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We put this show on to inspire you and help you breakthrough to the life that you want to live through the power of real estate investing.

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Episode #166 - Short Term Rental Strategies with Spencer Giles and Ashley Antidormi

Here’s What You’ll Learn in our Interview with Spencer Giles and Ashley Antidormi How Spencer pulled all of his money out of his FIRST investment to expand his portfolio! How have Spencer and Ashley been able to stand out amongst the flooded market of competition? The most important part about setting up a successful AirBNB How did Spencer and Ashley break through ALL barriers of entry, and always think bigger?  "Spencer and Ashley are Niagara based real estate investors with a shared love of travel, fitness, and dogs. They started investing in 2018 and have since expanded their portfolio to 19 units with a mix of short- term and long-term rentals. They also co-founded Travelluxe Property Management, a short-term rental management company, which has grown to become one of the most popular short-term rental property management companies in the Niagara area. Their goal is to both become time and financially independent using real estate as their main vehicle so that they are able to continue travelling the world."Get In Touch With Spencer and AshleyInstagram: @SpencerandashleyPhone: 289-273-3822Website: www.travelluxepropertymanagement.com


1 Jul 2022

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Episode #165 - Breaking Away From the 9 to 5 with Cole Hutchinson

Here’s What You’ll Learn in our Interview with Cole Hutchinson How did Cole get started in Real Estate? Educational pathways for those starting their REI journey Working around the "Too Young" challenge The importance of a strong mentality and finding your passion "I grew up playing hockey, moved around lots. Ended up playing in Ottawa,  the East coast, and finished playing in a minor pro league in the United States. Started my electrical apprenticeship when I got back, worked non stop for 4 years. I started investing in real estate at the age of 21/ 22. First deal was a legal duplex conversion in Uxbridge. Did more flips and brrrrs after that." Get In Touch With Cole Phone: 416-459-0423 Email: hutchinson.contracting@outlook.com Website: www.hutchinsonrealestateinvesting.com Youtube: www.youtube.com/channel/UC1ww7PYM8PG3E5qHTen6xXg


15 Jun 2022

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Episode #164 - Growing Your Portfolio Without Partners or Property Managers with Michelle Gauthier

Here’s What You’ll Learn in our Interview with Michelle Gauthier Selecting the correct properties for your portfolio Rent-To-Own and Apartment Building Investing Working WITHOUT partners, how to get this done  "Michelle, together with her husband Mike started in real estate over 10 years ago, as they realized they made more money in the appreciation of their home, than any stock or mutual fund they had invested in.  Investors in multifamily in Southwestern Ontario, they are always looking for new projects to grow their portfolio."Get In Touch With MichelleEmail: Michelle@greenridgeproperties.com


1 Jun 2022

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Episode #163 - Commercial Real Estate Investment Strategies with Jesse Fragale

Here’s What You’ll Learn in our Interview with Jesse Fragale Capitalizing on student rental opportunity How COVID has changed investing in population centers like Toronto. Learning, refining, and expanding on strategies that WORK and more! "I started investing in student rental properties a little over ten years ago. As my passion for investing grew, I began investing in single-family homes and condos. Following this, I transitioned to investing in multi-family apartments and that is my focus today. Through my YouTube Channel, Podcast and Bigger Pockets Contributions, I hope to provide you with simple and straightforward real estate advice and education no matter what investing experience you have. I can’t wait to share my personal experiences and lessons (often learned the hard way) with you all." Get In Touch With Jesse Instagram: @jessefragale Email: jesse.fragale@avisonyoung.com Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/jessefragale


16 May 2022

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Episode #162 - Realtor to Wholesaler: The Journey to $500k in 5 Months with Jon Pye

Here’s What You’ll Learn in our Interview with Jon Pye Transitioning to Wholesaling at 23. What does Jon attribute to his success? His preferences in property selection  "Jon is a 24-year-old wholesaler & real estate investor and has been in real estate since 2016, getting fully licensed as a realtor in 2017, and worked full time as a real estate agent generating an average of $3-5M in sales per year until he transitioned to wholesaling in September of 2021 which he’s done roughly $500k in revenue in about 5 months as a wholesaler. "Get In Touch With JonPhone: (613) 205-2530Email: jon@fastontariohomebuyer.caInstagram: Jpye_Website: fastontariohomebuyer.ca


2 May 2022

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Episode #161 - Becoming Well Off with Georges El-Masri

