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We want to teach you how to decorate! We'll help you unleash your inner decorator with interviews from interior designers, sharing the trials and triumphs from our own homes, and answering your burning decorating questions. Brought to you from the Ballard Designs team.

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Ep. 143: antiques expert Tara Shaw

Antiques expert, designer, and author Tara Shaw joins the show to share her passion for antiques and how to decorate with them in our homes. She talks about sourcing antiques, steps for bringing beautiful pieces in our space, and the inspiration behind her new book Soul of the Home: Designing with Antiques. What You’ll Hear On This Episode: Tara’s new book, Soul of the Home: Designing with Antiques ties in education about designing with antiques and explanations of how furniture that is both old and modern can work together. Take it from us, it will be the kind of book you want to bring out on a relaxing morning and savor with a cup of coffee. Tara’s amazing story of how she made the transition from antique importer to working on Harry Connik Jr.’s home in Connecticut, and how the experience of “doing it afraid” opened the door to take on new clients. How she went to school for education, worked in apparel, and ended up in antiques. What an exponent is, and why personal carvings are so special when shopping for the right antique piece. How Tara’s suggestion of purchasing one nice piece a year can really lead to an entire home of beautiful antiques after some time. Tara’s real confessions on what she keeps for herself, and how she decides just what items she can’t live without personally. Why Tara loves mid-century and how to effortlessly mix different styles of furniture. Why she buys mid century and its a good thing to mix with antiquity so it doesn’t feel stale. A glimpse into Tara’s process of shopping for antique items and bringing them home for her now sought after container parties. Start with one room and an anchor piece. Take a minute to find your voice and be fearless to execute it. How her love of canopy beds and hand forging them keeps artisans in New Orleans employed. Mentioned In This Episode: Tara Shaw Soul of the Home @tarashawdesignMatthew Carter InteriorsDecorating Dilemma:We love that you encompass exactly what talk about in this episode - you know what you like and you are fearless about it! This room screams pink and green to Tara, a Palm Beach look that is congruent with the Lily Pulitzer type fabric. It would also look more bespoke if you found trim that you could trim your draperies with, and use a drapery hook with pointy edge rings instead of a clip. Some art that can thread the colors in together would be great, and we love the pink chair.  

1hr 18mins

26 May 2020

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Ep. 142: designer Sophie Donelson

We kick off this week talking about some possums and raccoons, flower power, and getting our storage until control. Then, we are joined with fabulous previous guest and design expert, speaker, consultant, and former editor of House Beautiful, Sophie Donelson. Sophie talks with us about her latest essay in the New York Times about why we don’t need our house to be perfect for Instagram, recommendations for picking out a paint color, and what life is like for Sophie in Montreal during this stay at home time.What You’ll Hear On This Episode: Trials and triumphs about good ole neighbor Jim and his possums, labeling and storage containers, cottage cheese, and sentimental yard maintenance. More about the English and French decorating in Montreal, and the amazing views Sophie sees in her community. What are homes can do for us, and how we can have a loving and less combative conversation between ourselves and our homes. What lead Sophie and her husband to Montreal, and the pros and cons of living in a big city. The inspiration behind Sophie’s essay in The New York Times, “Self-Quarantine is No Time For An Instagram-ready Kitchen.” We have more flexibility and bandwidth to make our home comfy for our own needs, and not so much for the sake of it being pleasing or impressive to others. Sophie recommends experimenting with the design and flow of a room and reminds us we are not locked into one way of design in our homes. Get your one little perfect corner and you can branch out from there. It’s never all going to be perfect. The decision making behind her beautiful lavender walls. Why having a designated playroom and sleep room has been a life and sanity saver. Mentioned In This Episode: House Beautiful House & Home @sophiedowSophie DonelsonSelf-Quarantine is No Time For An Instagram-ready Kitchen Big Books Small Talk Justina Blakeney Ikea Bunk Bed Decorating Dilemma: Caroline’s painter used oil because it’s harder and more durable than latex. You can get a beautiful finish with brushing, it is just labor-intensive. A semi-gloss will be easier to clean, and if you are getting it professionally done have them spray it and use oil. If you are capable, patient, and thorough enough to do it yourself - good for you! Luckily this plan is easy to put into action! Sophie would recommend going to the hardware store to find some aluminum pails with some pebbles on the bottom. The rug is so important to make it feel homey and to collect the space together to make it feel one vibe. We love the natural charm of the ceiling and we wouldn’t change it! Sophie’s favorite trick for a bedside table is to use a bracket because it can fit your phone and a glass of water. Plants could help up the comfort level, and vintage rugs that don’t necessarily match could look great and also elevate the room.  

