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Leave Room For Architeuthis

Sam gives health updates and previews what the 40th season has in store for listeners. Becky and Warb are along for the ride, discussing Camp Quest NorthWest’s time travel theme. News Atheists perceived to be fun at parties, good science tutors, and more likely to be serial killers.


13 Sep 2021

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Update: Everything is Healing Nicely

We’re not back to regular episodes yet, but we’re getting there.   Here’s an update from Sam’s new-ish YouTube channel from the brand new studio about how things are going!


9 Jun 2021

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…and I shall Salt the Earth as I Leave.

Note: NOT FOR BROADCAST.  Contains swear words in final 1/3 of show.   Radio safe versions will be sent. Sam, Josh, Becky, and a special guest explore the artifice and dogma of academia.  They also ponder what kind of god orders you to bogart a mansion for your wedding. News SPU faculty votes no confidence in board of trustees over LGBT issues God tells couple to throw wedding ceremony at mansion they don’t own and didn’t rent Jerry Falwell sued by Liberty U for $10m Richard Dawkins heavily criticized, stripped of Humanists award Paradox Defense Notice This is both the last episode at the Waveform Orchard studio, and the last episode before Sam goes in for brain surgery.

1hr 13mins

23 Apr 2021

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The 2020 Not Very Special Special

Sam and Becky close out 2020 and welcome 2021 reflecting on flat earth, propaganda, false and real conspiracies, a throwback to 2012 atheist activism, the pronunciation of gentry-adored automobiles, color theory, fashion design, holidays, and hopes.NoteSam forgot to press the record button again, so the first two minutes of the show come from an aircheck archive from our home station, KTQA.News Covid-Doubting Humanist Who Defiantly Kept Social Hall Open Dies Public Transit Agency Settles 8 Year-Old Court Case Regarding Atheist Ad Sam has a YouTube Channel for Some Reason


1 Jan 2021

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Becky and Sam welcome Rob Palmer, volunteer with Recovering From Religion, and chat about where the org is at 10 years.  They also talk about how people seek information, the role of Wikipedia, and some problems therein.  Sam has a new project!


25 Nov 2020

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The Cure for Samness?

Sam, Ranjan, and Becky address a religious statue they actually are fine with, and the staggering credulity that prompted Trump to retweet a satire site as news. Then, Sam tackles an explanation of his absence by revealing an unexpected diagnosis and the start of a YouTube channel that documents a new project.Sam’s new YouTube channel is here.News Concerned suburban citizen calls cops on “Homless Jesus” statue on display in park Trump retweets satirical site, thinking it’s real news

1hr 13mins

19 Oct 2020

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Ask A Trailer Park Atheist

Becky of AaA and Tucker Drake, the Trailer Park Atheist, do a cross-over episode where they discuss a blasphemous T-Rex, the Talmud, school & workplace COVID (un)safety, Biblical authorship, momentous points in history, and more!


4 Oct 2020

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Comical Gloom

Becky and Josh review a theist’s strawman portrait of our beliefs, a provocateur’s Satanic conspiracies, another provocateur’s Instagram scandal, and everything wrong with a Christian crowdfunding campaign for a domestic terrorist. Tham tellth why he ithn’t on the epithode. News Jerry Falwell falls from leadership of Liberty University, lands well with $10.5m Dilbert creator thinks Biden campaign may be Satanic because of numerology Christian crowdfunding platform raises $200k for teen arrested on charge of murdering BLM ralliers Emails As a professing atheist, you deny the existence of God, gods, deities, divinities, the spiritual. You believe only in the five senses, the material/energy based universe, the physical world. You believe all faith and emotions are based on complex chemistry and you believe the universe is the result of blind, non-intelligent processes, and billions and millions of years of evolution. Is that a correct analysis of your beliefs? Why do you act so upset when a born-again Christian tells you “If you believe in Jesus Christ and His salvation you will be saved and if you do not, you will go to a burning Hell forever,” especially considering that the Christian is telling you this because he or she really believes that and wants you to be saved and go to Heaven (even if you believe they are wrong and that does not exist, they are being sincere in their care for you), if it is all a myth and fantasy? -Deacon from The Internet


2 Sep 2020

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Sam Wants to Buy an Ambulance

In this belated (non-)episode, Becky and Sam discuss what they’ve been up to, say hello to our new KTQA listeners, and then actually do something that sounds like Ask an Atheist involving atheist groups, bleach,  and RC cars.  No, not together. News Atheist Alliance International Suspends Director for 2 Months for Being Hateful Bonehead MMS Church Headquarters Raided by FBI Church Uses Collection Plate Attached to Poorly Controlled RC Truck


29 Jul 2020

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The Front Fell Off

Sam explains the extended gaps between recording sessions and teeth. He and Becky discuss cognitive dissonance, Roman history, dogmatic thought, and data backups as they respond to listener feedback.FeedbackIn the same way that Hitler is dishonestly labeled as a atheist, I know for a fact that modern Christians will also do the same mis-labeling when they decide to disown Trump.  So, how do you godless weirdos generate income with the internet? This Coronavirus resulted in me losing my job as a valet driver.-Michael from The InternetI and the rest of your audience were lucky to get what you so freely gave and shared with us. It’s hard to reflect on the positives of your accomplishments when many times you can only see what still needs to be done while you’re on the inside. You answered many of the questions both atheists and non-atheists struggle with in our personal struggles with religion, or at least addressed them so we could move forward to our own solutions from where we were stuck. You did it in an approachable format that had previously been unavailable to the general public. I feel I’ve made a friend, even though we’ve never met. I’d never felt that way with other atheist leaders, though to be honest Madalyn Murray O’Hair and her family were not the highest bar to beat. But you were literally just another geeky, nerdy guy who happened to be an atheist and could intelligently speak to it. And your other discussions were fun, even when it went off on MLS or comic tangents that normally don’t interest me. But it’s also hard to relate to more modern leaders, intellectuals like Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens or entertainers like Bill Maher and Penn Gillette. They’re good, but I doubt any could be half as entertaining while being relatable like you and Becky and the rest of your eclectic group of friends and acquaintances. You’ve helped spread not only information about atheism, but rational thinking and showing how much religion and other personal philosophies often violates people’s rights because of its followers dogmatic thinking. I especially appreciate your discussions of LGBT issues within religions as a retired gay man who’s been an atheist since 15. You also helped me improve my knowledge on how, from a rational thinker perspective, to defend a woman’s right to choose, the problems with anti-vaxxers, the difference between being a culture with largely Christian origins vs being a Christian nation, the background of our founding fathers in their understanding of the importance of the separation of church and state, and even that some evangelists like Harold Camping can be friends even if you’re vastly different people with vastly different viewpoints. Your guests have probably educated me on more general science than any media educator not named Neil deGrasse Tyson or Bill Nye. So thank you Sam for these last ten years. -Steve from The InternetIn lieu of new episodes, I had been listening back to the most recent batch. Some of the episodes get funnier when listening back to them. Like hearing about Becky getting Sam season tickets for his birthday. D’oh! On the topic of backups; for the love of IBM, backup your data! -Odd from Norway


18 May 2020

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