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Secrets of the Sire, hosted by industry insider Michael Dolce, dishes on Comics, Movies, TV, Music and Pop Culture every Friday at 11am EST via Dolce has been a professional Writer, Artist, Colorist, Web Guru and all around Awesome Dude for almost 15 years. He created Descendant for Image Comics and The Sire for After Hours Press. He has written for Zenescope and Wizard Magazine and colored projects for Image Comics, Silent Devil and The Force Media. He currently writes for the entertainment section of AMNY and and is hard at work on some brand new comic book and creative projects.

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Secrets of the Sire, hosted by industry insider Michael Dolce, dishes on Comics, Movies, TV, Music and Pop Culture every Friday at 11am EST via Dolce has been a professional Writer, Artist, Colorist, Web Guru and all around Awesome Dude for almost 15 years. He created Descendant for Image Comics and The Sire for After Hours Press. He has written for Zenescope and Wizard Magazine and colored projects for Image Comics, Silent Devil and The Force Media. He currently writes for the entertainment section of AMNY and and is hard at work on some brand new comic book and creative projects.

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A podcast worth following

By ScarletCheri - Feb 17 2018
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If you’re a fan of comics, movies and geek pop culture tv shows, this is a podcast show worth checking out. They have guest stars ranging from comic cons such as Wizard world to stunt men from films such as “Black Panther”. Both men write and draw for comic books such ‘The Sire’ and ‘Mainstream’. Check them out!!!

TV Comic Awesomeness

By CDSpeed - Aug 31 2017
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Gotta Love this show!

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A podcast worth following

By ScarletCheri - Feb 17 2018
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If you’re a fan of comics, movies and geek pop culture tv shows, this is a podcast show worth checking out. They have guest stars ranging from comic cons such as Wizard world to stunt men from films such as “Black Panther”. Both men write and draw for comic books such ‘The Sire’ and ‘Mainstream’. Check them out!!!

TV Comic Awesomeness

By CDSpeed - Aug 31 2017
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Gotta Love this show!
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Secrets of The Sire

Latest release on Apr 24, 2020

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Rank #1: EP 207: Super Bowl Trailers, Birds of Prey & Oscars Joker Preview, That Kevin Sharp

Podcast cover
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PODCAST | We welcome back Fanbase Press ‘s Kevin Sharp to talk Birds of Prey essential reading before the movie hits, the best Super Bowl trailer to drop and oh those Joker Oscar predictions sure to go wrong!

About the PODCAST: We talk Comics, Movies, TV & Pop Culture every Wednesday night 8pm ET.

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Opening Credits

Super Bowl 2020: James Bond, Top Gun and Black Widow trailers unveiled 51354787

Trailers for the Top Gun sequel, the new James Bond film and other keenly anticipated movies have been unveiled during this year’s Super Bowl.

Fans also got new glimpses of Black Widow and the new Minions movie.

Bill Murray, Chris Rock and Winona Ryder were a few of the Hollywood stars enlisted to star in adverts on one of the biggest nights in the US television-watching calendar.

The 30-second trailer for No Time To Die, the 25th official Bond film, opened with a previously unseen scene showing Daniel Craig’s Bond in a hi- tech glider.

Disney+ Shows Off First Marvel Series During Super Bowl super-bowl- 1275704

Disney + also unveiled its own forthcoming wares, a trio of shows built around characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe – The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, WandaVision and Loki.

These Disney+ shows will connect to the films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with characters moving from the big screen to the small — and vice versa. Other series in the works include one starring Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye, as well as shows focusing on characters such as She-Hulk, Ms. Marvel and Moon Knight.

Segment 2: Logan vs Joker

While this movie was a critical and financial success, it received only one Oscar nomination. This wasn’t a surprise a few years ago since superhero films rarely received the bigger nominations like Best Motion Picture or Best Director. These kinds of movies are usually reserved for technical categories like Sound Editing and Visual Effects. Though, Logan didn’t even get a nod in these categories, which is perplexing given how tight the filmmaking was.

Logan should’ve received more attention from the Academy, especially in comparison to the most nominated film this year, Joker. Both films
reimagine the superhero genre. Joker is a villain’s origin story disguised as Scorsese film while Logan is a chase through the Wild West circa
2029. Both films star broken, societal outcasts who watch over a mentally deteriorating senior. These characters also have manic breaks and resort to graphic violence as a form of release and justice. Furthermore, both characters require their respected actors to go through physical transformations.

Segment 3: Birds of Prey: Reviews Are In …and they’re good! prey-first-reactions-praise-the-fight-scenes-margot- robbie-and-ewan-mcgregor

Birds of Prey First Reactions Praise the Fight Scenes, Margot Robbie and Ewan McGregor

Members of the press were able to attend early screenings of Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn, and first impressions are overly positive.

Segment 4: Spin The Comics To Movie Racks

Birds Of Prey: 10 Essential Comics To Read Before The New Movie Comes Out


The one-shot brought Dinah Lance/Black Canary back to superheroes as she accepted a job working alongside Barbara Gordon/Oracle, the former Batgirl turned information broker.

Chuck Dixon and Gary Frank kicked off the beginnings of the team here, and it’s a must-read for fans looking to explore the comic origins of the team.


As we previously mentioned, Robbie will be reprising her role as Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad, though the character has never actually been a member of the Birds of Prey in the comics. Regardless, the film is set to explore Harley’s transition into a solo anti-hero, which is something her first ongoing comic series also explored.

Karl Kesel and Terry and Rachel Dodson brought Harley Quinn into the DC Universe on her own, away from the abuses of the Joker. The series also set the groundwork for her relationship with Poison Ivy and helped develop the comic version of Harley Quinn that has risen in popularity since the character’s first appearance on the Batman: The Animated Series.


Another character not commonly associated with the Birds of Prey is Renee Montoya, though she will join the cinematic team played by Rosie Perez. Montoya has been both a cop and a superhero during her time in the comics, and she shares a similar origin to Harley Quinn as they both first appeared on Batman: The Animated Series before transitioning to the comics.

While we would love to see the cinematic Montoya evolve into the vigilante known as The Question, it’s her time as an officer of the GCPD that will likely feature in the film, and some of the best examples of Montoya and the GCPD come from Ed Brubaker, Greg Rucka, and Michael Lark’s Gotham Central, with the “Half a Life” storyline showcasing some great character moments.


The first new permanent member of the Birds of Prey in the comics was Helena Bertinelli/Huntress, a newer member of Gotham City’s costumed heroes who had an edge that Batman never really warmed up to that separated her from the rest of Batman’s allies.

Greg Rucka and Rick Burchett’s Batman/Huntress: Cry For Blood is a great murder mystery that also dives into Helena’s origins as the orphaned daughter of mafiosos who is struggling to win Batman’s approval as the Huntress. Mary Elizabeth Winstead will be bringing the character to the big screen and will likely feature moments from her origin that are further explored in this series.


While we highly recommend the first fifty issues of the first volume of Birds of Prey, those issues focused primarily on Black Canary and Oracle with appearances from other Gotham characters like Catwoman and Nightwing. So with no Oracle announced for the film, we’re going to jump ahead a bit until the “Of Like Minds” storyline, which first brought Huntress on to the team.

The storyline also featured the arrival of Gail Simone and Ed Benes to the title, who would take over from Chuck Dixon and carry the team for years across different volumes of the series. “Of Like Minds” tentatively introduces Huntress to the tight-knight group formed by Oracle and Canary, and created a new dynamic for the team as it began to welcome on new members.


Fans have also been waiting to see one of Batman’s most menacing villains show up on the big screen, and Birds of Prey will finally see the debut of Roman Sionis/Black Mask, played by Ewan McGregor. While the villain most often faces off with Batman or Catwoman as opposed to the BoP, we’re still very excited about his addition to the film.

The “War Games” storyline from the Batman titles featured a brutal war between the gangs of Gotham City that left one of Batman’s allies dead and Black Mask in control of Gotham’s underworld. And for an extra look at the sadistic side of Black Mask, be sure to also check out Catwoman‘s “relentless” storyline.


Ella Jay Basco will be playing the young Cassandra Cain in Birds of Prey (And The Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn), and while the character never worked much officially alongside the Birds of Prey, she did work closely with Barbara Gordon/Oracle as the new Batgirl.

The “Mark of Cain” storyline was revealed during the No Man’s Land event in the Bat-titles and revealed Cassandra Cain’s upbringing at the hands of the master assassin David Cain. She was raised with fighting and violence as her only language, and the series serves as a great introduction to the character who would go on to become Batgirl/Black Bat/Orphan.


Gail Simone and Ed Benes continued to explore the members of the team individually as they worked together on missions, with the “Sensei and Student” storyline diving into Black Canary’s past and her relationship with Lady Shiva, one of the greatest martial artists in the DC universe alongside Black Canary.

Black Canary is the most consistent member of the Birds of Prey and was a founding member of the Justice League in Pre-Flashpoint continuity, and this series dives into some of the various aspects of her character that make her stand out even when standing next to the other legends of the JLA.


Jurnee Smollet-Bell will be playing Dinah Lance in the Birds of Prey film and we’ve seen both martial arts and her powerful canary cry on display, but the character’s first appearances in the trailers feature her singing at the Black Mask Club, and her overall aesthetic seems to borrow heavily from the fourth volume of Black Canary.

The series from Brendan Fletcher and Annie Wu focused on Dinah Lance as she went on tour with her band Black Canary, and served as the launching point for her Rebirth-era of comics. After years working with the JLA, the Birds of Prey, or Green Arrow, this series features a modern look at a solo Black Canary to get a sense of the character before the film.


While the original line-up took a long time to build past the original two or three members, after the addition of Lady Blackhawk and a few other the series really saw a big change in direction with the “Blood and Circuits” storyline as Barbara Gordon assembled a new team of heroes.

This storyline led to the largest roster of the Birds of Prey with heroes like Manhunter, Big Barda and Misfit sign up to work alongside frequent members Black Canary and Huntress. As the upcoming film is likely looking to kickstart a franchise as well, this expansion of the comic roster might give fans a look at the possible future of the cinematic Birds of Prey.

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NEXT WEEK:  Did Joker Clean Up at The Oscars? Did Birds of Prey Clean Up At The Box Office? We discuss and review!

Feb 06 2020

1hr 11mins


Rank #2: EP 167: Avengers Endgame Predictions, Game of Thrones Recap & Newsarama’s Chris Arrant

Podcast cover
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We want YOUR thoughts!! Click the links to YouTube and share your comments below! Subscribe to our channel if you dare!

PODCAST | Endgame! It’s all anyone’s talking about! BUT… who lives? Who dies (for real this time) – we give you our Predictions Sure To Go Wrong!

PLUS: In between this Endgame madness there’s a TV show no one’s talking about (yeah right!) We break down the first two episodes of Game of Thrones and it’s connection to the MCU.

AND: We go spinning the racks with Newsarama’s Chris Arrant who brings us the Endgame tie-in books we need to read!

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Segment 1: Avengers Endgame Predictions Sure To Go Wrong

Last Year we predicted who would live or die in Infinity War… were we only ONE movie off? Endgame Predictions Sure To Go Wrong!

Segment 2: Game of Thrones Recap

Is Dany’s blood magical? Is Barry worth watching? We break down GoT!

Segment 3: Spin The Racks

Chris Arrant Breaks down the Endgame Tie-Ins from the comic book world

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NEXT WEEK: We welcome Newsarama’s Chris Arrant to help us preview the event of the century! Avengers Endgame hysteria starts NOW!

Apr 25 2019

1hr 23mins


Rank #3: Ep 202: Rise of Skywalker Reaction, Mandalorian Review, Best & Worst Star Wars

Podcast cover
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PODCAST | RISE! WE break down the Best and Worst Star Wars films of all time as we review Episode 9, Rise of Skywalker.

PLUS: All hail Baby Yoda!The Mandalorian ends it’s run as savior of the franchise.

About the PODCAST: We talk Comics, Movies, TV & Pop Culture every Wednesday night 8pm ET.

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Segment 1: Opening Credits

Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker Review with Emmy-Award winning writer Mike Fasolo, Marvel’s Darren Sanchez, Hassan and Mike.

Segment 2: Mandolorian Finale

‘The Mandalorian’: What That Final Shot Means
The season one finale dives deep into ‘Star Wars’ lore.

The final scene in the season finale of Disney+’s The Mandalorian proved to be a double reveal — one that was relatively obvious to anyone who’s… well, ever seen any Star Wars before, and another that might not have made sense to anyone who wasn’t relatively deep in Star Wars lore.

The obvious reveal was that Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito) had survived the crash of his TIE Fighter. That, again, was hardly a surprise — indeed, given the lack of visible explosion when the fighter crashed, it could be argued that no one was expected to have thought any different in the first place, even before the sight of Jawas clambering around the flaming TIE Fighter at the end of the episode.

As cliche as it may seem for the villain to survive the confrontation with the hero, Gideon living allows the show to further explore the mystery of the villain, which have continued to grow since his debut in the previous episode: What does he want with The Child? What role did he play in the Great Purge of Mandalore? That last question became even more pressing with the second reveal of the finale — that Gideon had the Darksaber.

The Darksaber, as the name suggests, is a form of lightsaber with an all-black blade. It’s not just a neat effect; it’s an object that has been part of Star Wars mythology for years, and specifically Mandalorian mythology. The Darksaber was created by the first Mandalorian Jedi in history more than a thousand years prior to the events of the first movie — technically, it’s somewhere around 1,030 years old by the time it shows up in The Mandalorian — and had, to this point, been an object that had been predominantly held by Mandalorians, or at least those intimately connected to Mandalore.
While the final episode of The Mandalorian’s first season is the saber’s first appearance in live action, it has an extensive history in animation, being central to running storylines in both Star Wars: The Clone Wars — where it was, briefly, in the possession of Darth Maul during his time on the planet — and Star Wars Rebels, where it was last seen being used as a symbol to unite the Mandalorian clans under one rule.
That the saber now belongs to Gideon only exacerbates his mystery. By the time he emerges from the TIE, he’s already someone with two apparent links to the Mandalorian culture: He knows the Mandalorian’s real name, seemingly as a result of his presence during the Purge, and he offered payment — though Werner Herzog’s intermediary — in Beskar, the alloy use to make Mandalorian armor. That he also has possession of an object so important to the Mandalorian culture underscores how tightly bound to it he himself is, but why?
The Mandalorian’s second season will have countless new stories to explore, and new worlds to visit, judging on its first. But perhaps the most unexpected may be, what if Moff Gideon is, himself, a Mandalorian gone bad?

Segment 4: Bestand Worst Star Wars RANKED

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Jan 02 2020

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Rank #4: Ep 173: Godzilla Review, Robert Pattinson Batman, Jaime Tworkowski Interview

Podcast cover
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PODCAST |All Hail The King? We give you our take on Godzilla: King of Monsters! Must-see or wait for cable? We discuss the newest installment of the Titan-verse.

PLUS: Holy Twilight! We’ve got a new Batman To Discuss!

AND: We interview TWLOHA founder Jaime Tworkowski on the eve of the Mental Health Comedy Tour.

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Segment 1: Godzilla: The Bigger the Monster, the Harder the Fall at the Box Office

The Bigger the Monster, the Harder the Fall at the Box Office

‘Godzilla: King of the Monsters’ not only sold fewer than half as many tickets as its 2014 precursor, but it also had a worse opening than the 1998 ‘Godzilla.’

Five years ago, the people complained there wasn’t enough Godzilla in the Godzilla remake. So, they put more of Godzilla and many other major monsters in the sequel, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, but the people just didn’t care anymore. That’s what it looks like now that King of the Monsters is proving to be anything but the king of movie franchises here in America, debuting not only far below its 2014 precursor but also significantly lower than the 1998 Godzilla, which was considered to be a box office disappointment. As always with properties like this, though, at least there are the international grosses.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters did open in first place on the domestic chart, which looks positive. However, the Warner Bros. MonsterVerse sequel only sold 5.3 million tickets in North America. That’s fewer than half of the amount of the previous Godzilla, which drew 11.2 million in its first weekend. It’s also a significantly smaller debut audience than fellow MonsterVerse franchise release Kong: Skull Island, which opened with 6.9 million tickets sold in 2017. As for that 1998 flop, the Roland Emmerich-helmed Hollywood attempt drew 9.4 million people in North America for its domestic box office kickoff, also reigning in first place.

The lower turnout for King of the Monsters wasn’t much of a surprise. Reviews turned out to be mostly negative, its Rotten Tomatoes score of 39% being the lowest for the brand since the 1998 version’s 16% and the third worst overall. The other two MonsterVerse titles were Certified Fresh, both with the same score of 75%. But King of the Monsters also wasn’t tracking very well. Back in early April, Box Office Pro’s long-range forecast put its domestic opening gross in the range of $46-60 million with $46 million being its more precise prediction. Last week, the site raised its expectations, however, to a guess of $56 million. The actual domestic gross through this Sunday is estimated to be $47.8 million.

Overseas, King of the Monsters isn’t faring much better, despite the optics of its additional $130 million grossed outside North America. Consider the amounts pulled this week compared to the 2014 grosses in the UK ($4.4 million vs. $10.4 million), Russia ($2.5 million vs. $9.1 million), Mexico ($4.6 million vs. $8.9 million), France ($2.6 million vs. $6.5 million), and Korea ($2.2 million vs. $4.5 million). Fortunately, the Godzilla sequel about doubled the 2014 take in China, debuting with $70 million vs. the previous movie’s then-record-breaking $36 million. In the franchise’s original homeland of Japan, King of the Monsters also slightly improved over Godzilla, grossing $8.4 million vs. $7 million.

We can expect a huge drop next weekend, too, as word of mouth won’t help bring a lot of extra moviegoers in North America, at least. King of the Monsters received a ‘B+’ grade via CinemaScore polling, which is level with Godzilla‘s grade five years ago, as well as that of Kong: Skull Island. At least the fans like these movies consistently and better than the 1998 movie, which earned a ‘B-‘ grade. The audience score from verified ticket buyers on Rotten Tomatoes does look more promising, however, at 87%. Those are surely the fans who felt they got what they wanted with the monster battles and don’t care about its screenplay and human character problems.