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19 May 2020

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Ep. 6 with Bedding Expert Beth Mars Dean

This week, we are interviewing our own bedding expert, the stylist that makes all of the beds in our gorgeous rooms, Beth Mars Dean. You probably never knew a bedding stylist exists, but she's the lady that makes sure all of our beds look picture perfect and snooze worthy. For all of your bedding questions answered, be sure to listen to this episode! WHAT YOU'LL HEAR ON THIS EPISODE The most recent catastrophe that happened with our photoshoot The surprising amount of time it takes to make a bed for one of our photo shoots All of the extra things Beth adds to her beds that you wouldn't normally use From start to finish, how Beth makes a gorgeous catalog-worthy bed Whether all of us make our beds every day, what the nation-wide average is, and what percentage of our How to Decorate readers make their beds everyday How many pillows each of us have on our beds What Beth's bed looks like and how she makes it every day How Beth became a bedding stylist How you can create a luxurious bed in a realistic way We answer all of your burning bedding questions, including how to coordinate with your existing bedding collection, how to streamline bed making so you're more likely to do it, where to put your pillows when you get into the bed, and how many throw pillows are too many?


3 Jan 2017

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Ep. 100: Our Guests' Best Tips

It's a pretty exciting episode today. When brainstorming how to celebrate our 100th episode, we wanted to talk about everything we've learned and all of the best tidbits our guests have shared with us. We hope you'll enjoy it! What You'll Hear on This Episode: How and why we started the show Who we’d want to hire as our interior designers Gil Schafer talked about thinking of your outdoor spaces as rooms The best color temperature for your light bulbs Dimmers are our best friends! Susan Ferrier’s advice about strengthening a view by placing furniture in front of it and why she loves banquettes and mixing dining chairs Nancy Braithwaite‘s concept about a power statement Pappas Miron talking about how your exterior spaces should influence your interior spaces Brian McCarthy’s talk about collage boards and how they can help you envision where items will work together Rachel Cannon’s design manta “haste makes waste”  Why a floor plan will tell you what you need Recurring themes — designing around the life you live Meg Braff’s talking about mixing fabrics and how repetition makes it intentional Liz Bauer’s talk about mixing whites and why you shouldn’t worry about it so much Amy Vermillion’s tip about testing paint color by using a board and folding it to see the shadows Ashley Whittaker’s strategy for finding a common thread for color as you go throughout your room Collections and why you should display them all together versus scattering them around the house Bill Peace’s thoughts on collections and why they’re important to creating a home that feels personal Keith Arnold’s pyramid tip for styling 4 Things that every room needs according to photo stylist Stacy Kunstel


6 Aug 2019

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Ep. 64: designer Bunny Williams

