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Forget To Eat™ with Barbara & Charlie McDermott. Their entertaining episodes take you on a journey through food, health and life B.S. to the other side where life is easier, health is optimal and food no longer rules.

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For Weight Loss INSULIN Is The Boss

In order to lose weight, a body must be fully able to USE weight AKA fat. But body fat is often in lockdown, off limits, unaccessible for burning.  In this episode Barbara McDermott provides an extensive look into the single key that unlocks and allows fat burning. It's all about working smarter not harder though Insulin Suppression.To learn more about the SHIFT Program go to:https://shift.kartra.com/page/disc-info-5SHIFT Formulahttp://theshiftformula.com(888) 477-4300


16 Oct 2018

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