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Dead for Filth with Michael Varrati

From the ooky spooky mind of horror personality and screenwriter, Michael Varrati, comes the June Gloom Productions original Podcast "Dead For Filth", for all things queer horror and beyond. Dead For Filth will bring you the best queer & horror icons out of the closet and into the night to talk about the genre they love.

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Episode 90: Carter Smith

This week, we're catching the attention of all the dead boys as we welcome Carter Smith, acclaimed photographer and filmmaker of BUGCRUSH, THE RUINS, and JAMIE MARKS IS DEAD! Among other things, Carter discusses growing up in Stephen King's Maine, how his work as a photographer prepared him for life on film sets, and the oft unspoken kinship between the grotesque and beautiful.


30 Aug 2019

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Episode 17: Peaches Christ

This week we're truly all about evil as we welcome cult icon and drag superstar Peaches Christ! Among other things, Peaches discusses being charged with blasphemy while traveling abroad, what gives Freddy Krueger drag cred, and the unspoken sex appeal of Bruce Campbell!

1hr 16mins

8 Dec 2017

Rank #2

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Episode 91: Louisianna Purchase

We’re baaaaack! To help us mark our rise from the grave, we’re joined this week by fabulous femme fatale and veritable drag icon Louisianna Purchase! Among other things, Louisianna discusses her legendary appearance on the third season of THE BOULET BROTHERS DRAGULA, the influence of the lesbian vampire films of Jean Rollin, and the punk rock ethos of bringing drag to a digital landscape in a time of quarantine. Plus, Lousianna digs into the “catharsis of evil,” and Michael catches listeners up on the show’s return!


27 Mar 2020

Rank #3

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Episode 61: Michael Carbonaro

On this week's episode, you'll believe in magic as we welcome Michael Carbonaro, the award-winning actor and master magician behind the hit TV series THE CARBONARO EFFECT! Among other things, Michael discusses the unlikely correlation between Freddy Krueger and David Copperfield, his childhood obsession with special effects makeup, and his cherished memories of starring in one of queer cinema's most beloved cult classics.

1hr 6mins

18 Jan 2019

Rank #4

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Episode 40: Vander Von Odd

It's our 40th episode and we're celebrating with royalty as we welcome supermonster Vander Von Odd, first ever winner of DRAGULA and the filmmaker behind 3 VERSOS and BOY IN A DRESS! Among other things, Vander discusses finding her identity in the world of haunted houses, the gender-bending trapeze artist who inspired her name, and her unlikely baptism by Bette Davis.


1 Jun 2018

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Episode 67: Jeffrey McCrann

On this week's episode, we're celebrating a trailblazer in terror as we welcome Jeffrey McCrann, former development exec at FearNet and creator of the foundational and transgressively-titled queer genre blog "Faggoty Ass Horror." Among other things, Jeffrey discusses his life in the world of professional musical theater, how pushing boundaries landed him a job working with his heroes, and why we need weird voices in art now more than ever.

1hr 8mins

1 Mar 2019

Rank #6

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Episode 69: Yann Gonzalez

This week, we're delving into a world of sex-driven scares as we welcome Yann Gonzalez, filmmaker of YOU AND THE NIGHT and the celebrated new queer giallo masterpiece KNIFE + HEART! Among other things, Yann discusses modern art's reliance on being a patchwork of what has come before, why the work of Brian De Palma brings him to tears, and the rebellious kinship between horror and porn.


22 Mar 2019

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Episode 76: Jason Rostovsky

This week, we're redefining tradition as we welcome Jason Rostovsky, filmmaker of DON'T BE AFRAID OF THE LIGHT and the upcoming DEATHCEMBER segment BEFORE SUNDOWN! Among other things, Jason discusses how his Jewish background informs his connection to genre, his opposition to the divisive phrase "elevated horror," and the lessons in filmmaking he learned while working post-production on some of Blumhouse's biggest titles. Plus, Jason shares a story of his personal history with Oprah!

1hr 10mins

24 May 2019

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Episode 2: Gary and Edmund Entin

This week we tackle the relationship between horror and musicals, Stephen King adaptations, and alien slugs with filmmaking and acting duo Gary and Edmund Entin. Initially breaking onto the scene with roles in "Seconds Apart" and the "Rest Stop" series, the Entins have gone on to direct such critically-lauded fare as "The Sins of Our Youth" and the award-winning "Geography Club.Download the REVRY app for the best in Queerated Entertainment. Available for iOS, Android, AppleTV, Roku, Chromecast and Amazon Fire Stick. Start your free 30 day trial today!


25 Aug 2017

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Episode 77: Clarke Wolfe

This week, we're digging into the politics of fright as we welcome fandom fave Clarke Wolfe, acclaimed host of SENDING THE WOLFE and COLLIDER NIGHTMARES! Among other things, Clarke discusses how certain problematic ideas are "grandfathered" into our art, why the themes of ROSEMARY'S BABY are still sadly relevant to women today, and her recent roles in upcoming feature films SATANIC PANIC and DEATHCEMBER!

