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Shakespeare Talks #005 (Marlowe vs. Shakespeare)

A thrilling look at two giants of the Elizabethan stage. Born in the same year as Shakespeare, Christopher Marlowe died at the age of 29, having revolutionized English dramatic poetry with his dark, exuberant and wildly theatrical plays. The rivalry between these two great poets and Marlowe’s influence on Shakespeare’s work are the subjects of this evening, which features readings from the works of both playwrights and commentary by one of the world’s greatest Shakespeare scholars, James Shapiro (1599, Rival Playwrights and the forthcoming Contested Will). Performers include Obie Award winning actor John Douglas Thompson (Othello, The Emperor Jones), Red Bull Theater veteran Matthew Rauch (The Revenger’s Tragedy, Edward II), and Christopher Evan Welch (Festen, The Crucible). Directed by Michael Sexton. Recorded November 9, 2009 at the Kaye Playhouse.

1hr 14mins

25 Dec 2009

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Shakespeare Talks #007 (Factory Theatre and Hamlet)

PlayShakespeare.com Editor in Chief Chris Adams talks to the cast of a new kind of Hamlet at the Factory Theatre in London.


8 May 2011

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Shakespeare Talks #004 (Lesley Currier)

Lesley Currier discusses her past twenty years as Managing Director at the Marin Shakespeare Company and their current 2009 season. Interviewed by Denise Battista, Editor-in-Chief of PlayShakespeare.com.


30 Jun 2009

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Shakespeare Talks #003 (Steven Skybell)

Stage and screen actor Steven Skybell talks about his relationship with Shakespeare, Hamlet at the Globe, Richard II, and the power of verse. Interviewed by Michael Sexton, Artistic and Executive Director of The Shakespeare Society.


7 Mar 2009

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Shakespeare Talks #002 (Laila Robins)

Actress Laila Robins discusses her Shakespeare memories, discovering the text and Antony & Cleopatra. Interviewed by Michael Sexton, Artistic and Executive Director of The Shakespeare Society.


19 Jan 2009

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