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Swansea University Medical School: Neuroscience

A series of human embryology and anatomy podcasts linked to the teaching at the Swansea University College of Medicine, but hopefully helpful to all students with an interest in how we are made.

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7. Neurological basis of movement

Reflex arcs, lower motor neurones, upper motor neurones, the cerebellum, basal ganglia, the frontal cortex and even decussations get a mention.


3 Oct 2018

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6. Pain pathways

We cover the neuroanatomy, and a little neuroscience, of how pain is perceived by the brain and how analgesics and the brain itself can modify this.


13 Apr 2011

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5. Addiction

Phil talks about the neuroscience of addiction and withdrawal.

1hr 1min

14 Feb 2011

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4. Autonomic nervous system

Phil and Sam talk about the anatomy of the autonomic nervous system, the neurotransmitters involved and pharmacological targets.


8 Jun 2010

Rank #4

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3. Neurotransmitters

Phil tries to teach Sam about neurotransmitters and how they work. We work through a list of the main neurotransmitters and give an overview of their functions.


25 Mar 2010

Rank #5