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On How I Built It, you’ll get insight from tech savvy small business owners and developers on how they built their products, from idea to execution. You'll get actionable advice to leverage tech and help your business grow.

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Anton Kraly and a Drop Ship Business

Anton Kraly is the founder of Drop Ship Lifestyle and has an incredibly story of how he got to where he is today. I'm grateful for Anton's time and for sharing both his story, and his tips on how we can get into drop shipping. … Anton Kraly and a Drop Ship BusinessRead More »

22 Jan 2019

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Jen Jamar and Marketing

Jen Jamar is a marketing strategist who currently works for Modern Tribe. Jen really knows her stuff, which I loved because I learned a ton. And the best part? We talk about a strategy for marketing that won’t cost you thousands of dollars in Facebook Ads! In this episode we cover all sorts of stuff like Field of Dreams marketing, how to properly connect with people, and establishing your authority online.Show Notes Jen Jamar Jen on Twitter Modern Tribe Rebecca Gill & DIY SEO Courses Freemius ROI of WordCamps

27 Mar 2018

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Episode 31: Ty Fujimura & Building Client Relationships

In this episode, Ty and I discuss a few great topics! His company, Cantilever, focuses on strong client relationships that elicit enough trust to try cool, experimental projects, like what they did with Rustic Pathways. We talk about integrating the REST API in an interesting way, the importance of communicating with clients, and why trying a project as "just a project" might not be the best way to grow your business.Show Notes Ty Fujimura Cantilever Rustic Pathways WordPress REST API

11 Apr 2017

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Kirsten Bunch and Changing Careers

Over the last 2 weeks, we discussed mental and physical health as it relates to freelancing and self-employment. To round out this trilogy of overall happiness in your career, I’m talking to Kirsten Bunch, who is a reinvention coach. She helps those folks who are mid-career but need a change. She offers some fantastic advice on how to determine if you’re ready for a chance, and the steps you should talk in order to figure out what to do for your next career move. … Kirsten Bunch and Changing CareersRead More »

23 Jul 2019

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Sam Brodie & Selling Your Business

Before Sam Brodie founded OffSprout, he successfully sold a niched business that focused on websites for lawyers. Sam generously shares his advice and experience with us, from niching down to how to properly keep your books. There's tons of great advice in this episode, so make sure to listen to the whole thing! … Sam Brodie & Selling Your BusinessRead More »

2 Apr 2019

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Season 6 Wrap Up (Bonus Episode!)

We got lots of great advice over the course of Season 6. Over the course of about 10 minutes, we're going to distill all of that advice into 3 overarching themes. Take a listen to find out what they are. Here are the best trade secrets of 2019. … Season 6 Wrap Up (Bonus Episode!)Read More »

24 Jun 2019

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Episode 58: Jeff Large & Podcasting for Your Brand

Jeff and I talk about one of my favorite topics: podcasting. Jeff is a professional podcaster; he does it for other brands, so he doesn't just have his own. He is hired to help people set up their own podcasts. Whether it be to promote their brand or other things that you could do with your podcast that don't necessarily make direct sponsor money. We also geek out about hardware and stuff like that too, so it's really really fun episode.Show Notes Jeff Large Come Alive Creative 9 Ways to Determine ROI of Your Podcast The Absolute Beginners Guide to Podcasting: Equipment Bonus episode with Jeff on Patreon

7 Nov 2017

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Jennifer Bourn and Profitable Project Plan

Jennifer Bourn is the founder of Bourn Creative and creator of the Profitable Project Plan. She's also a freelancer who’s doing it right. She has worked out the perfect system to get and manage client projects; in this episode we're going to talk all about how she built it.Show Notes Jennifer Bourn Profitable Project Plan Bourn Creative Jen's A/V Setup Blair Williams and MemberPress Episode 18: Pippin Williamson & Restrict Content Pro Delightful Downloads Zoom Webinars InfusionSoft Rev Volt Heated Slippers

24 Jul 2018

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Episode 16: Jackie D’Elia & What We Learned Podcasting, Part 1

It's the end of Season 1! In this 2-part episode, Jackie and I cover everything we've learned while starting a new podcast. In this part (part 1), we go over the ideas for each podcast, some early trial and error, pre- and post-production, tricks of the trade, and more.Show Notes Jackie D'Elia Rethink.fm Audacity Fiverr My Podcast Gear Rode Podcaster Mic | Bundle eCam Libsyn Camtasia Screenflow

6 Dec 2016

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Susan Goebel and Bringing Drugs to Market

It takes the right combination of bioscience knowledge, marketing intelligence, lead generation strategies, operational insight, product R&D expertise, and personal drive to fuel the business development of any life science firm. For almost 2 decades, Susan Goebel has been leveraging these core trails to deliver multi-million-dollar revenue generating initiatives with global reach. Now Susan has turned her focus to supporting others in their ventures into bioscience businesses. From helping doctors bring new medical solutions to market, to connecting investors and inventors, Susan helps shape the future of health, wellness and bioscience. … Susan Goebel and Bringing Drugs to MarketRead More »

