine.com. Facebook/laurielainebags Ravelry/laurielaine


20 Jan 2017

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007 The Logic of Cables and Re-imagining Knitwear Design with Norah Gaughan

In this episode, I'm chatting with Norah Gaughan who is perhaps best known for her book Knitting Nature and a nine year stint as Design Director at Berroco. Today, Norah works as an independent designer, with her current ventures including: being a member of the Brooklyn Tweed Design Team and designing a collection of pieces in collaboration with The Fibre Co. In my own knitting journey, I first stumbled across Norah in the book: Knitting in America. I so captivated by her story because it was at that time that I knew I wanted to embark on a career in the needle arts, and it's one of the earliest books I acquired on the subject of what it means to be a knitwear designer, and reading Norah's story set a fire inside of me, which is why I'm so honored to have Norah on Power Purls! To read the show notes: www.powerpurlspodcast.com/007-norah-gaughan/ To listen to more episodes like this: www.powerpurlspodcast.com To subscribe on iTunes: itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/power-purls-podcast/id1043956186


5 Oct 2015

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047 Dora Ohrenstein, Crochet Designer, Author and Crochet Insider

Dora Ohrenstein is a designer of fashion crochet, author of 6 books, and a writer specializing in crochet history and international traditions.  Dora’s designs appears in all the major print and digital crochet publications. Given her avid interest in advancing the skills of the crochet community, she includes lots of in-depth technical information in all of her books. She also teaches crochet at Vogue Knitting Live, on Craftsy, and in yarn shops across the country. Earlier in her life Dora was a well-known soprano who sang contemporary classical music, most notably as the solo voice of the Phillip Glass Ensemble, a position she held for 10 years.  Nowadays in addition to her design career, she is a singing teacher at Wagner College in Staten Island. Dora is a born and raised New Yorker. Being on the road as a musician gave Dora a love of travel, and today she engages in textile travel, which has brought her to many exotic locations, including the Balkans, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and the Ukraine.  The experience has deepened her understanding of how crochet and knitting fit into the larger world of textiles.  Episode Highlights: Failure is the best teacher and how that can help you learn crochet. Find out how each learning style easily lends itself to learning crochet. Crochet is easy enough to learn that you can learn complex patterns fairly quickly. So many lessons are learned from failure and Dora shares some of the ones she learned when she was new to crochet. At the end of the day, it’s just yarn! The best designers and crocheters rip. Find out why it’s helpful! Discipline cultivated in other creative endeavors can actually help hone your crochet skills. If you’re going to be interested in crochet, you better learn to love the process because the outcomes are not going to be fast! Have you ever heard crochet mentioned in a rap? Dora’s got a crochet rap for us! There are beautiful parallels between Dora’s vocal performance skills and her carefully honed crochet skills, both creatively and mathematically. Who knew? There’s something artistic and free about designing your own patterns. The beauty of embracing those “magical mistakes” on the hook. Learn why Dora finds her magic in the swatching. Find out what caused Dora to pick the hook back up after years of not crocheting. Dora has a “once in a lifetime” meeting (with crochet royalty) that ushers her right into the crochet “big leagues”. Dora shares some really great insights into both the knitting and the crocheting industry, and also shares some of her wishes and hopes for the industry. Dora talks about her new book, Top Down Crochet Sweaters, which has just been released. She’s also got a special giveaway for Power Purls listeners! Dora also has patterns for plus sizes too and she has some tips for the right fit. She knows that people aren’t standardized, so patterns can’t be standardized either!  Don't miss an opportunity to win a copy of Dora's new book, Top Down Crochet Sweaters at www.powerpurlspodcast.com/dora.


14 Oct 2016

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107 Farm to Fabric: Staying local with Mary Jeanne Packer of Battenkill Fibers

Mary Jeanne Packer joins Kara Gott Warner to share a fascinating look inside the life and values of her business, Battenkill Fibers Carding and Spinning Mill. With authentic connection at her core, Mary Jeanne walks us through the depth and breadth of that farm-to-fabric connection, from vision to craft to sustainability.


16 Oct 2019

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