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Top Level Podcast is a weekly podcast by Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour Hall of Famer and Pro Tour Champion Patrick Chapin with Michael J Flores. Top Level Podcast focuses on competitive, Constructed, tournament Magic: The Gathering strategy, tactics, deck lists, and mindset. We appear weekly on http://www.toplevelpodcast.com

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It's the Pioneer Decklists Podcast!

What is Pioneer? Magic was born in 1993. Modern is a format from 2003 on... Now Pioneer is a format from 2013 on. It's Magic minus the first two decades...

1hr 6mins

1 Nov 2019

Rank #1

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There's Lots to Love with Thassa, Deep-Dwelling

Thassa, Deep-Dwelling is a neat centerpiece from Theros Beyond Death. What are some of the great combos and synergies you an exploit alongside this God?

1hr 32mins

10 Jan 2020

Rank #2

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Three More Cards Join the Pioneer Ban List

Three more cards hit the Pioneer ban list: Long live Pioneer! Patrick + Michael explore losing Smuggler's Copter, Once Upon a Time & Field of the Dead


7 Dec 2019

Rank #3

Podcast cover

How to Think About Klothys, God of Destiny

Find out why Magic: The Gathering Hall of Famer Patrick Chapin says Klothys, God of Destiny from Theros Beyond Death is a five-star card!

1hr 1min

27 Dec 2019

Rank #4

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Oko, Thief of Crowns is Finally Banned in Standard

Oko, Thief of Crowns was banned in Standard this week, alongside Once Upon a Time and Veil of Summer. You know this. But where to next? Find out here!

1hr 8mins

22 Nov 2019

Rank #5

Podcast cover

First Look at Theros Beyond Death

Theros Beyond Death previews are upon us! How great is Escape? When will you want to play a certain indestructible God? Plus, great news from Mike!


20 Dec 2019

Rank #6

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Wow these Mythic Championship VI Decks

The best Mythic Championship VI decks... Plus the best of "the rest" from the most lopsided, the most homogeneous, Pro Tour ever! Then, what happens next?

1hr 5mins

15 Nov 2019

Rank #7

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All the Ways to Play (and beat) Field of the Dead

Scapeshift and Field of the Dead make for the runaway best deck in Standard! Learn how to play (and beat) this winning combination in this week's podcast

1hr 3mins

25 Jul 2019

Rank #8

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All the Ways to Play (and break!) Heliod, Sun-Crowned

Heliod, Sun-Crowned is getting our creative juices flowing! Find out all the ways he can deal infinite damage, gain infinite life, or just beat down!

1hr 4mins

3 Jan 2020

Rank #9

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Get Ready for Stoneforge Mystic

Stoneforge Mystic is unbanned in Modern! What does this mean? Especially now that Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis and Faithless Looting got the [Lightning] Axe?

1hr 11mins

30 Aug 2019

Rank #10

Podcast cover

Combo off with Kethis, the Hidden Hand

Kethis, the Hidden Hand from Core Set 2020 headlines the most exciting deck in Standard. Learn its ins and outs in this week's podcast!

1hr 8mins

23 Aug 2019

Rank #11

Podcast cover

Why Leyline of the Void is the Most Popular Card in Modern

Why is Leyline of the Void the most popular card in Modern? A certain Arisen Necropolis might tell you, and a certain Phoenix might have gotten in the way.

1hr 11mins

2 Aug 2019

Rank #12

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Fallout from the First Pioneer PTQ

Results from the first Pioneer PTQ... The top decks AND discussion of some of the initial cards to hit the Pioneer banned list.

1hr 22mins

8 Nov 2019

Rank #13

Podcast cover

We are ALL ABOUT this New Nightpack Ambusher Deck

This podcast features a TON of new Core Set 2020 deck lists... But Simic Flash with Nightpack Ambusher might be our favorite. Learn why right now!

1hr 27mins

12 Jul 2019

Rank #14

Podcast cover

Casualties of War is Where You Want to Be

With its ability to destroy key permanents (and lots of them), Casualties of War may be Standard's apex. In particular: Bye bye "enchantment" :)

1hr 1min

29 Nov 2019

Rank #15

Podcast cover

Cards We'd Actually Want to Play from Core Set 2020

Check out some cards we'd actually like to play from Core Set 2020! Get ready for some great creatures, amazing enablers, and even a combo or two!

1hr 8mins

21 Jun 2019

Rank #16

Podcast cover

Once Upon a Time (and more!) in Modern

Once Upon a Time from Throne of Eldraine is making a huge impact on Modern! It's made Amulet Titan more consistent, is assembling Selesnya squads, and more!

1hr 4mins

18 Oct 2019

Rank #17

Podcast cover

Marauding Raptor is Probably the Best Card in Your Deck

This episode reveals so many ways to follow up Marauding Raptor! Draw a card, make tons of power while defending yourself. More! Plus tons of additional M20

1hr 19mins

28 Jun 2019

Rank #18