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Neil Howe: The Predictable Creative Destruction Of The Fourth Turning

Neil Howe, demographer and co-authour of the book The Fourth Turning, returns to the podcast this week. In our prior interviews with him, we've explored his study of generational cycles ("turnings") in America which reveal predictable social trends that recur throughout history and invariably result in transformational crisis (a "fourth turning").


24 May 2020

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2020: The Year Everything Changed

Whether or not you’ve already enjoyed reading David Collum’s encyclopedic Year In Review — a particularly impressive tour de force this year given the craziness of 2020 — you’re sure to love this live exposition of its highlights.Chris sits down here with Dave to dig more deeply into several of the more significant and salacious themes, as well as wander down a few entirely new avenues of thought.

1hr 37mins

30 Dec 2020

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Gail Tverberg: The Coming Energy Depression

Energy analyst and professional actuary Gail Tverberg returns to the podcast this week to revisit the global energy outlook. And fair warning, Gail warns it is quite grim.

1hr 3mins

7 Jan 2018

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Ken McElroy: The Coming Real Estate Crash Of 2021

The crazy stock market rally since the March lows has received all the media headlines, but what about real estate? What impact is the coronavirus having on that market?One of the most successful real estate investors we know, Ken McElroy, says that covid-19 is accelerating and exacerbating a bust cycle that was already in the making. He predicts massive upheaval in 2021.

1hr 7mins

7 Sep 2020

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Helms and Gray: Real Estate Investing 101

We've invited Robert Helms and Russ Gray, better known as The Real Estate Guys, onto the podcast this week to provide a -Real Estate Investing 101- overview for the Peak Prosperity audience. In it, they cover the different ways to invest, how to identify which approach is best for you given your personal goals and risk appetite, and how to get started educating yourself towards becoming an active investor.


9 Jul 2018

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Singing Frogs Farm: The Science Of Healthy Soil

This week, I sit back down with Paul and Elizabeth to discuss the science behind their latest farming practices and techniques, the importance of biology over chemistry when it comes to gardening, and the hands-on workshops they offer, and what they think it takes to make a resilient farm.


7 Jan 2019

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Robert Helms and Russ Gray: Learning How To Invest In Real Estate

In this final podcast of 2017, Chris sits down with Robert Helms and Russell Gray, better known as The Real Estate Radio Guys. They run one of (if not the most) popular podcasts on real estate investing.


1 Jan 2018

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Ronald Stoeferle: Gold Is Dirt Cheap Right Now

Fresh from releasing his exhaustive 230-page annual report titled In Gold We Trust, Ronald Stoerferle joins us to summarize his forecast for the yellow metal. Stoerferle, an author of several books on Austrian economics and head of strategy and portofolio management at Incrementum AG, concludes that gold is extremely cheap right now in dollar terms. And he sees a new bull market beginning for the precious metal- one likely to quickly build momentum as the next (and long overdue) financial market correction arrives.


12 Jun 2018

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Richard Sylla: This Is An Inherently Dangerous Moment In History

Chris Martenson interviews economist and professor Richard Sylla.


7 Aug 2017

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David Collum: Everything That Mattered In 2018

The only thing nearly as enlightening as reading David Collums epic Year In Review is listening to him and Chris Martenson riff about its highlights. Strap in, grab some eggnog, and listen to this years recap.

1hr 27mins

25 Dec 2018

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Ted Siedle: The Greatest Retirement Crisis In The History Of The World

"We are on the precipice of the greatest retirement crisis in the history of the world. And that makes perfect sense because, first of all, we have the largest elderly population in the history of the world. Just focusing on the United States: our elderly are woefully unprepared to retire. And in the decades to come we will witness millions of elderly American's, Baby Boomers and others, slipping into poverty. 'Too frail to work, too poor to retire' will become the new normal for many elderly Americans." So warns pension fraud whistleblower Ted Siedle.


8 Apr 2019

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Ted Butler: New Hope For Higher Silver Prices

Precious metals analyst Ted Butler returns to the podcast this week to discuss the long-suffering silver price. Will the beatings continue? Or is there finally reason to believe that, after seven painful years of languishing, silver may finally see a brighter future?


23 Jul 2018

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Grant Williams: A Reset Of The System Is Inevitable

While at the New Orleans Investment Conference this past weekend, Chris and I had the great pleasure of sitting down with Grant Williams, publisher of the economic blog Things That Make You Go Hmmm and principal of Real Vision TV. There will be no smooth transition back to sustained economic growth, he warns. Instead, the distortion of today’s excessive asset prices will require a systemic reset to fix. Either by a deflationary event that destroys the malinvestment, or by an inflationary event that destroys the currency. Either way, a shock to the system awaits us.


6 Nov 2019

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Art Berman: Think Oil Is Getting Expensive - You Have Not Seen Nothing Yet.

