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165: Focus On Your Future

People who don’t go for more, who don’t go after new goals and dreams, get stuck in the past. We’ve all met this person. It’s the ex-high school quarterback who relives that state championship game 20 years later vicariously through his son. It’s the old man who talks about what life used to be 30, 40, and 50 years ago. It’s living in yesterdays. It’s all downhill in life when you start living your todays in yesterdays. Hungry people live for today and for the future. They aren’t sold that they’ve had enough.


7 Feb 2018

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Grant and Elena Cardone discuss sex. Why couples aren’t having it and what they must do to get in the mood. Grant and Elena begin the show explaining how their headboard was infested with termites. Elena was horrified by this and decided to sleep in the guest bedroom. However, the separate sleeping didn’t infringe upon their sex life. Grant encourages couples not to let outside influences ruin the sexual connection because it is important. Grant and Elena refer to an article on Woman’sDay.com listing the reasons couples are not having sex offering their take and fun banter on each. They include: 1. He wants to relax after work.2. He’s reminded of the kids. 3. Preoccupied with video games and sports.4. It’s her time of the month.5. He wants more spontaneous sex.6. Performance anxiety.7. He feels fat or not ok with his appearance.8. Watching too much porn.9. Worried about work.10. He’d rather sleep. Grant and Elena share that they have a very healthy sex life and communication is key. They also make sure they have their private time even with two young daughters. Grant believes couples must commit to sex and those who feel the sex is off or not frequent enough aren’t truly committed to sex. 1. Society has made sex a taboo topic. 2. Sex is often tied to an emotional need. Callers weigh in and one gives a solid piece of advice when he says, “You have to create the mood.” Other mentions include: Steve Harvey, Act Like a Success Tour, Hard Rock Cancun, Tony Robbins, Patrice Washington, Woman’s Day, Marvin Gaye, Sexual Healing


27 Aug 2014

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160: How Hard is it for you to Change?

You’ve got a lot going on. You run a business. Marriage. Your kids. The ability to change is vital to your success. You can wish or meditate but, in order to change, you have to make or become different. When I was 25, a mentor told me something that I’ll never forget: “To change, you’ve got to change.” How do you change? Do you make gradual moves or do you wait for the grizzly bear to come rip you apart? You don’t like to travel. Travel more. You hate flying. Go on more flights. You don’t like sleeping outdoors. Maybe you need to take a camping trip. Remove your rigid thinking. All Change Starts With You!


20 Dec 2017

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107: Hitting Targets as a Family

1. A Target 2. Target insistence 3. Target reinforcement


17 Aug 2016

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087: Art of the Deal

Husband and wife team Grant and Elena Cardone tackle the subject of how to balance business, marriage and family and 10X them all. Committed to their kids, their business endeavors and their marriage they share what they do to make it all work. Join them every Wednesday at 12 pm EST where they live out their motto of “stick and stay it’s bound to pay.”


27 Jan 2016

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Handling Stress

G & E begin the show talking about how Grant is a bit stressed out because of all they have going on. He’s launching Whatever It Takes Nation Digital Network, going to Russia to present at a business summit, touring with Steve Harvey and Tony Robbins in the Act Like a Success Empowerment Tour, decorating and moving into a new home, handling the kids and family responsibilities.They site an article from NPR on stress which lists the following as common reasons for stress: poor health, disabled, chronic illness, income under $20,000, dangerous work situation, single parenthood, parenting a teen, added responsibilities, finances and career challenges.Grant says people must understand three things when thinking about stress:1. Some level of stress is normal and good.2. There’s something out of control that one needs to get a handle on.3. Think of how to overcome or move past the obstacles.Grant offers the analogy of a huge boulder and a smaller one. The focus when stressed must switch to going over, under or around the rock to move past the things causing the stress.A male caller who is in business with his wife, calls into the show concerned that his wife is withdrawing from the business. Elena advises him to communicate together, go over the goals and purpose and create a plan together.Grant sites an article from Forbes with tips on handling stress that Grant adds onto.1. Schedule downtime Grant says add more to do and get more done.2. Cut out things that don’t add value to your life.3. Avoid negative people.4. Outsource tasks.Grant agrees and encourages people to hire nanny, cleaning service, landscaper, etc.5. Take 5 for you. Grant says take and hour or two if needed.g


3 Sep 2014

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055: Keep the Sex Exciting

[Previously Aired on September 20th, 2013] Grant Cardone and Elena Cardone talk about how to keep excitement in their marriage and in their careers. The Cardones talk about how to have it all in their marriage and career. Life is difficult and there are no manuals for marriage, sales and career. How to keep your marriage exciting, interesting so that you never burnout or lose interest. Life, business and marriage are difficult and come with no instructions. Grant Cardone and Elena Cardone know how difficult life, career and marriage can be. Doing it all and keeping it interesting is a challenge.


