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Do you struggle with frustration, anxiety, and self-doubt? You are not alone! Learn how your personality weaknesses can become strengths and go from surviving to thriving. I'm here to help you navigate the overwhelm of life through faith, Enneagram, and simple plans.

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From Blacktop to Dirt Road | A conversation with Lauren Eberspacher

Join us for a rich conversation about making life-changing decisions, farm living, empowering women and lots of things in-between.Follow Amy at https://www.instagram.com/simplywholehearted/


29 Jun 2017

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A Simply Wholehearted Project | 21 Day Challenge with Amy Wicks and Ashley Pittman

This week's podcast is with my fun and lovely co-host, Ashley Pittman. You can find her musings and writings here and learn more about her as we talk about the 21 Day Challenge we are sharing.  Our 21 Day Challenge was inspired by a story of a husband who filled a journal, for his wife, of 365 ways he loved and appreciated her. We've turned this idea to help with the greatest, current need in our life and we hope you'll join us in this experiment. So, after you listen to this encouraging interview be sure to print off these helpful writing prompts about the 21 Day Challenge here. Tape it up or put it in your journal to help encourage you to write or say those affirmations the next few weeks. We will be doing the same!Connect with Ashley at Brazen JoyConnect with Amy at SimplySummer on https://www.instagram.com/simplywholehearted/or find more ideas at Simply Summer FunFollow Amy's daily postings for the 21 Day Challenge on Instagram #simplywholehearted or follow Amy R. Wicks on InstagramShare this episode and let's us know what you enjoyed best after you leave us a five star rating on iTunes!A HUGE thank you to the multi-talented Andrew Wray for our catchy tune and everything sound related, which made this podcast possible. 


3 Apr 2017

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Redirect Your Inner Voice and Redirect Your Life Course | a conversation with Sheila Qualls

It's time to unpack the lies we've begun to believe. Redirect our thoughts. And find freedom where we've been stuck.


24 Apr 2017

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It's an Epic Story | a conversation with Megan Fate Marshman

I know you'll agree with me, her passion is contagious!Follow Amy at https://www.instagram.com/simplywholehearted/


19 Sep 2018

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Keeping the Peace | Beth McCord Enneagram Type 9

Unity and harmony are possible in all our relationships.Follow Amy at https://www.instagram.com/simplywholehearted/


8 Aug 2019

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The Price of Freedom | a conversation with Kelli Campbell

Honor Their Sacrifice.  Educate Their Legacy.Follow Amy at https://www.instagram.com/simplywholehearted/

1hr 13mins

23 May 2018

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The Beauty of Hiddenness | a conversation with Sara Hagerty

What if our hiddenness is a gift?Follow Amy at https://www.instagram.com/simplywholehearted/


17 Apr 2019

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No Fail Love | a conversation with Kristen Clark & Bethany Beal

Texas sisters on a mission to reclaim God's design for women.Follow Amy at https://www.instagram.com/simplywholehearted/


14 Feb 2019

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Love and Marriage | a conversation with Scott Kedersha

Set a strong foundation with critical conversations.Follow Amy at https://www.instagram.com/simplywholehearted/


15 May 2019

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The Power of Hope | a conversation with Rosemary Jones

It's not only a story about survival, but a story of hope and the new perspective it has birthed.Follow Amy at https://www.instagram.com/simplywholehearted/


18 Oct 2018

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Everyday Holiness | a conversation with Ginger Harrington

An invitation to refresh your faith.Follow Amy at https://www.instagram.com/simplywholehearted/


18 Jul 2018

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Reach Over Perfection | an unplugged episode with Amy Wicks

It's a new season!!Follow Amy at https://www.instagram.com/simplywholehearted/


6 Sep 2018

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Present Over Perfect | Kayte Riselli Enneagram Type 1

Practically perfect in every way.Follow Amy at https://www.instagram.com/simplywholehearted/


6 Jun 2019

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To Help or not to Help | Sarah Beckman Enneagram Type #2

Helpers gonna help and the world is a better place because of them.Follow Amy at https://www.instagram.com/simplywholehearted/


12 Jun 2019

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Three Weeks to a New Year | a conversation with Bethanee Riddle and Rosemary Jones

Set the intention and the other things will begin to fall in place.Follow Amy at https://www.instagram.com/simplywholehearted/


10 Jan 2019

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Celebrating in the Middle of the Mess | a conversation with Meshali

It's about a house God is building. And what a house it is.Follow Amy at https://www.instagram.com/simplywholehearted/


12 Dec 2018

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World Changers | Kristen Welch

They are 'that' family and they are changing the world.Follow Amy at https://www.instagram.com/simplywholehearted/


21 Jul 2018

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The Courageous Ones | Anne Watson Enneagram Type 6

Kicking fear to the curb and giving the ins and outs of the Enneagram Type Sixes.Follow Amy at https://www.instagram.com/simplywholehearted/

1hr 11mins

17 Jul 2019

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Grow Your Self Awareness and Expand Your Love | a conversation with Your Enneagram Coach

One of the best ways that we can grow in our love for God and others is to take time to grow in awareness of who we are and to better understand our story. Beth McCord is on the podcast to help each Enneagram Type with their wholehearted quest. Get Your Enneagram Journal customized specifically for your unique Type.  And new to SW- A FREE Video Typing Guide- discover and confirm your dominant Enneagram Type.If you are new to the Enneagram and want the EASIEST way to learn more then- check out the Easy Enneagram 101 Workshop. Walk away with clarity about what the Enneagram is, what it's not and what it can do for you in less than 30-minutesIf you want to discover your dominant Enneagram Type and have greater clarity about your personality- check out the Easy Enneagram 201 Workshop. Head on over to follow Simply Wholehearted on IG to join the Enneagram conversation!Here are some of the promised Enneagram links:The Simply Wholehearted Enneagram QuickStart Guide ListThe Enneagram One SheetInterested in the Wholehearted Enneagram Coaching? Sign up here to put your name on the wait-list.


17 Feb 2020

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Peace in our Purpose | a conversation with Lauren Eberspacher

Find moments of peace in the middle of the chaos of motherhood.Follow Amy at https://www.instagram.com/simplywholehearted/


1 May 2019

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