The question now is whether this disappointingly dwindling audience will be even fewer when the next MonsterVerse installment, already in production, arrives in theaters next March. In that sequel, Godzilla vs. Kong, the King of the Monsters wrestles with the great ape King Kong. That might be enough of a mashup matchup to woo additional crowds who didn’t care about Godzilla vs. Rodan, Mothra, and King Ghidorah. Probably not enough to make this a franchise that keeps on going given its scale and cost and the limitations of where the MonsterVerse can venture creatively. No, we probably won’t get more Ghidorah or Mecha King Ghidorah or Destroyah.

Spotlight: Jaime Tworkowski

Spotlight: Jamie Tworkowski


Name Jamie Tworkowski Phone (848) 248-5718 Email WHAT DO YOU DO? Jamie grew up in the surfing world and later fell in love with music and writing. TWLOHA began as his attempt to tell a story and help a friend in 2006. Today, Jamie spends much of his time on the road, telling the TWLOHA story and encouraging audiences at universities, concerts, and music festivals. He has been interviewed by NBC Nightly News, CBS Sunday Morning and Rolling Stone magazine. Jamie’s favorite things are his family and friends (especially his new nephews, Landon and Declan), music, surfing, basketball (#TeamKorver), and Dr. Pepper. He drinks iced coffee every morning, even when it’s snowing. Not many people know this, but Jamie is an introvert. His first book, If You Feel Too Much, is now available. WHAT DO YOU GOT GOING ON THESE DAYS? Florida-based non-profit To Write Love on Her Arms (TWLOHA) is teaming up with the Mental Health Comedy Tour for a one night event at Comic Strip Live on Thursday, May 30th. Tickets are available now for $25, with half of proceeds benefitting TWLOHA.

The line up for the evening includes TWLOHA founder Jamie Tworkowski, comedian Joe Matarese, and host Preston Gitlin, who will be using their voices to fight the stigma that surrounds mental health.

Since its start in 2006, TWLOHA has sought to remind people that their story is important and they are not alone in their struggles. In their 13-year history, TWLOHA has donated over $2.3 million directly into treatment, traveled more than 3.4 million miles to meet people face-to-face at nearly 3,000 events, and has responded to over 210,000 messages from over 100 countries. GOT A HOT TAKE? Mental Health WHERE CAN WE FIND YOU ONLINE?

Spin The Racks

It’s Official! Robert Pattinson Is The Batman!

It’s Official! Robert Pattinson Is The Batman!

Earlier this month word leaked that 33-year-old English actor Robert Pattinson of Twilight fame was the front-runner for the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman in writer/director Matt Reeves’ The Batman. Now Deadline has confirmed that Warner Bros. has approved Pattinson for the film, which will be the first of a planned trilogy.

Another Englishman, Tolkien and Dark Phoenix star Nicholas Hoult, was a heavy runner-up for the role. He made a dueling audition tape to Pattinson’s. Although the studio liked both actors, Reeves’ preference apparently was for Pattinson, who has the Cannes film The Lighthouse opening later this year and will next co-star in Tenet for previous Batman filmmaker Christopher Nolan. Reeves’ film will feature a younger Batman, a major reason behind former Batman star Ben Affleck vacating the role, and will have a film noir tone focusing more on the character’s detective abilities.

Since his breakout role in the Twilight films, Pattinson has largely stayed away from blockbuster films. His credits include Maps to the StarsQueen of the DesertLifeThe Lost City of Z and Good Time. More recently, Pattinson starred in High Life, a sci-fi/horror film that saw release earlier this year.

Reeves (Cloverfield, Apes franchise) will write and direct The Batman, produced by Dylan Clark (War for the Planet of the Apes) and should hit theaters on June 25, 2021. Now that the title role is settled, other casting announcements should quickly follow. The film may begin pre-production this summer.

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NEXT WEEK:  We review Dark Phoenix and welcome Newsarama’s Chris Arrant on to spin the X-racks!

Jun 06 2019



Rank #5: EP 189: Game of Thrones Emmy Recap, #GamerGate, Collective Soul

Podcast cover
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PODCAST | Did Game of Thrones deserve any Emmy love?

PLUS: 90’s rockers Collective Soul talk about their new album BLOOD and celebrate 25 years as a band.

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Segment 1: #Sire Bytes

The Emmy Awards

The 71st Primetime Emmy Awards delivered a night surprises and farewells, with shows like “Fleabag” and “Game of Thrones” and streaming services like Netflix and Amazon (and of course HBO) having big nights.

‘Game of Thrones’ ties Emmys records, wins best drama series i4be7tp2tfgzdh7qgdvv3grv6a-story.html

Despite a universally panned final season that saw fans start a petition — signed by thousands — asking for reshoots, the sprawling epic fantasy drama made history Sunday at the 71st Primetime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles.

The eighth and final season of the wildly popular HBO series ended Sunday’s award show by winning best drama series to tie its own record for most Emmys for a single season of a show.

That final honor gave Season 8 of “Game of Thrones” 12 Emmys in 2019, matching a mark previously set by the show’s fifth season in 2015.

Season 8 entered Sunday’s primetime ceremony having already won 10 awards at last weekend’s Creative Arts Emmys, leaving it just two shy of the record. In addition to winning best drama series Sunday, the show also saw Peter Dinklage win best supporting actor for a drama.

Emmy winners by the numbers…

–Most winners by network: HBO, 34, Netflix, 27, Amazon, 15, National Geographic, 8, NBC, 7, CNN, 5, FX, 5, CBS, 4, Fox, 4, Hulu, 4, VH1, 4, YouTube, 4…

–Most winners by show: Game of Thrones (HBO), 12, Chernobyl (HBO), 10, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Amazon), 8, Free Solo (Net Geo), 7, Fleabag (Amazon),
6, Love, Death & Robots (Netflix), 5, Saturday Night Live (NBC), 5, Last Week Tonight With John Oliver (HBO), 4, Queer Eye (Netflix), 4, RuPaul’s Drag Race (VH1), 4…

The full list of winners. The big stories…

►A night of surprises and upsets: Who says the Emmys are predictable?
From Fleabag’s haul to surprise wins for Jodie Comer and Billy Porter, the Emmys were anything but boring for awards handicappers. “Sunday night’s 71st Primetime Emmys probably cost Las Vegas bookies a lot of money, as there were more upsets than anticipated wins, reflecting the challenges of reading a voting body as large as the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (which is comprised of some 25,000 members) in the era of Peak TV (with its roughly 500 shows),” Scott Feinberg

+While the drama genre wasn’t free of surprise, “the fact that Game of Thrones’ best drama win for its s

Segment 2: Collective Soul

1. The new album Blood has a real throwback vibe to it. Like, it could be out in 1999 or 2019 but doesn’t feel dated in any way

  1. With the music industry changing so much what is the music trend in rock these days? I feel like it has no feel with rap and r&b and pop at the forefront
  2. Right as Rain is the stand out track for me. I love how conflicted you feel in that song as you address the contemporary world.
  3. “Good place to start” seems to be the catchiest of the tunes
  4. There are quite a few deeply personal tracks on this record. OverMe, Them Blues,
  5. What other tracks grab your attention off the record?
  6. What’s the tour plans – you guys are touring right now.
  7. You were 30 when you were signed.
  8. 25 years in what have you learned?

Segment 4: Spin The Racks

Review: Spider-Man #1

Releases September 18th, 2019 by Marvel Comics WHO IS CADAVEROUS?!

The most shocking and incredible comic of 2019 is here as J.J. ABRAMS (STAR WARS, STAR TREK, SUPER 8) and his son HENRY ABRAMS are joined by superstar artist SARA PICHELLI (MILES MORALES, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY) team up for SPIDER-MAN! What do they have planned for Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson?! Who is Cadaverous?! The Modern Master of Mystery Makes His Marvel this September!

40 page Comic · JUL190833 · $4.99

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NEXT WEEK: New York Comic-Con is around the corner as we welcome newsarama’s Chris Arrant on to help us preview the East Coast’s largest Pop Culture con.

Sep 26 2019

1hr 2mins


Rank #6: Ep 203: Release The J.J. Cut, New Mutants Trailer Truth or Trash, Spin the Racks 2020

Podcast cover
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PODCAST | We dive deep into the rumored “JJ Abrams Cut” – Did Disney’s meddling sink the #StarWars ship for good? #releasetheJJcut

PLUS: Hey! We got a #NewMutantstrailer! And it looks… good? Trailer Truth or Trash tonight!

AND: We SPIN the 2020 Movie RACKS! What will be top earner this year? Best Comic Book/Sci-Fi pic? Predictions sure to wrong!

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Opening Credits

  1. Golden Globes: Joaquin Phoenix
    Ricky Gervais: His kind of speech five years ago wouldn’t make news, but today it’s “offensive” and it’s also taken from the right
  2. Beta Ray Bill: Christian Bale

Segment 1: Release the JJ Cut

Here’s what I’ve been told from a source that worked on TROS.

Since shortly after release weekend, I’ve been corresponding with someone who worked closely on the production of TROS and works for one of the major companies I cannot disclose here. I have verified the source to my satisfaction. To protect the source, I am rewording what we spoke about over the last two weeks and am submitting it to you in bullet point format I have written based on what they told me. The TLDR is that they were upset with the final product of TROS and wanted to share their perspective on how it went down and where it went wrong.

Segment 2: New Mutants Trailer

The latest trailer for The New Mutants solidifies that the film will draw heavily from Chris Claremont and Bill Sienkiewicz’s classic Marvel Comics storyline “The Demon Bear Saga.” However, the footage may also reference one of the X-Men’s biggest foes: Nathaniel Essex, better known as Mister Sinister.

Although the name of the hospital in which The New Mutants is set isn’t mentioned in the trailer, faded writing above the main entrance appears to read “Milbury Hospital,” and places the date of the institution’s founding as sometime in the late 1800s. If that’s what indeed is written on the glass, this could have some major repercussions for The New Mutants, as both the name Milbury and the 1800s hold major significance for Mister Sinister.

Segment 3: Spin The 2020 Movie Racks

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Jan 09 2020

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Rank #7: Ep 161 | Captain Marvel Review [SPOILERS], Madonna & the Breakfast Club

Podcast cover
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PODCAST | Captain Marvel Soars At the Box Office… But Is It Any Good? We review the latest Marvel Studios chapter and give you the skinny on the feminist driven film.

PLUS: We welcome “Madonna And the Breakfast Club’s” Paul Castro On To Chat About The Film

AND: Newsarama’s Chris Arrant goes Spinning the Racks

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Segment 1

When ‘Captain Marvel’ Became a Target, the Rules Changed

Despite the trolls’ concerted efforts, “Captain Marvel” slayed during its opening weekend, but not before Rotten Tomatoes, an influential site where a bad audience score can damage a film’s prospects, made major changes to its rules. Most critically, it eliminated prerelease audience reviews. It also stopped displaying the percentage of moviegoers who say they “want to see” a film in favor of using the raw number of people. And it removed the “not interested” button.

The backlash against “Captain Marvel” resulted from a collision of two major forces. One was the popularity of websites that at their best democratize the reviewing of movies, restaurants and businesses and at their worst can be weaponized for score-settling or political grudges.

“Captain Marvel” is among the few superhero films to star a woman, but a bigger trigger factor for the film’s haters appeared to be Ms. Larson’s outspokenness about the lack of diversity in movies and news media coverage of films.

In February, during the crush of the film’s press tour, Ms. Larson told “Entertainment Tonight” that she had spoken with Marvel about making the film “a big feminist movie.” In another interview, she said that after noticing that most of her interviewers in the past had been white and male, she vowed to seek out more underrepresented journalists, including Keah Brown, who is black and disabled, and who profiled her for Marie Claire.

Segment 2: Why Captain Marvel Sucks As a Prequel

Prequels are inherently rubbish unless they follow one golden rule: they have to tell us something we don’t already know. A truly effective prequel should change how we perceive the films or books or TV shows that came before (or after). If it doesn’t put a new spin on the familiar, what’s the point?

What if Ronan’s defeat had set him on the path to his GotG villainy? What if the filmmakers put as much effort into Coulson’s characters as his CG de-aging? What if he’d been, I don’t know, a corrupt alcoholic LA cop reluctantly investigating a break-in at a Blockbuster, only to be profoundly changed by the experience into the Coulson we know?

Or what if — go with me on this — what if when Coulson was replaced by a Skrull, nobody noticed? What if the Agent Coulson we’ve seen throughout all the Marvel movies and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. TV show, the guy we’ve known and loved for 10 years, was a Skrull all along?

Segment 3: Spotlight Paul Castro Jr.

WHAT DO YOU DO? (Think Twitter Bio)I’m an Actor, Voice Actor, Producer, Director and Writer. But more importantly a Gamer, Animal Lover, and Story teller.

WHAT DO YOU GOT GOING ON THESE DAYS? (Shameless Plug Time)Madonna and the Breakfast Club, my Unt. Gamer Comedy which premiere at ITVFest. Few films coming up, What We Found, Unt. Seth Rogen Pickle Movie, Few VO animations I can’t name just yet… Ones about talking dogs.

GOT A HOT TAKE? (Tell us the burning issues you’re dying to talk about) 
I’m open – depends where you wanna go. I love talking anything games, nerd culture, or indie film (or film in general.) Dealers choice!


@paulcastrojr all over

Segment 4: Spin The Racks w/Chris Arrant
Captain Marvel, Shazam, Colbie Smulders and more!

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NEXT WEEK: March Movie Madness Returns!

Mar 14 2019

1hr 18mins


Rank #8: EP 193: Episode IX Trailer Review, Watchmen Review

Podcast cover
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PODCAST | How ’bout that Star Wars Episode IX Trailer? Did it get you HYPED? Is CP3-O a goner? Our predictions sure to go wrong!

PLUS: Who watches the Watchmen? Apparently a LOT of people. And they’ve all got opinions about it. Were you as skeptical as we were about a Watchmen TV sequel to the graphic novel? Us too. Are you skeptical anymore after that powerful debut episode? We debate!

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Segment 1: #Sire Bytes
►Joker approaches an R-rated record.
+Jared Leto fumed over Joker. Suicide Squad
The Warner Bros. pic, directed by Todd
Phillips and starring Joaquin Phoenix, is well on its way to becoming the top-
grossing R-rated film of all time at the global box office, not adjusted for
is the current record holder with $783 million in worldwide ticket
sales. Through Sunday,
s global total stands at $737.5 million after three
weekends in release. The film is expected to ultimately take in close to $900 million
globally; some even think it has a shot at approaching $1 billion.

Kim Masters reports that the actor, who played
The Joker in
, was furious after learning about the standalone film.
“[W]hen the Oscar-winning actor learned of the Phillips project, he not only
complained bitterly to his agents at CAA, who also represent Phillips, but asked his
music manager, Irving Azoff, to call the leader of Warners parent company (it’s
unclear whether it was Time Warner’s Jeff Bewkes or AT&T’s Randall Stephenson,
depending on the timing). The idea was to get Warners to kill the Phillips film.”

Segment 2: Who Watched The Watchmen?

HBO’s ‘Watchmen’ Premiere Sheds Light On Tulsa Race Massacre Of 1921

In 1921, a mob of White terrorists destroyed a section of Tulsa, known as Black Wall Street, leaving hundreds dead and injured.
If you tuned into the premiere of HBO’s Watchmen on Sunday, then you may have recognized an important moment in Black history.

Last night, the series opened with a flashback to the Black Wall Street Massacre, also known as the Tulsa Race Massacre. While Watchmen is set in an alternate reality, the events of the Tulsa Race Massacre are very real. The real event happened in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where the series takes place, in the Greenwood neighborhood of the city.
The riot began Memorial Day after a 19-year-old Black shoeshiner named Dick Rowland was accused of assaulting Sarah Page, a 17- year-old White elevator operator. An angry mob of White people later gathered at the courthouse where they believed Rowland was being held, and soon violence erupted across the city as the angry mob grew and spread.
While the official death toll of the massacre has been reported as 36, historians believe that number to be way too low. It is likely that up to 300 people were murdered, while more than 8,000 people were left homeless.
Police later concluded that Rowland had likely stumbled into Page or stepped on her foot.
The last surviving witness of the massacre, Dr. Olivia Hooker, told NPR back in 2018 that Greenwood had been “a neighborhood where you could be treated with respect.”
“My father’s store was destroyed,” she said. “There was nothing left but one big safe. It was so big they couldn’t carry it away, so they had to leave it—in the middle of the rubble.”
Hooker also told Radio Diaries, “It was a horrifying thing for a little girl who’s only 6 years old trying to remember to keep quiet, so they wouldn’t know we were there.”
A report from The New York Times also recalled the horrifying scene.

“Fires had been started by the White invaders soon after 1 o’clock and other fires were set from time to time. By 8 o’clock, practically the entire 30 blocks of homes in the negro quarters were in flames and few buildings escaped destruction. Negroes caught in their burning homes were in many instances shot down as they attempted to escape.”
Hooker told NPR that she remains optimistic, adding, “Our parents tried to tell us, don’t spend your time agonizing over the past. They encouraged us to look forward and think about how we could make things better.”
Trent Reznor
The Vibe
Rorsach being used as the symbol for White Supremacy
‘Watchmen’ Premiere Draws 1.5 Million Viewers, Delivering Strongest Digital Debut For HBO Since ‘Westworld’ 1202765310/
Who watches the Watchmen? Well, everybody apparently. Damon Lindelof’s highly-anticipated series based on the critically acclaimed and award-winning Alan Moore graphic novel debuted on Sunday night to strong numbers, delivering 1.5 million viewers across all HBO platforms.

