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Mighty Marvel Geeks, the show about all things MARVEL, is a weekly talk show broadcast live on Sorcerer Radio. This podcast delivers highlights of the radio show with hosts, Mike Ehmcke, Eric Allen and Kylan Toles. Topics include: Comics, games, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (TV/Film), celebrity interviews, pop-culture convention coverage, Disney Parks Marvel Attractions, Marvel Animation, Marvel

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Mighty Marvel Geeks 275: Field Agent Debrief, 2019 Year End Wrap

It’s the end of the year and the Intrepid Trio is bringing it! We want to take this opportunity to thank you for sticking with us and we’re looking forward to going bigger and better in 2020. We have seen the end of the first major story arc in the MCU, the coming of Disney+, […]


26 Dec 2019

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Mighty Marvel Geeks 254: Asgardian Chaos, Midgardian Squirrel

The Intrepid Trio is back and all accounted for and we have news from the late breaking to last trailers. This week proved to be heavier than we’d expected, but we’re more than u to the mission of breaking it down for you! Kick back and enjoy!! Intel Debrief Marvel reveals their latest comic event […]


13 Jun 2019

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Mighty Marvel Geeks 269: The Big Up Yours

There is SO MUCH in this issue…so much!! The Intrepid Trio is back in full force and we’re talking nothin but Marvel!! We have job changes and added duties, cast announcements, Lawsuits, and a surprise movie announcement! Sounds like enough?l You’re gonna have to loosen your belt after this one! Intel Debrief Kevin Feige gets […]


20 Oct 2019

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Mighty Marvel Geeks 249: Fire & Helstrom

The Spoiler Ban is still on, so the Intrepid Trio can’t discuss what we want to discuss, just yet. But that’s ok because there is some major news that needs out attention. For starters, Mike is going to watch Avengers: Endgame in a 4DX theater, he’ll explain what that means. We also have some major news about […]


7 May 2019

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Mighty Marvel Geeks 244: What If X-Men Join The MCU

Hey, Marvel fans!! As you already know, this was a big week for Disney and, by extension for Marvel! That means a lot of changes and even more coming. Luckily, the Intrepid Trio is present to delve into the many layers and see what it could all mean for us! Intel Debrief Mike opens the […]


26 Mar 2019

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Mighty Marvel Geeks 204: Infinite Wait For Cameron

After a week off the Intrepid Trio, minus one, is back to hit you with a full dose of Marvel news.  This week issue seems to be filled with movie news, so buckle up and prepare for the download! Intel Debrief Avenger’s; Infinity War spoiler free review What about Adam Warlock? James Cameron’s Sour Grapes Is Nova […]


29 Apr 2018

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Mighty Marvel Geeks 205.1: Infinite Picks

Soooo…the issue ran long and you know what that means…A BACKSTORY ISSUE FOR P.O.W.!! We run a little loose with this and talk some non Marvel stuff, but it is still, mostly, Marvel stuff..listen and you’ll see what we mean. Intel Debief -P.O.W.(Picks Of the Week) -Marvel Unlimited P.O.W.


6 May 2018

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Mighty Marvel Geeks 235 Honesty, Transparency, Easy

Hello and Happy New Year from the Intrepid Trio! After too much food and a bit of rest we are back, locked, loaded and ready to hit you with an MMG issue filled with the Marvel news that you crave! Intel Debrief What does Audi and Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame have in common? What about the […]


15 Jan 2019

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Mighty Marvel Geek 188: War Of Infinity

With Eric and Kylan absent, Mike is joined by We Be Geeks, Wookiee Radio, Keepers of the Fringe and The New England Society of Geeks host, Derrick. A lot of Avengers talk happened. Mission Debrief Avengers: Infinity War trailer Deaths in Avengers 4 Disney/Fox back at the tables? Marvel Editor-In-Chief wrote under a pen name […]


7 Dec 2017

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Mighty Marvel Geeks 214: Iron Fist Go Boom

It’s the Geek Christmas/New Year with SDCC just kicking up and your Intrepid Trio is here with the news of the week and a tidbit from San Diego for you! Just kick back and enjoy as we fill your earholes with all of the Mighty Marvel Goodness!! Intel Debrief SDCC Surprise!! Actors double dipping Tom Holland spills […]


23 Jul 2018

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Mighty Marvel Geeks 260: Except For That Day In The Park

The Intrepid Trio is all present and accounted for in this epic issue! We’re talking San Diego Comic Con and the Mighty Marvel News to come out of it! To be honest, Out eyes were bigger than the time we had, so we were bare able to even scratch the surface! But, what we discuss, […]


5 Aug 2019

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Mighty Marvel Geeks 271: MCU Chat With Aaron Conley

While Kylan is on assignment with Alpha Flight (not sure who is training who), Eric and Mike are joined by Aaron Conley, artist of Bully Wars. The guys chat with him about his influences, how he got started with Marvel and more. Then they have a great time chating MCU.

1hr 7mins

3 Nov 2019

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Mighty Marvel Geeks 267: Kevin Feige Goes Cosmic

Soooo…This week the news was kinda light. But, your Intrepid Trio also found the stories to be very discussion worthy! We go in deep with the possibility of Kevin Feige making the move to Star Wars/Lucasfilm. We go from what does that mean for all of the MCU to what that could mean for the […]


30 Sep 2019

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Mighty Marvel Geeks 242: Range Closed, No Review Bombing Today

Hey everybody! The Intrepid Trio is all present, but some technical issues have hindered Eric so he is present for color commentary. It is perfect because there is LOTS of discussion in this issue. From Rotten Tomatoes to AoS Season 7, there’ a lot to be said! Intel Debrief Rotten Tomatoes makes changes to address […]


3 Mar 2019

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Mighty Marvel Geeks 232.1 Locke & Loaded

This is another rare, yet fun .1 Issue. We kick it off talking about that phenomenal Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame trailer and everything that was shown…and some of what was not shown! It is safe to say that we are all excited for it and what it will mean for the MCU after this.   P.O.W.(Picks […]


20 Dec 2018

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Mighty Marvel Geeks 233 2018 Non Awards

It is late December and you know what that means? It is time for the Mighty Marvel Geeks Non-Awards. We have Field Agents Bart and Derrick with us, ready to discuss the nominees and the winners. So, sit back, relax, and be surprised at some of the winners…or not! Intel Debrief C’mon, it’s an awards […]


23 Dec 2018

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Mighty Marvel Geeks 285: Off The Rails

Well, Agents, this one stated off the rails and pretty much stayed that way…but isn’t that how we like it? We start off by fan casting Morgan Freeman (which pops up a few times this ish) and get wild and loose from there. But, we still deliver ALL of that Marvel news that you love […]

1hr 1min

25 Mar 2020

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Mighty Marvel Geeks 202: It’s All About The Spiderverse

It’s the Intrepid Trio minus one one this week. Agent Eric is away on a special assignment, so the lair is being staffed by mike and Kylan. But, don’t you fret! There’s plenty of news and discussion to be had! This issue covers it all from the MCU to your gaming console! Just take a […]


10 Apr 2018

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Mighty Marvel Geeks 194: Marvel’s Grand Pubah

Hey everybody! It’s a week chocked full of Marvel news and the Intrepid Trio is here to give it to you the only way we can!! From the possible merger and mutants to our favorite Agents on hiatus, we have it here for you!! Intel Debrief What does the merger mean for the X-Men in […]


4 Feb 2018

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