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Brighten your week with the latest BBC Radio 4 comedy, introduced by Athena Kugblenu.

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Brighten your week with the latest BBC Radio 4 comedy, introduced by Athena Kugblenu.

Welcome to the Neighbourhood: James Acaster

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Jayde Adams and guest James Acaster dive into the feisty world of community apps and messageboards, sifting through the angry neighbourhood bins to find disgruntled comedy gold.

From biggest beefs to weirdest news, Jayde discovers a hotbed of (largely unintentional) hilarity with graffiti-daubed wheelie bins, stray cats, e-scooters and more.

Jayde and the production team would like to hear about what's riling up the neighbours around Britain. Are your groups kicking off? Listeners can submit screenshots of the funniest and freakiest posts and threads to welcometotheneighbourhood@bbc.co.uk.

Presenter: Jayde Adams
Producer: Cornelius Mendez

An unusual production for BBC Radio 4

Aug 08 2022



Tom Mayhew is Benefit Scum

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Comedian Tom Mayhew is joined by his mate Sian Davies to talk about cheap dates, love and relationships as Tom’s stand up explores sexuality and feelings among the working class.

Tom Mayhew Is Benefit Scum is an autobiographical stand-up series where the comedian shares stories about his life growing up working class and his time on benefits. The show takes a wry, sideways look at the prejudices that people have towards benefits claimants and turns those assumptions on their head.

Written and Performed by Tom Mayhew
Featuring Chris Cantrill and Sian Davies
Additional Material – Olivia Phipps
Production Coordinator – Katie Baum
Producer – Benjamin Sutton
A BBC Studios Production.

Aug 01 2022



The Ultimate Choice

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Steph McGovern leads a pair of seriously funny minds through some devious Would You Rather dilemmas, to find definitive answers to the great questions of our age. Or not.

In this episode, comedians Russell Kane and Ria Lina step up to the plate, with their fates to be decided by the wise and all-powerful studio audience, who will make the ultimate choice.

Starring Steph McGovern, Russell Kane and Ria Lina
Devised by Jon Harvey and Joseph Morpurgo
Mixed by David Thomas
Production Support: Leah Marks
Associate Producer: Joseph Morpurgo
Produced and edited by Jon Harvey
Executive Producer: Ed Morrish

A Naked production for BBC Radio 4

Jul 25 2022



Robin Ince's Reality Tunnel

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Escaping the confines of The Infinite Monkey Cage, comedian Robin Ince takes us on a journey through his Reality Tunnel in this two-part stand-up show, recorded specially for Radio 4.

Performing in front of a live audience in Manchester, Robin examines the brain’s relationship with reality and over the two episode series, he looks at the difference between the inner and the outer self and considers how we put together our picture of the world.

Written and performed by Robin Ince
Produced by Carl Cooper

Sound Manager - Jerry Peal
Sound Editor - Joshan Chana
Production Coordinator - Katie Baum
Picture by Steve Best

This was a BBC Studios production

Jul 18 2022



Ken Cheng: Chinese Comedian

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Radio 4 favourite Ken Cheng returns for the third series of his brilliant show Chinese Comedian. In the first of the series, Ken takes on the biggest story since his last series and talks all things Coronavirus in the episode Chinese Virus.

Written by Ken Cheng
Produced by Rajiv Karia
A BBC Studios Production.

Jul 11 2022



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HILARIOUS material from all over the world.

By Domic57 - Jan 11 2020
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Voices I’d not heard and points of view I’d not considered, all rendered histerically.


By taptwodogs - Sep 23 2019
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Hate the 30 or 60 second intros that try to tempt listeners to download other podcasts.