The linear premiere telecast of the new drama starring Regina King was 21% above last week’s Succession season finale. It also marked the strongest debut performance for a series on HBO’s digital platforms since the premium cabler debuted Westworld in 2016, another series based on an existing sci-fi/fantasy property.
On top of all of that, the 9 PM telecast of the freshman series averaged 800,000 viewers making it premium cable’s most-watched new series debut this year.
The pilot of Watchmen was directed by Nicole Kassell from a script by Lindelof. The new series isn’t a straight adaptation of the graphic novel, but more of a sequel that finds an America ruled by long-serving President Robert Redford. Its an alternative 2019 America where the best intentions have seen technology curtailed, the police are now hidden by masks like the outlawed superheroes, and white supremacy has picked up the legacy of the infamous Rorschach.
King stars alongside Don Johnson, Jeremy Irons, Jean Smart, Tim Blake Nelson, Louis Gossett Jr., Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Hong Chau, Andrew Howard, Tom Mison, Frances Fisher, Jacob Ming-Trent, Sara Vickers, Dylan Schombing and James Wolk

Segment 3: Spin The Racks
So Kevin Feige runs Marvel Comics now – what does that mean?
Welcome to the coldest take on this week’s biggest news: the somewhat inevitable news that the fifth most powerful person in entertainment, Kevin Feige, would be taking over Marvel publishing and television as part of his portfolio, with the added title of Chief Creative Officer.
It’s taken us a little while to put this together because we spent some time digging among our sources to see what the move really meant. In

the short term, surely it means few immediate changes for Marvel Publishing.
– and likewise, a ding to Marvel chairman Ike Perlmutter, who is disliked by both Feige and Disney head Bob
Indeed, remember this rumor from earlier in the year: Rumor: Marvel Comics is moving to the West Coast?
Although it was only a rumor – as I reported at the time – it was a surprisingly insistent and strong one and the pattern of chatter suggested that there was something that had set it off. I’m now hearing many renewed claims that
… but I’d still classify these as mere speculation at this point. But the option is
more on the table than it has been for a while. And who knows, with Marvel Entertainment in charge, maybe Marvel Comics would get more bathrooms.
When looking at this whole move there are a few key elements:
Feige now rules Marvel’s TV arm:
You would have had to be pretty oblivious not to see Marvel Studio’s gradual annexation of Marvel Television, culminating in the Hall H reveals of all the shows coming to Disney+ under Feige. Marvel TV’s output has been closing up shop, with the Netflix deal lying in the graveyard of TV shows, Agents of Shield ending this year and even an upcoming Ghost Rider show suddenly canceled. Gabriel Luna fans mourned that one, but the rest of Marvel TV’s output was not appointment TV:
Two things that became clear the more we talked to people: that this
move had been in the works for a while and that it was aimed more at
the TV side of things, with the comics/publishing side more of a
bonus prize for Feige
move to Burbank,
Marvel Publishing will definitely
at some point in the unspecified future
“Legion,” a collaboration with FX Productions and “Fargo” executive
producer Noah Hawley, also recently wrapped up on FX after three
seasons. Marvel TV had a very public misfire in ABC’s “Inhumans”
series, which was canceled after one poorly-reviewed season in
2017, while the Fox-Marvel series “The Gifted” was canceled after
two seasons earlier this year. A live-action “New Warriors” project
had been ordered straight to series at Freeform in 2017, but that

project was scrapped a year later. An animated “Deadpool” series
from Donald and Stephen Glover that had received a series order
from FXX also fell apart last year, with studio and network — as
with “Ghost Rider” — citing creative differences.
The result is a slate that has been winnowed down to just a handful
of projects. Marvel Television’s two current live-action shows are
“Runaways” at Hulu, which launches its third season in December,
and “Cloak & Dagger” at Freeform. The latter show ended its second
season in April with no word yet on whether it will receive a third.
Marvel TV head Jeph Loeb was, critically, not mentioned in any of
Disney’s released info on the Feige move and it has been confirmed
. Just where he’ll end up in this is a question mark, but multiple sources told me to keep an eye on the
very well-liked Stephen Wacker, currently VP, Creative and Content Development at Marvel Entertainment.
Anyway, with things like the Scarlet Witch/Vision retro-
com WandaVision forming the spine of the new Disney+ service, we won’t see any lessening of the MCU on streaming land. Feige has proven his ability to build comic book style continuity on a multi- million dollar budget platform, and he won’t stop now.
But where does that leave…
Disney’s Overall Publishing Plans and where Marvel Comics fits into it
Marvel Comics based material has become an arm of Disney’s overall publishing program via Marvel Press. There’s also Marvel’s own fairly vigorous licensing program which has seen some of their material for younger readers sent out to publishers like IDW (much as Dark Horse published comics material based on Disney and Pixar properties.)
But then Marvel was just hiring an editor to work on YA materials? I dunno!
that he now reports directly to Feige
This part of the business isn’t talked about as much as the comics or
TV arms, because it’s less interesting to the fanbase, but believe me,

Disney leaves no potential profit source unexploited. I recall how
early in the Marvel/Disney relationship there were some x-over
things like the Haunted Mansion graphic novel, part of the Disney
Kingdoms line at Marvel. But that kind of theme park-ish spinoff has,
rather sensibly, been moved to the licensed publishing program,
as Haunted Mansion is now at IDW.
Does Kevin Feige even like periodical comics?
So that brings us back to the main question – what practical effects will this have on Marvel’s comics publishing efforts? Will Feige be sitting in on every story summit henceforward and weighing the relative merits of which X-men should get their own books?
I’m told that Feige does seem to have a real reverence for the
legacy of the print origins of the MCU, and those who created it and
that, disputes with the Marvel Creative Committee aside, he has
strong working relationships with Marvel PresidentDan
Buckley and Joe Quesada who has the current title of exec VP,
creative director at Marvel Entertainment. Marvel publisher John
Nee as not mentioned in any of the intel, but I’m told he’s still in
place, reporting to Buckley as before, with Sana Amanat and CB
Cebulski also still in place.
Quesada may be a little busy though, as he’s hosting his own show on Disney+, an Anthony Bourdain-type exploration of the creative community called Storyboards.
The most likely scenario is that Marvel Comics will run much as before, with maybe a little more direct input as an R&D department for the MCU. That still leaves Perlmutter in charge of the purse strong, however, and while he can’t legally be entirely banished, he’s being painted into an increasingly smaller corner at Marvel.
But to summarize for now: no big changes in the near future on the publishing end and Marvel remains the most successful brand in
The big test, more than one person told me, will be when Feige or the
Marvel editorial team wants to hire someone pricey – something
currently not allowed. Marvel’s cheapskate ways have increasingly
applied to page rates of late, and that’s behind their continuing
reliance on a revolving door of creators. Disney has never been known
as a money spout, but there’s more to come on this front for sure.

existence right now. But nothing stays the same in the churning world of movies, TV and streaming of 2020 and beyond.

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NEXT WEEK: More Episode IX Rumors! Terminator Dark Fate Reviews Are In…

Oct 24 2019

1hr 18mins


Rank #9: EP 194: Star Wars, Game of Thrones Shockers, Watchmen Theories, Valiant Comics

Podcast cover
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PODCAST | Quite the week for the Iron Throne. HBO passes on a Game of Thrones prequel. Then they green light one. And the creators cancel Star Wars

PLUS: More Watchmen theories! And we welcome Valiant Comics’ Lysa Hawkins to Spin The Racks!

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Segment 1: #Sire Bytes

‘Star Wars’ Shocker: ‘Game of Thrones’ Duo Quits Planned Trilogy

“We love Star Wars. When George Lucas built it, he built us too,”  Benioff and Weiss said in a statement. “Getting to talk about Star Wars with him and the current Star Wars team was the thrill of a lifetime, and we will always be indebted to the saga that changed everything. But there are only so many hours in the day, and we felt we could not do justice to both Star Wars and our Netflix projects. So we are regretfully stepping away.”

On the one end – we won’t have to answer the question of whether they actually could pull off non-sourced material or whether they’d screw up the star wars U (any more than it already was by Johnson)

On the other… they rushed #GameOfThrones to get to this.

Makes you wonder how much they were listening to the backlash from the fans

‘Game of Thrones’ Prequel Pilot Starring Naomi Watts Not Moving Forward at HBO

The “Game of Thrones” prequel pilot starring Naomi Watts is not going to series at HBOVariety has confirmed with sources.

The cast and crew of the pilot were recently informed that HBO had passed on the project. The potential series was set to take place thousands of years prior to the events of the original series.

HBO declined to comment.

In addition to Watts, the pilot starred Josh Whitehouse, Naomi Ackie, Denise Gough, Jamie Campbell Bower, Sheila Atim, Ivanno Jeremiah, Georgie Henley, Alex Sharp, Toby Regbo, Miranda Richardson, Marquis Rodriquez, John Simm, Richard McCabe, John Heffernan, and Dixie Egerickx.

Jane Goldman co-created the project with George R.R. Martin, whose “A Song of Ice and Fire” novel series served as the basis for “Game of Thrones.” Goldman and Martin wrote the story, with Goldman writing the teleplay. She would also have served as showrunner. She and Martin were executive producers along with SJ Clarkson, Daniel Zelman, James Farrell, Jim Danger Gray, and “Game of Thrones” executive producer Vince Gerardis. Chris Symes was co-executive producer. Clarkson also directed the pilot.

The pilot was one of several “Game of Thrones”-related projects that were put into development at HBO prior to the end of the series. At this time, none of the other projects are believed to be moving forward either.

However, it was reported in September that HBO was nearing a pilot commitment for a project based on based on the “Game of Thrones” companion book “Fire & Blood,” which tells stories of previous Targaryen kings like Aegon the Conqueror, the first ruler of Westeros, and Aegon the Dragonbane, all of whom are ancestors of Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) and Jon Snow (Kit Harington).

The seventh and final season of “Game of Thrones” proved to be highly-divisive among fans, many of whom criticized the direction the show took in its final episodes. Nevertheless, “Game of Thrones” won 12 Emmy Awards for the final season, including best drama series. The season had been nominated for 32 Emmys in total, the most for any series in history in a single year.

Deadline first reported the pilot not going forward.

Segment 2: Watchmen Theory: Adrian Veidt’s Butler Is Doctor Manhattan

The nature of Adrian Veidt’s (Jeremy Irons) creepy servants is one of the biggest questions in Watchmen, but it’s possible that Mr. Phillips (Tom Mison) could actually be Doctor Manhattan, or rather, a clone of his human alter ego Jon Osterman. Phillips and Veidt’s maid, Ms. Crookshanks (Sara Vickers), appeared in Watchmen’s pilot happily serving their master in his ornate castle. This includes acting in a bizarre play Adrian wrote called “The Watchmaker’s Son”. However, their twisted performance gives the powerful impression that Veidt is mocking Doctor Manhattan and his dead girlfriend Janey Slater via Phillips and Crookshanks, who could be their genetically-engineered doppelgangers.

Continue scrolling to keep reading Click the button below to start this article in quick view.

Though Watchmen hasn’t explicitly declared that Jeremy Irons’ is playing Adrian Veidt, the second episode, “Martial Feats of Comanche Horsemanship”, leaves little doubt that Irons’ mystery man is indeed Ozymandias. HBO’s tie-in website, Peteypedia, contains supplemental materials about the series, including a news clipping dated September 9, 2019 titled “Veidt Declared Dead”. The article states that Adrian Veidt vanished in 2012 – 7 years before Watchmen begins – but in the premiere episode, Irons’ character is celebrating some sort of anniversary, complete with a special gold and purple cake, which are the colors of Ozymandias. Further erasing doubts that Irons is Veidt, he declared he was writing a play – a tragedy in five acts called “The Watchmaker’s Son” – and now that it has been performed by Phillips and Crookshanks, it’s absolutely about Doctor Manhattan’s tragic origin – a tale Veidt knows very well.

Every fan of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ graphic novel or Zack Snyder’s Watchmen movie remembers how Doctor Manhattan was created and “The Watchmaker’s Son” picks up at the story’s tragic end: in 1959 at the Gila Flats research lab, physicist Dr. Jon Osterman (Phillips) and his girlfriend Janey Slater (Vickers) are desperately in love but Jon mistakenly left his father’s pocket watch in their creation, the Intrinsic Field Generator. After going in to retrieve the watch, Osterman is sealed inside and is disintegrated, only to re-emerge weeks later as the superpowered being Doctor Manhattan. “The Watchmaker’s Son” bombastically mocks Jon’s ordeal, with Veidt in the crowd urging Crookshanks/Slater that he wants to “see those tears!” as Phillips/Osterman dies horribly. Seconds later, a nude Phillips painted blue emerges from the sealing as Doctor Manhattan, accompanied by Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries” (a nod to Snyder’s film). The play concludes with Veidt resignedly joining Phillips/Manhattan in reciting the ominous final words, “Nothing ever ends”.


To make the play believable, Veidt actually has Phillips roasted alive in his mock “Intrinsic Field Generator”, which leads to the next big shock: there are multiple Mr. Phillips and Ms. Crookshanks because they are indeed all clones. This makes sense since Ozymandias is a master of genetic engineering; in the 1980s, his prized pet was a giant cloned lynx named Bubastis and Veidt made a fortune selling his cloning technology in the 1990s. Veidt’s expertise must have expanded to creating (not quite perfect) humans.

But since Phillips and Crookshanks are clones, who did Veidt model them after? It’s quite possible he chose to base his disposable servants on Jon Osterman and Janey Slater. After all, Ozymandias knew both of them quite well; he first met Doctor Manhattan and Slater at the ill-fated only meeting of the Crime Busters superhero team in the 1960s. In 1985, he conspired to infect Slater with cancer as part of his scheme to force Doctor Manhattan to leave the planet, paving the way for his hoax that would ultimately save the world in Watchmen’s ending. Given what he did to the real Janey, he clearly would have no qualms about killing their duplicates. Further, Watchmen has teased Doctor Manhattan will appear in the series but has not announced who plays the blue super-being – could it be because Tom Mison is already ‘cast’ in a version of the role and is right there in plain sight?


If the servants really are clones of Jon Osterman and Janey Slater, then Adrian Veidt must despise Doctor Manhattan enough so that in his exile, wherever he is, Ozymandias could have chosen to make replicas of his nemesis and his girlfriend to literally dote on him hand and foot – and then kill them for his own amusement. “The Watchmaker’s Son” feels like a kind of excessively petty revenge by a bitter old man who is powerless against the real Doctor Manhattan. But nothing ever ends in Watchmen, including Veidt’s ire at Doctor Manhattan, so much so that it looks like Ozymandias ruthlessly murders clones of Jon Osterman and Janey Slater as a sick form of recreation and catharsis.

Segment 3: Spin The Racks With Lysa Hawkins

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NEXT WEEK: More Episode IX Rumors! Terminator Dark Fate Reviews Are In…

Oct 31 2019

1hr 10mins


Rank #10: Ep 160 | Captain Marvel: Fans, Gender, Politics and Shazam w/Starlight Runner’s Jeff Gomez

Podcast cover
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PODCAST | Captain Marvel vs Captain Mar…er #SHAZAM! Two franchises linked by name, cross-company rivalry & some pretty snazzy trailers… all being released within the next month!

On tonight’s episode we preview the new Marvel and DC flicks and pit the trailers against each other alongside transmedia guru Jeff Gomez from Starlight Runner Entertainment. He also gives us exclusive inside dirt on the film having already seen it!

PLUS: The boobirds are out in full force against Captain Marvel but the pre-sales are sky rocketing! Which side will come out on top as we preview Marvel’s most controversial film to date.

Subscribe to our channel if you dare! Or download the Secrets of the Sire Mobile App For Android:

Segment 1

Michael and Hassan are joined by Jeff Gomez as they discuss Captain Marvel. They begin with the animosity in the build up to Captain Marvel’s release. Jeff notes how Starlight Runner monitors fan behavior and describes how fans are reacting to the actor and not the character Captain Marvel. They discuss how negative social media affects films and how our social media culture in some ways encourages controversy.

Segment 2

Jeff, Hassan, and Michael compare Captain Marvel and Shazam based on the trailers. Jeff share his impressions after seeing Captain Marvel. They describe Warner Brothers’ approach to Shazam and unpack how Shazam has been marketed with humor at the forefront. The guys tell which film they are most excited to see based on their trailers.

Segment 3: Spotlight Jeff Gomez

Jeff shares his love of Ultraman and Godzilla in his youth. Jeff describes his current Ultraman project and the challenges of reintroducing the character to Western popular culture. Michael and Hassan weigh in on how it can be difficult to modernize older series for new audiences. They list examples of films that have succeeded or failed in fulfilling fans’ wishes.

Segment 4: Spin The Racks
Jeff brings up his project Magnificent Revengers, an upcoming Western show and how it plans to immerse audiences in a unique way. Spinning The Racks: New Mutants release on Disney+. Jeff, Michael, and Hassan speculate about how New Mutants will be received. Jeff weighs in on whether to stick around for the Captain Marvel post credits scenes

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NEXT WEEK: Captain Marvel Review – Did it Fly Faster, Further?

Mar 07 2019



Rank #11: EP 177: Spider-Man Far From Home vs Stranger Things 3 Preview, Walking Dead Shocker, Ramon Gil

Podcast cover
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PODCAST | Stranger Things 3! Spider-Man: Far From Home! We pit the two biggest events of the summer against each other… and only one will walk away (with our money). PLUS: We welcome Diversity Con founder Ramon Gil and talk Walking Dead Shocker!

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Spider-Man: Far From Home reviews largely praise Tom Holland’s next film

Is the Marvel Cinematic Universe in good hands after, you know, what happened at the end of Avengers: Endgame? The answer, per the majority of critics coming out of early screenings of Spider-Man: Far From Home, the answer is yes.

Directed by Spider-Man: Homecoming‘s Jon Watts, Tom Holland‘s next solo outing as Marvel’s web-slinger “solidifies him as the new and improved heart of the MCU,” as Mashable’s Alexis Nedd writes. Other critics, including EW’s Darren Franich, praise Jake Gyllenhaal’s “clever, careful performance” as Mysterio, a new mysterious face on the block.

Still in mourning for mentor Tony Stark and grappling with the world asking who will be the new Iron Man, Peter just wants to go on his school trip to Europe and profess his feelings for MJ (Zendaya). But Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) pops in to recruit Spider-Man for a mission combating these Elemental creatures emerging around the world.

Also returning for the Spidey sequel includes Cobie Smulders as Agent Maria Hill, Jacob Batalon as Ned, Marisa Tomei as Aunt May, and Jon Favreau as Happy.

Variety‘s Owen Gleiberman calls Far From Home “closer, in spirit, to the good Tobey Maguire films,” while The Wrap‘s Alonso Duralde writes how Watts and the screenwriters “

To be fair, not everyone came out of theaters singing the film’s praises.

carved out a space for Spider-Man that feels

uniquely breezy and charming while still fitting the larger structure of the

Marvel movies.”

