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RealLife English: Learn and Speak Confident, Natural English

Welcome to the RealLife English podcast! For over 10 years, RealLife English has helped millions of learners just like you from virtually every country to go beyond the classroom and live, speak and master English in the Real World. We’ve been able to do this through our unique method: The RealLife Way, which consists of three simple, but powerful components:Mindset: How to think like a successful English speakerMethod: How to live, speak and master English in the Real World Mastery: How to become a confident Global CitizenIn this podcast, you will listen to fun, relevant and dynamic English conversations with me and other experienced fluency coaches. These lessons are designed to help you become a confident, natural English speaker AND Global Citizen. You will learn:- The vocabulary, phrasal verbs, idioms, and slang that you ACTUALLY need to know- How to understand fast-spoken English from various native and advanced non-native fluency coaches- Native pronunciation and Connected Speech (How natives reduce, cut and connect the sounds) And so much more! By the way, to get the best experience with our podcast, we highly recommend you listen to it on the RealLife English App. With every episode you get a full, interactive transcript and vocabulary definitions. That way, you won’t miss a single thing! Just search for RealLife English in your favorite app store. Subscribe to this podcast so you don’t miss a single new episode. Aww yeah!Download the App:https://reallifeglobal.com/app/

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138 - How To Tip Your Waiter And Get Better Service In English

Eating at restaurants in English can be tricky, and raise a lot of questions for all non-native speakers. Am I being rude with the waiter? Should I leave a tip? What's the right way to order? In this episode of the podcast you are going to learn all aspects of eating out at restaurants for politeness, booking a table, and free refills. See Show Notes


6 Mar 2017

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154 - Developing this ONE Skill Will Help You Speak Better English

Hey you there--yes you! Are you ready to communicate in English like an expert? It's not just enough to wish for it. And no, it's not enough to go to class two or three times per week or study grammar. The secret lies in just one skill--in a willingness to open your heart, to be vulnerable, to face your shame, and to be COURAGEOUS! If you master the skill that we will talk about in this episode of the RealLife English Podcast, you will be perceived as fluent. But do you have the guts [bravery] to do it? Let's see--download or listen now!


3 Aug 2017

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#214 - New Year’s Traditions, Vocabulary and More!

Aww yeah! 2020 is a wrap! In this podcast, Ethan and Andre talk all about New Year's Eve and New Year's day traditions from the US, the UK as well as other from other countries. Andrea even shares her fun experience celebrating New Year's in Times Square in New York. Don't miss out on this fantastic podcast to end the year and start 2021 with a bang!


23 Dec 2020

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166 - 28 Terms and Expressions Related to Death

It's always hard to find the right words to say when someone dies--and especially when it is not your first language. You don't want to be perceived as insensitive or rude, so knowing the correct word or expression to talk about death is crucial. We will show you exactly this today to help prevent you from embarrassing yourself!


30 Oct 2017

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150 - 5 Steps to Stop Learning English, and Start LIVING it: The RealLife Way

In this episode, we are thrilled to present an outline of our new comprehensive 5-Step methodology that we have developed over the last four years with RealLife English. The next FIVE episodes will go in depth about each step of the RealLife Way and how YOU can start applying this to your English and your life:  PART I - Where There's a Will, There's a Way PART II - Don't Just Learn it, Live it PART III - Discover the Truth About "Native" English PART IV - Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone and SPEAK English PART V - Be the Change Your Wish to See in the World If you listen to every episode in the next few weeks and apply the principles, then we have the following promise: We will Inspire you to awaken the determination you need to realize your true potential, not only as an English learner, but as a human being. We will Empower you build the strategies, skills, and courage you need to step outside the classroom into the real world, and not just learn English, but to live it. We will Connect you to a world beyond beyond borders, a global consciousness, community, and realization of the fact that no matter what divides us, that what unites us is far greater. We are super excited to present you with this dynamic, new methodology for English learning, so without further ado, let's jump into the lesson! 


6 Jul 2017

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#211 - 7 Reasons Why People Fail to Get Fluent in English

"I'm just bad at languages," "I'm too embarrassed to speak," "I'm too old to learn." These are some of the things people learning English tell themselves. In this episode, Ethan, Andrea and Justin discuss these and a few other common excuses and attitudes that prevent people from learning English. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced learner, this is a great opportunity to check in with yourself to make sure you're not disempowering yourself with these common excuses.


9 Dec 2020

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#216 - 12 Slang Words that Natives Use All the Time!

In today's wicked (UK) podcast, Ethan and Andrea talk all about slang words that you need to know. The reason why slang is so important is because it helps you understand what people are talking about, whether in TV, songs, or when you converse with a native. Ethan also shares some tips on how you can incorporate slang into your vocabulary and actually also start using it. So, don't miss out on this AWESOME opportunity to get your slag game on point! 