Design superstar and podcast fan favorite Bunny Williams joins us to talk about her new studio and creative getaway, her new upholstery collection, how to change a room with a simple few statement pieces, and a whole Living Room 101 lesson.What You'll Hear on This Episode:Bunny's new office that is adjacent to her home and how she converted a four bedroom house into one giant room with a beautiful viewA glimpse into her busy New York office and how she finds time and space to get inspiredHer new book “Affairs with Other Houses” due in the springHow Bunny Williams Home started 10 years ago, built out of a need for certain products for Bunny’s design projects and how it grew into upholstery, lighting and accessoriesThe optimum size and height of a drink table and why no guest should ever be without a place to set their drinksThe addition of modern fixtures in a traditional home and the ability to mix contemporary with antiqueBunny’s tips for organizing things by groups to create an interesting statementBreak up the finishes, textures and colors so each piece stands out on it’s ownHow to know what brown furniture to keep as is and which to paintWhy pieces should move around throughout the house over time, even as your tastes changeWhy we should invest in wonderful furniture pieces as a lifetime purchaseWhy the furniture has to fit the scale and proportions of the room it is going in, so you may want to opt for the 7 foot couch vs the 9 foot couchHer new upholstery collection, including a scallop backed sofa, chairs and casegoodsThe origin of the name of 'slipper chairs'Raffia as a great way to provide a clean and streamlined texture to a roomLighting options including standing lamps, and lighting fixtures on an end tableWhy your collection of items should be personal to you and not something you have someone else purchase just to fill the roomHow studying magazines will give you the confidence to make decisions in your own home

1hr 22mins

20 Nov 2018

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Ep. 33 How to Layout a Room with Miriam Leuthold

Our in house design expert, Miriam Leuthold, joins us to talk about the most common decorating question we get in our stores, on our blog, and in our reader emails. How do I layout my room? Miriam is a trained interior designer, so she's answering all of your questions, including traffic flow, focal points, spacing, and much more.What You'll Hear on This Episode:Before we get started, we talk about the 'life' of a Ballard product -- how it gets made, where our inspiration comes from, and how long it takesWe talk about building your room about a focal point, including what that focal point can beMiriam suggests starting with a rug and keeping all of your furniture pieces on the rugWe talk about focusing your seating around your TV versus a fireplaceWhat to do when you walk right into the living room through the front doorKaren tells us how she's solved this problem in her own 1920"s bungalowWhat to do if you have a really, really large living roomWhat to do when you don't have an architectural feature that creates a focal pointThe TV dilemma -- how to address it? Hide it in plain sight? Or hide it completely?We discuss traffic flow, including proper distance for a walkway and distance between coffee table and seatingWhy we all love occasional chairs so muchWe talk about laying out your bedroom, and why keeping it simple worksHow do we approach a home office?Karen calls out her cousin who has a really depressing home office situation

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12 Sep 2017

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Ep. 3 with the Madcap Cottage Guys

We were so excited to have as our guests on this week’s episode, Jason Nixon and John Loecke, the Madcap Cottage Guys! Their style is on point, and their love for color and pattern is infectious. We picked their brain about combining furniture styles harmoniously, their upcoming travel plans, why they love decorating with the color green, and their pack of adorable rescue dogs.  WHAT YOU'LL HEAR ON THE SHOW Where Jason and John find inspiration, both abroad and at home. They’re as inspired by things they see in London as they are around their hometown in North Carolina. Inspiration is everywhere. They talk about their next vacation spot — Tokyo — and why they’re dying to make it there next. What do they do with all of the treasures they bring home? What do they see as living a ‘well-lived life?’ They share their more casual approach to entertaining, like ways to entertain without making everything from scratch. Why we should throw out the idea of having a ‘camera ready’ home all the time. Jason and John’s decorating pet peeves Inspirations for their fabric like for Robert Allen How their mothers’ styles impacted their own sensibilities What they would save if their house was on fire They mention the Traditional Home Napa Showhouse which they decorated using many of our products. You can see a whole tour of their space here. Jason and John help us answer your questions, including how to pull off mix and match bar stools, guidelines for hanging artwork over a console table or sideboard, and how to update a built in cabinet with paint or stain.