11 Jun 2019

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Brad Williams & Client Relationships

Brad Williams of WebDevStudios knows a thing or two about client relationships. In this episode, We start at the beginning with finding a client, the proposal process, and touch on things like having a Discovery phase. It puts a nice cap of what we've been talking about for the last 3 weeks - the importance of building relationships.Show Notes Brad Williams Brad on Twitter WebDevStudios Lunch with Brad How Much does a Website Cost? Check out Brad's bonus episode on Patreon

3 Apr 2018

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Episode 48: Andy Wilkerson & Theme Developer, Part 1

Andy Wilkerson is a theme developer and theme shop owner that made a name for himself on Theme Forest. Now he's working on all sorts of projects, not just for themes, but for podcasts and more! In this 2-parter, he and I talk about his story and general theme development. This episode, Part 1, focuses primarily on how he built his business.Show Notes Andy Wilkerson Parallelus UpThemes Theme Forest Google Trends WordPress.org Jade Grunt Episode 10: Beaver Builder Runway Underscores Creating a WordPress Theme Joe's WordPress Theming Course

29 Aug 2017

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Episode 50: Mike Rohde and Sketchnotes

Mike Rohde is a designer and founder of the Sketchnotes Army! He's also a twice-published author and Green Bay Packers fan. In this episode, we talk about how he came up with sketchnotes, why it helps with retention, getting published, and tons more!Show Notes Mike Rohde Mike on Twitter Sketchnotes The Pen is Mightier than the Keyboard

12 Sep 2017

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Episode 35: Diane Kinney & Writing an eBook

Diane Kinney is a WordPress Developer, Designer, and Marketer. And soon, she'll be adding author to that biographical line. She and Carrie Dils are working on a book called Real World Freelancing that talks all about what it really takes to be a freelancer. In this episode, she and I talk all about the writing process, decisions for self-publishing, and more.Show Notes Diane Kinney Diane on Twitter Real World Freelancing Carrie Dils on How I Built It

9 May 2017

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Patrick Rauland and Building a WooCommerce Shop

Patrick Rauland is a WooCommerce expert who joins us today to talk through everything you need to think about when setting up an e-commerce site. So this is less asking, “how did you build that,” and more, “how would you build that?” It’s a great conversation and Patrick offers some great advice and insights when making an online store, especially with WooCommerce. We discuss building trust, content marketing, conversion rates, and more.Show Notes Patrick Rauland WooCommerce Let's Encrypt Stripe Mailchimp Convert Kit WP Engine Liquid Web Managed WooCommerce Hosting WP101's WooCommerce Quick Start Guide Product Lighting Box Storefront Premium Themes by StudioPress Lift Off Summit Content for How I Built It Listeners

30 Jan 2018

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Lindsay Halsey and Pathfinder SEO

Closing out this miniseries on SEO is Lindsay Halsey. She’s the co-founder of Pathfinder SEO and in this episode we talk about how her product basically combines a lot of what we talks about over the past month – automated tools and stats, with a coaching component that can really help you up your SEO game for you or your clients. She has a really great analogy for it that I don’t want to spoil!Show Notes Lindsay Pathfinder SEO WebShine Zeek Interactive Landing Page School PodcastBe sure to check out the new shop: https://howibuilt.it/shop/ and the Facebook Group

11 Sep 2018

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Tessa Kreisel and Teaching Development

Tessa Kriesel is a developer, community advocate, and educator. In this episode we get into our approaches to teaching, why it’s important, and the importance of giving opportunities to underserved areas and groups. We also discuss our “aha” moments – that time where programming suddenly clicked for us.Show Notes Tessa Kriesel Pantheon Outspoken Women Coders of Tomorrow Coder Dojo CodePen W3Schools Josh Koenig and Pantheon

31 Jul 2018

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Mike McDerment and FreshBooks

Mike McDerment is the founder of the incredibly popular accounting software FreshBooks. His story is an interesting one - where he started with an MVP and then built it up from there. His journey relatable, and I'm really excited to talk to him today. … Mike McDerment and FreshBooksRead More »

12 Feb 2019

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Sara Dunn and Niching Down

Continuing our series on How You Build a Business, today I get to talk to Sara Dunn about niching down. She’s been pretty public with her process, starting a YouTube channel to discuss her decision making. I loved chatting with her about this because it can be tough and scary to decide to limit your potential client pool, but I think Sara is doing it the right way.Show Notes Sara Dunn Sara on Twitter | Instagram Sara's YouTube Channel Sara Does SEO Sara on Office Hours Rebeca Gil StudioPress Check out our Patreon!

6 Mar 2018

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Episode 37: Michael Sacca & Crew/Unsplash

We close out Season 2 talking to Michael Sacca of Crew and Unsplash. Crew has since been acquired by Dribbble, but the story of how they got to where they are is great! We discuss startups, finding the right balance, and how a simple side project can be the thing that changes your main business.  It's a great way to end Season 2, so  have a listen!Show Notes Crew Unsplash Michael Sacca Rocketship.fm

23 May 2017

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