IndieWire’s David Ehrlich called it “a cute but painfully unadventurous bit

of superhero housekeeping,” as Vanity Fair‘s Richard Lawson felt annoyed

by “how the film smirks and winks as if it’s in on the fatigue, offering an

illusion of cool when at heart it’s as slavishly on-message as everything


Read more reviews below:

GOOD: Darren Franich (Entertainment Weekly)
“I wound up liking Far From Home more than any Spider-Man film this decade.

BAD: Todd McCarthy (The Hollywood Reporter)

“The young cast, led by Tom Holland as the bashful web-slinger and Zendaya as a shy girl slow to lose her inhibitions, is plenty appealing as well as funny. But without a proper, full-on villain, as well as an adequate substitute for Robert Downey Jr.’s late, oft-mentioned Tony Stark, this comes off as a less than glittering star in the Marvel firmament. It pales even more when compared to Sony’s wildly imaginative animated feature of last year, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.”

GOOD: Owen Gleiberman (Variety)
“Where does Far From Home fall on the scale of Spider-Man movies? It’s more urgent than the last one (and should be even bigger at the box office), with a richer sense of malevolence, and Holland’s kid-in-over-his-head hero — awkward and ingenuous, romantic and quicksilver — is alive inside in a way that Andrew Garfield’s Peter never was. Far From Home gets closer, in spirit, to the good Tobey Maguire films.”

GOOD: Alonso Duralde (The Wrap)
“In a year that’s only half-done, audience members would be forgiven for having superhero fatigue after Captain Marvel, Shazam! and Avengers: Endgame. (It’s almost welcome news that we aren’t getting the next MCU movie until 2020.) But with a focus on character-based comedy, coming-of- age anxieties, and super-battles that exist in very specific geographical locations, returning writers Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers and director Jon Watts have carved out a space for Spider-Man that feels uniquely breezy and charming while still fitting the larger structure of the Marvel movies.

IN BETWEEN: Richard Lawson (Vanity Fair)

(They even play with that structure, and with deep cuts from the MCU’s

history, in very clever ways.)”

“If yet another Marvel movie is a little self-conscious about being yet another Marvel movie, does that excuse it from being, well, yet another Marvel movie? That’s the tricky territory that Spider-Man: Far From Home (co-released by Sony on July 2) finds itself in, barely two months after Avengers: Endgame swept across the globe, taking some major heroes with it. Watching the trailer for Far From Home, I found myself thinking, this? Again? Already?? In response, Jon Watts’s film seems to nod its head and say, ‘I know, know,’ a little sheepish about its mere existence. But then it ups and does all the old Marvel stuff anyway, seeming more and more earnest and ardent about this factory-cult as it goes.”

Matt Singer (ScreenCrush)
“Watts and his team faced a tough task with this movie, following two gigantic Avengers and the dimension-jumping Spider-Man: Into the Spider- Verse. Their smart solution was to tell a classical story in that Lee/Ditko mold. While no one says ‘with great power comes great responsibility,’ this is about as faithful an adaptation of those old Amazing Spider-Man fables as has been brought to the screen so far.

Mike Ryan (UPROXX)
“So, yes, Spider-Man: Far From Home is funny and clever – in the end, Peter just wants to enjoy his class trip to Europe with the hopes of growing closer to MJ (Zendaya) – but it’s also a movie about both mourning and deception. Peter is still reeling from the loss of Tony Stark, who remains a specter wherever Peter turns. Peter’s emotions are raw, which also leaves him more susceptible to forces preying on his emotional state. It’s a movie filled with surprises (I don’t say that lightly) that leaves Peter, and a viewer, wondering who is real and who can be trusted. Yet it never feels like a movie filled with dread. It’s a hopeful tone, which, after the last two Avengers movies, is very welcome.”

David Ehrlich (IndieWire)
“Don’t be fooled by the title, or the fact that Marvel finally shot a movie outside of Atlanta: Spider-Man: Far From Home is a cute but painfully unadventurous bit of superhero housekeeping that only exists to clean up the cataclysmic mess that Avengers: Endgame left behind. As a piece of connective tissue in an ever-metastasizing cinematic universe, Tom Holland’s sophomore (solo) outing as Peter Parker does a clever job of closing the door on one phase and nudging it open to another; it’s funny and

And it sets the stage perfectly, with a

shocking cliffhanger, for whatever Marvel has in store for us next.”

colorful and hinges on some MCU deep-cuts that even the most hardcore fans won’t be able to anticipate. As a stand-alone story, however — another predictable call to action about the burdens of growing up and becoming the person that others believe you can be — it’s a hollow exercise in going through the motions.”

Alexis Nedd (Mashable)
“Tom Holland instantly proved to be the perfect Spider-Man way back in Captain America: Civil War, but his performance now solidifies him as the new and improved heart of the MCU. Holland is so magnetic in Far From Home that even when Peter makes stupid choices (and hoo boy, he really craps the bed a few times), he is granted instant forgiveness. Peter is 16 years old in this movie, and much is made of the tension between him shouldering the burden of heroism while still being an actual child in a post– Iron Man world. Watching Peter experience grief, stress, and guilt over his role in this new reality is pretty difficult stuff, but in Holland’s hands the emotional journey Peter takes feels natural and relatable.”

Charles Pulliam-Moore (io9)
“Because Spider-Man: Far From Home is the first major Marvel Cinematic Universe film set explicitly after the events of Avengers: Endgame, the great responsibility resting on its shoulders is twofold. Not only does the movie have to bring its titular hero back down to Earth from the most epic adventure of his life, it also has the vital job of setting an overarching tone and perspective for the next phase of Marvel’s grand cinematic project. The great thing is that the film does all of that and a whole hell of a lot more.”

Spider-Man: Far From Home will open in theaters on July 2.

Stranger Things 3 reviews are out: ‘Best season by leaps and bounds’ bounds/

Get ready for new characters, 1980s flash and fads, and more gore than usual when the Netflix hit returns July 4.

Things are about to get Strange. The third season of Netflix’s hit series Stranger Things arrives on July 4, and while it may be a stressful summer in Hawkins, Indiana, it’s looking like a great one for fans. The embargo for reviews lifted on Sunday, and critics shared their opinions.

It’s what fans wanted to hear. CNET’s own Jennifer Bisset calls season 3 “a brilliant return to form,” adding that it brings the focus back to the elements that made the first season such an unexpected hit. “This season’s sense of fun, along with its relationship drama and multiple odd pair-ups bring humor and touching moments that recall Game of Thrones at its best,” she writes.

MTVNews culture director Crystal Bell tweeted, “I think I can finally tell you that #StrangerThings is the show’s best season yet.

She’s not alone in calling this season the best so far. Randall Colburn, internet culture editor for The AV Club, calls season 3 the show’s “best season by leaps and bounds.”

CNET sister site says the 1980s references are just too much.

“It’s entertaining to see beloved characters embracing the spirit of goofy ’80s films, but these homages feel so blatant that it feels more like a parody than a tribute,” the ComicBook review reads.

Spotlight: Ed Kuehnel & Matt Entin Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia

Suspicious Behavior Productions Starburns

Ed Kuehnel

Both Matt and I are full time video game writers. We are freelance contractors and have worked on several games together, most notably Valiant Hearts for Ubisoft but also projects for Twisted Pixel Games and a few other. On my own, I’ve written on over 70 games, having contributed to The Onion and both Matt and I were screenwriters on the comedy/horror film Lumberjack Man.

The biggest thing of course, is the comic book, Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia, our mini-series that is available on Comixology: series/131916?ref=cHVibGlzaGVyL3ZpZXcvZGVza3RvcC9saXN0L3Nlcmllc0xpc3Q
Six issues will complete the story arc, after which they’ll be collected in a trade that will go to print. After that, who knows?

Matt and I formed a company with which to do our comic book work. It’s called Suspicious Behavior Productions. We have a Facebook page and we’re active on Twitter: and on Tumblr:

Matt Entin

I’m a full-time video game writer (Man Eater, Valiant Hearts, Agents of Mayhem) who also dabbles in comics and film.
My comic series with Ed Kuehnel, “Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia.”
Batman (1989) is the best Batman movie.
Twitter: @themattentin

‘Walking Dead’ Comics — Source of Multibillion-Dollar Franchise — Ends With Surprise Finale comic-book-ends-surprise-finale- 1222097?

►Whither The Walking Dead? While the future of The Walking Dead TV universe is not in doubt, a shock decision by Robert Kirkman, the creator of the franchise, is raising questions about the original AMC show that started the zombie craze. Issue 193 of the Walking Dead comic book series, releasing today, will be the final issue, in a move calculated to surprise fans of the series.

Creator Robert Kirkman and artist Charlie Adlard concluded the industry-changing comic book series with Wednesday’s The Walking Dead No. 193, an extra-sized edition that plays out as a sprawling epilogue to Rick Grimes’ story. The series finale comes just shy of a landmark 200th issue; what’s more, the ending has arrived without any advance warning, to the point that Kirkman and Skybound solicited several subsequent issues with cover art from Adlard. Those covers and solicitations were created to preserve the secret behind the series finale, according to Kirkman himself.

Quote: “I hate knowing what’s coming,” Kirkman wrote in the concluding pages of the issue. “As a fan, I hate it when I realize I’m in the third act of a movie and the story is winding down. I hate that I can count commercial breaks and know I’m nearing the end of a TV show. I hate that you can feel when you’re getting to the end of a book, or a graphic novel. Some of the best episodes of Game of Thrones are when they’re structured in such a way and paced to perfection so your brain can’t tell if it’s been watching for 15 minutes or 50 minutes … and when the end comes … you’re stunned.”

“The comic industry as a whole can be very complacent. The systems are in place. Everybody uses those same systems. Comics either live or die based on the generic press releases and interview structures, and it’s all the same websites that cover comic book news. There’s a very rudimentary system of going into a comic shop and finding a comic, and hearing about a comic online. I’m always trying to think of ways to shake that up, where you energize the industry to a certain extent and do things that make people take notice in a way that’s not normal.”

+So what does the unexpected comic finale mean for the AMC show? Well, with a series of movies and another TV spinoff in the works, the franchise appears safe. In addition (and without giving any plot points away) the comic book series ended in a way that the TV series can’t replicate. Still, the surprise ending begs the question whether AMC’s show could follow suit with some surprises of its own

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Jul 04 2019

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Rank #12: EP 187: Kevin Bacon/Bacon Bros Interview, Fall Movie Preview

Podcast cover
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PODCAST | Bacon Bros Interview, Fall Movie Preview | Ep 187

The Bacon Brothers are back! Kevin & Michael Bacon talk their new single “Play”, Kevin’s new show City on a Hill + the super power they wish they had.

PLUS: It’s our Fall Movie Preview and….where are all the superhero movies?

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Segment 1: #Sire Bytes

‘Hawkeye’ Disney Plus Series Eyes Hailee Steinfeld for Lead Role

Hailee Steinfeld could soon be part of the Marvel family. Variety has learned exclusively from sources that Steinfeld has been offered a lead role in the upcoming “Hawkeye” series at Disney Plus.

The limited series will see Jeremy Renner reprise the role of the titular bow- wielding hero that he has played through multiple films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, most recently in “Avengers: Edngame.” Should Steinfeld join the series, she would play Kate Bishop. Bishop is a Marvel Comics character who took up the Hawkeye mantle after Clint Barton (Renner). She is also a member of the group known as the Young Avengers. It was reported last week that Jonathan Igla is attached to write and executive produce the series.

Starring in the series would likely represent a long-term investment in Steinfeld on Marvel’s part. Given the Disney-owned company’s uncanny ability to build up onscreen franchises around even their lesser-known characters, it is reasonable to assume that the Bishop character would eventually spin off into either her own standalone series or even appear in the MCU.

Sony Pictures Chief on Spider-Man Split: ‘For the Moment the Door is Closed’

Fans holding out hope that Spider-Man might be returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be disappointed to hear that “for the moment the door is closed,” according to Sony Pictures chairman and CEO Tony Vinciquerra.

Speaking at Variety‘s Entertainment & Technology summit, Vinciquerra cryptically added that “it’s a long life,” implying that perhaps in the distant future the web-slinging hero might swing his way back to the Disney-owned company.

Vinciquerra insisted that there is “no ill will” between Sony and Marvel, after the two failed to reach on agreement on financing terms for upcoming Spider-Man movies, effectively removing Tom Holland’s Spider-Man from the Marvel fold in terms of both future standalone and team-up features. However, he also did acknowledge the fan backlash to the news, saying that it has been “an interesting couple of weeks” for the studio.

Vinciquerra pointed to Marvel boss Kevin Feige being “stretched incredibly thin” with new additions coming to the MCU as one of the reasons behind the breakdown in talks.

“We had a great run with (Feige) on Spider-Man movies,” the Sony chief said. “We tried to see if there’s a way to work it out….the Marvel people are terrific people, we have great respect for them, but on the other hand we have some pretty terrific people of our own. Kevin didn’t do all the work.”

Now that one of its biggest properties is back solely in its hands, Vinciquerra said that Sony plans to launch its own universe using the vast array of Spider-Man characters.

The studio is in production on a second “Venom” film, a picture based on the character Morbius and “five or six” TV series set in the Spider-Man world. The Sony boss bullishly expressed his belief that the character will do “just fine” outside of the MCU, pointing to the success of “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” and the Sony-Amazon series “The Boys” as evidence that Sony is fully capable of hitting the mark on the superhero front.

“Spider-Man was fine before the event movies, did better with the event movies, and now that we have our own universe, he will play off the other characters as well,” Vinciquerra said. “I think we’re pretty capable of doing what we have to do here.”

Many have expressed the hope that Spider-Man might still remain in the MCU, with Marvel stalwart Jon Favreau commenting during his keynote conversation at the Ent & Tech summit that the split is “not for lack of trying.”

“I’ve been talking to everybody about it…I’m cautiously optimistic,” Favreau said of the Spidey situation. “I think it’s a long way away and I think the collaboration has been really strong up to this point so I’m hopeful that there’s away for us all to play together going forward.”

Segment 2: Fall Movie Preview

Summer is over and awards season is right around the corner. Here are the movies to look forward to in Fall 2019

October 4

One of the most debated movies of the year kicks October off with a nice big smile. Warner Bros. and director Todd Phillips (The Hangover) reimagine comicdom’s greatest villain by way of Taxi Driver and The King of Comedy. Wearing its Scorsese influences on its sleeve, Joker is the rare superhero movie that’s as comfortable playing at prestigious film festivals as it is at comic cons. Indeed, tongues are already wagging. Yet what seems to have everyone in agreement is just how good Joaquin Phoenix is as the titular homicidal clown. There hasn’t been this kind of excitement for a comic book movie performance since, well, Heath Ledger put on a happy face in The Dark Knight.

A Batman-free origin story of the Clown Prince of Crime, Joker imagines its eponymous villain as Arthur Fleck, a would-be nice guy who at middle-age cannot figure out why he is always finishing last. Enjoying a relationship with his mother (Frances Conroy) that would give Freud a field day, Arthur eventually snaps in the face of societal decay in 1980s New York Gotham City. And now, he just wants to put a smile on your face, even if it kills you.

Gemini Man
October 11

Once upon a time, Will Smith was the biggest movie star on the planet.

When he appeared in an action movie in his 20s, it was going to be a big deal. And it might be again in Ang Lee’s trippy shoot ‘em up. Directed by one of the great filmmakers of our time, Gemini Man pits Will Smith against Will Smith with the miracle of CGI de-aging technology. Hence in the film, middle-aged Henry Brogan (Smith) encounters his exact double in Junior, a 25-year-old clone of Henry also played by Smith. Set at odds by a villainous Clive Owen, the two do battle in a story first hatched by Game of Thrones’ David Benioff. The talent around the film, which also includes Mary Elizabeth Winstead, hopefully foretells a sci-fi thriller of more cutting edge stuff.

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot
October 15

Kevin Smith has made a “reboot” of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back by essentially remaking that 2001 movie for an allegedly new generation. Well played, Kev. The story of Jay and Silent Bob’s (still blessedly Jason Mewes and Smith) road trip to Hollywood in order to stop a dark and gritty reboot of their earlier movie, Reboot is also about parentage as Jay learns he is a father to a young woman named Millie (Harley Quinn Smith). The film is likewise a chance for Smith to load up on cameos of familiar faces, both new and old, including Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Joey Lauren Addams, Rosario Dawson, Shannon Elizabeth, Jason Lee, Melissa Benoist, Val Kilmer, Justin Long, Chris Hemsworth, and more. We’ll have to wait to see if this reunion is filled with new creative energy or just nostalgia, but until then…snoochie boochies.

Terminator: Dark Fate
November 1

The Terminator franchise has seen some rough patches as of late. Despite being borne out of two of the greatest action movies, James Cameron’s The Terminator (1984) and Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991), there hasn’t been a good movie in the series since Linda Hamilton stepped away from playing Sarah Connor. Which is what makes Dark Fate so interesting. For the first time in nearly 30 years, Hamilton returns to the franchise to square off against a new cybernetic villain (Gabriel Luna). With director Tim Miller (Deadpool) helming the reunion, a returning Arnold Schwarzenegger, and interesting new talent like Mackenzie Davis joining their ranks, maybe this time the future is brighter.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker
December 20

Easily the most anticipated movie—excuse me, event—of the holiday season, all eyes are on The Rise of Skywalker, the alleged final chapter of the “Skywalker Saga.” In other words, it end the story of all Star Wars movies released to date, as well as follow-up the installment that divided the fanbase, The Last Jedi.

Disney and Lucasfilm are pulling out the big blasters, bringing J.J. Abrams back to the saga after successfully reviving it in The Force Awakens and he’s bringing back an old school classicalism to the way it’s filmed. It is in this context that Rey (Daisy Ridley), Finn (John Boyega), Poe (Oscar Isaac), Rose (Kelly Marie Tran), and the eternally conflicted Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) will find out where they all finally stand in the true balance of the Force.