22 Nov 2016

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Ep. 13 with Bunny Williams

Hold onto your earbuds because our guest today is none other than our own design partner, author, acclaimed interior designer, and hostess extraordinaire Bunny Williams! We traveled to Bunny's office in New York to record this special episode in her office, and she definitely did not disappoint. Bunny shares some incredible decorating tips and stories, including how she furnished her first apartment and decorating her home in the Dominican Republic. We talk about her new outdoor furniture collection La Colina, and of course she answers your decorating questions!WHAT YOU'LL HEAR ON THIS EPISODE:We talk about my red lipstick trial and Karen schools us in her red lipstick protocolKaren's cord control decorating triumphTaryn talks about the incredible meal and incredible decor at Marcel in AtlantaHer trial involves public speakingBunny tells us why she decided to do a product line with Ballard DesignsShe tells us about how we're all faced with the same dilemma when it comes to decorating -- budgetWhy only buying things you love is the best investment in your homeHer proudest achievement in her first apartment in New YorkHer first big purchase was a good sofa, and why it's important for everyone to buy a really good oneBunny addresses the big pet question -- do hers get on the furniture and what does she do about it?We talk entertaining, why she's so comfortable with it, and what corners you can cut to make it easier on yourselfShe tells us about her home in the Dominican RepublicShe tells us about the time her husband John wanted to veto her decor choicesWe talk about redecorating and why it's not necessary if you get it right the first timeWe talk about her decorating pet peeve -- furniture that's always against the wallShe gives us a lesson on laying out your roomHostess etiquette, especially when it comes to drinks and coastersShe tells us about her new outdoor furniture collection, La ColinaWhy she never buys a chair online

1hr 14mins

11 Apr 2017

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Ep. 4 with Designer Sherry Hart

On this episode of the podcast, we sat down with interior designer and blogger Sherry Hart. She’s a master of styling bookshelves, can make a neutral room feel fresh and modern, and is going through her own bedroom makeover. She gave us the whole rundown of how she turned her home renovation into a successful interior designer business, what her husband thinks of her constant decor updates, and how to make your home look cohesive. WHAT YOU'LL HEAR ON THE SHOW Karen’s latest progress on the guest room she’s redecorating The baby shower Karen recently hosted where the food was baby-themed How Sherry caught the decorating bug and her first published space How her style has changed over the course of her career Why she loves decorating with white Her biggest decorating pet peeve Bad advice for decorating when there’s someone else in the mix Her approach to styling bookshelves In every episode, we answer decorating dilemmas from listeners, and with the help of our guest, give them ways to solve their problem. In this episode, we answer a question from Jennifer about how to take your room from 'average to amazing,' Monica's question about how to pull off a his and hers office, and Janet's question about maintaining practicality when creating a pretty room.


6 Dec 2016

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Ep. 122: designer Tom Scheerer

This week, New York based designer Tom Scheerer joins the show to talk about his background practicing architectural and interior design since 1985. Tom talks about his new book, More Decorating, and the inspiration behind the projects that display his sophisticated yet relaxed style. We also discuss incorporating more light and air into design, areas that we are okay to splurge and save, and why showering with your plants may not be the worst idea yet.What You’ll Hear on This Episode: More about Tom’s books, More Decorating, which came out in September of 2019, and Tom Scheerer Decorates, 2013. More about each of Tom’s six properties, and why each of them are special to him in their different ways. How Tom gets a strong picture in his mind early on when taking on a new project. Situations where Tom used found objects and works of art already existing inside the clients home. We pick Tom’s brain on using big sconces, communal headboards, and matching dressers to the wall art. Tom explains his own stylistic choices for his first New York apartment, and how it has differed from his other homes. How Tom picks inexpensive items, including IKEA chairs, and where he prefers to work with objects that are fine and stand the test of time. What Tom means when he says that he can sometimes like artists more than he likes work of art. Why Tom loves using tulip tables, and some ways they can elevate a space to give it a sturdy softness. The use of bold color in Tom’s Paris apartment, and ways that we can both use bold colors and have neutrals and beige work for us. Tom’s getaway Bahamian home that was featured in such publications as Architectural Digest. Mentioned In This Episode: @tomscheererMore DecoratingTom ScheererBallard Designs Wembley Chair Ikea 365 glass

1hr 8mins

7 Jan 2020

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Ep. 49: Landscape Architects Spencer Tunnell and Will McDonald

