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Soil & Spirit, Part 1: The Story of the Presence of God - Pastor Zeb Mengistu

Staying with the theme of Acts 1:8, I will focus on the role of the Holy Spirit and the importance of the Presence of God in fulfilling the Missio Dei. I will share some of my personal testimony of what I/we have been experiencing as a church the last few months since we started meeting in person again and the lessons I have learned about the presence of God.

7 Nov 2021

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Do It For A Day, Part 3: Rule of Life - Dr. Mark Batterson

One key to making and breaking HABITS is making and breaking RULES. Rules help you establish boundaries and priorities. Rules help you establish rituals and routines. A RULE OF LIFE consists of four quadrants: 1) Core Beliefs 2) Core Values 3) Life Goals 4) Daily Habits. Collectively, they become the guardrails and guidelines that help you get where God wants you to go.

31 Oct 2021

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Do It For A Day, Part 2: Pick A Fight - Dr. Mark Batterson

There is nothing easy about HABIT FORMATION. You have to fight for your health, fight for your marriage, fight for your convictions. How? 1. Do it SCARED 2. Do it DIFFICULT 3. Do it DIFFERENT 4. Do it NOW. The good news? When we get on our knees, God fights our battles for us!

24 Oct 2021

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Do It For A Day, Part 1: Domino Habits - Dr. Mark Batterson

Show me your HABITS and I’ll show you your FUTURE. Destiny is not a mystery. Destiny is DAILY HABITS. Habit formation is one dimension of spiritual formation. You have to make or break the habits that make or break you, with the help of the Holy Spirit. The good news? You are one habit away from a totally different life! The key? Do it for a day!

17 Oct 2021

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The Best is Yet to Come, Part 6: The Parable of the Fig Tree - Pastor Joel Schmidgall

The parable of the fig tree reveals the hidden truths of becoming who God desires us to become. He has made us not to merely exist, but to produce and provide wonderful fruit to our surroundings. It’s a story in which we find great points of learning in the process of becoming:  *Patience and urgency *Growing through challenge *Purpose in the places we’re planted *A promise in need of activation It’s ultimately a story that leads us to faith through repentance. We hope you’ll join us this week as we pray for guidance from the Spirit of God as we seek out the best that is yet to come.

10 Oct 2021

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The Best is Yet to Come, Part 5: Leaning Into Tomorrow - Dr. Dick Foth

If we are promised LIFE EVERLASTING with Jesus, King of All Creation, what might that look like?

3 Oct 2021

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The Best is Yet to Come, Part 4: New Wine - Pastor Joel Schmidgall

Have you ever felt stuck? In a jam? In a situation that is impossible to get out of without help? This is the story that Jesus enters into in John 2. The wedding party had run out of refreshments for its guests and had no options. That’s when Jesus got the call, that he then delivered. His very first miracle was to turn water into wine.  This miracle was not a magic trick that provided excess fun to a wedding, though. This miracle would set the tone for everything to come in the new covenant. Jesus would establish a new kingdom normal, would reveal His power to His people, would exercise that power for transformation, and would spark faith in his disciples. 

26 Sep 2021

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The Best is Yet to Come, Part 3: Reverse The River - Dr. Mark Batterson

The Best is Yet to Come is NOT wishing on a star, hoping your luck will change or waiting to win the lottery. If you keep doing what you’ve done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always gotten. Your life is perfectly designed for the results you're getting! The good news? You are ONE DECISION away from a totally different life. God can deliver you in a day, but you have to back it up with daily habits.

19 Sep 2021

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The Best is Yet to Come, Part 2: From Languishing to Flourishing - Dr. Mark Batterson

In psychology, mental health has a scale from FLOURISHING to DEPRESSION. FLOURISHING is evidenced by things like optimism and empathy and authenticity. DEPRESSION is evidenced by things like hopelessness and helplessness. In between FLOURISHING and DEPRESSION, there is what Adam Grant calls “the neglected middle child of mental health,” and it may be the “the dominant emotion of 2021.” Languishing is basically BLAH. It's a feeling of apathy. It lacks focus, motivation and vision. There are no easy answers or quick fixes, but there is a way out.

10 Sep 2021

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The Best is Yet to Come, Part 1: Follow The Ark - Dr. Mark Batterson

We live at the intersection of two theologies, two realities. The faithfulness of God is pursuing from the past—SO FAR SO GOD. And the sovereignty of God is setting us up for the future. We live forwards, but God is working backward. God is ordering our footsteps. God is preparing good works. We live in a fallen world, a broken world, but heaven is invading earth right here, right now. We don’t believe in happily ever after. We believe in something so much bigger and better and longer—happily FOREVER after. THE BEST IS YET TO COME.

5 Sep 2021

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