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Ann talks to those who are getting Retirement Ready and the topics range from:- setting up income streams for retirement, advice from experts, what people are getting up to in retirement, volunteering, where they are relocating to, health and happiness topics

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Episode #138: Do You Want To Be Rich And Free In Retirement?

Once you have a nest egg to invest then one question asked is do you want to be rich and free in retirement? Being rich gives you options to choose what sort of retiremnt you will enjoy. One way to get there is to know how to get ahead by investing in the stockmarket. 


8 Aug 2019

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Episode #146: How To Flip From Savings To Spending Money In Retirement

Learn how to flip from saving to spending money in retirement. Jack Phelps, Retirement Coach and Author, discusses some simple steps to boost your financial confidence. Do you want to enjoy your retirement after decades of saving? Jack has designed The Relaxing Retirement Formula to show you how.


3 Oct 2019

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Episode #145: How To Save For Retirement With Amazing Results

Sarah Holden, from the Investment Company Institute, shares how to save for retirement with amazing results. Sarah reveals why being consistent can put you ahead in the money stakes. Following some simple money rules can make a tremendous difference to your bottom line.


26 Sep 2019

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Episode 152: How To Create Money For Income After Retirement

Debbie Bloyd, a Mortgage Broker Specialist, explains how to create money for income after retirement. When you are out of options for having income to live on then it may make sense to learn how to use reverse mortgages to help your retirement. 


14 Nov 2019

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Episode #137: How To Get The Most Out Of Retirement

Bernard Kelly from Enterprise Chamber Australia chats about how to get the most out of retirement. We all have a different view of retirement with the retirement question being very daunting for some.  Bernard poses the question what is retirement and how to get there? Still being productive and helpful is Bernard's way to enjoying and prolonging his retirement. 


1 Aug 2019

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Episode #140: How To Have An Important Relationship With Your Money

How to have an important relationship with your money. Learn from Anna Sergunina, Certified Financial Planner, President & CEO of MainStreet Financial Planning Inc,  shares some secrets to determine if you are on track for a worry free retirement by reaching that financial independence day?


22 Aug 2019

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Episode #112: Why Smart Women Love To Invest Money For Financial Security

Alice Finn, from Powerhouse Assets, explains why smart women love to invest money for financial security. Money is not a goal in itself but a means to give you opportunity and choices says Finn. Drawing on more than 20 years of experience as a successful wealth management advisor, Finn shares proven strategies for women at all stages. Learn her five life-changing investing rules in her book, Smart Women Love Money. 


7 Feb 2019

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Episode #120: Cashflow Is King If You Want To Enjoy A Happy Life

It is true now as it has been for years that cashflow is king if you want to enjoy a happy life in retirement. Jason Parker, the best-selling author of Sound Retirement Planning and host of Sound Retirement Radio, has the tools and advice to make that money last. 


4 Apr 2019

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Episode #115: Humour And Aging And How It Transforms You

Gail Forrest looks at humour and aging and how it transforms you. Wouldn't you all like to know how to keep your wits about you in old age? Having the best attitude to life wil help keep you young according to Gail.


28 Feb 2019

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Episode #113: How To Spice Up Your Retirement With Adventure

Your host, Ann E Nelson, has a look at how to spice up your retirement with adventure. Baby boomers are the single biggest generation ever. They are getting up to stuff. They are not retiring they are refiring. Once we get past 50 our outlook on life changes. We are looking down the barrel of a much longer retirement on average then the generations before us. So how are baby boomers filling their time?


14 Feb 2019

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Episode #123: The Obstacles To Retirement And How To Overcome Them

Tom Harrison, author and retiree, talks about the obstacles to retirement and how to overcome them. Some unprepared retirees get to a low point when fear and desperation can turn into a great motivator. Tom outlines his findings and key points to show you how to have a successful retirement by utilizing your time wisely.


25 Apr 2019

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