With Spring in the air, we thought we'd talk about our outdoor spaces. They're just as important as your indoor spaces, but for many of us, knowing what to do with them can be a challenge. Atlanta landscape architects Spencer Tunnell and Will McDonald of Tunnell & Tunnell Landscape Architecture stopped by to talk about when we need to call a professional, how to add a little curb appeal to your space, why non-native plants aren't a smart choice in many cases, and much more.WHAT YOU'LL HEAR ON THIS EPISODE:We talk about Curb Appeal and how it isn't so different from interior designI talk about my backyard project and the wild hair got to tear it all upKaren wants turf in her yard. We ask Spencer and Will their thoughts.Taryn asks about why and how you can choose plants that will bloom year roundWe talk about when you should hire a pro to help you and when you can do it yourselfWe talk about consultations and how a professional could help you make a master plan for your property that you could fulfill over timeTaryn talks about her experience splitting plants and her neighbor who's helped her learned what'll work in her yardWe ask Will and Spencer about their favorite plantsWe talk about goats and how you can use them to rid your yard of invasive speciesWhy it's dangerous to plant non-native plantsTaryn wants to know about all of the pine trees in her yard

1hr 26mins

24 Apr 2018

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Ep.70: Carson Kressley & Thom Filicia

This week, we are five peas in a podcast with besties and designers Carson Kressley and Thom Filicia. These hilarious gentlemen talk to us about how they met at the gym and eventually became members of the smash show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, and a sneak peek into their new show Get a Room on Bravo. They also talk about why bad taste is better than no taste, their love of using design to tell a story, and how authenticity is the number one design trend in modern day culture.What You’ll Hear on This Episode:The hilarious story on how Thom and Carson met at the gymHow they auditioned and got picked for Queer Eye, and went on to bond filming over 100 episodes togetherTheir mutual love for taking on both large budget “dream” projects, and more small affordable DIY’sThe impressive knowledge that there is a difference between draperies and curtainsThom and Carson’s tips to make a big impact with small places and smaller thingsWhy we shouldn’t be afraid to mix brands and prices in design, the same way we do with fashionMore about anchor pieces in each room, and why it’s crucial to invest in at least these itemsWhat makes their design show Get a Room unique, and how the show was developedCarson and Thom’s mission when working with people: to tell their story and bring it out in a beautiful way, and be serious about design while not taking themselves (or life) too seriouslyWhy your kitchen may be your new living room


8 Jan 2019

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Ep. 121: designer Vern Yip

Designer Vern Yip returns to the show to tell us about his new book, Vacation at Home and gives us insight into 18 special steps to create your everyday getaway inside your home. He talks about why we feel so relaxed on vacation and in luxury environments, and how we can start to foster that in our homes with a foundation that helps us live the way we want, and takes things off our “to do” list permanently. Vern also shares how he keeps his personal home so beautiful with kids and over 500 lbs of dogs, why fewer but bigger may be better, and a few suggestions for picking out a color scheme that will work best for your home. What You’ll Hear on This Episode: Vern Yip is back to talk about his new book Vacation at Home, but first, we must give a special nod to his book Design Wise that won the podcast’s award for “Best Design Book”. A special quick mindfulness practice to gain clarity on how to visualize a space that gives you that feeling of rest and regeneration. Some great ideas on decluttering, storing mail, and deciding what things should stay or go. A few of Vern’s 18 primary rules to creating a home that feels as though you are on vacation. Why we breakdown things in terms of things we love, things we need, and where exactly that thing will go. The beauty of refreshing your environment and rotating things out, even including bedroom art. What Vern means when he says “designing for a focal point” to create a view and give the eyes a rest. Yes, it’s possible to take things permanently off your to-do list. Vern explains how organic components and great planning can assist in this mission. Symmetry is your friend, and Vern shares some things you can do to implement a sense of organization and balance. Why we will never go longer than a week before washing our hand towels!! How Vern set a few easy rules and guidelines for his children to follow to keep the home neat and free of toys scattered about. Mentioned In This Episode: Vern Yip @vernyip Vacation at Home Marie Kondo Decorating Dilemma First off, wow. What a beautiful home with an amazing view. We suggest working with spacing first. You can use our Room Planning Tool to put in the dimensions of your room (and even your furniture!) and figure all of it out before you start purchasing things. After that, Vern agrees that the walls should be a lighter color than the ceiling. To create a feeling of expansion and openness. ______________________________________________________________________ Vern thinks this is a great room in terms of windows. We do think, however, that the cut out is making it less symmetrical, so just something to consider. Vern mentions that you can possibly edit your furniture and take off some of the open shelving. Second, when you decide to put window treatments, take the curtain rod all the way up and have your treatments go under the crown to the floor. This will increase the perception of volume in the room. Don’t be afraid of a contrast color, and when it comes time to choose your wall color, Vern suggests having a couple ideas up on the wall, and take down the ones you don’t like until you are left with two or three. Then, you can get sample pots and see how they perform before you make a single choice.  

