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Conversations about real life young adult stuff and what the Bible says about it. In this podcast, we share our view from The Porch - a weekly gathering of thousands of young adults in Dallas, Texas. We take questions, concerns, and challenges common for our generation and talk about how to overcome them (or at least say “us too”). For more information about The Porch visit www.theporch.live.

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Why Can't I Stop Sinning?

As Christians, shouldn't we have our sin under control? Is it possible to stop sinning or going back to the same sin over and over? In this episode, we discuss why sin is a part of the Christian life and how to know if you're struggling with sin well.

24 Feb 2020

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Dealing with Social Distancing

With the nationwide call to practice “social distancing,” everyday life suddenly looks different. A lot of us have more time on our hands than we're used to. The question is: how will you spend it? You can choose to binge-watch your fave Netflix show and scroll through social media, or re-purpose your time wisely. In this episode, we discuss what you can do to make the most of social distancing.

16 Mar 2020

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Instagram Theology: "I have had sex, and Jesus still loves me."

If you've been on the internet lately, you've probably seen that sex and how Jesus views it has been a topic of conversation on the show “The Bachelorette.” "I love Jesus with my whole heart, regardless of what my life looks like" is a common outlook on what it means to be a Christian, but is it accurate?

22 Jul 2019

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Live Q&A: Rated R for Romance "Unfiltered"

This podcast is a recording of a live Q&A after The Porch in the message series, "Rated R for Romance". In this episode, we answer some unfiltered questions we received on social media regarding, dating, sex, relationships, and how they intersect with God's Word. Disclaimer: this podcast lives up to its title.

7 Oct 2019

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How to Win the Battle in Your Mind

What you think shapes your reality. When it comes to your thoughts, the struggle is real. How do you overcome negative or anxiety provoking thoughts and feelings? In this podcast, we talk about ways to win the battle in your mind.

18 Nov 2019

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Dating: First Date Don’ts

We can't go on the first date with you, but this podcast is our best attempt to help make sure you land the second one. Keep in mind these are general principles we've found helpful (some through learning the hard way), and not black and white biblical commands. Listen in as we discuss what not to do on the first date.

4 Mar 2019

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Christian Cliches: Being Pursued

Christian dating can be complicated, even down to the lingo. In this episode we talk through what it means to "pursue someone" or "be pursued" and how to be intentional without being intense.

20 May 2019

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Jesus is King, Kanye, and Celebrity Conversions

What should Christians think about Kanye's declaration of faith? Is it legit? In this podcast, we share our views on the album Jesus is King, celebrity conversions to Christianity, and how The Bible suggests we should respond.

4 Nov 2019

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Dating: How Far Is Too Far?

When it comes to boundaries in dating, how far is too far? If dating isn't in the Bible, how are we supposed to know what's biblical and what's legalistic? In this week's podcast, we talk about some practical ways to think through it and what the Bible has to say about it... which may be more than you think.

25 Nov 2019

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3 New Year's Resolutions You Should Make

Some people love making new year's resolutions, and others think they are pointless. In this podcast, we take a hard stance and talk about 3 resolutions you should make going into 2020.

30 Dec 2019

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Why Am I Anxious?

Often when we are anxious, it's hard to pinpoint exactly why. Anxiety can be complex, but how can we take steps towards identifying the root of our anxiety? In this podcast, we discuss practical tactics and biblical verses on how to start fighting back.

2 Dec 2019

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Dating: Physical Attraction

When choosing a spouse, how important is physical attraction? Should you date someone you're not attracted to because they are really godly and that's what matters most? We talk about attraction and how much it matters in this episode.

30 Sep 2019

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Dating: Living Together

In the culture we live in today, part of the natural progression in a dating relationship is to move in together before getting married. In this podcast, we talk about what God's Word says and doesn't say about living together before marriage.

29 Apr 2019

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How to Avoid Burnout

Millennials have been called the burnout generation. We have to-do lists that never end, a side-hustle to our daily hustle, and we're desperate for self-care. In this podcast we cover how to not fall into the stereotype and truly rest.

18 Mar 2019

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Charismatic or Crazy?

Charismatic Christianity... is it crazy or the real deal? In this episode we discuss views on the Charasmatic Christianity movement and the dangers that come along with it.

10 Jun 2019

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Dating: Rules of Engagement

If you're dating someone, you may be wondering when you should get engaged. Although the Bible doesn't speak directly to this topic, we can find wisdom from biblical principles. In this podcast, we discuss our views on engagement.

17 Jun 2019

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Christian Cliches: Modest Is Hottest

Does anyone actually believe the saying "modest is hottest"? Whether you're buying it or not, on this podcast we talk about if the saying is actually true or if it's just one of those things Christians say.

11 Mar 2019

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Fitness and Your Faith

Loving your summer bod? Wishing you had one? In this episode we talk about faith and fitness and how they intersect.

12 Aug 2019

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All The Feels

Feelings are real, and sometimes they're reliable. In this podcast, we talk about sorting through your feelings and how to look at them in a biblical way.

16 Sep 2019

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Why Bad Things Happen

If God is good, then why do bad things happen? In this podcast, we talk about the problem of evil and how we can reconcile the fact that bad things happen to good people.

6 May 2019

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