Segment 3: Bacon Bros

  1. For those not familiar – give us the 30 second backstory of how the band came together?
  2. Let’s talk about Play – the new single.
  3. Kevin do you ever feel intimidated working with your brother, writing considering he’s a composer
  4. Michael in addition to being a composer you’re also a teacher at Lehman. What’s the experience of shaping the next generation of musicians.
  5. Michael I love that you have a sense of humor aboutstarred as “the less famous bacon brother” opposite Turkey Bacon in an Oscar Meyer commercial. Check it out.
  6. Kevin you’re acting, Michael Composing – what drives you to write music at all? And how do you find the time?
  7. Michael, The last time we spoke, you were really excited about the stage show, how has that evolved.
  8. Kevin, your Showtime series City on a hill is getting a lot of buzz for your performance. Talk to us about your experience Season 1 and how contemporary
  9. I feel like we’re reliving the 90s right now
  10. We’re a pop culture podcast, we deal in superheroes a lot. Kevin you got to experience that with X-Men First Class. Any thoughts on joining the MCU
  11. Love it or Shove it:
    The concept of the album is dead
    Playing live music is more fun than your day jobs
    Turkey Bacon is the best bacon
    We’ll never live to see another Knicks championship

Segment 4: Spin The Racks

Comics You Need to Read This Week – September 11th, 2019

Powers of X #4

As Cerebro does as it was intended to do, Sinister does what Sinister does best and the future comes to an end. Superstar writer Jonathan Hickman (FF, NEW AVENGERS, INFINITY) continues his reshaping of X-History alongside

Venom #18

Absolute Carnage tie-in! Carnage’s unlikely and symbiotic allies swarm Venom and his family! As all hell continues to break loose as Carnage’s army swarms the streets of New York, Eddie Brock has his hands at Rex’s Warehouse!

Miles Morales: Spider-Man #10

SPIDER-SEMIQUINCENTENNIAL OR BIG 250th ANNIVERSARY ISSUE? That’s right, it’s our 250th issue and it’s Miles Morales’ birthday! But YOU’RE getting all the gifts! A mystery dating back to Miles’ first appearance? Answered! A terrifying villain destined to become one of Miles’ greatest adversaries? Revealed! Special guests, like maybe Peter Parker: Spider-Man? YOU KNOW IT! All busting out of 25 pages by main series storytellers Saladin Ahmed and Javier Garrón, PLUS a bonus back-up by Ahmed and a special guest artist delving into the history of your new favorite character, STARLING! Your FOMO is well-founded! DON’T MISS IT!

Batman #78

DC Comics · Sep 11th, 2019 · $3.99

In the first part of a “City of Bane” interlude, Batman receives help from an ally he thought he had lost for good: Catwoman! Still recovering from the beatings he took from Bane and Flashpoint Batman, the Dark

Thumbs #4

Image Comics · Sep 11th, 2019 · $4.99

Thumbs tracks down his sister, with disastrous results. MOMTM brings her fight to the city, with the goal of sparking the outlawed technology and tearing down those in charge.).

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Sep 12 2019

1hr 15mins


Rank #13: Ep 172: The Best Comic Book Summer Blockbusters of All Time, Ben Folds Interview

Podcast cover
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PODCAST | From Memorial Day to Labor Day we rank the greatest comic book SUMMER BLOCKBUSTERS of all time! Where does Tim Burton’s Batman, Wonder Woman and Spider-Man 2 land?

PLUS: Rocker Ben Folds talks 90s nostalgia, “Brick” and more!

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Segment 1: Look Ahead: Godzilla m_campaign=SocialFlow&utm_medium=APEntertainment

Review: ‘Godzilla’ is back and doing just fine By LINDSEY BAHR

It’s been a bit since moviegoers had the chance to catch up with Godzilla, five years in fact, which in cinematic franchise time feels like at least a few decades. In other words, it’s understandable if you go into “Godzilla: King of the Monsters” a little rusty on just what went down in Tokyo and San Francisco back in 2014.

But ”Godzilla: King of the Monsters ” is a sequel in the loosest possible sense that requires minimal recall from the audience, which is likely a good thing for those whose brains have been overloaded with “Game of Thrones,” ′′Avengers” and “Star Wars” minutiae and mythology. Worry not, Godzilla is here to provide some old-fashioned summer spectacle, no CliffsNotes required.

It’s a low bar, sure, but at least Godzilla is comfortable with its place in the blockbuster ecosystem.

The filmmakers have even helpfully shifted the focus to another family entirely for this installment, from the inert Brodys (Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen) to the Russells, a now-broken family of scientists who lived in San Francisco during the 2014 attack. There are a few holdovers though, mostly employees of Monarch, the secret multinational organization that studies the titans, like Dr. Serizawa (Ken Watanabe) and Dr. Graham (Sally Hawkins), who are being accused of hiding Godzilla from world governments who’d rather just destroy them all.

As far as the newcomers go, Dr. Emma Russell (Vera Farmiga) also works for Monarch and has developed a machine called the Orca, which simulates the sounds of the various titans. She believes this can be used to help manage them. Emma lives with her 14-year- old daughter, Madison (“Stranger Things’” Millie Bobby Brown in her first major film role), who is precociously enchanted by her mother’s work and admires the primordial creatures.

Madison’s father Mark Russell (Kyle Chandler, whose intensity is at level 10 for most of the movie) is not really in the picture, having left after the San Francisco incident, but is drawn back in when Emma and Madison (and the Orca) are kidnapped by some militant eco-terrorists led by Jonah Alan (Charles Dance).

This group wants to use the titans, of which there are now “17 and counting” including a pretty dazzling Mothra and a less-enchanting three-headed “Monster Zero,” to help reset the planet and reverse climate change and overpopulation. There’s some convenient explanation of why the radiation from the titans actually helps revitalize vegetation, which, like many of the silly plot devices in this movie, you kind of just let slide. That said, anyone currently watching “Chernobyl” on HBO will likely be very stressed out about the amount of radiation all the humans are likely absorbing just by being in proximity to all these creatures.

Michael Dougherty has taken the directing reins this time, from Gareth Edwards, and has done a fine job capturing the grandness of the titans, keeping the action coherent and balancing the human element thanks to a terrific cast that also includes O’Shea Jackson Jr. and Thomas Middleditch. His script is also pleasingly light and often funny, although Bradley Whitford’s Dr. Stanton goes a little overboard trying to be the comic relief.

But even that is easy to give a pass to. “Godzilla: King of the Monsters” is turn-your- brain-off summer fun, and doesn’t need to be anything more than that.

“Godzilla: King of the Monsters,” a Warner Bros. release, is rated PG-13 by the Motion Picture Association of America for “sequences of monster action violence and destruction, and for some language.” Running time: 131 minutes. Two and a half stars out of four.

Segment 2: Best Summer Blockbusters of All time

Memorial Day – Labor Day ranked/7

1989 – Present
Solo: A Star Wars Story (May 25)

Hopefully we finally get to see our boy Han make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs (especially since a parsec is a unit of astronomical distance, not time).

Ant-Man and the Wasp (July 6)

Look, I doubt you’ll find many people who say Ant-Man is their favorite Marvel hero, but Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly combined will make this one fun as hell.


Wonder Woman June 2, 2017

An Amazonian princess and fierce warrior (Gal Gadot) uses her superpowers to help fight a war. Wonder Woman has the highest Metascore of the superhero flicks released this summer.

Atomic Blonde July 27, 2017

Berlin. The Cold War. Undercover agents. Charlize Theron kicks butt in this action-thriller that’s packed with impressive stunts and a less-impressive script.

Spider-Man: Homecoming July 7, 2017

Following his Captain America: Civil War debut, Tom Holland embodies Peter Parker, and his Spidey superhero, in his first standalone film. Iron Man Robert Downey Jr. co-stars, as does Michael Keaton (as Vulture).

2016 5#8-x-men-apocalypse-may-27-3

Suicide Squad” (August 5)
As the weeks go by, and more superhero movies not under Disney’s Marvel

Studios continue to lose interest with audiences, the pressure builds for “Suicide Squad.” It’s important for the DC Comics universe Warner Bros. is creating, but it’s also a chance to prove another studio can produce a good comic-book film.

X-Men: Apocalypse” (May 27)

20th Century Fox’s plan to take some of the wind out of the sails of “Civil War” by lifting the review embargo on “Apocalypse” right after the Marvel hit opened might have backfired. With only a 47% on Rotten Tomatoes, “Apocalypse” looks like another superhero movie that can’t live up to the supremacy of Disney’s releases in the genre.

2015 blockbusters/248684/the-top-10-blockbusters-of-summer-2015

June 29, 2015 Antman


May 23, 2014 – Days of Future past

Guardans of the Galaxy August 1, 2014

Dark Knight Rises – July 20, 2012

May 25, 2011 – First Class

July 19, 2011 – Cap America First Avenger

The Incredible Hulk – June 13, 2008 (USA) July 18, 2008 Dark Knight
Xmen Last Stand May 26, 2006

June 15, 2005 – Batman Begins


Spider-Man 2: June 30, 2004

Ang lee hulk


Xmen July 14, 2000

June 16, 1995 – Batman Forever behind-surprise-802804

Schumacher: After Forever’s success, I wanted to do The Dark Knight. It was going to be very dark. I remember going to the set of Face/Off and asking Nic Cage to play the Scarecrow. The studio, and I’m not sure the audience, was in a frame of mind to go too dark with Batman at that time. It’s interesting how our culture has changed. How the socioeconomic, political culture makes it absolutely palatable to see Chris [Nolan]’s Batman — for instance, The Dark Knight Rises, which is such a comment on exactly what’s happening. You might be able to track that on all the movies. Maybe Batman is one of those things like pi. It’s the center of the universe.

June 16, 1992 Batman Returns
June 19, 1989 Batman
Star Wars: Episode IV ‐ A New… May 25, 1977 (USA)

Return of the Jedi – May 25, 1983 (USA) June 19, 1989 Batman
Spider-Man 2: June 30, 2004 1, 1
July 18, 2008 Dark Knight
Guardans of the Galaxy August 1, 2014 Spider-Man: Homecoming July 7, 2017

Wonder Woman June 2, 2017

Solo: 5, X

Spotlight: Ben Folds

image © Ben Folds

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‘Game of Thrones’ critics petition Benioff and Weiss not to ruin Star Wars

Thousands of critics of the just-ended final season of “Game of Thrones” have signed petitions to keep its two showrunners from making the next Star Wars film, as planned.

Petitioners are urging Disney to kick the pair off the upcoming project so that they won’t ruin that one, too.

“Putting the Game of Thrones writers (David Benioff and D.B. Weiss) in charge of Star Wars is not only a controversial decision but a mistake, plain and simple,” reads one petition, on, which had been signed by nearly 12,000 people by Saturday night.

Meanwhile, a similar petition, this one on, was nearing its goal of 6,000 signatures.

“Like many Game Of Thrones fans, I was dismayed at how the last season was written – it felt rushed and sloppy,” that petition reads. not-to-ruin-star-wars/

“But now I’m really worried because I just learned that the next Star Wars movie will be made by the same people.“

Disney announced earlier this month that it will produce three more Star Wars films, which will reach theaters starting in 2022 — with Benioff and Weiss writing and producing.

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May 29 2019

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Rank #14: EP 195: Terminator: Dark Fate Review, Into The Spiderverse 2, Watchmen Ep 3

Podcast cover
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PODCAST | Terminator: Dark Fate bombs at the box office… but was it any good? We review the film, tell you WHY audiences are tired of the Terminator and give you 3 ways to fix this franchise.

Plus: Watchmen Watch Episode 3 – the (not-so) crazy theory of where Adrian Veidt is.

AND: Into the Spiderverse 2 vs MCU Spidey Film 3: Which film do you want to see more?

FINALLY: Writer Todd Black talks Kickstarting your creations.

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Segment 1: #Sire Bytes

Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse’ sequel gets a release date, bumps ‘Vivo spider-verse-sequel-gets-a-2022-release- date/?utm_campaign=iosapp&utm_source=mail_app

“Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” won’t be catching cobwebs.

After teasing fans on Twitter Thursday evening, Sony Pictures Animation confirmed Friday that the buzzy hero flick will get a sequel set to be released on April 8, 2022. The announcement was bolstered by a subsequent tweet showing “2022” flashing in a GIF foreground.

Segment 2:

‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ Review

►Review: Terminator: Dark Fate. John DeFore reviews the big-budget sequel, which brings Linda Hamilton and James Cameron back into the Terminator fold.

Quote: “Dark Fate does offer a fair bit of pleasure to those wanting a 21st century retread of T2. But it suffers greatly from obeying the imperative the first sequel established: Trying to blow minds and up the ante the way that FX-pioneering adventure did, this one offers a series of action set pieces that go from big to huge to ludicrous, even as the script’s additions to fear-the-future mythology underwhelm.”

1) Stop retelling the same stories. IE: Look at Joker’s success
2) Stop selling CGI in place of story.
3) Pick the platform: Maybe TV is the way to go

Segment 3: Watchmen Watch: Episode 3 Review

First intersection of GN and new characters. Adrian Veidt theories…

Segment 4: Spin the Racks with Todd Black


I’m a comic writer, novel writer, and overall creator of various things. I’ve made series like Guardians, Home, 10,000 Miles, Seekers of Science, Sherlock Holmes – The Greatest Detective and now…Tokyo Blade Detectives.


I’ve got a new Kickstarter going on, and am about to release the fifth book in my Sherlock Holmes series. Also have another comic in the works and Seekers of Science #3 will arrive later in November.


I’m tired of people saying that the majority of the DCEU films are terrible. I prefer Batman V Superman to Civil War any day of the week and twice on Sundays! Plus, I’m more excited for Birds of Prey and Wonder Woman 1984 than any of the Marvel movies in 2020.


On Twitter; @Guardians_Comic
On Facebook:
On Amazon:

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Nov 07 2019

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Rank #15: EP 191: Joker Review, NYCC Recap, SyFy Wire Writer Kevin Sharp

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PODCAST | Controversial. Breathtaking. Empty. Captivating…

The name of the film is #Joker and it’s ALL of these. We bring in Syfywire writer Kevin Sharp on to help us parse through the noise as we review Todd Philips new film. PLUS: We recap our NYCC 2019

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Segment 1: #Sire Bytes

‘Joker’ Slays B.O. Records

Laughing All The Way To The Bank

Box office: Joker slays the record books. The Warner Bros. film opened to $93.5 million domestically and $140.5 million overseas for a $234 million haul globally. It’s the biggest October opening ever, topping last year’s supervillain flick Venom, which debuted to $80.3 million, and the best domestic opening for Warner Bros. in two years, since the first It. Joker delivered despite (or perhaps in part because of?) the scrutiny the film has faced over its nihilistic story, and concerns around violence in theaters. The numbers.

+In fact, Joker broke a number of records, delivering the best opening weekend for any film from Robert De Niro, Joaquin Phoenix, and director Todd Phillips, a slew of October records, both domestic and international, and the fourth best weekend for any R-rated feature, behind only It and the Deadpool movies. The list.

+Joker‘s “wake-up call” to Hollywood. Pamela McClintock examinesJoker‘s blockbuster opening, with 62 percent of the audience male (comparable to other superhero flicks) but only 8 percent between the ages of 13-17, below the average for the genre. The success reveals a potential box office opportunity for studios willing to take the risk.

Quote: “I think Joker‘s debut is another wake-up call — one that is coming in on Batman’s red phone — telling everyone in the industry that R-rated superhero films are here to stay,” says Jeff Bock of Exhibitor Relations. “Hopefully Disney will take that call soon. If they don’t, DC will be happy to staff the call center with its people.” The story.

Segment 2: Joker Review

The Comic That Explains Where Joker Went Wrong

Alan Moore’s classic 1988 story, Batman: The Killing Joke, was an inspiration for Todd Phillips’s grim new film—but not in the one way that really mattered.

In The Killing Joke, Moore took that earlier tale and tried to deepen it. The 45-page “one-shot” story reveals the Joker’s past: He was a struggling stand-up comedian who had lost his wife and unborn child in an accident, embarked on the robbery of a chemical plant to make ends meet, and fell into a vat while fleeing Batman. The narrative removes the Joker’s background as a master criminal and emphasizes that he was a relatively ordinary man who had “one bad day” that drove him to lunacy. In the present, the Joker kidnaps and brutalizes Barbara Gordon (the daughter of Commissioner Jim Gordon and the current Batgirl), paralyzing her and torturing her, then taking lewd pictures of her to torment her father with.

It was a shocking story within the parameters of DC Comics, all the more so because it was presented as canon, not as an adult-oriented tale existing outside the monthly Batman story lines. Barbara Gordon remained paralyzed for decades, all because of a stunt by the Joker intended to demonstrate that what had happened to him could happen to anyone. “You had a bad day, and everything changed. Why else would you dress up like a living rat?” the Joker says to Batman. “When I saw what a black, awful joke the world was, I went crazy as a coot! I admit it!”

The story ends with Batman bringing in the Joker “by the book,” as Commissioner Gordon insists, to “show him that our way works”; the Joker’s efforts to drive Gordon mad fail. Batman, also transformed into a costumed creature by trauma (the death of his parents), reminds the Joker that he himself never succumbed to evil. But despite that bittersweet ending, The Killing Joke helped cement the villain’s reputation for nihilism, forging a modern template for a man once portrayed as a vicious trickster.

Phillips’s film keeps much of Moore’s characterization, tracking the life of Arthur Fleck (Phoenix) as he struggles with mental illness, is attacked and harassed in the street multiple times, and becomes a figure of public ridicule when one of his strange stand-up sets is mocked by a legendary talk-show host (Robert De Niro). But the thing that Joker lacks is Batman. The film does include a young Bruce Wayne (Dante Pereira-Olson), but flips the order in which the characters’ alter egos are created, having Joker’s transformation into a public menace spur a riot that ends with Bruce’s parents getting murdered.

