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The Garden Log is an award winning podcast from Ben Dark, Head Gardener at an English country estate. Episodes begin with a review of events in the flowerbeds, meadows and woodland, before moving on to discuss horticultural matters more generally.Ben is an ever-curious host who does not take himself, his job or gardening too seriously. A half-hour spent in his company is a half-hour spent far away from the myriad concerns of modern life.

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Episode 3: Flagging hostas, friendly beetles and appreciating the everyday green

This week focuses on mellow autumn tasks. I discuss moments of horticultural wonder and how give some tips on helping fruit trees 'capture' their space.


18 Oct 2017

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#69 Hot tea and rainclouds: a week in an English garden

Head Gardener Ben Dark considers the dock, rejects time travel, splits bananas and plants cyclamen


23 Oct 2019

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#21 How to pot dahlias, protect your orchard roses and generally be a much better gardener

In this episode we learn the arcane arts of the dahlia fancier, build a wall around the Malvern Hills and sow seeds of coming summer's army.  No podcast has muddier boots


14 Mar 2018

Rank #3

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#33 Hot rocks, head gardeners and hydrangea vines

In this hot episode of Britain's favourite horticultural podcast we labour in desperate pursuit of beauty. Also, tips on how to NOT boil your plants, which bacopa is not worth the seed price and staying safe with cycads. Have fun gardeners! 


13 Jul 2018

Rank #4

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#77 How to argue about tulips, judge front gardens and appreciate euphorbia

In this locked-down edition of the Garden Log Ben takes a horticultural stroll, makes a case for blowsy tulips and reconsiders the London amelanchier. Soothing noises for troubled times thegardenlogpodcast@gmail.com bendark.com


9 Apr 2020

Rank #5

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#20 The Beast from the East

In which I talk about sweet peas, fall off my bicycle and get snowed on.


7 Mar 2018

Rank #6

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#55 How to take risks, unwrap ferns and apply for gardening’s most prestigious job

Welcome to Episode 55 of the garden log in which we shunt bulbs, buy trees and gossip about UK horticulture. Feel free to email me about plants you have known: thegardenlogpodcast@gmail.com The National Trust’s Sissinghurst video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cbm14Q-teLo&feature=youtu.be


20 Mar 2019

Rank #7

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#67 Three-thousand true blue pansies, playing with epimedium and finding the right path for candelabra primulas: A gardening podcast

In this sun-kissed episode of the garden log we mix bedding plants with grasses, plant up an ancient stone trough and slander Edwardian sailors. A podcast for people who like gardens and the people who garden them.


24 Sep 2019

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#27 Globe flowers, half-eaten hydrangeas and planning a cut-flower garden

Tonight I’m gonna garden like its 1979. We take a nostalgic tour of that decade's eccentric gardens and root up some tree stumps with a big digger


10 May 2018

Rank #9

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#56 Potting lemons, splitting day lilies, paranoia, drunkenness and burning down the Hyde Park Pagoda

In this Episode of the Garden Log Ben talks tulips, talks with two lips, walks with two hips, speaks of new tips and cuts the grass. Also, optical illusions for lawnmowers, the family Ranunculacea and seasonal weeding. thegardenlogpodcast@gmail.com


11 Apr 2019

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#74 Training figs, burying barns under clematis montana, and cutting back hybrid hellebores: A gardening podcast

In this January episode of The Garden Log Ben ties in fruit trees, makes a bet on a daffodil and rescues some asters from a heap of dumped clay. Also, musings on the season to come, general plant chat and very nice sunrise. All this and more on England’s finest horticultural podcast!


31 Jan 2020

Rank #11

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#78 Creative weeding, lily beetles and impossibly clashing shades of tulip

In this episode of the Garden Log Ben returns after three weeks in lockdown to find the grounds more beautiful than ever. Also: aphids, cleomes and the hart’s tongue fern. https://ko-fi.com/bendark


28 Apr 2020

Rank #12

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#66 The trouble with dahlias, meadow mowing and stylish underplanting for the stylish gardener

In this episode of the Garden Log we scythe the last sweet grass of summer, spread fine mulch and sings a cricket’s song. As mentioned on the podcast, to see me at the landscape show register here: http://www.landscapeshow.co.uk/register


4 Sep 2019

Rank #13

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#46 Tasteful jackets for tender plants - distasteful cocktails for dissolute gardeners

In blazing autumn Ben plants an eccentric new foliage garden and worries if he has made a huge mistake. Also, massed ranks of hellebores, planting a hula-hedge and how to wrap your tree fern.


9 Nov 2018

Rank #14

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#61 Spent delphiniums, silver ragwort and prehistoric planting: A gardening podcast

In this episode of the Garden Log Ben cuts back the mint in preparation for mojito season, erects a rhomboid arch and talks extensively about stinging nettles. Enjoy!


2 Jul 2019

Rank #15

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#19 Designing with bulbous bedding, pricking out and dividing deciduous ferns

In this episode we talk out pricking out, split a male fern, prepare for artic blasts and admire a mushroom cloud of hazel. Its just bursting with info-microbes!


28 Feb 2018

Rank #16

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#36 Scything meadows, cutting dahlias and battling Cthulhu weed

This hottest day of the year coincides with the wildflower orchard's annual hay cut. I harvest dahlias for garish, smile-inducing vases of midsummer joy and we discuss whether its possible to imbue certain flower beds with a profound aura of cosmic dread.  All in a weeks work on The Garden Log!


2 Aug 2018

Rank #17

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Decorative grass, Edwardian fuss and sun-bright pots of summer zinnia

In this episode we go garish for a garden fiesta, learn how to use ornamental grass to soften harsh borders and go scrumping for black mulberries. All this and more in the latest episode of Britain’s most addictive gardening podcast.


28 Jul 2018

Rank #18

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#75 How to select hardy geraniums, fake the wild look and survive two storms in a week

In this blustery episode of the Garden Log Ben and the team carry out some subterranean demolition, find a tree corpse, and plant 458 herbaceous perennials


19 Feb 2020

Rank #19

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#63 Poppies, roses, wood sorrels and willow herbs: A gardening podcast

Weeds take centre stage in high summer as Ben turns farmers wife and chops off their roots with a carving knife. Thegardenlogpodcast@gmail.com


18 Jul 2019

Rank #20