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Making the Maven Podcast is dedicated to helping health and wellness entrepreneurs become business mavens. Michelle reaches globally to bring you entrepreneurial stories of challenge and triumph from industry leaders, business experts and wellness biz owners. Tune in weekly to learn personal habits for success, proven business building strategies and action steps to launch and grow your online wellness business. End the overwhelm, let go of the fear and join the revolution because we are Making YOU the Maven.

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What It Takes to Get to the Next Level | MTM125

While I was on vacation, some fears were coming up inside me that I simply could not ignore. What’s the next step for me and my business? I kind of have an idea, but at the same time, I’m not 100% sure. I believe fear has really been the root cause as to what’s been holding me back to get to the next level. Having fears is extremely normal and it happens at all business levels, so what can you do about it? Key Insights & Aha Moments: *This episode is all about fear. It’s been on my mind a lot lately. *I just got back from my vacation in Costa Rica! *Kevin Breeding wrote a post and it really stuck with me while I was on vacation. *Do you fear you’re going to be a failure? *Do you fear you’re going to be successful? *Are you not fully committed to your practice? *I am struggling with all three of these things. *What’s the next step for me? I don’t really know. *What’s holding me back from getting to the next level? *These fears will not go away. You’re not alone. *What’s really holding you back is what’s inside of you, not what’s happening on the outside. *So, what do you do about this? *I see that you’re not fully committed to your dream. What needs to happen here is you need to begin to change your mindset. Mentioned in This Episode: MichelleMcGlade.com Annmarie Gianni products Mindsetengine.com “Building the Entrepreneur’s Mindset Up | Kevin Breeding | MTM089” “Re-Enroll in Your Dream | Gloria Banks | MTM123”


5 Mar 2018

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Growing Your Online Business One Step at a Time with Haley Lynn Gray | MTM037

Haley Lynn Gray is a business consultant and the founder of Leadership Girl. I think this line from her website states really clearly what Haley does and why she has resonated with me so much: “You went into business for yourself to be your own boss, have time with your family and make more money. The only problem is that you don't know how to get clients to bring in money, which leads to spinning your wheels. More often than not, it also means more time in front of the computer than when you were in corporate.” Haley just has a 'make it work, no matter what' attitude and I just love that about her. She has so much knowledge to bring to the table and I hope you enjoy today's interview with her! If you want to know how to grow your business online, then this is definitely the show for you to listen to. Don't forget to grab your pen and paper! You will need it. Key Insights & Aha Moments: *Thank you for leaving your reviews on Stitcher Radio! *Why did Haley start an online business? Her friend was doing it and she saw the amazing possibilities. *Blogging has its place, but it can't be the sole force that's building your business. *Look at other opportunities like guest blogging. *People love having guest bloggers on their blog. *There are lower hanging fruits that you can get if your purpose is to make money. Blogs take time. *How do you become a guest blogger? Approach your favorite bloggers and ask them! *How is running an online business different from a location-based business? You're anonymously contacting your customers. *Online business owners are more vulnerable and have more authentic posts. *What are some of the challenges of starting an online business? People ignore you. *You have to go out and build your tribe one by one. *What social media platforms are you going to use? What's your budget? Who's your tribe? *Not everyone is an overnight success. Remember, it takes time to build your audience. *It takes roughly 500-1000 Facebook posts in a variety of different groups over the course of 2-3 months for people to even notice you. *You really have to put yourself out there. *What size does your list have to be before you create your own product/online course? At least a couple of thousand active subscribers on your list. *These numbers are important just to give you a starting point on what you should aim for. *Haley has been feeding and watering her tribe for a very long time. She spends a lot of time cultivating relationships. *Find the social media platforms that work for you. *You can use Twitter to promote your webinars. *Michelle struggled to find a community when she started her business. *You can join Michelle's free Facebook community for help. Maven Moment: Haley is just so knowledgeable and she has taught me a lot on today's show. I think what stood out the most for me was that I didn't realize you could use Twitter to promote your webinars and other products. I feel like not a lot of people are very focused on using Twitter as a sales funnel and Haley just opened my eyes to the possibilities of using Twitter in combination with webinars. I cannot wait to try it out for myself! Mentioned in This Episode: http://www.michellemcglade.com/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/bizmaven/?fref=ts Connect with Shari: Website