Without Batman to play off, the reason for Joker’s existence as a protagonist in Phillips’s film is vague at best. The narrative tracks his evolution into an evil creature, providing a revamped and simplistic origin story for a figure who has only ever existed as a distorted mirror image of the Caped Crusader. Even when compared with Moore and Bolland’s comic, Joker is a bitter and humorless work, an attempt to add gravitas to a character who typically hasn’t stood for anything broadly metaphorical. In the movie, Joker commits an act of murder on live television and somehow becomes an icon of rebellion and class upheaval as a result. It’s an arc that tries to justify his leap from supporting player to star—and fails spectacularly

Segment 3:

Name Kevin Sharp WHAT DO YOU DO? “Jack of many writing trades, master of none.” Author, recovering screenwriter, video game writer, comics blogger, podcaster. WHAT DO YOU GOT GOING ON THESE DAYS? I currently run the comic creator interview series “Between the Panels” @ Fanbase Press. I’m also a staff contributor for SyFy Wire & a few other geek sites. GOT A HOT TAKE? Depending how much in depth we want to go, there’s the Joker’s comics history from killer in the Golden Age, to harmless clown in the Silver Age, then swinging back to dangerous in the Bronze Age (& continuing on from there w/ Killing Joke, Death in the Family, etc).

Could also discuss different onscreen Jokers and/or favorite Joker stories in comics if time. WHERE CAN WE FIND YOU ONLINE? Twitter: @thatkevinsharp

Segment 4: Spin the Racks: NYCC Review

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NEXT WEEK: We Review ‘Joker’ with Monkeys Fighting Robots writer Kevin Sharp

Oct 10 2019

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Rank #16: EP 176: Jessica Jones Review, Marvel Netflix Legacy, Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia

Podcast cover
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PODCAST | We say goodbye to the Marvel Netflix Universe as Jessica Jones Season 3 comes and goes. We give you our thoughts plus dive deep into the conflicted legacy that was this ambitious TV adventure

PLUS: We welcome Ed Kuehnel and Matt Entin creators of the outrageously

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Segment 1: Jessica Jones & Marvel Netflix

The Conflicted Legacy of the Marvel Netflix Experiment

With the release of Jessica Jones’ third and final season, a TV experiment four years in the making is over. Whether laid low by Disney’s own streaming plans or because simply it began to be more trouble than it was worth to Netflix, its legacy is now etched in stone: chasing a comic book weirdness that it had once proudly eschewed.

It’s hard to imagine that it’s “only” been 11 years since the Marvel Cinematic Universe kicked off, and with Iron Man, found success in a tone that respected its comic book material while grounding it in a way that made sense. After all, right now we’re still coming off the audacious highs of Avengers: Endgame, the culmination of the last several years that delivers, for all that’s good and all that ails it, a completely batshit, time-travel induced smörgåsbord of comic book event storytelling that wildly, gleefully revels in the sugar rush of its own ridiculous high.

In the midway point between that tonal transformation for the Marvel brand, we found Daredevil, then fronted by Stephen S. DeKnight, in 2015. At a time when the movies themselves were starting to lean into that weird spectacle a little more—god, that earnest time when we were all thinking, “How is Marvel gonna make a talking raccoon and a tree that says its name over and over work?”…and then it did!—the arrival of the first show in what would grow into the Defenders project felt like a breath of fresh air.

It’s not much, but it’s probably going to be more than enough for Marvel Studios to swipe Avatar’s…

Or really, a smash to the face.

Daredevil’s commitment to a dark, grounded tone as Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock limped and punched his way through the Kingpin’s thugs in that bloodied, slick first season represented the boldest statement a Marvel show could make at the time. This was a street-level story, away from the sheen and glitz of Avengers Tower, one that didn’t need elaborate superpowers or cosmic beings to sparkle. Give Matt a black headwrap, some batons, and a

corridor, and watch him make visceral, violent storytelling art. By treating its battered and broken protagonist as the consequences of an existential struggle with the act of heroic vigilantism itself, Daredevil presented a complexity to the superhero formula that the Marvel movies couldn’t even dare to contemplate.

Like a one-two punch, Netflix followed up with an equally daring mirror to the Marvel formula in Jessica Jones, helmed by Melissa Rosenberg. While Krysten Ritter’s less graceful protagonist couldn’t quite land a hit as slickly as Daredevil could, Jessica Jones offered a more emotively cerebral examination of comic book weirdness. In taking a supervillain like the Purple Man and turning him not into a simple opposing force to punch into submission (that’s something that even now, the Marvel movies still kind of struggle to do effectively), but a haunting specter that chased Jessica and her own struggles with trauma over the first season, Jessica Jones offered a fascinatingly timely, foreboding take on what a world with superpowers could realistically look like.

David Tennant’s Kilgrave delivered Marvel’s first truly killer villain.Photo: Netflix

Like Daredevil before it, this was not the sort of gritty storytelling you could get from Marvel at the box office. The Defenders characters and stories quickly established themselves as a street-level manna from that still- occasionally embarrassing goofiness we felt sitting down at the movies for the latest Spandex-clad bit of spectacle. But that initial boldness began to falter after Guardians of the Galaxy’s gleeful release the year prior served as a wake up call to Marvel that it could not only get away with practically anything from its source material and not turn general audiences away, but openly and joyfully embrace that source at all times.

When the Netflix universe tried to play catchup in that regards, things started falling apart. In season two, Daredevil’s rapid descent into the ninja underpinnings of the character’s most famous comics tried to square the circle on the comic book ratio, sacrificing the tone of its beloved first season, but never really going far enough to commit to the inherent, joyful pulpiness behind the premise. Its greater success was more in creating the grounds for a Punisher spinoff with guest star Jon Bernthal than in service of the rest of Daredevil’s characters. Cheo Hodari Coker’s debut with Luke Cage showed

an early promise, but it never quite reached the highs of its companions in Daredevil and Jessica Jones, treating the more outlandish aspects of Mike Colter’s version of the character with a corniness that was only charming at a surface level.

Iron Fist’s launch is perhaps the most emblematic of the push and pull between grounded tone and a yearning to be as weird as the source material. To scathing critique, it tried to take the most supernatural and superheroic of all the Marvel Netflix characters and desperately run away from any hint of comic book silliness or scale. Infamous Inhumans showrunner Scott Buck’s first (and only) season on the show told a mystical martial arts tale that lacked the vibrancy of the mysticism or, for the vast majority of the first season at least, the energy of some actually good martial arts. The fact that Danny Rand spent more time in a business suit than he did in any form of costume was symbolic of the series’ fumbling, seemingly a fear of acknowledging the roots of its character (and yet, it was blinkeredly beholden to them when it came to casting Finn Jones as its protagonist).

Even at its most comic-booky, The Defenders struggled to really reach the spectacle that made the wait worth it.Photo: Netflix

Then came The Defenders, what was meant in earnest to be the delivery of Marvel and Netflix’s grand scheme—the crossover event these individual shows had paradoxically both hyped towards while establishing themselves as mostly above the idle joys of such comic-bookiness. It found delight in unexpected combinations more than it did jamming together comic connections, but that even this grand coming together couldn’t really be as weird as a superhero team up should be, even for grounded heroes, was telling.

The Defenders culminated in a single building crashing down in Hell’s Kitchen, the end of a confusing plan its villains spent eight episodes only vaguely hinting at. The same year, its movie siblings sent Thor to space in Ragnarok, made you care about a sentient asshole of a planet in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and had a new Peter Parker debut—meant to be the closest thing to a “street-level” hero the films had—high-fiving Tony Stark and fighting the Vulture in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

We’ll never get to see Colleen Wing as the Iron Fist, and that’s sad.Photo: Netflix

Yes, vastly different budgets create vastly different spectacles, but this was something different. By this point, the Marvel movies had truly embraced the silliness and grandeur inherent to their source material—while repeatedly brushing aside questions of just how interconnected the TV shows were to Marvel’s movie projects. Another Marvel show, Agents of SHIELD, had gone a bit more wild too, catapulting its little superspies-that-could into their own intergalactic adventure, a far cry from its early days.

The Marvel Netflix shows were starting to feel like they were being left behind by a general acceptance of the weirdness they had once been praised for eschewing—making the conversation of just why these seemingly all- connected shows continued to feel more and more distanced from their cinematic cousins all the more awkward for Marvel to try and dance around.

Kevin Feige Hints at How a Black Widow Prequel Could Reveal Secrets of the MCU

Black Widow is dead. This much we know from Avengers: Endgame. And yet, if the rumors are true,…

Read more

This isn’t to say that these shows couldn’t surprise, even as the MCU continued to evolve into the bonkers, all-consuming titan it now is. Part of the reason that Iron Fist’s initial cancellation announcement was so shockingly unexpected was because it had, in a lot of ways, just gone about drastically improving itself and offering a bold direction for its future. Luke Cage, while perhaps the most sedately received of all the Marvel Netflix shows, was likewise throwing curveballs for its lead character that felt like the ignition of its most fascinating spark yet.

Recent Videos from GizmodoView More >
Google’s Quest to Build the Perfect One-Tap Smartphone Camera 6/05/19 10:25AM

Daredevil’s third season refocused the show on what made its initial debut so intoxicating in the first place (and yeah, we’re still mad that incredible fight scene can’t get Emmy recognition). While the decisions had already been made by that time, Jessica Jones’ farewell gave some much needed superheroic oomph to its world while exploring a fascinating, intimate character evolution for Trish Walker. The Punisher’s preponderance of simple violence might have made it a weaker link, but it still had some fascinating reflections between its compromised heroes and villains.

The Punisher felt even more adrift from its siblings on the streaming service, providing ample violence but little complexity beyond it.Photo: Netflix

Maybe its because they knew the writing was on the wall. Although, at least some teams apparently didn’t, so maybe there was indeed going to be a move toward the weirder, comic-bookier side of things going forward—just as the Marvel movies themselves had begun to embrace it over the years— even if it was too little too late for some viewers.

But now we won’t ever know, and the teases for that exciting future left in each of these shows now-final seasons sting with the sadness that these heroes won’t get more time in the spotlight. At least fans got some time, albeit brief, to see these Marvel heroes brought to live-action for the first time. With Marvel Studios’ streaming plans now firmly focused on Disney+—and the might of getting to namedrop characters and stars from the films, instead of having to rely on building up new inductees from the comics as Netflix did—it’s clear it’ll be a while before we see characters as innately, intriguingly challenging to adapt like Matt Murdock, Jessica Jones, Danny Rand, and Luke Cage were back in 2015

Spotlight: Ed Kuehnel & Matt Entin Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia

Suspicious Behavior Productions Starburns

Ed Kuehnel

Both Matt and I are full time video game writers. We are freelance contractors and have worked on several games together, most notably Valiant Hearts for Ubisoft but also projects for Twisted Pixel Games and a few other. On my own, I’ve written on over 70 games, having contributed to The Onion and both Matt and I were screenwriters on the comedy/horror film Lumberjack Man.

The biggest thing of course, is the comic book, Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia, our mini-series that is available on Comixology: series/131916?ref=cHVibGlzaGVyL3ZpZXcvZGVza3RvcC9saXN0L3Nlcmllc0xpc3Q
Six issues will complete the story arc, after which they’ll be collected in a trade that will go to print. After that, who knows?

Matt and I formed a company with which to do our comic book work. It’s called Suspicious Behavior Productions. We have a Facebook page and we’re active on Twitter: and on Tumblr:

Matt Entin

I’m a full-time video game writer (Man Eater, Valiant Hearts, Agents of Mayhem) who also dabbles in comics and film.
My comic series with Ed Kuehnel, “Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia.”
Batman (1989) is the best Batman movie.
Twitter: @themattentin

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Marvel Reveals ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Rerelease Details

Don’t call it a comeback; it’s a “Bring Back event,” apparently.

Marvel Studios has announced exactly what will be included in the upcoming rerelease of Avengers: Endgame, and for those hoping to see an extended cut of the movie, it might be a little underwhelming.

The rerelease, officially being called “a Bring Back,” event,” will feature the movie in its original cut, accompanied by “a video introduction by director Anthony Russo and an unfinished deleted scene from the film,” according to a statement from Marvel. Additionally, a sneak peek at the following week’s Spider-Man: Far From Home will be included.

Participating theaters will be giving away copies of an exclusive poster, featuring the Iron Man gauntlet and the tagline, “We love you 3000,” while stocks last.

News that the movie was headed back to theaters first emerged last week, with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige teasing that it would feature new footage. It comes as the movie approaches the record held for highest- grossing movie of all time by James Cameron’s Avatar; Avatar made $2.8 billion, with Endgame currently at $2.74 billion.

The “Bring Back event” arrives Friday, ahead of next week’s Spider-Man: Far From Home, a movie that Feige has recently described as “the true end of the entire Infinity Saga,” in that it deals with the impact of Tony Stark’s death on Peter Parker and the world at large. The future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe beyond that point remains officially unconfirmed, but at this rate, expecting a “true true end to the Infinity Saga” in a future movie might not be entirely out of the question.

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NEXT WEEK: Stranger Things! Spider- Man! We pit the two biggest events of the summer against each other… and only one will walk away.

PLUS: We welcome Scifies creator Ramon Gil on to talk comics and his brand new DiversityCon experiment.

Jun 26 2019

1hr 8mins


Rank #17: EP 192: Rank’em: Best Jokers Of All Time, Best Kevin Smith Movies and Vault Comics’ Adrian Wassel

Podcast cover
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About the PODCAST: We talk Comics, Movies, TV & Pop Culture every Wednesday night 8pm ET.

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PODCAST | We came to rank! Who are the best Jokers of all time? What are the worst Kevin Smith movies? And Vault E-I-C Adrian Wassel ranks the Vault comics YOU need to be reading right now before they hit the big screen!

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Segment 1: #Sire Bytes

Zoe Kravitz to Play Catwoman in ‘The Batman’

“Big Little Lies” star Zoe Kravitz has been tapped to play Catwoman, the antiheroine and sometime love interest of the Caped Crusader, in Matt Reeves’ upcoming “The Batman.”

Kravitz will star opposite Robert Pattinson as Batman.

In recent weeks, the role came down to Kravitz, Zazie Beetz of “Atlanta,” “Deadpool 2” and “Joker,” “Baby Driver’s” Eiza Gonzalez and Oscar winner Alicia Vikander. Ultimately, Kravitz won out, despite some worry about scheduling issues with “Fantastic Beasts.”

Pre-production on the Warner Bros.-DC Comics pic is expected to start this summer. No official start date has been set, although insiders tell Variety that filming could start in late 2019 or early 2020. “The Batman” is scheduled to hit theaters June 25, 2021.

Reeves, the filmmaker behind the last two “Planet of the Apes” sequels, took over “Batman” directing duties from Ben Affleck in January 2017. Affleck departed his role as Batman following “Justice League,” allowing Reeves to pick his own Bruce Wayne. Reeves’ “Planet of the Apes” collaborator Dylan Clark will produce.

Box Office: ‘Joker’ Goes Crazy With $55M; ‘Addams Family’ Buries ‘Gemini Man 55m-addams-family-buries-gemini-man-1247269

Globally, ‘Joker’ has collected a staggering $544 million. Meanwhile at the specialty box office, ‘Parasite’ scored the biggest location average in three years with $125,421.

Todd Phillips’ Joker is laughing all the way to the bank, earning an outstanding $55 million in its sophomore weekend for a 10-day domestic total of $192.7 million and a massive global haul of $543.9 million.

Joker easily remained at No. 1, although MGM and United Artists Releasing’s early Halloween family pic The Addams Family came in a strong No. 2 with $30.3 million, ahead of expectations and more than enough to bury Ang Lee’s big-budget Gemini Man, starring Will Smith, which followed at No. 3 with an estimated $20.5 million.

Overseas, Joker remained a powerhouse for Warner Bros., grossing $125.7 million from 79 markets for a foreign cume of $351.2 million.

Gemini Man, conversely, took in a soft $31.1 million from 58 markets for an early $39 million offshore total and $59.5 million globally. Mexico and Russia led the weekend with $2.7 million each, followed by $2.2 million both in the U.K. and South Korea. The movie was beaten by Joker in many places; at the same time, in 25 territories, the pic marks Lee’s biggest opening. Gemini Man has big aims for China, where it launches Friday.

Joker, starring Joaquin Phoenix as the twisted supervillain, fell only 43 percent in North America, one of the lowest drops ever for a superhero or superhero-related pic behind Aquaman. The latter debuted over the year-end holidays, when films generally have huge second weekends.

The CG-animated Addams Family, co-financed by Bron, features a star- studded voice cast led by Oscar Isaac and Charlize Theron, along with Chloë Grace Moretz, Finn Wolfhard, Nick Kroll and Bette Midler. The film’s opening is a big win for MGM and UAR — the joint distribution company owned by MGM and Annapurna Pictures — and there almost certainly will be a sequel.

“We always knew this piece of great IP was worthy of bringing back to the big screen,” says Jonathan Glickman, president of MGM’s Motion Picture Group. He added that launching the film close to Halloween was key. “Timing has as much to do with making a theatrical experience an event as the movie itself.”

The Addams Family cost around $50 million to produce before marketing.

Gemini Man, from Skydance and Paramount, reportedly cost $140 million to make after rebates and will need to do big business overseas if it isn’t to lose money. The two companies each have a 35 percent equity stake in the pic, while China’s Fosun has a 25 percent stake, followed by Alibaba with 5 percent.

Outside of the groundbreaking technology used to create a younger version of Smith, critics have ravaged Lee’s film. The story follows an elite assassin who faces off with a younger version of himself.

Joker no doubt is impacting Gemini Man, since both skew male. In North America, the latter pic played to an ethnically diverse audience: Caucasians made up 39 percent of ticket buyers, followed by African-Americans (26 percent), Hispanics (22) and Asians/Other (13 percent), according to PostTrak.

The VFX-heavy Gemini Man opens three years after Lee’s last movie, Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, all-out bombed at the box office. Lee used cutting-edge technology to shoot both films in high frame rates for 3D screens, a format that has been on the decline.

Gemini Man, produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, and Addams Family received B+ CinemaScores.

