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Below the Ten: Life in South LA

Below the Ten: Stories of South LA is an ongoing series telling intimate stories about the people who live in the neighborhoods south of the 10 Freeway, including Watts, Jefferson Park, and Compton. The series is supported by a grant from the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation.

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After Katrina, Finding Refuge in South LA

When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans ten years ago, Cassandra Cousin got out as soon as she could and relocated to South LA. Now, she lives with her son in a house next to her church, where she's found solace. "Another reason I don't want to go back down there is because I don't want to be in another hurricane. It was just too much for me," she says. 


26 Aug 2015

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Grace of the Sea

Luis Gutierez Sanchez, who calls himself "Grace of the Sea," has been living in a garage in South LA for six years. But now he has to move. He tells his story of living as a gay undocumented immigrant in Los Angeles. Warning: This program contains explicit language and addresses adult topics and themes - including sex and drug use.


27 Aug 2015

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Local Hires

Several large developments are under construction south of the 10 Freeway, and some have initiatives to fill jobs with local, low-income workers. See how that can become a life-changing opportunity for job seekers burdened with a prison record.


13 Jan 2016

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The Long Commute

On Aug. 26, 1954, Arthur Kitt Murray climbed into the cockpit of an experimental rocket at  Edwards Air Force Base, about a hundred miles north of Los Angeles in the Antelope Valley. Murray was about to fly as close to the stars as man had ever been. At 90,000 feet above the desert, Murray looked out the window of his cockpit and became the first human to see the curvature of the earth.


20 Nov 2015

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Peddling Candy in South LA

Luis Sanchez, who dresses in drag and goes by the name Grace of the Sea, sells bacon wrapped pineapple stuffed hot dogs in Jefferson Park a couple days a week. He also sells candy out of a golden basket. 


16 Sep 2015

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