14 Mar 2016

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Build Better Relationships Without Being Promotional | Michael Roderick | MTM108

Michael Roderick went from high school English teacher to a Broadway producer in under two years. How did he do it so darn quick? Michael says it’s due to the connections he’s built. Michael explains that going to networking events is so cringe-worthy because you often get bombarded by people trying to promote their stuff and who, frankly, have the whole ‘building meaningful relationships’ thing all wrong. How can you avoid being like one of those people and how can you break into an industry where you know no one? Michael shares his tips!  Key Insights & Aha Moments:  *You want to grab a pen and paper for this podcast episode and listen to it twice!  *How did Michael go from an English teacher to a Broadway producer in under two years?  *The first year of teaching completely destroyed Michael. He had to break up a ton of fights and got things thrown at him.  *How can you make a good connection with someone at a networking event without being too ‘networky’ about it?  *So, why did Michael leave his career as a Broadway producer and how did he get to ‘here’?  *Where does Michael’s very strategic thinking come from? How does he have so much wisdom?!  *How do you break into an industry when you know nobody?  *Michael has 4 networking archetypes: The sharks, the dolphins, those who are drowning, and the lifeguards.  *How can you approach and build a relationship with a stranger? Let’s do a quick recap.  *Michael explains his GATE strategy, which stands for Give, Ask, Thank, and Experiment.  *Very, very rarely does someone say a proper ‘thank you’ to someone.  *Formulas are great for marketing but awful for real-life implementation. It’s easy to consume 3 tips, but following those 3 tips to the letter will not give them the same results.  *If you’re not being you, people will see it and they will not be able to build trust with you.  Mentioned in This Episode:  Michellemcglade.com Maven Inner Circle Maven Facebook Group Smallpondenterprises.com Connectorcon.com Accesstoanyonepodcast.com Oneproducerinthecity.typepad.com Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable, by Seth Godin Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, by Robert B. Cialdini, Ph.D. Tweetables:  “Either every day or every week, depending on how you want to structure it, you want to open and close the GATE.”  “In so many industries, especially the entrepreneurship industry, there’s a heavy, heavy focus on formulas.”  “Formulas are great for marketing but awful for real life.” 


30 Oct 2017

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The Way You Serve Makes People Show Up | Elizabeth Rider | MTM116

Elizabeth Rider is a health coach, TV host, and wellness expert. She offers healthy recipes and straightforward nutrition advice that draws millions of inspired readers to her blog. Elizabeth is a regular contributor to The Huffington Post and her recipes have been featured on MindBodyGreen, Buzzfeed, and more. On the show, Elizabeth offers sage advice on how to keep your business and your dreams working for you, not against you. Key Insights & Aha Moments: *For this episode, you definitely want to grab your pen and paper. *Getting clarity in your vision and your purpose is the foundation of your business. Don’t skip this step! I’ve got a freebie that can help you get this step right from the start. *How did Elizabeth get started as a health coach? *Ultimately, it is not anybody’s job to believe in you, it’s only your job to believe in yourself. *Why are people so afraid of getting started on their dreams? It’s because they’re afraid of what people will think of them. *Remember, certainty is an illusion. So, it’s important to start feeling comfortable with uncertainty. *We’re on this planet to shine, yet we create so much suffering for ourselves. Why? *What’s your motivation for creating your business? If you do it just for the followers then it’s destined to fail. *What are you struggling with right now? *What happens if you want to help ‘everybody’? How do you handle niching down? *Even if you have an online model for your business, you still need to do grassroots marketing. Shaking hands and looking people in the eye goes way further than a sales page ever will. *How long did it take Elizabeth to build her business where it was no longer a struggle? *If you feel like you’re struggling, you have to invest more in your education to help you get out of that trap. *Elizabeth offers some actions steps on what you need to do TODAY to get a good start on your business. *When it comes to confidence, the biggest thing you need to do is get to know yourself. *When you’re starting out, just get your content out there. Don’t worry about the design of your website just yet. *What’s next for Elizabeth? Mentioned in This Episode: MichelleMcGlade.com 5 Steps to a Waitlist Wellness Practice — Freebie! Wellness Marketing Master Class Elizabethrider.com


1 Jan 2018

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Here’s How to Market Yourself Ethically | Dr. Glenn Livingston | MTM121

