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The weave podcast, a project of Gist Yarn, brings together a community of fiber artists and people who love weaving, farmers and mill owners, textile artists and loom manufacturers, to tell the stories of the threads that bind us together.

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65: Doubleweaving with Jennifer Moore

Jennifer Moore is an experienced weaver, teacher, and author, specializing in all things doubleweave. Show Notes: www.gistyarn.com/episode-65


27 May 2019

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2: Omar Chavez

Natural Dyeing and Tapestry Weaving with Omar Chavez. Omar is a master weaver and natural dyer from Teotitlan Del Valle, in Oaxaca, Mexico. I met Omar last May when I was lucky to get to spend a week learning tapestry weaving from Omar and his parents Fe and Lola in their studio in Teotitlan. I was so inspired by the stunning creativity and the sheer amount of planning and hard work that goes into creating each of their tapestries.


5 Feb 2018

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79: British Sheep Conservation and Ancestral Weaving with Margaret Russell

This week on the podcast, Sarah is talking to Margaret Russell, a weaver of almost 40 years, about her Preservation Wraps project, which supports the conservation of watchlisted breeds of British Sheep.Show Notes: www.gistyarn.com/episode-79


16 Sep 2019

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63: A New Perspective on Weaving with Deb Brandon

Deb Brandon is a textile artist, writer, math professor, and brain injury survivor. She is also a board member of WARP Weave a Real Peace, and most recently is the author of Threads Around the World, a collection of essays and photographs sharing textile traditions from communities around the world. Show Notes: www.gistyarn.com/episode-63


13 May 2019

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93: Commercial Scale Local Wool Carding and Spinning with Mary Jeanne Packer of Battenkill Fibers

This week on the podcast I'm speaking with Mary Jeanne Packer owner of Battenkill Fibers in Greenwich, New York. Battenkill Fibers is the last standing wool fiber mill in New York offering commercial-scale carding and spinning for fiber farms and manufactures of yarn and fiber products. Mary Jean Packer is involved in a number of farm to fabric initiatives including the Hudson Valley Textile Project. She advocates for locally sourced and sustainability processed fibers and I am excited to share our conversation! Show notes: www.gistyarn.com/episode-93


23 Dec 2019

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23: Rigid Heddle Weaving with Liz Gipson of Yarnworker

Liz Gipson is the founder of Yarnworker, a fantastic resource and teaching community for rigid heddle weavers. Show Notes: www.gistyarn.com/episode-23


16 Jul 2018

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3: Tien Chiu

Weaving Color and Complex Patterns with Tien Chiu. Tien Chiu is an award-winning textile artist and writer who lives and works in the Bay Area. Her weaving has appeared on the cover of Handwoven Magazine, her handwoven wedding dress was part of an exhibit at the American Textile History Museum, and she writes regularly for weaving journals. She is also President of the Board at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles.


5 Feb 2018

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55: Weaving on Small Looms with Amy McKnight

Amy McKnight is a North Carolina-based fiber artist and weaver specializing in working on small looms. Show Notes: www.gistyarn.com/episode-55


18 Mar 2019

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57: Spinning for Weaving with Jillian Moreno

Jillian Moreno is a spinner, knitter, weaver and the author of the book Yarnitecture, all about spinning exactly the yarn you want. Show Notes: www.gistyarn.com/episode-57


1 Apr 2019

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85: Community Based Rigid Heddle Weaving with Amy McKnight

This week on the podcast Sarah is talking to Amy McKnight. Amy is a North Carolina based fiber artist and weaver, and she and I first talked for episode 55 of the podcast. When Sarah found out about Amy’s most recent project traveling around her county to teach weaving and create a public community art project about the threads that bind her community together, She knew she wanted to have her on the podcast again to talk about this process. Show Notes: www.gistyarn.com/episode-85


28 Oct 2019

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102: Tapestry Weaving in Quebec with Thoma Ewen