11 Jan 2021

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147 – Confident Phone Conversations

Without a doubt, a frustrating part of communicating in a foreign language is making a phone call. You cannot see the other person’s face or rely on gestures, and you have to answer spontaneously. It can feel extremely embarrassing to admit that you don’t understand something seemingly simple the person on the other side said. In this episode we share share recommendations for speaking on the phone in English, so next time you make a call you can feel comfortable and confident. Aww yeah! http://reallifeglobal.com/phone


9 Jun 2017

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162 - Think and Grow Fluent

Everything starts with your mindset--the way that you intentionally (or unintentionally) cultivate your thought process and habits. When you put in the deliberate work to mold the right kind of mindset, you are guaranteed to be successful. It is actually quite simple, although it may not always be easy. That's why in this podcast we will give you recommendations to help you change the way you think, so that you can become a fluent, confident English speaker. What's more, you will be able to apply these tools to all other areas of your life. 


2 Oct 2017

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181 - How Great Learners Get Inspired

In this podcast Andrea, Justin and Ethan will talk about the ingredients for success, inspired by Simon Sinek's TED talk: Start with Why. You will learn a lot of interesting words and expressions and most importantly, you will learn an innovative way of thinking that will guarantee your success in English learning.


20 May 2020

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#215 - Actually Achieve Your 2021 Goals with this Podcast

It's 2021 and many people are thinking about their resolutions. Maybe one of your goals for this year is to improve your English. In this podcast, Ethan and Justin talk about some scientifically validated ways that you can implement to actually be successful in achieving your goals this year.


4 Jan 2021

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149 – Shopping, Flirting, and Dressing like Steve Jobs

Do you love shopping? Or maybe you only do it when you absolutely must? Either way, it can be extremely frustrating to go shopping when you don't have the vocabulary to ask for what you need: The right fit? The right fabric? The right cut?  Well, listen to this episode and learn how to navigate the malls in any English speaking country! And hey, you might even fall in love...


29 Jun 2017

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158 - 6 Powerful Ways to Master English Vocabulary

Something English learners always complain about is not having the words that they need to express themselves like they would in their mother tongue. That is why in this episode we are taking a deep dive into some advanced techniques for learning, remembering, and using more vocabulary. Having a rich active vocabulary is a key aspect of fluent communication, so I guarantee that the recommendations in this episode will be invaluable to you. Let's dive in! 


31 Aug 2017

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#202 - Learn How to Present Confidently in English

In this episode of the RealLife English Podcast, Andrea is joined by our very own Agnieszka. She talks all about giving presentations in English. From how to develop your confidence, starting a presentation the right way and what to do when things don't go as planned.


14 Oct 2020

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#213 - How to Talk about Christmas | 26+ Vocabulary & Expressions

Ho, ho, ho! Christmas is right around the corner, and it's only fitting that Ethan and Andrea talk about everybody's (or most people's, right?) favorite holiday of the year. Curious to know if your name is on Santa's nice list? Or is it on his naughty list? Ethan and Andrea explain what this whole "naughty or nice" thing is as well as many other words and expressions that we use around Christmastime.


21 Dec 2020

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#210 - How to Understand TV series & Movies without Subtitles

What is keeping you from watching a movie or TV show in English without subtitles? In this episode, Ethan, Andrea and Justin discuss 3 key things that are going to help you to finally break free from subtitles!


2 Dec 2020

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#207 - 20 Native Ways to Say “Stupid” in English

Which of these is NOT the same?: A) Slow-Witted B) Bonehead C) Klutz In fact, all of them are alternatives that you can use instead of “stupid”! While we don’t encourage that you start insulting people, in this episode, we look at vocabulary that will help you understand TV series, the news, and even presidential debates!


11 Nov 2020

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#219 - Best Songs to Learn English with in 2021!

In this podcast, Ethan and Andrea talk all about their favorite songs from 2020 that can help you to learn English in 2021. Not only do they talk about their favorite songs, but they talk about some favorite vocabulary and phrases from them and they break them down for you.


1 Feb 2021

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163 - 15 Practical English Expressions from Shakespeare

Did you know that William Shakespeare, one of the most famous English writers, hugely shaped how we speak English? In fact, he invented over 1700 new English words. So in this podcast we have hand picked 15 of the most useful expressions that you can start using to add a bit of sophistication to you English. And then maybe you can get a copy of one of Shakespeare's plays and really put your English to the test. Aww yeah! 


9 Oct 2017

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145 - Do You Have The Balls To learn English?

Like any other language, English is filled with so many slang expressions and rude terms, most revolving around human genitalia. Humans tend to find lots of interesting ways to use sexual organs to describe how they are feeling, from anger to extreme joy and delight. Although this is not always the most appropriate language to use around certain people, knowing these expressions can give you great insight into the English language and expose you to the more creative side of common colloquialisms.  In this episode of the podcast we are going to explore testicles. All the different ways we refer to these man parts, and how we can use them in everyday speech to reference courage, commitment, excitement and much more. 


4 May 2017

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