Dr. Glenn Livingston is a veteran psychologist and was the longtime CEO of a multi-million dollar consulting firm that serviced several Fortune 500 clients in the food industry. Glenn is also the author of Never Binge Again, which has helped thousands of people reprogram themselves on their relationship with food. On the show, Glenn discusses how health practitioners can market themselves authentically and ethically and dives deep into the psychological reasons why we have food addictions. Key Insights & Aha Moments: *Glenn is so passionate about his line of work that he self-funded a study with over 40,000 participants and today, he will be sharing his personal journey out of obesity. *Both Glenn’s parents were psychologists! It really helped him become an introspective thinker and it inspired him to become a Ph.D., himself. *Glenn has experienced some failures along the way, the worst one was when his business failed, he became $700K in debt and had lost $2 million in the business. *What do practitioners need to be thinking about from a marketing perspective?  *You don’t have to lie to your client in order to be effective at marketing. In fact, that’s not even considered ethical marketing. There is a way for you to promote yourself truthfully and authentically. *If you feel icky about marketing, then take a step back and ask yourself, what you believe about your product. Do you believe people out there are suffering and you have the solution? If yes, then market with pride. Go all out! Embrace it! *How can local practitioners best market themselves ethically? *What was Glenn’s journey from having their own practice to marketing consultant to writing the book Never Binge Again? *Addiction targets the lizard brain, and our lizard brains are not prepared for food addiction. *Is binge eating common among men? *Practitioners can get certified in Glenn’s methodology to further help their clients who are struggling with weight and eating issues. *Never Binge Again isn’t a diet plan, it’s a way to structure your brain so you can regain control and combat impulse! Mentioned in This Episode: MichelleMcGlade.com Online Marketing Secrets of the Top Wellness Practitioners Target Your Market Like a Boss Neverbingeagain.com


5 Feb 2018

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Structure Your Business to Meet Your Lifestyle | Maven Mini

I am passionate about communicating the importance of structuring your business to meet your lifestyle. It is far too common for wellness entrepreneurs to look around at others who they deem as successful and then try to copy their business elements. Instead, understanding your strengths, unique skill sets, passions and interests and combining these to create a business that fits YOU is a recipe for success. That is why the cookie cutter business model does not work in my opinion. When you place yourself in situations to show off and shine brightly, there is no competition.


17 Feb 2016

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8 Ways to Smash That Inner Critic | Maven Mini

Mindset is a topic that comes up quite a bit in theMaking the Maven Facebook Group, so this Maven Mini was inspired byeveryone in that community! Get ready you guys! I have gathered 8tips from the members of the community on how you can smash thatinner critic. Let's get started! 1. Amy loves essential oils and I couldn't agreemore. I use them in my office and rub them all over! They are agreat mood lifter and can really help you focus. 2. Lisa talks about the importance of settingintentions and goals for yourself, on a daily, weekly, and monthlybasis. This is a great way to help you keep on track and a greatway to stay focused on the long-term. 3. Use Mantras. Thank you Carmen! This is a greatidea. Carmen's mantra for everyday business is that every day is asuccess. Every day is a success. What a great mantra. 4. Detach yourself from the outcome. Fabulous mindsetadvice from Sharline! You don't always have control over theoutcome, so let it go. Remember, you can only control the actionsyou take. 5. Observing how you're feeling without judgment!Understand why you feel the way you do. Feelings are real, so youneed to take the time to understand what exactly is going on.Thanks again for some fabulous advice, Sharline! 6. Take time to meditate! Yes! Thanks to Jill forthis tip. 7. Amy C. recommends using music to help get out of abad mood. Play your favorite song! 8. Final tip is from Laura! Stay action oriented. Goone step at a time and take things slow if you need to.  Don't forget to pop on over to our free Facebookcommunity!


