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If you go to sleep Laughing, you'll wake up Smiling! Every Biddy story has the potential to change a life, bring love into a home, and set the stage for a great night sleep.

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BBS 179 Wyatt's Big Debut

So... have you ever argued with a friend? Have you ever done something not so nice to a friend? In tonight's story, Wyatt has a song that he as written. He wants so badly to sing it for the first time. He's really proud of the song but... he's lost it.  Who do you think has the song that Wyatt wrote? Yup.... you guessed it. But, Wyatt does get his moment to sing his song. Wyatt gets to have his big debut!


28 Feb 2019

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BBS 25 The Lowly Peanut

Benton Becket Charles arrived at the treehouse today. Together they introduce Benton Becket to all the friends. Bruin however, wants to talk to Benton Becket about Peanut Butter. When he finds out that Benton Becket (Biddy's Cousin) really likes peanut butter... well, the two hit it off as fast friends: sharing their respect for the lowly peanut.


23 Apr 2016

Rank #2

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BBS 175 Many Tooths

It's 10:10 PM on a school night. Biddy is up way past her bedtime. Douglas finds her in the kitchen..... writing a letter!?  


19 Feb 2019

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BBS 142 Goldilocks And The Three, Uhm... Bears

It's time for a Nursery Rhyme... Biddy style!


9 Mar 2018

Rank #4

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Classic Biddy Bedtime Stories - Six Pennies/The Pants Song

This is one of my favorite Biddy stories of all time. Well, Ok... I'll be honest... it IS my favorite. I love the way the story plays out. I love the song, the humor. To me this is the episode that set Biddy Stories in the direction it is now. It was, as some might say... a watershed moment for me.  Enjoy it!


17 Nov 2017

Rank #5

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BBS 29 How Many Cookies Part 2

Finally, Biddy and Wyatt stick to the script... like most bedtime stories. While studying for a spelling test, Wyatt and Biddy decide to have a cookie eating contest. Bruin, Wyatt, Biddy and Douglas are all in! Who will win? We'll find out in the next episode!


2 May 2016

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Listener Interview with Vivian - Our Dear Friend from Texas!

Texas is known as the 'Lone Star State'. And, in this special Biddy episode, we talk with that one shining star - Vivian! Sit back and get ready to enjoy a few minutes with this charming, cheerful and talented young lady. Vivian and her folks have been friends with Biddy since 2011. We were very honored to have the chance to talk, and to share our time together with you. Hope you enjoy!


19 Apr 2016

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BBS 103 Laffy Taffy

Ok, so... it's been a while. I was on vacation, and had a great time. Now... back to the stories.... well, kind of. Biddy puts a halt to this one.


25 Jul 2017

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BBS 104 I Got A Key for That

Have you ever looked closely at the keys hanging from a grownup's keychain? Holy Moly! It's a lot! Have you ever wondered what they open? Or how about the keys a custodian might have at school... now that's a big ring of mystery! What do they all open and how do they know which key goes to what? Tonight, Biddy sneaks Douglas' keys from him and wonders... what do they open?


26 Jul 2017

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BBS 130 A Legendary Snow Storm

Some Minnesota snow storms are memorable. Some are unforgettable. And, some... well, they are legendary.


5 Jan 2018

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BBS 27 Wyatt's Spring Storm Stress

The first rainstorm of the year is finally here! The trees are singing! And, Wyatt is hiding. He doesn't so much like storms in the tree house. The house sways back and forth in the wind. Biddy and her cousin Benton Becket Charles decide to help Wyatt with his fears.... by hugging them out!


27 Apr 2016

Rank #11

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BBS134 Jack In the Box - Sleeping In Your Big Kid Bed!

Douglas is in the treehouse doing a lot of cleaning. While putting things away in the closet he finds an old 'Jack-In-The-Box' he had as a kid. Later that day, while he's doing laundry, he shows Biddy and Bruin his old toy. It reminds Bruin of a toy he had as a cub. A 'Bear-In-The-Box' that helped him learn to fall asleep in his own bed. You see, when he was a little cub, Bruin had a hard time falling asleep without his mom and dad. But, the 'Bear-In-The-Box' helped teach him that if you do something over and over again enough times... the surprises that might make you nervous slowly become not so scary.   


21 Jan 2018

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BBS 137 The Tale of the Jello Ice Castle

During the winter, on the lake at the bottom of the hill below the tree house... Douglas likes to build Ice Castles! You see, when a lumberjack stops being a lumberjack, he needs to find a way to burn up all that lumberjack energy. Douglas has found a way. In the winter, he takes his old lumberjacking saws and axes and creates ice castles from the ice on the lake. Tonight, Douglas tell us all a story about a special ice castle that was built one year... an ice castle that has a courtyard of lime green Jello. 


29 Jan 2018

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BBS 162 Glitter and Googly Eyes

Arts and crafts projects are so so much fun to do. Often times... it's not the thing you make that's so much fun... it's the fun in just making the project. But, no matter what you make there are always some favorites. Among them, glitter and and googly eyes.


11 Aug 2018

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BBS 138 Douglas' Silly Sounding Shoes

Douglas has a new pair of shoes! He's been wearing them around the house to break them in. But, suddenly... Biddy has found that the shoes make a strange sound when they are being walked in.  She asks Bruin to put on Douglas' shoes in order to see if they do indeed make a silly noise. Sure enough... they do! But the question is... why do they make these silly sounds? Who is responsible for this? Do you think you know?   Oh, and... Hi Dria! Hi Johnathon! Hi Shannell!


22 Feb 2018

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BBS 150 Candy-bars, Cornnuts and Propane

Everyone has shopping lists. Today, Douglas has a little bit of a shopping list himself. He's taking Biddy with him to get... a tank of propane. And, for Biddy... a little something extra.


21 Apr 2018

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BBS 171 Seriousilly

Tonight, Biddy welcomes back Dr. Reinhold Schweizinger. Dr. Schweizinger takes a moment to talk to the childrens of the world about the need to be serious and shiny during Christmas. It's a very busy time of year. A time of year for sweet treats, pudding, and candy-canes. There's many opportunities for the childrens to get way too silly. And it's not a time for that. All childrens must be serious and shiny.  Because no grownup wants to give presents to a child with pudding on their face. So, children... listen to the good Dr. Schweizinger... during the holiday season be SERIOUSILLY! Seriously!  


23 Dec 2018

Rank #17

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BBS 23 Eeuuww! You Can't Add Peanut Butter to That!

Experimentation is a natural part of cooking, and of life. When you experiment, you take chances. Things might go very very wrong. But, if they do... simply take note of it and try again. Tonight, Bruin experiments with peanut butter.


18 Apr 2016

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BBS 160 Wait, Is That Mud On the Floor?

Ok, so.... Last night Biddy was not interested in recording the story Douglas had written. She thought it was too boring. And, that the punch line was weak. But, Biddy has agreed to record the story on one condition... that she be able to wear a roll of toilet paper on her head. Douglas agreed. And so... here is last night's story done with Biddy wearing a roll of toilet paper on her head. Little did she know the roll of toilet paper would come in handy. Why? Listen to tonight's story and find out...  Thanks go Koo Koo Kangaroo for the use of their song!!! Brian and Neil are wonderful fellow Minnesotans! kookookangaroo.com


7 Aug 2018

Rank #19

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BBS 93 Dr. Rheinhold Schweizinger

It appears Biddy has been a little bit of a handful for her teacher at school. An email came Douglas' way.... telling him that Biddy has been too goofy. Douglas has an answer for this....


28 Mar 2017

Rank #20