1hr 26mins

31 Dec 2019

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Ep. 25 with designer Maggie Griffin

Interior designer Maggie Griffin from Gainesville, Georgia decorates spaces much like her personality, warm, happy, and with classic Southern charm. We loved touring her house and couldn't resist the opportunity to get her on the podcast. If you aren't yet following her on Instagram, then you're gonna want to start. We talk about decorating with kids, how to build a gallery wall, the deal with decorating around the TV, and other decorating 'don'ts' like ceiling fans.What You'll Hear on This Episode:Maggie shares the unique way she built up her first clientsShe talks about how she and her husband love renovating and movingShe tells us about counseling James Farmer while he was building his house, FarmdaleWe talk about how she starts a room -- either a rug or a special keepsakeMaggie's always moving things, and she shares how art is the way she keeps things freshMaggie cleverly treats all of the TVs in her home, and she shares her best tips for decorating around themWe discuss the dreaded ceiling fan -- is she for or against the ceiling fan?She tells us about redecorating her husband's bachelor pad once they got marriedShe talks about decorating her sons nurseries and how to decorate your child's bedroom with pieces that will endureHow she manages all the kids toysShe talks us through laying out a room -- where to startMaggie gives us a lesson on wallpaper and shares her favorite white paint colorWe talk about building a gallery wall

1hr 26mins

11 Jul 2017

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Ep. 38: Color 101 with Maria Killam

We've been waiting to get color expert Maria Killam on the podcast ever since we heard about her October color workshop here in Atlanta. She captivated us on day one of her workshop, and afterwards, we sat down to talk paint, color, undertones, and timeless interior design. This is an episode you won't want to miss!What You'll Hear on This Show:Maria gives us a rundown of paint undertones and why they're importantWhat makes a decor choice timelessWe talk about paint swatches, why you need big ones, and how fan decks are madeWe ask how you know which paint color to shoot for?We talk about why choosing a paint color should be an easy choiceWhat's the difference between a 'clean' versus a 'dirty' color?Why mixing your own custom color isn't necessarily the best strategyWe talk about choosing exterior paint colors and why you should approach them differentlyWe talk about choosing colors in adjacent roomsWhy the right wallpaper can totally transform outdated fixtures and finishesWhy styling and decorating can solve a ton of problems before you renovateWhy you should look to your closet when searching for color inspirationWe ask Maria what the biggest mistake is that people make when it comes to color?We talk about why it's so important to use large swatches of fixtures and finishes when you're renovating

1hr 14mins

21 Nov 2017

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Bonus Episode: Entertaining Disasters

This week we’re bringing you a bonus episode, and we’re talking entertaining! Our plan was to bring you a short extra episode with our entertaining stories — to get you in the spirit of Thanksgiving — but of course, we gabbed for over an hour. But, if you listen to the whole episode, you’ll hear our tried and true secrets, entertaining disasters, and suggestions for being a great guest. WHAT YOU'LL HEAR ON THE SHOW Karen’s Napkin Tricks: both removing stains after a dinner party and an easy ironing trick The time I lit two dinner napkins on fire Karen’s ongoing entertaining disaster — under cooking meat Karen’s worst disaster — it involves a lasagna and an old oven mit The time Taryn exploded an entire bottle of wine in a crowded restaurant Our thoughts on signature cocktails All of our best flower arranging tips — including which combination of flowers to buy My mom’s three keys to a good party — good music, good food, good people The importance of traditions during the holidays, especially food traditions How to cook one end of your tenderloin faster so you can offer both well done and rare Your requirements as a party guest — RSVPing and being festive and fun Our tips for cleaning up

