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Episode 308: Burning Motivation for to Slim Down, Pt II

On this week’s episode, we learn how to create your very own towards motivation – motivation that will keep you going all the way to slim and beyond. Plus, there’s a little trick to creating a powerfully motivating image that can make all the difference. Get it wrong, and you can actually drain your motivation. Get it right, and you’ll be living the slim and healthy lifestyle as early as today and as long as you want. Download Run time: 23:49


20 Sep 2015

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Episode 309: Freedom from the Devil that Makes You Do it

Ever feel like there’s a little devil on your shoulder constantly tempting you to do what you know you shouldn’t? If only you could banish that devil and purge yourself of your weak and evil cravings, you would be slim, rich and wrinkle-free. But you can’t. No matter how hard you try, that darn devil comes back. Maybe it’s time for a different approach. On this week’s episode, we explore getting to know the devil. Why is he here? What is he trying to get for you? What if that devil get up is actually a costume and underneath lurks a heart of gold? What if he’s really doing his darndest to bring your peace and pleasure. What would that be like? Download Run time: 24:28


27 Sep 2015

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Episode 310: Secrets to Enjoyably Losing Weight While you Travel

What happens to your weight when you travel? Do you typically bring back an unwanted souvenir around your midsection? It’s actually possible to lose weight while you travel and still enjoy yourself. On this week’s episode of Inside Out Weight Loss, we begin a series of real-world tips and strategies that you can use to get slimmer on your next trip. This week, learn a simple question you can ask yourself before a meal that will set you up for success the whole day long. Download Run time: 24:00


4 Oct 2015

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Episode 315: Cancer Update, an Embarrassing Lesson on Intimacy, and Goodbye

On this final podcast episode, Renée updates listeners on her husband’s health after his tonsil cancer diagnosis, gives her parting wisdom on lasting weight loss,  and shares a humbling lesson she learned about intimacy. Download Run time: 27:01


24 Feb 2017

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Episode 314: My Husband’s Cancer: Personal Message From Renee

I’m sorry you haven’t heard from me in a few weeks, and I wanted to let you know why. My husband was diagnosed with tonsil cancer shortly after I recorded episode 313. The diagnosis came as an utter shock, given my husband has always led a healthy lifestyle and had no known risk factors (we now know the cancer was caused by the HPV virus). My world has since been turned upside down, and the path I thought I was on has evaporated before me. I have recorded a special podcast episode to explain how I’m feeling and to share some of the gifts I have already found from this diagnosis. Download Run time: 16:24 Transcript


15 Nov 2015

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