1hr 16mins

31 May 2019

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Episode 85: Roman Chimienti & Tyler Jensen

This week, we're introducing you to the men of your dreams as we welcome Roman Chimienti and Tyler Jensen, filmmakers of the acclaimed new documentary SCREAM, QUEEN: MY NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET! Among other things, Roman and Tyler discuss the storied history of horror's allegedly "gayest" movie, how Madonna's TRUTH OR DARE helped inform their film, and the sapphic intensity of HELLO MARY LOU: PROM NIGHT II!

1hr 8mins

26 Jul 2019

Rank #11

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Episode 78: William O. Tyler

This week, we're taking fright panel by panel as we welcome William O. Tyler, acclaimed comic book artist and writer of RATBOY, CINEPHILIA, and the upcoming THEATER OF TERROR: REVENGE OF THE QUEERS! Among other things, William talks about the practice of "conscious escapism," how Disney villains tend to lean into the opulence of drag presentation, and his recent work bringing the ghoulish world of Peaches Christ to the world of comics.

1hr 6mins

7 Jun 2019

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Episode 58: Kelli Maroney

On this week's episode, we learn about the legacy of one badass cheerleader as we welcome horror icon Kelli Maroney, the legendary star of FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH, NIGHT OF THE COMET, and CHOPPING MALL! Among other things, Kelli discusses the correlation between soap operas and horror, why she believes the film industry operates on fear, and how her most famous characters empowered her to live as her most authentic self.

1hr 7mins

7 Dec 2018

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Episode 88: Jenette Goldstein

This week, our chests are bursting with excitement as we welcome veritable genre icon Jenette Goldstein, acclaimed star of ALIENS, NEAR DARK, TERMINATOR 2, and much, much more! Among other things, Jenette discusses the socially-tinged horror films that unnerved her as a child, Hollywood's penchant for putting people in boxes, and why the sexual ambiguity of Vasquez from ALIENS gives the character an almost universal appeal. Plus, Jenette dishes on vampire families, T-1000s, sinking ships, and beyond!

1hr 1min

16 Aug 2019

Rank #14

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Episode 42: Sam Pancake

It's a journey from Stars Hollow to screaming teens as we welcome prolific actor Sam Pancake, star of such fan favorites as GILMORE GIRLS, YOU'RE KILLING ME, and much, much more. Among other things, Sam discusses the importance of release that comedy and horror provide, his obsession with a man-eating spider movie starring Patty Duke, and the poignant connection between the "final girl" archetype and gay men of a certain era.


22 Jun 2018

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Episode 94: David Kittredge

On this week's episode, things get heretical as we welcome David Kittredge, acclaimed filmmaker of PORNOGRAPHY: A THRILLER and the upcoming documentary HERETICS: BRUSHED BY THE WINGS OF EXORCIST II! Among other things, David discusses how early gay adult cinema engaged in an arthouse aesthetic, his work to help restore the queer content of the Ryan Phillippe film 54, and his journey exploring the history of the divisive sequel to William Friedkin's lauded classic. Plus, David and Michael share cinematic cocktail recipes for a "Pazuzu-tini" and an EYES OF LAURA MARS themed drink.

1hr 34mins

18 Apr 2020

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Episode 7: Darren Stein

The man who killed the teen dream, Darren Stein (Jawbreaker, G.B.F.), dishes on his obsession with Rocky Horror, transgressive media, and his earliest encounters of the erotic kind.

1hr 4mins

29 Sep 2017

Rank #17

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Episode 12: Thomas Dekker

HALLOWEEN SPECIAL! For this most spooktacular of holidays, we're joined by Thomas Dekker, renowned actor and filmmaker! Among other things, Thomas talks about working with John Carpenter as a child of the Damned, his years fighting Terminators as John Connor, and the power of queer agency in horror cinema. It's an episode full of tricks AND treats! Plus, producers Dom & Drew drop by to share their "must watch" films for Halloween!

1hr 17mins

31 Oct 2017

Rank #18

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Episode 57: Drew Droege

Good evening, America! This week, we're thrilled to welcome acclaimed performer, writer, and queer icon Drew Droege (BRIGHT COLORS AND BOLD PATTERNS, SCOUTS GUIDE TO THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE)! Among other things, Drew discusses his childhood obsession with Freddy Krueger, the authenticity of camp, and the time he became cinema's only Britney Spears obsessed zombie!

1hr 11mins

30 Nov 2018

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Episode 71: Fernando Rivera

This week, we’re putting faith in fangs as we welcome Fernando Rivera, acclaimed author of THE AFTERLIVING (His Blood & Silver Series, Vol. 1) and filmmaker of WHERE MONSTER HIDES! Among other things, Fernando discusses the impact of community on his work, his longstanding fear of clowns, and why a certain Mel Brooks movie ranks as one of his favorite vampiric film representations. Also, Fernando dishes on his guest starring roles on such hit series as CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND and JANE THE VIRGIN!


5 Apr 2019

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