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EatRight Radio, with experts from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, discusses food and nutrition topics, healthy weight, allergies and health conditions, healthy aging, food safety and so much more. Give us 10-minutes and we'll give you the important information and expert advice from registered dietitian nutritionists to help you eat right, feel better, and live a healthier life. Hosted by Melanie Cole, MS.

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How to Reduce Your Food Waste

Around 40 percent of edible food in the U.S. is not eaten and the average family of four throws out up to $2,200 worth of food and beverages each year. With a few simple changes we can all help improve these statistics. Lori Zanini, RDN will talk about three ways to decrease the food waste in your household.

27 Apr 2016

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Spring Clean Your Diet: Fresh Strategies That Address Habits, Not Just Food Choices

With the arrival of spring and shedding the winter layers, people are also thinking about ways to shed a couple winter pounds. While most people understand the nuts and bolts of a healthy diet, they often don’t take the time to set up the support system to sustain these changes. In this interview, Jennifer McDaniel, MS, RDN, will address both environmental and behavioral influences to ensure that healthy changes stick.

26 Apr 2016

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How To Get Children to “Savor the Flavor of Eating Right”

Getting your child to try new and healthy foods can be a big challenge.Parents are children's biggest influences when it comes to healthy behaviors, so provide your kids with opportunities for family fun. You can help your children learn to make healthier food choices and engage in regular physical activity by being a good role model.Registered dietitian nutritionist and Academy Spokesperson Kristen Gradney is here to explain how to take steps to ensure your child learns the importance of good nutrition from an early age.

15 Mar 2016

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Culturally Savoring the Flavor of Eating Right

Lets discuss food culture as it relates to National Nutrition Month. Nancy Z. Farrell, MS, RDN is here to discuss Chinese, Italian and Mexican cuisine and ways to reduce sugar, sodium and saturated fat while retaining food flavor. She’ll also discuss food ingredients, spices and preparation methods.

14 Mar 2016

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High Cholesterol in Children: Help Without Harming

With the epidemic in pediatric obesity, we are seeing an increase in high cholesterol levels among children.In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics is now recommending that pediatricians do a standard cholesterol screen at annual visits for all children ages 9 to 11 years of age. It is important that any nutritional intervention that involves food restrictions of any kind be done carefully by a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) with pediatric expertise to avoid unintended consequences of those restrictions.Angela Lemond, RDN is here to discuss High Cholesterol in Children.

22 Feb 2016

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Lower Heart Disease Risk through Personalized Nutrition

Everyone has unique nutrition needs based on genetics and lifestyle which determines the nutrition guidelines I recommend.  There is much confusion in the media and internet and even among “health experts” which makes it hard for the public to decide what dietary guidelines to follow. In order to provide individualized nutrition recommendations for my clients, I like to have information like results from advanced lipid panels, genetics, etc.Registered dietitian nutritionist and Academy Spokesperson Sonya Angelone is here to explain her approach to individualized nutritional recommendations.

15 Feb 2016

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Healthy Meals on a Busy Schedule

Busy schedules often mean grabbing unhealthy meals and snacks that can actually drain your energy, which is not good when you’re busy!We are here to offer tips on how to fit in healthy eating even when you’re busy! Tamara Melton, MS, RDN, shares tips that include quick and easy meal planning ideas and how to eat healthfully if you absolutely must go through the drive-thru.

26 Jan 2016

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How To Make Your New Year’s Resolution Actually Stick

We've all made new year's resolutions only to have trouble following through.Tips to make resolutions last include: Individualize changes, One (or two) changes at a time, Make small acts of will, Plan criticallyand Reward yourself.Registered dietitian nutritionist and Academy Spokesperson Lauri Wright, PhD, RDN, is here to give great suggestions to help you keep your new year's resolutions.

18 Jan 2016

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Beating The Winter Blues with Food & Fitness!

Food & fitness choices can make a huge difference in our mental and physical condition as we move through the winter season. Hydration, eating at regular intervals, how to fit daily exercise in when it’s cold outside, and specific foods that boost mental and physical health will be discussed.Kim Larson, RDN, CD is here to provide tips for including foods in your diet that elevate mood and ward off depression, as well as fitness options that keep energy and every day performance high.

16 Dec 2015

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Wash Your Hands to Keep Germs Away

Though this chilly holiday season, handwashing is more important than ever! But is just a little soap and water enough to keep us safe and well? Dec 6 – 12 is National Handwashing Awareness Week, and The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics wants to be sure everyone knows how to wash their hands correctly and when handwashing can’t be skipped.Registered dietitian nutritionist and Academy Spokesperson Libby Mills is here to spread awareness of the importance of keepeing those germs away.

7 Dec 2015

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