1hr 8mins

23 Nov 2016

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Ep. 51 with designer Lauren DeLoach

Atlanta designer Lauren DeLoach caught our eye at the Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Southeastern Designer Showhouse, so we were super excited to have her on today’s episode. She talks with us about why she loves brown furniture, why she uses a check in almost every room, tips on how to decorate bookshelves, and family-friendly design ideas.WHAT YOU'LL HEAR ON THIS EPISODE:The room that she featured at the Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Southeastern Designer Showhouse was one of the most coveted of the dayIdeas to create a balanced and yet lived in look for built-Ins and bookshelves, and what to do when the books you actually love to read don’t fit your color schemeHow the rule of three also applies to colorHer love for using brown furniture and antiques to add layers and history to a homeThe tricks a camera plays in photoshoots, and a sneak peek of what really happens behind the scenes of a shoot Lauren’s insider recommendations for having a kid-friendly yet beautifully decorated houseThe helpful way to add a pop of color and fun with buffalo and gingham checksThe general rule of thumb to measure your rug so you aren’t living on an empty rug islandHer favorite cream paint color and which paint finishes belong on which surfaces

1hr 14mins

22 May 2018

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Ep. Bonus: designer Maggie Griffin answers dilemmas

Welcome to our special holiday bonus episode, to wrap up the year and answer all your remaining questions! Thank you so much for all the letters, inquiries, and fun over the past year and we look forward to answering even more questions in the New Year. We are joined by designer Maggie Griffin to help answer your questions, you may remember Maggie from a previous episode, and winning our special “Best Instagram To Follow” award. We answer questions from all types of dilemmas in this episode, including creating rooms that feel modern yet established, using upholstery to get more texture, how to spruce up a guest room, and tips to win when mixing contemporary with classic.Mentioned In This Episode: Ballard Designs Maggie Griffin Design@maggiegriffindesignTammy Connor The Shade RoomDecorating Dilemma Lisa. Hi Lisa! It depends more on the feel you want to create for the room, but a leather ottoman is always a great place to start. It looks great and is easy to clean. You don’t want all bold patterns in the room, so make sure you balance out all the patterns and use different colors, shapes, and designs. There is nothing better than a velvet sofa, but a silk velvet sofa is hard to take care of and prevent stains!Kerry.Kerry, you may be able to tell how excited we are about your space due to our photoshopped plan for you that was already sent back! Next, a giant piece of art over the sofa would look great, and moving the secretary hutch will help fill the room and counterbalance the built-in and the fireplace with the TV on it. We think splitting the silhouette of your four children to flank the window will add some symmetry. A beautiful gray rug would cover the carpet and make it cozier. Maggie suggests adding a chandelier, maybe something modern or funky!Becky.Thank you Becky, and wow, what a nice space! So, an 8 foot wide sofa would give you plenty of room to walk around, and a console table with some lamps behind the sofa would be lovely. A chair in the corner to the right of the fireplace would give another nook to sit and read, or just enjoy a cup of coffee.Lauren.Maggie loves wallpaper, but thinks it could be so fun to paint the room one color. It would give you a soothing look that would match your table and chairs. She would put a cushion and some pillows in the window, and a big area rug to give the room some texture. We also suggest a bigger and more modern chandelier hung 32-34 inches from the table top for more romantic light. Three chairs on each side would give great seating options but also give you ample room on the sides. Check out Ballard’s acrylic shelves, and if you want plate inspiration check out Maggie’s Instagram.Shawn.A sofa with a taller back and large side table with floor to ceiling drapery would give this beautiful historical home what it needs! We recommend a new rug and even going a little riskier with the accessories and colors you use! The name of the game here is chunky lamps and big side tables. Painting your built in is not a deal breaker, but can be really fun. Check out the Kenneth Pleated Drum Shade Chandelier!Julie.We first wanted to give some suggestions about your drapery! The rod pocket is dating it a bit, and a ring would be easier to move back and forth. Maddie mentions that adding a bamboo shade behind the bed would be easy to open and close. To find a seamstress that you love, try fabric stores, a dry cleaner, or just good old word of mouth. We do feel as though the lamps are a bit small, and a rectangular shade can look great. A mirror on either side of the window would be beautiful and reflect light. In terms of color, off white or cream would give it a clean and cozy look.