1 Apr 2015

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078: Financial Infidelity

Secret spending among spouses is something that all couples are guilty of at one time or another. In fact, a recent study by CreditCards.com suggests that one-in-five adults has concealed a purchase of $500 or more from a significant other. So why do so many spouses cheat when it comes to money? Grant and Elena take on this issue of financial infidelity and discuss what it means to them and how they handle this as a married couple. Grant also reveals these two ways he defines financial infidelity and explains why he classifies these as violations: Not knowing what you have Not making enough Tell us what you think. Do you keep finances hidden from you spouse? Also, this holiday season, give the gift of hustle with a special Black November sale. We are offering 40% off all products and merchandise—webinars, books, socks, planners, hats, etc. Go to GrantCardone.com and use promo code: MRBLACK Stock up on orders for all your employees, co-workers, clients, friends and family today. Enjoy free shipping on all orders over $50.


4 Nov 2015

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077: Why Relationships Fail

Grant and Elena Cardone discuss naiveté and offer examples for how people are naive in marriage, business and life. Grant and Elena begin the show with a discussion about vaccines and the awful experience Elena had recently at a doctor’s appointment for her young daughters. She politely passed on vaccination and suggested a further conversation without the children present. The doctor pressed on. Grant explains that naivete impairs handling of certain situations. Grant and Elena refer to an article on David K Flowers’ blog “Ten Naïve Ideas About Marriage” and mention a few of the ideas including. 1. Our romantic love will never fade. 2. I love everything about my partner. 3. Living together first will make the marriage stronger. 4. My partners couldn’t do anything to question my love for them. Grant says these beliefs are naïve and reminds people that relationships will come upon tough times and things won’t be all peachy all the time. He suggests couples have the freedom to tell one another what they don’t like, to get it out and then move on. As always the banter between Grant and Elena is entertaining and real! This is a couple dealing with the colliding worlds of business and marriage.


28 Oct 2015

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068: What Your Parents Didn't Teach You

Husband and wife team Grant and Elena Cardone ask the uncomfortable questions and face the touch to talk about topics that mass media won’t discuss. Committed to their kids, their business endeavors and their marriage, they focus on 10Xing them all. Join them every Wednesday at 1pm EST where they live out their motto of “stick and stay it’s bound to pay.” The things your parents have taught you that are now affecting your marriage, your business, your friendships, your income, and everything else in your life—they are trapping you.


19 Aug 2015

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062: How to Quit Arguing

“The business of being married.” – Grant & Elena Cardone Husband and wife team Grant and Elena Cardone tackle the subject of how to balance business, marriage and family and 10X them all. Committed to their kids, their business endeavors and their marriage they share what they do to make it all work. Join them every Wednesday at 12 PM EST where they live out their motto of “stick and stay it’s bound to pay.” What’s the plan when you two blow up at each other? You can argue, just don’t keep arguing. Don’t stay in the past. “You said,” is friggin’ stupid. Callers share their worst arguments and how they handled them. Do you have new problems, or old problems? Are you having the same arguments over and over? When there is no game to play you pick your spouse as an opponent. You need to go to your spouse and admit to them you’ve been using them for target practice to keep your wit fresh. Make a list of your recurring arguments. How to Handle Your Arguments: 1. Make a list of all reoccurring arguments 2. Decide on the solution 3. Learn to master the art of arguing At 6:05 tonight, find something to argue about with your significant other. See how much energy it takes to put into that. You’ll never forget it. Watch the full episode or listen to the podcast to get all of the insights from Grant and Elena on how to stop arguing and build your success as a couple.


1 Jul 2015

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047: Bad News

Today Grant and Elena address the issue of bad news being the dominant topic on most TV and news outlets. Relationships are already a challenge. Men and women have different energies. You have different dreams and goals. Every day has new challenges just from your personal life, let alone your business life. On top of that the kind of headlines you wake up to are things like the Taiwanese plan crashing into a bridge and river. Yesterday it was a Jordanian pilot being burned alive in a cage. And then there is the measles outbreak. We all have to live in a world with bad news. What are you doing to guard yourself from all that bad news? What about the conflicting data being spread as truth? How do you avoid the negative news?


4 Feb 2015

Rank #12

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150: The Woman Behind The Man

What does a successful man look like, and what does a successful woman behind the man look like? A successful man will be hardworking, ethical, courageous, powerful, and ambitious. What’s behind a powerful woman that’s behind that man? A person willing to put someone else first. Understand you are a team and understand the role you play. To have confidence in yourself, no matter your role, is power. Look at the big picture and step outside of yourself. Powerful women flow power to their man. The truth is real men want a powerful woman. Powerful women aren’t needy, but they aren’t independent either. A powerful woman is a balance of being independent but also enjoys being taken care of. A powerful woman disciplines herself and is in the relationship for the greater good. How do you define a powerful woman?


9 Aug 2017

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110: Relationship Obsessed?

Husband and wife team Grant and Elena Cardone tackle the subject of how to balance business, marriage and family and 10X them all. Committed to their kids, their business endeavors and their marriage they share what they do to make it all work. Join them every Wednesday at 12 pm EST where they live out their motto of “stick and stay it’s bound to pay.”


