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Training Christians to Teach & Defend Biblical Truth……So that The next generation can be trained to stand firm on biblical truth and defend their faith.

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#3 Objections to 6 days

#3 Objections to 6 days Answering biblical objections to a literal six day creation When I ask many Christians why they believe the earth is old very seldom do they start with the Bible. Instead their initial answer is based on the scientific evidence. In other words, their understanding of science has a higher authority … Continue reading


18 Sep 2013

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Critical Thinking Examining Their words

In this video Mike shows how to use critical thinking methods to analyze statements made by evolutionists. Mike reveals four different types of words to look for in books and conversations: 1. Magic words 2. Fuzzy words 3. Red-flag words 4. Logical fallacies


31 Dec 2015

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#06 Genesis Flood Part 3 Geology

Does the Fossil Record Really Support Evolution? We often hear that the fossil record proves evolution. For decades students have been taught a continual progression of evolution in the geologic column. The marine fossils appear on the bottom, then the fish, then amphibians, reptiles, and mammals, with man on the top. The column is presented … Continue reading


29 Oct 2013

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Genesis and End Times -Part 2

In part 2 of Genesis and End Times, Mike goes through the final three topics: 1. Tools for understanding language in the Bible 2. An incredible beginning 3. An incredible ending Mike continues with the theme, “Paradise Created, Paradise Lost, Paradise Restored and it all Points to Jesus Christ”. Mike shows that without a proper … Continue reading


28 May 2014

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The Bible: the First Three Chapters

In this session Mike gives 20 important teachings in the first three chapters of Genesis that are critical to understanding the rest of the Bible. Some of these include: • Who God is (His Character) • The foundation for a Christian worldview • Why we call Him Lord • The beginning of the universe (space, … Continue reading


8 Jul 2014

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#05 Genesis Flood Part 2 Geology

The Evolution worldview requires long ages for all the physical processes and structures to form around the earth such as large canyons, sedimentation and mountains. But do all these really require long ages? In this talk we will examine geologic evidences that demonstrate long ages are not necessary for what we observe today. Some of … Continue reading


22 Oct 2013

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Christian Education

In this session about Christian education Mike discusses five topics: 1. What is Christian Education? 2. The Bible and education 3. The first step in teaching a class 4. Educating for success 5. A challenge to teachers, the church and parents


16 Jun 2014

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Dinosaur to Bird Evolution

Did dinosaurs really evolve into birds as many evolutionists claim? In this session Mike examines the real evidence and clearly shows that that: 1. There is no observational evidence to support the claim dinosaurs evolved into birds. 2. Evolutionists commonly resort to artistic drawings in textbooks rather than real evidence. 3. Evolutionists have produced a … Continue reading


9 Jun 2014

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Why the Bible is True

Why should we believe the Bible is the true Word of God and not other religious books? In this session Mike provides five powerful reasons why the Bible is the only true Word of God. 1. Is there any difference between religions? 2. Who wrote the Bible? 3. Which religious book agrees with reality? 4. … Continue reading


18 Aug 2014

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Disarming Darwinian Evolution

In this session Mike examines the mechanisms for Darwinian evolution: mutations and natural selection. According to Charles Darwin, and many believing in evolution today, mutations are the source of new information. However, this has never been observed. Likewise, natural selection does not add anything new. It can only select from the already existing information. … Continue reading


28 Apr 2014

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Carbon 14 Dating – Pt1

Our topic for today is a semi-technical topic – Carbon 14 Dating. Scientists use a technique called Radiometric Dating to estimate the age of rocks and fossils. In this episode Mike is going to focus on one form of Radiometric Dating called Carbon 14. Sometimes it referred to as Radio Carbon or C14. Carbon 14 … Continue reading


1 Feb 2017

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Buddy Davis, a real dinosaur man Pt1

An Interview with Buddy Davis, a real dinosaur man Who is Buddy Davis? • An adventurer • Dinosaur explorer and sculpture • Speaker and evangelist for the Gospel of Jesus Christ • Song Writer and singer • Loved by thousands of children In this session Buddy answers many questions about dinosaurs: • Why are dinosaurs … Continue reading


5 Nov 2013

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Interview with a former Mormon

In this session Roger Patterson, a former Mormon, answers some questions about what he was taught as a Mormon. Is Mormonism similar to Christianity? According to the Mormon faith, who goes to heaven? What books do Mormons use and where did they come from? Do Mormons believe in many gods? Do Mormons believe in the … Continue reading


11 Aug 2014

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Why the Fossil Record Does Not Support Evolution

Mike Riddle is talking about Evolution and the Fossil Record. Is the evidence really daunting in support for Evolution? Let’s find out!


17 Oct 2016

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Mike Riddle Interviews Dr. Jobe Martin -Part 1

Dr. Martin (Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution) discusses his gradual change from evolutionist, to theistic evolutionist, to 6-day creationist. Dr. Martin also presents some more details about incredible creatures that defy evolution. These include the: • Nudibranch • Crimson Worm • Baboon • Gibbon • Aye Aye


12 May 2014

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Is the age of the earth an important issue for Christians?

There is a heated battle within the church about the age of the earth. Does it really matter if it is old or young? Is the age of the earth an important issue for Christians? Watch this 6-minute video and find out the answer.


15 Apr 2016

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Apologetics 1, Mike answers three challenges

In this first lesson on apologetics Mike answers three challenges. What is apologetics and why is it important for all Christians to learn and practice apologetics? Three Scriptures are given that mandate all Christians to be able to defend their faith (1 Peter 3:15; Jude 3; 2 Corinthians 10:4-5)  Who did Cain marry? How could … Continue reading


18 Nov 2013

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Buddy Davis, a real dinosaur man Pt2

In this second interview with Buddy Davis (Creation speaker, singer, songwriter and explorer) Buddy describes the complexity of the woodpecker and the bombardier beetle and how each shows purposeful design by a Creator. Buddy also continues by answering more questions about dinosaurs. • What color were dinosaurs? • Were dinosaurs on Noah’s Ark? • What … Continue reading


6 Nov 2013

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10 Great Mistakes by Evolutionists

Today Mike is talking about “10 Great Mistakes” made by Evolutionists. Below is a list of the mistakes Mike highlights in today’s program.     The Piltdown Man    Nebraska Man    The Coelacanth Fish    Junk DNA    Vestigial Organs    Archaeal Raptor    The Miller Experiment    The Origin of Stars    Human DNA is only 2% different than Chimps    Rejection of … Continue reading


27 Feb 2017

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20 Mistakes of Evolution: 1-10

Mike is in beginning a series on 20 Mistakes of Evolution. Today he covers mistakes one through ten. Piltdown Man Nebraska Man Coelacanth fish Junk DNA Vestigial Organs The Flying Dinosaur: The Archaeal Raptor The Miller experiment Origin of Stars Relation of Humans and Chimps Rejection of the Truth


12 Apr 2017

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