1hr 24mins

2 Jan 2020

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Ep. 77: designer Alexa Hampton

Renowned interior designer Alexa Hampton has done it all — TV, books, magazines, you name it and Alexa has been featured there. Today, she joins the show to talk about growing up with her  designer father Mark Hampton, the inspiration behind her two books, Decorating in Detail and Language of Interior Design, her recent travels for an upcoming furniture collection, and why there is no room for snobbery in design.What You’ll Hear on This Episode:What has been Alexa’s biggest challenges over the many different collections she has created and titles she juggles.Alexa’s habit of drawing on a photograph as a low tech and practical way that gave her a “Eureka” moment.Her father’s designation between a decorator and a designer.People may not realize how much they really can put in a room.Alexa’s self-described “rookie mistake” when redoing her bedroom, and the lesson learned in bouncing back after a misstep.More about Alexa’s trips to Vietnam to check out prototypes for her new furniture collection, and going to Ireland with a group from the Institute of Classical Architecture and Art.How publishing books in the world of decorating is more different than it has ever been.The point of views from her books The Language of Interior Design and Decorating in Detail.Design is no place for snobbery, and there is always more to learn, discover and see.How the fee can grow, but the markup will be scrutinized.The balance between having a trademark look, and being open to adapting based on the client’s needs.

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26 Feb 2019

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Ep. 136: organizing expert Clara Schoen

Luxury home organizing expert Clara Schoen joins the show, to talk about what it takes to be a professional organizing expert, and gives her advice on how we can best use this time to get our home tidy and streamlined. Clara also talks about how we can get our family excited and onboard for organizing, how to get through the sentimental part of throwing things away, and what products she finds the most helpful as an organization investment.What You’ll Hear On This Episode How one gets into the organizing space in the first place, and how it’s different than organizing for yourself. Why labeling things really does help you save time, and how to get your family onboard (and maybe even excited?!) about labeling. What organization products Clara feels is worth the investment, and where we can save money. Clara’s advice on organizing things that can create clutter such as junk drawer items, extra pens, and chords. Organizing can be an emotional or sentimental practice, so how to feel better about ditching things you really won’t use. How to get things looking clean and uniform, and where we spend small amounts of money to have everything looking streamlined. How Clara folds clothes, and tips for getting our closets under control and storing handbags. Great ways to organize sentimental items that the kids create, and why it’s okay to not keep everything they bring home from school. How we store and file away our important papers, so that they are easy to find and clearly labeled. Great tip: stores will load paint for you in your car, so you don’t even have to go in the store! Mentioned In This Episode:The Home Organized @thehomeorganized_Ballard Desk Organizers Decorating Dilemma:It’s all about thinking big! A 36 inch round skirted table that fits your own vibe with a big round ceramic lamp would look great. Feel free to buy larger things, like big artwork, as you have a good amount of space to fill. This will add height and presence to the room. We also bet your friend Taryn may paint something for you, if you ask nicely! Some modular seating that flow around the room could work to add more seating, and you do have the space for it.The color of the headboard depends on how much light comes in the room, and how much you want to create a little cocoon feeling in the room. We like a color called Urbane Bronze, so check it out and see if it would work for you. Also, deep purple or green would go great. Think about getting bigger lamps, with something big and exaggerated with drama and pizazz.

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7 Apr 2020

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