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Finland, the country of thousand lakes carries people with thousand pastimes. Some weird, some boring, but definitely with a twist.

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Finns are notorious for their alcohol consumption. Instead of showing drunken Finns, the final episode of Finnish Favorite Hobbies reveals few typical Finnish drink recipes. Drinks like Lonkero and Kossuvissy have been helping Finns to get drunk for decades.


28 Sep 2009

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Ice Fishing

The white surface of snow and the warming rays of the sun of early spring accompany the buoyant fisherman while he expects the fish to bite the bait. Pulling nourishment thru the ice is not the main motivation anymore, but relaxation, sense of peace and physically experiencing the arriving summer are the factors driving people to gather around holes in the ice.


10 May 2009

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New York, Pallas, Skibotn

The source of happiness and peace is often found between trees and water, the two archetypal Finnish elements. However, sometimes trees on both sides and water underneath just don't do it, but the solution might be found where there is no trees at all.


22 Mar 2009

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Nordic Walking

Nordic walking is like skiing without the skis, just using the poles. Compared to traditional walking, the method has many advantages, even though some people might think nordic walkers apparently just have lost their mind.


1 Nov 2008

Rank #4

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Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

The southern european coffee culture is getting more popular and common also in Finland, bringing all kinds of coffee makers and machines to the consumers. At the same time the traditional coffee making skill is gradually being forgotten. In this episode we will have a look at the different ways of making coffee, including the traditional way.


5 Oct 2008

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Japanese Locomotivating

Finns are skillful driving fast cars and speedy roads, but the local tracks don't cater to super fast trains. When desiring traveling the super-express trains, fastest in the world, the tracks lead to Japan.


13 Sep 2008

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Dancing Cottage

Pavilion dance might be one of the most common summer hobbies from south to north, but not quite as frequently the dance partner turns out to be a cottage.


25 Aug 2008

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Hong Kong - Espoo

Beautiful scenery is always enjoyable, and green plants make it even more delightful. This landscape trip takes us to two sides of the globe with the rhythm of Chan Wai Fat.


18 Dec 2007

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aattu.tv Special: Ambient Water Views

This ambient journey visits Leppävesi lake and Saunalahti bay accompanied by Karoliina Salminen's music.


9 Oct 2007

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Reindeer and Lettuce

Eating is an essential part of every hobby, and every Finn loves good food. The best food is often made with the simplest ingredients, fresh from the clean nature.


9 Sep 2007

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