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Welcome to my podcast about yarn crafting, psychology, and other homey topics. Thanks for listening!

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242: The Nightmare Highway of America

Episode 242 of CogKnitive is live! Shownotes are on our Ravelry group or at www.cogknitivepodcast.blogspot.com


13 Oct 2017

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241: I Lost the Dealership

Shownotes can be found at www.cogknitivepodcast.blogspot.com or on our Ravelry group. Episode 241 is live!


2 Oct 2017

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240: it's Really 240

Episode 240 is live!  Shownotes are at our ravelry group or at www.cogknitivepodcast.blogspot.com


18 Sep 2017

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239: Hot Summer Days

Episode 239 is live! Please see Shownotes at www.cogknitivepodcast.com or on our group on Ravelry.


24 Jul 2017

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238: Post Pneumonia

Show notes at www.cogknitivepodcast.blogspot.com or on our page on Ravelry. Episode 238 of CogKnitive is live!


10 Jul 2017

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237: Memorial Day

Shownotes can be found at www.cogknitivepodcast.blogspot.com and on our Ravelry group.


29 May 2017

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