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A weekly 30 minute show about board games. Most weeks, Ryan, Brent and Nathan talk about a single game. What we like about it, what we don't, theme, audience, quality, and fun.

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MN 0040 Two Player Games

During this month of love (February 2015) we turn our hearts to two-player games. We discuss Battle Line Balloon Cup (now Pinata) Lost Cities Medici vs Strozzi GIPF TAMSK Tally Ho Nathan also laments his inability to keep up with Living Card Games and figure based games such as X-Wings. We also discuss three games that at least one of us (Ryan) considers best with 2, even if they play more.  Attika Scrabble Carcassonne


24 Feb 2015

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MN 0171 Boardgamegeek.com

We discuss the fantastic website boardgamegeek.com. This stalwart site is chocked full of resources and user-generated content fit for any style and experience level of gamer, although each person is going to use the site in different ways. We discuss ratings, rankings, reviews, geeklists, guilds, logging games owned and played, and many other features of the Geek, including forums, contests, videos, podcasts, images, and flame wars. Join the conversation!

1hr 8mins

5 Jul 2017

Rank #2

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MN 0203 Complex and Heavy Games

This week we are joined by Shane Larsen as we talk about complexity in games including talks about Puerto Rico, Through the Ages, Lorenzo Il Magnifco, and many more. Are complex games better, or just longer?


14 Feb 2018

Rank #3

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MN 0208 Gloomhaven

This week we discuss Gloomhaven, the monstrous game by Isaac Childres. Ryan, Brent, and Nathan are joined by Dennis Holliday for this podcast.


21 Mar 2018

Rank #4

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MN 0013 7 Wonders

3-7 players out of the box, 2-8 with the expansions.  45-60 minutes, ages 10 and up.


19 Aug 2014

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MN 0176 GenCon 50 Preview

Nathan, Brent and Ryan sit down to talk about games we are excited about that will be released on the next few months, including more Fable games from Friedemann Friese, a game about Einstein, gaining Sentience, news on a couple of Brandon Sanderson games, and much more. Don't forget to join us at Meeple Nation Off Air on Facebook!


9 Aug 2017

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MN 0027 Abyss

This week we review Abyss, a 2-4 player game by Bruno Cathala and Charles Chevallier. Ages 14 and up, 45-60 minutes. The artwork, by Xavier Collette, is simply stunning. Highly recommended by two of the three reviewers.


25 Nov 2014

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MN 0302 Semi-Cooperative games

This week we share our thoughts Semi-Cooperative games. We're a little loose on the definition of this mechanic a bit. Okay, maybe more than a bit. 


15 Jan 2020

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MN 0170 June 2017 News and Anecdotes

Board Game News for June 2017. We talk Pandemic Legacy: Season 2, Big Trouble in Little China, Legendary: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Battlestations: Second Edition, andCentury: Spice Road. We cover the following Apps: San Juan, Race for the Galaxy, Tsuro, Coup, and Colony Wars in the Star Realms app. Let's just say that not all apps are created equal. We're excited for Deception: Undercover Allies and Triplock on Kickstarter. And we even mention Master Detective Clue for some retro board game action.


28 Jun 2017

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MN 0167 SdJ 2017 Nominees in Depth, Part 2 - Kingdomino, Magic Maze, Race to El Dorado

This week we finish the discussion of the Spiel des Jahres 2017 nominees. We start with Kingdomino, talk about Magic Maze, and end with Race to El Dorado.


7 Jun 2017

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MN 0011 Splendor

This week we discuss Splendor, the 2014 Spiel des Jahres nominee by Marc Andre and Space Cowboys.  For 2-4 players in 30 minutes.  It is a great board game enjoyed by all three hosts.


5 Aug 2014

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MN 0163 Hidden Role Games

This we we discuss Hidden Role Games, Nathan's favorite genre. We discuss what we like about these games, including Don't Mess with Cthulhu, Battlestar Galactica, Shadows over Camelot, Burke's Gambit, Dead of Winter, and many others. What is your favorite Hidden Role Game?


10 May 2017

Rank #12

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MN 0007 Lightning Round - New Classic Card Games

We talk about the card games Mamma Mia!, Sole Mio!, Coloretto, Bohnanza, Corsari, Guillotine, and Rage! Visit us on FB at http://facebook.com/meeplenation Twitter: @meeplenation Website: http://meeplenation.com


11 Jul 2014

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MN 0306 Card Drafting Games

This week we discuss the card drafting mechanic. It was a little surprising to find non-card games in this episode, but they fit the mold. We include games with trade rows like Clank! or markets like Aeon's End and Thunderstone Quest, and also games with tiles like Azul and Kingdomino. Have a listen and share us your thought on our Facebook page Meeple Nation Off Air.


12 Feb 2020

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MN 0037 Roll for the Galaxy

In this episode we discuss the Roll for the Galaxy game, for 2-5 players in 45 minutes or less. Fun for all!


3 Feb 2015

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MN 0164 Cube Pushing, GIPF Legacy? and Pack O Games 2

Ryan Decaria regales us with a discussion of his adventures in gaming without the other hosts. He discusses Vanuatu and Tinners Trail. Brent talks the GIPF series of abstract games, which leads to a discussion of the misuse of the word Legacy. We update/correct our discussion of Charterstone, a new Legacy game coming from Stonemaier Games. Brent then talks about Pack O Games 2 from Chris Handy at Perplext.


17 May 2017

Rank #16

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MN0295 Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Christmas shopping got you geared up to buy more board games? We feel the same. We put our stocking caps on and came up with a bunch of awesome suggestions to get the gamer in your life or to gift to a home that could use a little more gaming action.


27 Nov 2019

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MN 0032 Shogun

At the request of a listener we play and review Shogun by Dirk Henn. This game is for 3-5 players and will take 2-3 hours to play. It is a game of conflict in order to determine who will gain the title of Shogun.


30 Dec 2014

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MN 0213 What Is A Hobby Game

We often hear people ask what makes a game a game. We've formed our own opinions and parroted others. Well after some reflection, and with excited and odd new games entering the market, we have come to a different conclusion. So what exactly comprises our hobby? Many many different types of games. Listen for more.


25 Apr 2018

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MN0296 Fully Cooperative Games

We talk about a bunch of cooperative games, not team, or semi-cooperative games. We are only talking fully cooperative games. Marvel Legendary, you don't count. No one winner, secret winner, secret goals, or extra score steps. We discuss Hanabi, Arkham Horror the card game, The Mind, Magic Maze, Mysterium, One key, Just one, and we mention many more.


4 Dec 2019

Rank #20