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Donny Seyfer – The Importance of Utilizing Correct Methods to Educate Tomorrow’s Leaders

Episode #40 of Technician.Academy’s podcast series provides an expansive discussion with automotive industry expert Donny Seyfer. Seyfer is a contributing editor to Babcox Publications and a contributor to Autobody Repair News, MotorAGE, and AutoInc. Magazine. Seyfer is also a co-owner of Seyfer Automotive Inc. in Wheat Ridge, Colorado and is an integral member of multiple automotive boards and foundations, including the National Automotive Technician’s Education Foundation (NATEF) Board of Governors and the National Automotive Service Task Force (NASTF). The podcast provides a lot of insight into Seyfer’s involvement in the industry and the need for automotive education programs that focus on the strengths of tactile learners. Seyfer also discusses how important it is to show future technicians a career path. Tune in now.

1hr 8mins

25 Jul 2018

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Jeff Buckley – If Your Shop is Successful, Are You Giving Back?

In episode #39 of Technician.Academy’s podcast series, shop owner Jeff Buckley discusses training and how the automotive repair industry is represented in society. Buckley owns My Father’s Shop Certified Automotive Repair in Midlothian, Texas. He is an active member in community organizations and has been instrumental in connecting prospective employees at the high school level with skilled trade industries in the area. Buckley may be the only technician working at his shop, but he understands the value of having trained technicians in the bay and how important it is to recruit quality employees. Tune in now to hear more.

1hr 12mins

10 Jul 2018

Rank #2

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John Gardner – The Need to Adapt and Change

Episode #38 of Technician.Academy’s podcast series delivers an intelligent discussion with John Gardner, host of Tech Garage and Motorhead Garage. On top of hosting the two Velocity channel programs and Advance Auto Parts Automotive System Training, Gardner is an automotive instructor at Chipola College in Marianna, FL. Gardner and Technician.Academy host Richard Young discuss how differently students learn today than they had even five years ago and how the automotive industry will have to adapt and change in order to attract new talent. Tune in now to learn more about Chipola College, the two TV programs Gardner hosts, and what Gardner thinks the future of the automotive repair industry will hold.

26 Jun 2018

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Brandon Steckler – Reaching the New Generation of Technicians

In Episode #37 of Technician.Academy’s podcast series, host Richard Young and guest Brandon Steckler discuss technician training and how to reach the new generation of technicians entering the industry. Steckler is an experienced technician who writes for MotorAGE Magazine, conducts beta testing for Automotive Test Solutions, teaches for CarQuest Technical Institute and WORLDPAC, INC., and develops curriculum/submits case studies for other training companies. Steckler brings his industry expertise to the discussion and offers his opinions and solutions to various industry-specific problems, such as technician shortages, recruiting quality employees, training older technicians, and more. Tune in now.

12 Jun 2018

Rank #4

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Audra Fordin & Julia Lee – Growing Your Own Technicians

In Episode #35 of Technician.Academy’s podcast series, guests Audra Fordin and Julia Lee stress the value of developing your own technicians in today’s repair shops and how important it is to pursue an automotive career if you have a passion for the industry. Audra is the owner of Great Bear Auto Repair and Auto Body Shop in Flushing, NY and is also the founder of Women Auto Know, a resource that educates drivers and strives to improve the overall perception of the automotive industry. Julia also works at Great Bear where she started as a service writer, has since spent some time in the bay, and is currently moving into management. Tune in now to hear more from these two industry experts.

15 May 2018

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Cassy Marsh – Carter Fuel Young Women in the Industry

In Episode #20 of Technician.Academy’s podcast series, Cassy Marsh, assistant product manager at Carter Fuel Systems discusses what led her to pursue a career in the automotive industry. Cassy gives […]


5 Oct 2017

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Bruce McDowell – Understanding that Technology and Change is Here

In Episode #45 of Technician.Academy’s podcast series, guest Bruce McDowell discusses changes in the automotive repair industry and what his contributions to the Technician.Academy blog have been. McDowell is an ASE Certified Service Advisor for Garber Diesel Service in Versailles, MO. He is the featured author of Technician.Academy’s Service Adviser Desk that assists service advisors, and he is also working on a featured 10-part blog series called “Not Your Grandfather’s Garage”. In the podcast, host Shawn Collins and McDowell talk about the idea of perception is reality, the potential negative reputation of the automotive industry, automotive industry innovations, and more. Tune in now to hear from Bruce McDowell.

30 Jul 2019

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Jaxen Stewart – Winning the 2018 Automotive Technology Outstanding Student Award

Episode #44 of Technician.Academy’s podcast series provides an energetic discussion with the 2018 Automotive Technology Outstanding Student award recipient, Jaxen Stewart. Stewart is in his third year at Pittsburgh State University. He grew up immersed in the automotive repair industry since his grandfather owned a NAPA store, and he started working there at a very young age, alongside his father and grandfather. The podcast highlights Stewart’s passion for the automotive industry, his opinions on what value the trained technician brings to the table, as well as his goals and expectations for the future of the industry. Tune in now.


4 Oct 2018

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Chris Chesney – Showing Future Automotive Professionals a Career Path

Episode #43 of Technician.Academy’s podcast delivers a rich conversation with technical training expert Chris Chesney.

1hr 8mins

10 Sep 2018

Rank #9

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Ron Haugen – The Value of Exceptional Employees

Episode #42 of Technician.Academy’s podcast series provides an in-depth discussion with automotive industry expert Ron Haugen. Haugen is the owner of the 14-bay facility Westside Auto Pros in Des Moines, IA, a shop recently honored by Ratchet+Wrench for being one of the top 20 repair facilities in the country. In the podcast, Haugen discusses the value of having exceptional employees and how important it is to take care of your customers. He also discusses his shop’s history and what the future may hold for both Haugen and Westside Auto Pros.

23 Aug 2018

Rank #10