Segment 2: Kevin Smith’s Movies, Ranked By Rotten Tomatoes

12 Cop Out (18%)
This is the first and last time that Kevin Smith has directed a movie that he didn’t write. It’s a buddy cop action comedy (scarce on both action and comedy) starring Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan as a couple of detectives on the trail of a rare baseball card.
RELATED: The 10 Best Characters Kevin Smith Created, Ranked
Smith and Willis famously clashed on the set, which resulted in a movie that felt very disjointed. On top of that, the script wasn’t very inspired. The characters didn’t feel like real people, the plot plodded along, and it didn’t end with a satisfying conclusion. The movie was a disaster from start to finish, on-screen and off.
11 Yoga Hosers (22%)
The second installment in what Kevin Smith is calling his “True North trilogy” (three vaguely connected horror-comedies set in Canada) is even zanier than the first – and the first involved a guy getting turned into a walrus!
Yoga Hosers stars Smith’s daughter Harley Quinn Smith and Johnny Depp’s daughter Lily-Rose Depp as a pair of convenience store clerks (both named Colleen) who have to fend off a horde of Nazi sausages. The movie was panned by critics, who felt that Smith’s downfall was self-indulgence and laziness, but let’s face it: a movie about Nazi sausages is never going to be boring.
10 Jersey Girl (42%)
This was Kevin Smith’s attempt to pivot his career towards more audience-friendly material. He’d built up a niche fan base with comedies that were crass, crude, and filled with expletives. Jersey Girl was an attempt at a heartwarming Hollywood romcom.

It stars Ben Affleck as a widowed single father who reluctantly dips his toe back in the dating pool when he meets an “it” girl played by Liv Tyler. The movie has its heart in the right place, but unfortunately, the most notable thing about Jersey Girl is that it was the first major motion picture to contain a joke about 9/11.
9 Tusk (45%)
One of the only movies to be adapted from a podcast episode, Tusk stars Justin Long as a podcaster who goes out to interview a crazy old man, played by Michael Parks, who wants to turn him into a walrus.
This was based on an episode of Kevin Smith’s podcast SModcast, in which he and co-host Scott Mosier discussed a Gumtree ad where a man had offered a room at his place rent-free to anyone who’d be willing to dress up in a walrus costume. The movie is as weird as it sounds, but unfortunately, that weirdness becomes excessive at a certain point.

8 Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (52%)
Jay and Silent Bob are sort of the R2-D2 and C-3PO of the View Askewniverse. They appear in every movie to provide lovable support. But there’s a reason why R2-D2 and C-3PO have never been given their own movie (well, not yet – give Disney some time and they’ll get there).
RELATED: Every Single Kevin Smith/View Askewniverse Movie (In Chronological Order)
They’re better party guests than they are hosts. The same goes for Jay and Silent Bob. They’re fun in small doses, but a little tiresome when they take center stage. Having said that, the upcoming Jay and Silent Bob Reboot does look like it’s going to be a lot of fun.
7 Mallrats (55%)
Kevin Smith’s sophomore effort failed to drum up the same critical acclaim as his directorial debut. Where Clerks was about a bunch of people talking in a convenience store, Mallrats was about a bunch of people talking in a mall. In theory, anyone who liked Clerks should like Mallrats.
It doesn’t have the rawness of Clerks as there’s a lot more wackiness, while the larger studio budget allowed by Clerks’ success actually became its successor’s downfall. However, it has the same zany New Jerseyan characters with New Jerseyan dialogue, as well as a hilarious Stan Lee cameo, so it’s not all bad.
6 Red State (60%)
The first non-comedy directed by Kevin Smith, Red State is a thriller with horror elements about a trio of high school students who are lured into a house with the promise of sex and end up getting captured to be sacrificed by a sadistic religious cult. As a firefight breaks out between the cult and the police, these kids struggle to escape.
It’s an exciting movie with a strong hook and plenty of action. It’s not perfect by any means – its climax is resolved disappointingly quickly and the stakes escalate rapidly at the start and stay at the same place for the rest of the movie – but it is an enjoyable thriller.
5 Clerks II (63%)
The sequel to Kevin Smith’s directorial debut swapped the black-and-white film for color and swapped the convenience store setting for a fast-food restaurant. It begins with the store from the first one burning down and Dante and Randall taking jobs at a fast food place called Mooby’s.
RELATED: 10 Funniest Quotes From Clerks
This time around, even worse things happen to the poor guys, but it leads them to even greater emotional resolutions than the first one, too. Sadly, it looks as though Clerks III has been called off for good and we’ll never get to see the Clerks trilogy concluded, but at least this one left the characters in a good place.

4 Zack and Miri Make a Porno (65%)
Kevin Smith hoped that Zack and Miri Make a Porno would be his first big box office hit because it had a high-concept premise and two members of the Apatow company of actors – Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks – in the lead roles.
Alas, thanks to a reserved marketing campaign and the fact that most theaters couldn’t even name the movie, it performed as well as Smith’s other movies (a middling response; not a bomb, but not a smash hit by any means). It’s a shame because the movie found the perfect balance between mainstream Hollywood comedy and idiosyncratic Kevin Smith romp for the first time in the director’s career.
3 Dogma (67%)
A passion project of sorts for Kevin Smith, who was raised a devout Catholic, Dogma tells the tale of two fallen angels who try to get back into Heaven based on a loophole in God’s rules, but since such a loophole would prove that God is fallible, their success could undo the history of all creation.
RELATED: The 6 Best And 5 Worst Kevin Smith/View Askewniverse Movies (According To IMDb)
The film inspired protests from Christian groups (some of which Smith attended in disguise as a joke). It takes on the subject of religion in a comical, but ultimately respectful way. Everyone in the ensemble cast – from George Carlin to Alan Rickman to Alanis Morrisette as God – is fantastic.
2 Chasing Amy (87%)
The premise of Chasing Amy makes it sound like a crass, juvenile, high-concept romantic comedy. It’s about a comic book artist who falls in love with a girl, only to be devastated when he finds out she’s a lesbian. However, in the hands of Kevin Smith, this is actually a poignant reflection on sexual identity and human relationships.
Holden and Alyssa are a proxy for any pair where one person wants to be with the other, but due to uncontrollable circumstances, they just can’t be. Chasing Amy introduced audiences to some key players in the View Askewniverse, not to mention some cult icons of the ‘90s.
1 Clerks (88%)
The movie that made Kevin Smith’s career remains his best-reviewed work. It’s a comedy set over the course of one really bad day in a convenience store clerk’s life, and the story behind the film’s production is almost as interesting as the film itself.
Smith maxed out ten credit cards to shoot it; he shot it on black-and-white film because it was cheaper than color; he used the convenience store he was working in as a location, and since he was working there all day, he could only shoot at night (hence a running gag about the shutter being stuck all day)
It premiered at Sundance to instant acclaim and made Smith a household name.

The Jokers, Ranked
How does Joaquin Phoenix measure up to the actors who have played the Joker before? ranked.html

7. Jared Leto, ‘Suicide Squad’ (2016)

Leto with Common, left, and Margot Robbie.CreditClay Enos/Warner Bros., DC Comics

Phoenix certainly can’t do much worse than Leto. The Oscar-winning “Dallas Buyers Club” co-star’s run at the role was preceded by breathless reports of his Method-style madness throughout production — gifts of dead animals and used condoms, intimidation of crew members, only communicating in character, etc. — so the result was the wrong kind of shocking: Leto is barely present in the final cut, with only a handful of mercifully short scenes in which the actor cackles desperately, menaces frantically, preens embarrassingly and is generally about as scary as your average trick-or-treater. It’s a frustratingly shallow performance, in which the actor and his director focus on flashy surfaces (his comically on-the-nose tattoos include the words “Damaged” and “HAHAHAHA”) rather than plumbing the depths and darkness that made the Joker so memorable in the first place.

6. Cesar Romero, ‘Batman’ (TV, 1966-1968), ‘Batman’ (Film, 1966)

Then again, perhaps Leto was paying homage not to the recent Jokers of note, but the original onscreen portrayal: the film and television star Romero, who played the role throughout the three-season run of the comic book’s initial television adaptation, as well as its 1966 feature film expansion. The half-hour series was basically a live-action cartoon, with bright colors, lively music and snazzy graphics reflecting the Pop Art aesthetics of the era. Thus, the broad portrayals of Gotham’s supervillains were appropriate to the material, and Romero’s interpretation of the Joker as a merry prankster is one of the show’s highlights. But he doesn’t make much of an impression to modern eyes — and the series’ recent high-definition upgrade draws even more attention to his regrettable decision not to shave his mustache for the role.

5. Zach Galifianakis, ‘The LEGO Batman Movie’ (2017)

This mutation of two Warner Brothers tent poles (the DC Universe and the “LEGO Movie” franchise) is less a “real” Batman movie than a spoof of the property, with gags explicitly sending up earlier onscreen incarnations of the Caped Crusader. So Galifianakis isn’t reaching for the usual effects in his voice performance; most Jokers aim to disturb and terrify, while the primary goal here is laughs. But remarkably, the comic actor delivers not only on the character’s humor, but his pathos — the picture’s smart screenplay casts the relationship between the Dark Knight and his most frequent antagonist as one of mutual reliance and even codependence, with the Joker uproariously staging acts of villainy primarily for Batman’s attention. In a strange way, this interpretation gets at an essential truth of the character that eludes its darker variations.

4. Jack Nicholson, ‘Batman’ (1989)

Nicholson’s payday for his top-billed turn in Tim Burton’s blockbuster — which included not only a handsome cut of the profits, but a robust piece of the merchandising bearing his likeness — was a record-breaker. And one gets the sense, when watching the final product, that the picture’s producers wanted to get their money’s worth; Burton seems to use every second of footage he shot, even when it amounts to little more than his expensive actor dancing at length to Prince songs. (That happens twice.) This appears a mostly undirected performance, but Nicholson invests the role with the kind of assumed danger and to-the-balcony theatricality that producers surely had in mind when they signed his checks.

3. Cameron Monaghan, ‘Gotham’ (2015-2019)

The minds behind the Fox series, which explores the pre-Batman history of Bruce Wayne and Commissioner James Gordon, have taken great pains to insist that the twin brothers Jerome and Jeremiah Valeska (both played by Monaghan) are not the Joker — and technically, that’s true. But the show’s presentation of those characters is clearly meant to loudly echo the “Dark Knight”-era reading of the Joker, and Monaghan’s interpretation of them is undoubtedly influenced by Heath Ledger’s work. Yet the younger actor isn’t just cosplaying; the definition of the distinct characters, and the breadth of their multi-episode arcs, allow him to explore the nooks and crannies of the Joker’s psyche in ways both familiar and fresh.

2. Mark Hamill, ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ (1992-1995), ‘Batman: Mask of the Phantasm’ (1993), ‘The New Batman Adventures’ (1997- 1999), ‘Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker’ (2000), ‘Batman: The Killing Joke’ (2016)

No actor has spent more time living inside the twisted mind of the Joker than the “Star Wars” headliner Hamill, who first took on the role for the four- season “Animated Series” and revisited it for several subsequent series and feature-length spinoffs. Over the course of his nearly two-decade run, Hamill mastered the character’s giggling menace and loaded, purring contempt (“Beneath this Puckish exterior lies the mind of a genius years before my time!” he gloats, in “Return of the Joker”), constructing an interpretation both entertaining and unnerving. The Joker is, above all else, a performer, and Hamill is clearly having a great time chewing the scenery (or, more accurately, chewing his microphone).

1. Heath Ledger, ‘The Dark Knight’ (2008)

Ledger won a much-deserved posthumous Oscar for his chilling, haunted turn as the Joker, the clearest indication that he was up to much more than “comic book movie” slumming. Under the sure hand of the director Christopher Nolan, Ledger creates one of the scariest villains in all of cinema — and one that’s frighteningly real, an honest-to-goodness sociopath whose nihilistic philosophy (as Michael Caine’s Alfred memorably puts it, “some men just want to watch the world burn”) invests the character, and the film, with a terrifying feeling that all bets are off, and that good may not prevail. Though widely acclaimed at the time, Ledger’s performance seems to only expand in our popular imagination with the passing years — and the growth of our increasingly shared sense of hopelessness and dismay. This was, truly, a Joker for our time.

Segment 3: Adrian Vault Comics

  • Heathen has a big name to it.
  • You guys seem to, from my vantage point, tell confined trades. Are you interested in ongoing or very finite. What is the businessmodel?
  • Also, you guys are interested in publishing. I don’t see your names in the credits elsewhere. Didn’t anyone tell you there’s no money in comics?
  • Friendo is by far the best title I read because it’s scary.
  • Tim Seely’s new book.
  • NYCC plans?
  • Wasted Space audio book
  • What have you learned between 2018 to 2019?


Adrian Wassel


Editor-in-Chief of Vault Comics. I select all the comics we publish — plus a lot of other stuff.


Vagrant Queen just wrapped filming its first season (10 one-hour episodes) for SYFY. The film adaptation of Heathen is moving along brilliantly. Catherine Hardwicke is directing and Kerry Williamson has finished an incredible screenplay. Wasted Space is now available in audio adaptation. And our seasonal horror imprint debuted with The Plot which crushed in sales and critical reception.


I don’t love the way binge-watching has begun to reshape narrative structures in serials. One of the things I love about serialized fiction is the form and the anticipation of the next issue/episode. I don’t want all of our narratives flattened out to the same shape.


Twitter: @afwassel

5 90’s Marvel Characters That Are Still Awesome (& 5 That Haven’t Aged Well)

by Julian Beauvais – on Oct 13, 2019 in Lists

In the ’90s comic world, ‘grim-and-gritty’ anti-heroes dominated the market: spandex- clad, gun-toting men and women whose steroid-enhanced, body-builder physiques and ridiculously buxom and scantily clad bodies were out-shadowed only by the large number of pouches they wore (so, so many pouches).

10 STILL AWESOME: Sleepwalker

Introduced as an alien police officer whose beat is the human dreamscape, Sleepwalker is a prime example of creativity that bucked the trend. Bonded to Rick Sheridan’s subconscious, Sleepwalker both protected Rick’s mind and fought crime in the waking world. At a time when comic characters were all muscle-bound and armed to the teeth, part of Sleepwalker’s appeal was his unique and somewhat spooky appearance: thin and frail, inhuman, and carrying no weapons. Although the character would struggle to find popularity with readers, (perhaps as a result of being too original for the time), a modern reboot with the right creative team might gain ground with fans looking for something a little off the beaten path.


In the ’90s, street gangs were the subjects of constant media (over) coverage, stimulating public anxiety regarding urban violence. As an inner-city youth, Elvin Haliday experienced this reality first hand, until a dip in some chemicals granted him super strength, invulnerability and aged him to an adult. With his grandmother’s encouragement, Elvin donned a costume and joined the ranks of the super-folk, spending time with both the Avengers and the New Warriors.

Going by the alias Rage, Elvin’s costume represented all the cliches the public had about a gang member’s appearance, from the all-leather attire to the fingerless gloves. His

characterization never really venturing beyond the one-dimensional, Elvin’s recent death put his readers out of their misery.


With his good looks, mysterious backstory, exotic accent, cool powers, and impeccable fighting skills, Gambit was immensely popular when he made his debut. Typifying the ‘brooding-loner-with-a-heart-of-gold-and-crazy-ninja-skills’ trope that was popular in ’90s action films, Gambit’s mystique was further enhanced by his apparent familiarity with the other side of the law, and his relationship with fellow X-Man Rogue.

Despite several revelations regarding his dubious past and the less-than-scrupulous reasons he may have joined the X-Men perhaps taking the shine off his apple a touch, the Ragin’ Cajun has evolved over time while retaining his popularity with the fans, so much so that Hollywood is still considering him for a solo film.


Dystopian alternate futures were always a popular feature in comics and science fiction, but even more so in the ’90s, perhaps through the massive success and influence of Terminator 2 and The X-Files. The X-Men have particular experience dealing with alternate futures, as they’ve worked to ensure so many of them don’t come into existence. The X-Man known as Bishop was a refuge from one of those futures and made his gun- toting, pouch-wearing debut in 1991. Having grown up in a future where the X-Men were betrayed and killed by one of their own made the character interesting, as he tried to discern which member the traitor could be. However, as the storyline drew out so did his appeal, and when it reached its inevitable conclusion, interest in the character had faded considerably.

6 STILL AWESOME: Squirrel Girl

At a young age, Doreen Green found she could communicate with squirrels and later, developed ‘powers’ associated with her totem animal: strength and agility, large front teeth, and a prehensile tail. Making her first few appearances in the mid-’90s and conceived as comic relief, Squirrel Girl was definitely atypical for a superhero of her time: she was not brooding or dark, and she stayed clothed throughout her appearances. In recent years, Squirrel Girl has strung up an impressive series of victories against Marvel’s most dastardly villains, including Doctor Doom, Galactus, and even Thanos! (Yes, that Thanos). Moreover, her recent ongoing series has proven popular with younger audiences, providing them a positive role model and out-showing her 90s contemporaries in relevance and longevity.

5 HASN’T AGED WELL: Darkhawk

When Darkhawk first appeared in his self-titled series, he had all the trappings of a perfect ’90s hero: mysterious origin, dark costume, and an angsty alter-ego in teenager Chris Powell. With his ability to create force blasts, enhanced strength, regenerative powers, and claw-cable, Darkhawk kept the streets of New York City safe. The amulet at the source of his powers remained shrouded in mystery until issue 21 of his series, where it was revealed that the suit was an alien cyborg body that switched places with Powell when he activated the crystal. Expecting a more mystical or supernatural origin for the character, many readers winced at the hokey B-movie science fiction elements woven into his origin. Interest in the character waned and has never really gained traction since. 4 STILL AWESOME: Carnage

A funny thing happened to Venom, the wildly popular Spider-Man villain, in the ’90s: he joined the likes of the Punisher and Wolverine and became an anti-hero, his twisted sense of justice allowing him to kill criminals with ease. With Venom on the heroes’ side, Marvel needed another symbiote to pit against Spider-Man. Enter Carnage, the maniacal spawn of Venom.

More violent, more psychotic and dangerously more powerful than Venom, Carnage allowed Marvel to have their cake and eat it too: simultaneously, readers could get their fill of the fan-favorite symbiote villain and the fan-favorite symbiote anti-hero at the same time. Well-received since his debut and right into the pages of the currently-running Absolute Carnage, the character has kept evolving over the years and because of it, has never lost his edge or appeal.