Hi everyone, Sarah here, back at it hosting an episode of the Weave Podcast. These are hard and unsettling times we are living in now, and I hope that this podcast is providing some comfort and peacefulness for you. This week on the podcast, I’m talking to Thoma Ewen. Thoma is a tapestry weaver in Quebec, Canada whose work focuses on a lifelong love of the natural environment. She is also the founder of Moon Rain, a center for tapestry weaving and teaching, and a place for creative retreat and renewal. Show notes: www.gistyarn.com/episode-102


30 Mar 2020

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51 Re-Upload: Learn to rest, not to quit with SHENEQUA

Welcome to another wonderful year of the Weave Podcast! I hope you all enjoyed your holiday season and brought in the new year with peace, and prosperity. This week on the podcast cast we are re-sharing an episode from last year that I believe will help us bring in the new year on a positive note. This week on the podcast Sarah is talking with Caribbean textile interdisciplinary artist and weaver SHENEQUA. She received her Masters of Design in Fashion, Body, & Garment at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She has exhibited her work in numerous galleries and was a featured artist for Ties that Bind in American Craft Magazine.Show notes: www.gistyarn.com/episode-51


6 Jan 2020

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94: An Exploration of the Vanishing American Wool Industry with Clara Parkes

This week on the podcast I'm speaking with writer, speaker and wool advocate Clara Parkes. Clara is known for her beloved “Knitters Review” as well as for her New York Times Best Seller “Knitlandia: A Knitter Sees the World.” In our conversation, we talk about her most recent publication “Vanishing Fleece: Adventures in American Wool.” A tale of her year-long exploration traveling to farms and mills across America in order to transform a 676-pound bale of fleece into commercial yarn.Show notes: www.gistyarn.com/episode-94


14 Jan 2020

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89: Weaving And Foraging For Natural Dye in Detroit with Kayla Powers

This week on the podcast I am speaking with Kayla Powers of Salt Textile Studios. Kayla crafts one-of-a-kind, handwoven textiles for home and lifestyle with the belief that goods can be both beautiful and ethical. Her textiles are woven with local fiber, dyed with natural materials and are made to last. Kayla works on the East side of Detroit, Michigan and draws inspiration from the people and the history of the city. In our conversation, we talk about what it’s like to use an urban landscape to forage for dyes and how she is navigating the changing landscape of the city as an artist.Show notes: www.gistyarn.com/episode-89


25 Nov 2019

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23: Rigid Heddle Weaving with Liz Gispon of Yarn Worker

A favorite from the Weave podcast archive - rigid heddle weaving with Liz Gipson! Show Notes: www.gistyarn.com/episode-23


31 Dec 2018

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38: Textile Journeys with Sarah Resnick

I (Sarah) am behind the mic this week, talking about how I became a weaver, and what inspired me to create the this little weaving yarn shop and start this podcast. Show Notes: www.gistyarn.com/episode-38


30 Oct 2018

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69: Sweet Georgia Yarns with Felicia Lo Wong

Felicia Lo Wong is a designer and entrepreneur from Vancouver, Canada who started her company Sweet Georgia Yarns in 2005. Sweet Georgia Yarns is a hand-dyed yarn company that makes stunning gorgeous and deeply saturated colors of yarn and fiber for knitters, spinners, and weavers. Show Notes: www.gistyarn.com/episode-69


8 Jul 2019

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33: Natural Dyes with Kathy Hattori of Botanical Colors

Kathy Hattori is the founder of Botanical Colors, which supplies artisans and the textile industry with beautiful, high quality natural dyes. Show Notes: www.gistyarn.com/episode-33


24 Sep 2018

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52: Cultivating Naturally Colored Cotton with Sally Fox

Sally Fox is an organic bio-dynamic farmer located in the Capay Valley of Northern California. In addition to her climate beneficial wool Sally Fox has made a huge contribution to the genetics of cultivating and bringing naturally colored cotton to the market. Show Notes: www.gistyarn.com/episode-52

1hr 10mins

25 Feb 2019

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36: Online Weaving Guild with Jane Stafford

Jane Stafford is a Canadian weaver, a much beloved weaving teacher, and the host of the JST Online Weaving Guild. Show Notes: www.gistyarn.com/epsiode-36


15 Oct 2018

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