Here’s What You’ll Learn in our Interview with Georges El-Masri Getting over the hurdle of getting started. Leveraging a realtor background to grow your portfolio Understanding a work-life balance with full-time investing. Providing value to the marketplace  "After graduating from the University of Toronto in 2012, I picked up a full-time office job with a tech company. I quickly realized how miserable I was. After a really LONG period of reflection, I realized I'd be much happier in real estate. I thought to myself, "what can I do every day for the next 10 years and wake up feeling happy?". The answer was clear. I got my realtor's license knowing that one day I would become a real estate investor.After completing the "BRRR" strategy for the first time in 2017, I was hooked. Since then, I've been obsessed with the idea of building wealth and helping others do the same. My mission is to help you and your family become well off! If you're feeling stuck or unsure, I encourage you to reach out to me. We've all been there and a little advice can go a long way! "Get In Touch With GeorgesInstagram: welloffxEmail: georges@welloff.ca


15 Apr 2022

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Episode #160 - Developing Powerful Beliefs and Mindset to Build a Successful Real Estate Portfolio with Cassandra Miles

Here’s What You’ll Learn in our Interview with Cassandra Miles The importance of having your "why" How important are your mindset and beliefs to real estate success Developing a circle of like-minded people. How to take advantage of opportunities when they come to you. Avoiding fearful thoughts of diversifying and new experiences. Cassandra Miles is an accountant, living part-time in the Kawarthas in Ontario. She has owned and operated her own accounting firm for 25 years. Cassandra has always had a passion for Real Estate and in 2011 she decided she was going to start buying apartment buildings. 10 years later she is happy to say that her two sons, as well as her two daughters-in-law, have now joined her in this journey. Cassandra and her family have developed a very diversified portfolio, everything from larger multi-family, smaller multi-family, single-family, vacation properties, Airbnb, vacant land for development, international vacation properties, international agriculture, including a 1000 tree Organic Avocado plantation in the jungle of Costa Rica.   Get In Touch With Cassandra Email: milestogo90@gmail.com  


1 Apr 2022

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Episode #159 - Financing Real Estate Deals with ONLY $20k down with Jesse Bobrowski

Here’s What You’ll Learn in our Interview with Jesse Bobrowski How to analyze a flip deal Making a sound budget for flip and BRRR projects Everything about MIC's (Mortgage Investment Corp) How businesses like Calvert help investors fund projects Jesse Bobrowski is the Vice-President at Calvert Home Mortgage Investment Corp. Jesse began his REI adventure about 14 years ago after graduating from university and moving to Alberta from Ontario. He met a husband and wife team of private lenders and ended up working with them just as the sub-prime crisis happened. He then learned the ropes and what not to do. Now at Calvert, he focuses on creating solutions for flippers with amazing programs in Ontario and Alberta. Calvert is in essence a private fund where investors buy shares and earn money through the interest and fees that Calvert obtains through its mortgages.   Calvert Home Mortgage offers in-house valuations, low money down, and fast turnaround. Get In Touch With Jesse Instagram: Calvert Home Mortgage Website: chmic.ca

1hr 1min

15 Mar 2022

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Episode #158 - Becoming your Own Banker with Jayson Lowe

Here’s What You’ll Learn in our Interview with Jayson Lowe and Peter Lount: Acting fast, and making things happen in Real Estate Mindset shifts for entrepreneurs in Canada How to "become your own banker" The importance of understanding interest rates Jayson Lowe is the Chairman of the Lowe Family Group of Companies and a renowned speaker on leadership, entrepreneurship, and the process of Becoming Your Own Banker, The Infinite Banking Concept. Jayson's been featured on numerous podcasts and radio networks across North America sharing his inspiring entrepreneurial journey and proven leadership insights. He is a published author, sought-after coach, and engaging speaker, appearing on countless stages. When he’s not building the Lowe Family Group of Companies, Jayson spends quality time with his family and dear friends. Get In Touch With Jayson Email: Jayson.lowe@ascendantfinancial.ca Phone: 780-809-4599


1 Mar 2022

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Episode #157: Finding Discount Properties with Paul Punnoose

How Paul got started into Real Estate Investing Where can people find discounted properties, and how to finance them Priceless tips for wholesaling and flips. The importance of making consistent progress And more! Paul Punnoose is a father, husband, world traveller, educator, real estate investor, and coach. He realized the power of real estate when he and his wife travelled the world for 14 months and discovered that they made 20K and covered the cost of their trip through the appreciation of just one of his rental properties.  Having completed duplex conversions, flips, wholesales and wholetails, he has decided to focus on growing his rental portfolio, working on more wholesale/flip projects, and spending more time with his son. He is looking to connect with as many like-minded real estate investors as possible this year. Get In Touch With Paul Punnoose Email: paulpunnoose84@gmail.com Follow Paul on Instagram

1hr 4mins

17 Feb 2022

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