3 HASN’T AGED WELL: The Scarlet Spider

Replacing a classic character with clones or stand-ins was all the rage in the ’90s, as companies tried to emulate the financial success of The Death of Superman. DC tried the successful formula again with Batman and Green Lantern, while Marvel tried it with Spider-Man in the now infamous Clone Saga. A clone of Peter Parker from a 1973 story arc, Ben Reilly first reappeared as the Scarlet Spider and was thought to be the real Web- Slinger for a time, until his death revealed he was actually the clone. To this day, the mere mention of The Clone Saga makes Spider-fans wince in disgust, and despite the character’s recent return, his grunge-style costume and convoluted backstory are best left consigned to the decade in which they (re)appeared.


When Deadpool made his first appearance, he was an unremarkable assassin who bore more than a passing resemblance to DC’s Deathstroke, albeit wearing a knock-off Spider- Man costume. As was obligatory for comic book assassins in the ’90s, he was ninja- trained, carried guns (and pouches) and had a shadowy past.

Over the years, writers have parlayed Deadpool’s ability to run his mouth during a fight into a defining character trait, endearing him to fans who appreciate a sprinkle of comedy in their heroes. Now an unofficial ambassador for pop-culture referencing, 4th-wall-

breaking comedic superheroes (and cool Canadian actors), Deadpool’s popularity has transcended the decade he originated from, making him the biggest Marvel success story of the ’90s.


The pouch-wearing patriarch of ’90s superhero chic, Cable epitomized every trait the decade’s characters were to have: he was tough, grim, deadly, calculating, had a mysterious backstory and was armed to the teeth. As the leader of X-Force, Cable advocated a more confrontationally proactive approach to human/mutant relations than Professor X, but was not a militant in his ways as Magneto, which appealed to the sensibilities of the day. Revealed to be Cyclops’ son from the future, the appearance of multiple versions of the character (and their convoluted histories), as well as the counter- logic of having an Alpha-level mutant rely on such a ridiculous amount of firearms (and pouches), diminished his popularity, ironically leaving him a relic of the past.

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Rank #18: EP 180: SDCC 2019 Recap, Marvel Phase 4, Top Gun 2, Terminator

Podcast cover
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PODCAST | It’s our San Diego Comic Con review – straight from the host who was there! Who won the weekend? What was the biggest announcement? Did you really wait overnight for those Hall H passes? We have the scoop!

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The biggest announcement from Hall H at ComicCon was..?

^Welcome to Phase 4. Kevin Feige took the stage at Comic-Con to pull back the curtain on Phase 4 of the MCU, which includes Black Widow, Disney+ shows and sequels to Thor and Doctor Strange…
► Mahershala Ali to star in Blade reboot. He’ll take over for Wesley Snipes in a reboot of the franchise centering on the hero who tries to rid the world of vampires as a way of avenging his mother. How he was cast.
► Simu Liu cast as lead in Shang-Chi. The actor, best known for his role on the CBC sitcom Kim’s Convenience, was cast as the titular character. Also joining the movie will be Awkwafina and veteran actor Tony Leung. Arriving Feb. 2021.
► Natalie Portman returns to Thor. The actress will return to the franchise as a female Thor, with the story taking its cues from the recent comics run penned by Jason Aaron in a Taika Waititi film arriving Nov. 2021. Details.
► Angelina Jolie makes Eternals debut. “I’m gonna work 10 times harder,” said Jolie to the elated panel crowd. “Because what it means to be part of the MCU, what it means to be an Eternal, to be part of this family.” Quotes.
+ What it all means: Richard Newby writes: “In Phase 4, it’s also the attention to inclusivity. Black Widow, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Shang-Chi, WandaVision, the new Doctor Strange, Hawkeye, and the new Thor each offer a much needed and desired perspective to the MCU, be it a diverse cast, female superheroes, an Asian-American hero, a Black Captain America, a female Thor, and an LGBTQ characters

Comic-Con’s winners and losers … As chosen by THR’s on-site team of Lesley Goldberg, Aaron Couch, Borys Kit, Mia Galuppo and Patrick Shanley: 

+ Winner: Marvel: The studio unveiled its Phase 4 as it dated numerous movies for 2020 and 2021 and slotted its “event series,” the shows that will debut on the Disney+ streaming service that also tie to the movies, all the while throwing at the audience logos and star power.

+ Loser: Veronica Mars (Hulu) Surprise! All episodes of the highly anticipated revival are available to stream a week early! The early drop was a regular topic on Friday but by Saturday, it had already been drowned out. Early release.

+ Winner: Paramount. Tim Miller brought Paramount and Skydance’s Terminator: Dark Fate footage to the panel that was filled with enough Sarah Connor and fun one-liners to make even the most temperamental of fanboys happy. And the surprise Tom Cruise appearance and Top Gun: Maverick trailer at the end of the session added a particularly nice touch.

+ Winner: The Witcher (Netflix) With impressive production qualities and a bona fide movie star (Henry Cavill) at the top of the call sheet, the first footage from the streamer’s upcoming fantasy drama was the buzz of San Diego.

+ Winner: The Walking Dead (AMC). AMC closed out the panel with a teaser for its Andrew Lincoln-led TV movies that, in a massive change, will no longer air on AMC. Instead, they will be released exclusively in theaters via a pact with Universal Pictures.

+ Winner: Watchmen (HBO) It’s damn-near impossible to cut through at Comic-Con, but that wasn’t a problem for Damon Lindelof’s highly anticipated take on Alan Moore’s beloved Watchmen. Fueled by a social media campaign, the trailer debuted to overwhelming buzz. More losers.

Loser: The Eisner Awards 
It’s not the winners of this year’s Will Eisner Comic Awards (i.e. the Oscars for comics) that were the problem; it’s that the day after the awards were given out, those who attended were talking more about what was wrong with the ceremony than who won any category. Complaints included an ill-considered joke about ICE agents coming for MAD Magazine cartoonist Sergio Aragones, multiple presenters complaining about the difficulty they had with nominees’ names and commentary about how easy the convention has to be for hot girls. Perhaps it’s time for a rethink before next year’s awards?

Winner: It Chapter Two (New Line/Warner Bros.)
While Warner Bros. didn’t bring its DC heroes to the Con, its New Line Cinema unofficially kicked off Comic-Con with Wednesday night’s ScareDiego, an off-campus event that is becoming a must-attend. Conan O’Brien moderated a star-packed panel with Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, Bill Hader and the rest of filmmaker Andy Muschietti’s Losers’ Club. They showed off an early look at the Chapter Two trailer, as well as three extended scenes that showed there are new and inventive scares in store. For those who wondered if Chapter Two‘s adult cast could match the chemistry of their young counterparts in the 2017 hit, the answer appears to be yes. There was lots of good-natured teasing (and even a duet between Muschietti and Chastain). 

Loser: Game of Thrones (HBO) 
Heading into the annual event, the fantasy drama series was easily the most-anticipated panel at the confab. That changed days before the convention center doors opened when creators and showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss bailed on their scheduled appearance, which was poised to feature their first comments about the divisive final season and series ender. Instead, the remaining castmembers on hand were left to defend the series after a Comic-Con representative opened the session with an odd and out-of-place PSA about acceptance amid threats of panel-crashers. Not helping matters was co-star Conleth Hill, who literally blamed a “media-led campaign” for strong reaction to the final season.

Winner: Westworld (HBO)
Showrunners Lisa Joy and Jonah Nolan pulled the curtain back on season three with an explosive trailer for the highly anticipated third season (coming in 2020). The typically tight-lipped married duo also were a little more forthcoming than usual and engaged in a lively discussion that was only tempered by divorce jokes between the pair when the conversation got a little too spoilery. One request: Please name the new Nazi-focused world featured in the season three trailer, because just the thought of “Nazi World” is downright horrifying.  

Loser: Ruby Rose

The most San Diego would see of the star of The CW’s groundbreaking Batwoman was on hotel key cards and other promotional fare as the actress — TV’s first openly gay leading character played by an out actress of a superhero show — was a no-show in San Diego for Saturday’s panel. (Producers and Rose, in a social media post, blamed her absence on production.) The CW drama, though, did generate strong buzz from Wednesday night’s preview screening and its formal public unveiling. Bonus points to Berlanti Productions topper Sarah Schechter for her wardrobe choices during Saturday’s panel.  

Winner: Tom Hooper

Not only did the Cats trailer fully paralyze Twitter and monopolize all conversations at Comic-Con on Thursday, but a couple of hours later the trailer for HBO’s His Dark Materials — of which Hooper directed a few episodes — debuted to much praise in Hall H.

Winner: Tom King

The Batman and Mister Miracle writer is on a high right now. Not only did he have an almost clean sweep at the Eisner Awards on Friday night, but his Comic-Con is to be followed by some time in Los Angeles writing the screenplay for Ava DuVernay’s New Gods movie. With a big Batman storyline starting this past Wednesday and a mystery upcoming collaboration with his Mister Miracle partner Mitch Gerads on the cards, King is… well, the current king of comics, it seems.

Winner: The X-Men (Marvel)

At a Comic-Con with few actual comics announcements, Marvel’s Saturday reveal of the first six series to be part of its X-Men relaunch (subtitled Dawn of X) felt like a big deal — even more so in the panel room where X-Men, X-Force and the other new titles were introduced, and the excitement was palpable. If this is a sign of the reception awaiting writer Jonathan Hickman’s take on the beloved franchise, Marvel has to be very excited about what lies ahead.

Winner: Undiscovered Country (Image Comics)

The end of The Walking Dead left Image Comics without a flagship title anchored by fan-favorite creators with a killer high concept hook… until Scott Snyder, Charles Soule and Giuseppe Camuncoli’s Undiscovered Country was unveiled Friday. Described by its creators as “Land of the Lost meets Lewis and Clark,” it’s an adventure story set in an America three decades after it has been shut off from the rest of the world behind a literal wall. A limited-edition preview given away at the show revealed that there’s far more going on than any dig at today’s political reality: Expect literal monsters to accompany metaphorical ones when the series launches in November.

Winner: Riverdale (The CW)

The Archie Comics-inspired drama is carrying late star Luke Perry’s wishes by bringing his longtime friend and former Beverly Hills, 90210 star Shannen Doherty for a tribute. Showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa revealed that Perry, who died in March at age 52 after suffering a stroke, had been advocating for Doherty to appear on Riverdale since the beginning: “They were such good friends, and when we were putting together this tribute episode, we wanted to make it as special as possible, and so we asked Shannen to do a pivotal, super-emotional role. She read the script and immediately said yes. It’s very impactful.”

Loser: Agents of SHIELD (ABC)

Marvel’s upcoming Disney+ TV series — the ones with the same movie stars from the billion-dollar feature film franchises roles — were part of the comic book titan’s Hall H film presentation Saturday night that generated enough major announcements to make your head spin. But the ABC drama, that has long been hog-tied when it comes to direct tie-ins with the MCU, headed into the Con with news that it would end next season. Rather than having the cast take a final curtain call alongside the film (and TV!) stars, Marvel banished its first-ever primetime scripted drama series to a low-energy Thursday session in yet the latest sign of the former disassociation between its film and TV arms. Imagine what could have been if SHIELD had, from the start, regularly tied in to the MCU in way similar to what Disney+ is doing. Instead, the network remains in last place among the Big Four broadcast networks and is in the midst of rebuilding efforts.

Winner: Star Trek (CBS All Access)

Trek boss Alex Kurtzman came to Hall H to sell his ever-expanding universe, and largely succeeded in convincing the crowd that there was enough variety among his plans to sustain the franchise. Discovery pulled back the curtain on its surprise 1,000-year time jump teased at the end of season two; Rick and Morty producer Mike McMahan laid out his vision for Lower Decks, a Next Generation-inspired animated comedy that is sold as having the zaniness McMahan is known for with the heart of Trek; and Patrick Stewart — Hall H royalty in addition to being an actual knight — commanded the room with the class and calm he’s known for. The actor choked up speaking about his last day on the Next Gen set, and he revealed more details about Picard, including the fact that a slew of Next Gen stars will be appearing and that the series will involve the Borg in some way. Make it so.

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Jul 25 2019



Rank #19: Ep 201: Rise of Skywalker Preview, Watchmen Season (Series?) Finale, Mandalorian, Best of the Year

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PODCAST | Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker hits theaters this weekend! We give you our predictions sure to go wrong and debate which will be better: Mandalorian or Rise.

PLUS: Watchmen season (series?) finale? Where does it rank in our best of 2019? We give you our picks for best Comics, Movies and TV of the year!

About the PODCAST: We talk Comics, Movies, TV & Pop Culture every Wednesday night 8pm ET.

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Segment 1: Opening Credits

Mandalorian Debuts A Day Early

The good news is that The Mandalorian Season 1’s penultimate Episode 7 is arriving on Disney+ this Wednesday, December 18 instead of its usual Friday drop. Why? Well, as you can imagine, it’s tied to the release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, which opens in theaters on Friday, December 20. Star Wars wants to reserve that Friday for Episode IX’s end of the Skywalker Saga.

Lucasfilm is not missing this opportunity for some Star Wars cross-promotion. The Mandalorian Chapter 7/Episode 7 will include an exclusive sneak peek at Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. So if you are among those fans that think Star Wars has been revealing too much in Rise of Skywalker trailers, you have been warned.

Rise of Skywalker Preview

Segment 2: Watchmen Watch: Season Finale Review

The Hollywood Reporter speaks with the ‘Lost’ and ‘The Leftovers’ creator about bringing his graphic novel adaptation to a close, where he stands with season two and more.

It’s similar to the ending of the graphic novel: a hand hovering over Rorschach’s journal. Is it going to make it to print? Are these secrets going to blow up the world? Here, it’s a foot: is it about to stand on water, and is the world about to change once more?

Correct. I understand some people will probably shout at their TV screens. I feel that this ending is the closest to Watchmen, based on what you just said. It’s not that it’s not important as to whether Rorschach’s journal is going to get published or not. It’s just that it feels like a good place to end the story. Both stories moving forward are less interesting than ending in that moment of choice. Without demystifying it further, that’s what our math was.

Angela makes her decision, Adrian Veidt (Jeremy Irons) is arrested and the world may soon learn about his hoax… the world of Watchmen may once again be fundamentally changing at the end of the season. Before the series aired, you said you were viewing this season as its own piece, that this may be the end of the story. With the finale now upon us, has that changed? Are you interested in a second season? Is it something you’re still considering the possibility of exploring?

It’s so interesting that you present the question that way, because, am I interested in a second season? The answer to that question is yes, in the same way that I’m interested in anything that calls itself Watchmen. I do find it interesting, where the story could go next. More importantly, I think we always think about how season two of a show is the continuing adventures of the first season of the show. That’s what happened on Lost. That’s what happened on Breaking Bad. But there’s another thing that’s happened on television. Look at season two of The Wire. That season, it’s the docks. McNulty and the cops are relegated to being second-stringers, no pun intended, in the second season of The Wire. The third season is “Hamsterdam,” the fourth season is a deep dive on public schools. I think Watchmen, not unlike Fargo or True Detective, can accommodate a much larger space of storytelling. That’s interesting to me.

As for me? I haven’t had the idea. I had to convince myself if this was going to be a satisfying nine-episode series, we wouldn’t bury things for later, having done the opposite of that thing on both Lost and to some degree The Leftovers.
“Save nothing for the way back.”

Yup, exactly. Look at where the needle is, and run it all the way down to empty, knowing wherever the car stops, that’s it. Now, is a helicopter going to come down, lower its ladder, I hop on and the journey continues? Anything’s possible. But I have to be able to answer the question: “What’s the idea for the second season?” I don’t think I’m interested in, nor do I think the audience is interested in, “Let’s just do more of the same.” Because then it wouldn’t be Watchmen. It requires a new idea. Maybe that idea is going to come from someone else. I would welcome that, one hundred percent.

Segment 4: Best of the Year

Best of the Year: Powers of X, House of X,

Movies: Joker,

TV: Game of Thrones, Watchmen?

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Rank #20: EP 184: MCU Spider-Man No More? The Thor 4 Controversy, Laura Cerrone from GeekChicElite Podcast

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PODCAST | Is SONY putting the kibosh on Spidey in the MCU? Or is Disney making a power play for more money? We break down the messy divorce that may find the web slinger slinging webs in another Universe.

PLUS: With Natalie Portman taking over as Thor, is it time to replace all the White Male Superhero characters or is it just lazy writing to do the gender swap? We weigh in alongside Geek Chic Elite Podcaster Lauran Cerrone

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Segment 1: MCU Spiderman No More?

The Skinny: Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige won’t produce any further Spider-Man films because of an inability by Disney and Sony Pictures to reach new terms that would have given the former a co-financing stake going forward. A dispute that has taken place over the past few months at the top of Disney and Sony has essentially nixed Feige, and the future involvement of Marvel from the Spider-Man universe, sources said.

Our Take: This is a power play move by Disney/Marvel to sway SONY execs onto their side. If they create enough backlash, SONY President Tom Rothman will have no choice to capitulate or face the wrath of a rabid fanbase of movies. Negotiations are still ongoing. Don’t be surprised if a deal gets reached.

Segment 2: The Thor 4 Controversy

Now that we’ve got a female Thor, let’s topple every pale, male and stale superhero character we can

The problem with ‘lady Thor’ and ‘female James Bond’

The Skinny: The Thor casting controversy rages on! Is gender swapping the only way for diverse and under represented characters/ creators to be recognized? Or is it just lazy writing?

Spotlight: Laura Cerrone

Name: Laura Cerrone

By day: work in publishing
By night: editor, writer, podcaster in pop culture

Mostly just and it’s affiliated podcast,

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD is one of the best comic book TV shows

I’m all over, but we’ll stick to these:
Instagram: legendoflaura
Twitter: LauraConverses
GCE Twitter:
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SEGMENT 4: Spinning the Racks
Taking you INSIDE the source material for your favorite films.

Jonathan Hickman Responds to House of X Plagiarism Accusations

Marvel Comics’ revival of the X-Men franchise under the direction of scribe Jonathan Hickman has earned many fans for its drastic changes to the popular squad of mutants. However, because of Hickman’s previous comments in an interview for one of his other comic books, novelist Catherine Webb has made it clear that she’s uncomfortable with aspects of her novel The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August possibly being plagiarized by the new X-Men writer.

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NEXT WEEK:  We break down the ramifications if Spidey is officially out of the MCU.

PLUS: We go deep dive into House of X with Newsarama’s Chris Arrant

Aug 22 2019

1hr 7mins