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Top 5: Movies

This week Dan, Chloe and Ben discuss another top 5. This time we delve into our favourite movies of all time!

1hr 17mins

31 Jan 2012

Rank #1

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Top 5: Video Games of 2011

On this weeks podcast Ben, Chloe and Dan run down their top 5 video games of 2011 as well as discussing the year in television and movies.

1hr 41mins

22 Jan 2012

Rank #2

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#4 Lily

On this week’s podcast there is Ben, Dan and Chloe. They talk about grammar, The Fades, The BBC, Batman Arkham City, Dan’s death, Formula 1, Chloe’s wall, Glee, Lord or the Rinds and the Hobbit.

1hr 16mins

11 Oct 2011

Rank #3

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#3 Madness

On this weeks Podcast there is up to 9 people at once talking and because there's so much going on that's its impossible to understand what everybody said.


30 Aug 2011

Rank #4

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#1 The Primary Function

This is the first podcast with all the original crew. Ben, Dan, Rob and Matt.On this podcast they talk about Movies, E3, trailers, Halo, Kinect and more games.

1hr 31mins

31 Jul 2011

Rank #5

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#2 We Can't Talk About That

We have done quite a few pre-podcasts in the past to get a hang of making a good enough and now we think we got it.On this podcast it's Ben, Dan and Kathie and they are manly talking about moives but it does go a bit of track here and there.


20 Jul 2011

Rank #6