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This comedy podcast, hosted by Broadway music director Nate Patten, takes you behind the scenes of the theatre business featuring interviews with industry celebrities in New York City.

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Booked It E03 - Shirtless Gym Selfies

Join us for Episode 3 of Booked It! This week's episode features Broadway casting directors Duncan Stewart and Benton Whitley, the founders of Stewart/Whitley Casting in New York City.


5 Oct 2016

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Booked It E04 - Self-Indulgent Benefit Cabarets

This week's episode brings you an interview with the dynamic Tommy Bracco from Newsies. Thank you for listening to Booked It!!!


18 Oct 2016

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Booked It E17 - Actors' Equity: Am I In A Cult?

What is acting? Acting is being. Being is the nature of essence. Being is life. Life is the essence of being. Being is acting. Acting is life. Repeat. What is acti….WHAT THE F*CK? I’m in a cult. You’re in a cult. We’re all in a goddamn cult. #askifitsequity This is the episode where we finally talk about Actor's Equity: why we need it, where it's headed, and how it's all literally burning down around us. Featuring Special Guest and Equity Member since 2012, Adam Kaplan (A Bronx Tale, Newsies) What the critics are saying: 'A little theatre never hurt anyone.’—Abraham Lincoln 'Sorry, Mr. Patten, we couldn't publish your column. It's just too trashy.’ —Kelly Holland (Editor of Penthouse) 'And I thought MY writing was bad.’—Michael Wolff Written by Nate Patten and Cam Collins Produced by Cam Collins Recorded by Tom Jorgensen Logo By www.performingpixel.com www.bookedit.net


3 Feb 2018

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Booked It E14 - Hello. My name is Mandy Patinkin. You closed my show. Prepare to die.

Trump got you down? Wish you lived in the 1980s when there wasn’t any racism? Sad the bank wouldn’t let you remortgage your house to get Frozen tickets? Well, we are the podcast for you! This week we take a frothy jaunt through the perilous waters of production decisions in post-racial America; the good, the bad, and the downright confused. Featuring an insightful interview with Grammy, Emmy, and Tony award winning composer and lyricist, Marc Shaiman! www.bookedit.net


20 Aug 2017

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Booked It E07 - Go Fund Me? Go F*** Yourself.

This week we take on the completely out of control world of crowdfunding. What it means, what it used to mean, and where it all went horribly wrong. Featuring special guest Lisa Gajda!!!


12 Dec 2016

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Booked It E15 - Lights, Camera, Daddy Issues!!!

Guess what? You need a therapist. We’re not here to help! There are therapists for that so leave it to the professionals. However, if you find comfort in this episode, or if we have inspired you in any way, we just want to remind you that this still isn’t therapy, and you still need a therapist. Really. So join us for some (non-therapeutic) laughs, a platform void of trigger warnings, and a fantastic interview with broadway star, Derek Klena! www.bookedit.net


29 Sep 2017

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Booked It E12 - Broadway Cares, But We're Not Sure About You

Take off your clothes, sit back, and relax as we walk you through the perils of modern self-promotion. It's not porn, it's art...for charity! Our guest this week is Kamille Upshaw who is in a show no one has ever heard of which is probably closed by now. www.bookedit.net


19 Jun 2017

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Booked It E19 - It Gets Worse

So you’ve arrived. New York City. The Great White Way. Every day is the ‘Let’s Go To The Movies’ scene from Annie. But are you forgetting that ten minutes after you got off the Greyhound you saw a homeless man masturbating into a phone charging station? Has time healed the fact that you put a down payment on a house the first day of ‘Nerds’ rehearsal? Buck up sailor. ‘It Gets Better’...or does it? This week we’re gonna get to the bottom of it. EPISODE 19: ‘It Gets Worse’ Featuring Broadway’s Jenn Gambatese with a special appearance by Broadway veteran and former #BookedIt it guest, Lisa Gajda.


13 Jul 2018

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Booked It E06 - Election 2016: Well, That Happened...

Booked It decided to talk about the election, because no one else is. This week we are joined by Broadway music director, Andy Einhorn! You won't want to miss this.


26 Nov 2016

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Booked It E08 - The Broadway Who Cried Wolf

Join us this week with special guest Madeleine Doherty as we navigate the waters of ridiculous hyperbole in social media! It's going to be THE BEST SHOW EVER. Life changing. You'll literally die if you miss this episode. Produced by Cam Collins. www.bookedit.net


21 Jan 2017

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