Art explains how the current glut of oil created by the US shale boom, along with high crude output by both OPEC and non-OPEC producers - is a temporary anomaly. Fundamentally, we are not finding nearly as much oil as we need to continue the trajectory of the global demand curve. And at the same time, we're extracting our reserves at a faster rate than ever. That is a mathematical recipe for a coming supply crunch - it is not a matter of if, but when.


29 May 2018

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Bethany McLean: Saudi America

For years now we've been covering the false promise of the American shale oil "miracle". Yes, it has extracted a lot more oil out of American soil that most thought possible. But at an economic loss. And at great environmental cost. If the shale drilling companies can't make any profit, either when oil prices are high or low -- why are we still pursuing shale deposits so aggressively?


1 Mar 2019

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David Stockman: The Undrainable Swamp And The Inevitable Recession

Love it or hate it, the potency of the Trump Administration is on the wane, soon to be stuck in the mire of the Swamp it has deepend instead of drained, while the economy falls into one hell of a recession - so claims former Regan-era Cabinet member and Congressman David Stockman. In his new book Peak Trump, Stockman notes how the wide divergence between Trump the campaigner and Trump the president appears to be proving to be his undoing.


5 Mar 2019

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Paul Wheaton: Building A Better World In Your Backyard

Paul Wheaton, proprietor of the websites Richsoil.com and Permies.com, has just published a Kickstarter-funded book replete with solutions that most of us can start implementing today. It’s titled: Building A Better World In Your Backyard (Instead Of Being Angry At Bad Guys)In this week’s podcast, Paul provides a romp through a wide swath of the insights within his book, from rocket mass heaters to going ‘poo-less’ to hugelkultur — with a large side helping of his infectious humour.His main point is that there is a TON each of us can do to reduce our impact on nature while boosting our quality of life, while having fun along the way.

1hr 26mins

19 Aug 2019

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Sebastian Junger: Is Our Material Wealth Undermining Our Happiness and Health?

One the most personally meaningful podcast interviews we’ve done over the years was Our Evolutionary Need For Community, recorded with Peabody award-winning author Sebastian Junger. Junger is well-known for his NYT-bestselling books The Perfect Storm and War, the latter of which was written after a 15-month tour of duty in the most dangerous outpost in Afghanistan’s Korengal Valley.Based on his observations while in Afghanistan, Junger noted how much troops in combat valued the social solidarity of their units. In fact, he noted that the loss of this cohesive community, with its sense of purpose and shared responsibility, created prodigious psychological strife when these soldiers returned and tried to re-integrate into civilian life. This dynamic is not just limited to the military; any collection of humans working in tight-knit groups under stress, united in purpose, evidences similar behavior (Peace Corps volunteers, trauma care physicians, etc).In his excellent book Tribe: On Homecoming and Belonging, Junger explored our evolutionary wiring for community, and paradoxically, how our modern aspirations for “success” and “wealth” attempt to distance ourselves from it — making us unhappier and emotionally unhealthier in the pursuit.Since recording our initial interview with Sebastian, we’ve often shared the insights from it with the Peak Prosperity tribe at live events and in our writings. So this week we decided to reconnect with Sebastian, and hear how his thoughts and conclusions on the topic have evolved since we last talked with him.It’s clear that he believes more than ever that the future prosperity of our society will be rooted in rediscovering how to create and foster the communal bonds our tribal ancestors lived by. And that begins by taking an honest look at the narratives, behaviors, and modern conveniences and temptations that keep us trapped in unhappy, unhealthy isolation.


22 Nov 2019

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Damion Lupo: The Qualified Retirement Plan (QRP)

The growing retirement continues to be a major focus here at PeakProsperity.com. Our recent podcast with Ted Siedle exposed the shocking insolvency of many pension funds. And on the private retirement account side, we’ve written numerous articles revealing the ‘failure to save’ of tens of millions of Baby Boomers. In today’s podcast, Chris interviews Damion Lupo who shines light on a potential option that may add useful value to folks planning for, or already in, retirement - the Qualified Retirement Plan, or QRP.


11 Jun 2019

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What The 1918 Spanish Flu Can Tell Us About The Coronavirus

Given the continued spread of the Wuhan coronavirus, we urgently reached out to John Barry, author of the award-winning New York Times best-seller The Great Influenza: The Epic Story of the Deadliest Plague in History.Two years ago, we interviewed John about the expected implications should a pandemic of similar scale break out in today world. Little did we realize at the time how quickly his insights would prove relevant.John was the only non-scientist to serve on the US government’s Infectious Disease Board of Experts and has served on advisory boards for MIT’s Center for Engineering System Fundamentals and the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. He has consulted on influenza preparedness and response to national security entities, the George W. Bush and Obama White Houses, state governments, and the private sector.John remains quite concerned at how the world’s readiness for a pandemic is woefully lacking, exacerbated by the hyper-connectedness of our modern society (i.e., the ease and speed with with people can travel).


28 Jan 2020

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