21 Sep 2016

Rank #14

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073: How to Break Out of Your Routines

How do you keep your marriage and your business fresh? How do you get out of a rut? How do you shock the system? How do you break things up and keep things electric? If you get stuck on autopilot it kills your motivation. You need adventure. You need mystery to stay motivated and keep up massive action. The definition of a rut is, “a habit or pattern of behavior that has become dull and unproductive but is hard to change.” Are you in a rut? Is your business in a rut? Are your kids in a rut? How to Break Out of Your Routine: 1. Make a commitment to breaking out of the rut. 2. Talk to new people, network. 3. Change your environment. 4. Look for different things, things that have changed. 5. Switch roles with your spouse. Why do people say, “I’m gonna settle down and ___________”? You’re not cement. You shouldn’t be settling for anything. Share this show with anyone who is in a rut; family, friends, co-workers, anyone.


30 Sep 2015

Rank #15

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Persist and Get What You Want

Grant and Elena Cardone offer tips to help people get, the girl, the guy, the job, the money and other things out of life.Grant and Elena discuss how Grant pursued her for 13 months and the steps Grant took to get Elena’s attention. They banter back and forth taking you back to the time when Grant was in hot pursuit and Elena couldn’t care less. How did Grant get the woman of his dreams? How do these tactics apply to other things in life worth chasing?From the hot girl, the job, the big business deal Grant tells viewers to commit to going for it and then take massive action and never quit. This episode offers a candid look at Grant and Elena. Grant persisted for over a year and Elena reveals funny early observations and judgments that she had back then. In the end they are committed to one another, their daughters and their purpose. If you are trying to find a great relationship or want to light a spark to the one you’re in, tune in and learn how.Grant’s tips for "Getting What You Want" include:1. Get specific on what you want.2. Make contact.3. Develop a strategy.4. Never quit.


24 Sep 2014

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085: How to Get Everybody on the Same Page

Do you ever feel as if you and your spouse are on completely different pages—perhaps even different books? In this episode, Grant and Elena tackle this issue by offering tips and even discussing their own real life examples of how they practice these steps so they are always in-sync. This true power couple understands the importance of teamwork and getting on the same page is a crucial element of their successful partnership. Grant and Elena’s 4 Steps to Getting on the Same Page: 1. Communication 2. Make a list of what you want from your partner 3. Write a plan about how to get on the same page 4. Write down both short-term and long-term rewards It takes work, but Grant and Elena are determined to help both individuals and couples succeed in their marriages, family, business and in life.


6 Jan 2016

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048: Building Your Brand as a Couple

Brian Williams, a trusted source, ruined a 20-year brand, his legacy, and has been suspended from NBC. Grant commends NBC for taking a stand in this situation and acknowledging that Mr. Williams was wrong and inappropriate. Elena says shame on NBC for not having those around Brian Williams, who she feels knew the truth, come to light as well. There was a team with him, he wasn’t by himself in the field, and they must have known the “facts” were inaccurate. What would you do with your spouse if you found out they were lying in public? People need to look at their relationships and their brand as a couple. Your brand needs to be consistent; this builds trust. And you can find out who your friends are based on how they approach you, what they invite you to do, where they invite you to go, and how they act around you. Your Brand as a Couple:
1. Do people even know who you are?
2. What do people know you for? “Brangelina” is a brand, as a couple. People see them as a unit, not separate, but a team.


11 Feb 2015

Rank #18

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148: Don't Take Your Relationship For Granted

How do you keep things exciting and not put it on autopilot after 13 years of marriage? One big thing is to not start nagging your partner about how they don’t pay attention to you. This will only cause them to get defensive. When you run a business you have things to take care of urgent things—the fuse is getting low and it’s about to blow—and you can’t always put your attention on your spouse when they want it. Marriages need a system in place that will make the time to talk, so pull out your calendar and make talk time. During talk time, do two main things: 1. Validate what they’ve done good. 2. Go over goals to get in alignment. You must start looking for all the right things your spouse does. The massage, the candlelit dinner, the weekend trip, it’s all good, but your big picture problems as a couple will remain— that’s why you must come together and help each other find solutions to each of your problems. Many times her problems will be different than his problems. He might be distracted with work stress, she might be distracted by 3 kids at home. Seek to solve your problems together and you will not be taking your spouse for granted.


26 Jul 2017

Rank #19

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082: How to Pick the Right Partner for Your Success

Each Week Grant Cardone and his wife Elena Cardone discuss the business of marriage. Many couples are pulled in different directions taking care of kids and managing their business success. Grant and Elena offer tips and insights based on their own reality, challenges and successes in their day-to-day lives. Their banter is relatable, entertaining and informative. On today’s episode Elena and Grant provide tips on how to pick a partner and Elena gives her 5 tips that guarantee success and will change the way you think about finding love. They discuss the common mistakes and how people go for the wrong things and let emotion cloud their better analytical judgment. Grant suggests people rely on friends and family for introductions, that they lo Grant underscores that a life partner is more important than a business partner so it is important to choose wisely. Elena suggests people hand write a list of qualities they want in a person and include both the superficial things along with deal breakers or non negotiable. She adds the final tip, think about what the other person would want and determine if it’s truly a fit.


2 Dec 2015

Rank #20