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An entertaining blend of professional insights and inspiring stories that cover all aspects of trading, investing, entrepreneurship, and personal development. Join Akil Stokes, a professional trader, entrepreneur, and globally respected trading coach as he delivers new episodes each week.

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BONUS - How To Develop Your Trading Business

A look at how you can take the skill of trading & start developing a business around it.Your Trading Coach  - Akilwww.TierOneTrading.com


3 May 2019

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097 - How To Change Your Trade State

Your trading state of mind is often the differentiating factor between becoming a consistently profitable trader or remaining a boom or buster. Today's podcast lends a tip on how the click on a single button can go a long way in changing your trading mindset. Please leave me a review & remember to SHARE this podcast on social media.Your Trading Coach Akil


24 Oct 2018

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106 - How To Fund Your First Account

A look at how to become more financially responsible & use that skill (along with hard work of course) to fund your first trading account. If you like what you heard please give this podcast a share on both Instagram, twitter & facebook. Your Trading Coach - Akil


16 Nov 2018

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128 - What I've Learned From Developing Trading Strategies

The most valuable lessons that I've learned during my experiences of developing trading strategies. If you're new please take on the 10 episode challenge & check out AT LEAST 10 previous episodes of the podcast and let me know what you think!Your Trading Coach - Akil


7 Jan 2019

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141 - What Are "Normal" Trading Results

Is there such a thing as "normal" trading results? Here's what I think about that question.Please remember to leave this podcast a rating/review.Thank you Your Trading Coach - Akil


6 Feb 2019

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023 - The Most Painful Part of Trading

The most painful part of trading by far is "the Drawdown" This episode explains what exactly that means and lends some advice on how to overcome it. Please remember to rate & review the show along with sharing on social media. If you can continue to spread the word each and every time we'll continue to impact more and more struggling traders! Your Trading Coach, Akil


4 May 2018

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016 - 5 Steps to Success

In today's podcast walks you through the 5 Daily Steps that are needed to become successful at anything. The original article was written by Obianuju Helen Okoye and would be found here. https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/311073If you enjoyed this episode, there are 3 things that you can do to let me know. 1) Subscribe if you are new! 2) Share it on social media & 3) Leave me a rating or a review. Thank you!Your Trading Coach - Akil


18 Apr 2018

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148 - How I've Grown As A trader

A discussion on how I've grown over the years as a trader & what has changed with me personally as well as professionally.Please take a second to SHARE this episode along with leaving me a rating or review.Thank you SO MUCH!Your Trading Coach - Akil


21 Feb 2019

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129 - Understand Your Self To Understand Your Trading

We all know that psychological mistakes are what cause most traders to lose. Today's episode takes a look at understanding why we're making these types of mistakes.Please do me a favor & leave The Trading Coach Podcast a rating & review. it's a MASSIVE help in me growing the show. Thank you in advance!Your Trading Coach - Akil


9 Jan 2019

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310 - Making Time For Trading Around A Busy Schedule

A common excuse I hear from struggling traders is "I just don't have the time." Yes, our time is limited, but if you want something bad enough you'll find a way to make time for it. This interview with a trader on our platform shares how he's created time to learn how to trade along with some other tactics he's used to take steps towards becoming a consistently profitable trader.Also for more free trading tips make sure you check us out at https://tieronetrading.com/free/Your Trading Coach - Akil


12 Mar 2020

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315 - Expert Advice From An Up & Coming Trader

An awesome video with an up and coming trader sharing advice on the importance of fitting trading around your life & mastering the basics before moving forward. Ascension Webinar Sign Up - www.TierOneTrading.comPlease remember to rate & review this podcast on iTunes & don't forget to join our new TCP Facebook Group for more discussion on this topic. - https://www.facebook.com/groups/tradingcoachpodcast/Your Trading Coach - Akil


24 Mar 2020

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043 - Experienced Traders Follow This One Rule

A great lesson from a few traders who came to me struggling & are now seeing success due to following a single rule.Don't forget to leave a review if you like the show! 5 Stars please! Your Trading Coach - Akil


20 Jun 2018

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048 - The Waiting Game

Many traders get involved in the markets because they want to chase the rush very similar to what a gambler chases. The truth is that trading is boring, really boring. However, all it takes is a few good trades for you to realize that boring can also mean very profitable.Your Trading Coach - Akil


2 Jul 2018

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088 - Success Doesn't Come From Being Comfortable

It's not WHAT you're doing but HOW you're doing it. Today's discussion takes a look at the difference between simply going through the motions & really getting after it.Love the love gang! Keep it up & remember to rate & review this show on your favorite podcasting app!Your Trading Coach - Akil


3 Oct 2018

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123 - My Thoughts On How To Place Stops

My opinion on the proper way to place stop/loss orders when trading.If you're new to the show, make sure you take the 10 episode challenge & see all that the TCP has to offer! Your Trading Coach - Akil


26 Dec 2018

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292 - How To Choose A Trading Strategy

Tips on what you need to take into account when choosing which trading strategy you want to pursue. Please remember to rate & review this podcast on iTunes & don't forget to join our new TCP Facebook Group for more discussion on this topic. - https://www.facebook.com/groups/tradingcoachpodcast/Also for more free trading tips make sure you check us out at https://tieronetrading.com/free/Your Trading Coach - Akil


31 Jan 2020

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013 - The 3,000% ROI

A walkthrough of how you can achieve MASSIVE returns without the same risk that many "get rich quick" traders take on.Please remember to SUBSCRIBE, SHARE & Leve me a REVIEW!Thank you!!Your Trading Coach -- Akil


11 Apr 2018

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077 - I Just Want To Beat The Banks

This trader first got involved in the market in order to gain more knowledge about her personal investments. 18 months later & now she's on track to completely control them and outperform the banks.I hope you guys have a great weekend. Feel free to binge listen to the podcast & share your favorite episodes with a friend.Your Trading Coach - Akil


7 Sep 2018

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084 - Success Requires Sacrifice

Being successful requires a lot of sacrifices in many different aspects of your life. Today's podcast takes a look at some of what I've given up in order to pursue my dreams.Thanks for allowing the podcast to reach a brand new high watermark in weekly downloads. Please keep up the support!Your Trading Coach - Akil


24 Sep 2018

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266 - The Misconceptions About Technical Analysis

Clearing up some of the false assumptions that are made about technical analysis from those who either don't use it or have been misinformed about what it actually means to be a technical trader.Please remember to rate & review this podcast on iTunes & don't forget to join our new TCP Facebook Group for more discussion on this topic. - https://www.facebook.com/groups/tradingcoachpodcast/Your Trading Coach - Akil


1 Dec 2019

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