25 Apr 2016

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How to Create Something that People Want | Nagina Abdullah | MTM098

Founder of MasalaBody.com – blog and weight loss coaching program for females and entrepreneurs. She lost 40 pounds after having 2 kids while having a demanding corporate career. When friends started asking her how to lose weight, she launched her business to help other busy women take control of their body and weight. And made ZERO DOLLARS! We chat about this epic fail and how it led to the creation of her flagship 8-week coaching program, Spice Yourself Skinny. Became focused on upleveling and was a passion inside of her. Researching and responding to her audience and list building have been huge successes for her! On the side, she is still holding her day job. She’s been featured on People.com, Insider, Fox News. Key Insights & Aha Moments * She was a management consultant for a Top 4 firm in NYC. Was her dream job! * It was everything she imagined, but she decided she wanted something bigger with more flexibility that worked in her life. Her entrepreneurial dream was planted! * She didn’t know how to dream bigger until she achieved the biggest dream she had for herself * How did she begin the entrepreneurial path after realizing it was what she wanted? * She didn’t even realize it was beginning as it was going on! * She lost weight through a purposeful plan after having her second child and it quickly became the topic of conversation around her * She started documenting her recipes and would share with people around her. She soon realized she wanted to spread it out to more people * She worked on starting a simple website and blog * She took a course on how to create an online business and found that instead of sharing recipes, she wanted to focus on helping people lose weight. She now had a result to focus on. * Her first week she got 101 subscribers through her positioning * She listened to what people wanted! She began by doing what she wanted to create, but learned the key was to listen to her audience. * Read between the lines * Do the research and get it right up front! * Began building this business on the side as a mom of 2 with her demanding job * Would spend every free second working on her online business. When she was flying for work, she was always working! * She would take vacation time from her day job and just work from home on her new business * Was able to push forward and build her business because she got so much energy from it * Made $30K her first year on the side, while still working full-time * Nagina doesn’t have any fancy certifications or degrees in this work. She found that when she actually accomplished the goals she set out for herself and her clients saw it, that’s what they were after. * Lesson is you don’t need to spend tons of money getting certifications in things that ultimately won’t matter. * Things have changed today. You don’t need to go through all of these hoops and have degrees. People will believe you if you can help them and prove it. * By doing, that’s how you get better, you train yourself, and people can see the results * Took her about a year to realize her business was growing and was scaleable and took a step back in her corporate career. * She still holds that corporate job today but goal is to ultimately leave her day job * Didn’t want to worry about money at this point and is now able to make the investments in her business that she wants to * Transitioned to more group programs to scale easier * At first, it totally bombed and she didn’t make a thing. But it taught her what to change and now it’s better than she could have imagined * Spent 3 months reviewing things and having people involved in helping her to change things. * Special gift for Making The Maven Listeners – she is going to share her 3 easy recipes to banish late night cravings Maven Moment: Focus on one thing at a time and get really good at it. This reminds me of a conversation I was having with one of my private clients. If you’re struggling with who you serve with your message and communicating what you do in a way that people aren’t taking action, the best thing is not to build an audience online. You need to work on practicing in the one-on-one environment. It gives you practice and become more smooth in your message. Communication is key for building a successful business! Shift your mindset, work locally and finesse that message and product! Mentioned In This Episode: Michellemcglade.com Maven Inner Circle Maven Facebook Group Connect with Nagina: Website - http://masalabody.com/home-new http://masalabody.com/makingthemaven - special offer


19 Jun 2017

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Look to the Stars to Help With Your Business | Kelley Hunter| MTM097

Dr. Kelley Hunter is a longtime Depth Astrologer and Mythologist. Studies in psychology, cosmology, spirituality, and holistic consciousness, and over 1001 stargazing nights enrich her teachings and personal consultation work. She considers astrology to be a language of the soul that illumines our paths through life and connects us to the greater cosmic forces. Author of two books on LILITH, she also enjoys the creative arts, which led to her recent publication, Planetary Gods & Goddesses Coloring Book (for ages 7-adult). An international lecturer, she has served on the Board of the International Society of Astrological Research and writes for various professional journals. With a special interest in the Divine Feminine, she is also member of the Goddess Scholars Network. Key Insights & Aha Moments * Why does Kelley call her work Depth Astrology? * What is astrology and what can it do for you and your business? * She picked this date specifically for our podcast because it was the first day Mercury was turning forward instead of backwards! * Those who know a little about astrology know about the Mercury retrograde. Happens for 3 weeks every 3-4 months. * Mercury Retrograde can mess with business operations, so it’s important to know how this is fitting into everything! * Launches during Mercury Retrograde? Not so much! * Astrology is an observational and technological science that goes way back in all cultures. Not just a “cookie cutter” 12 sign astrology that you can look at in the newspaper for your sign * How does the sky move and what happens in relationships within those seasonal cycles? * Learned how to do the math early on how astrology worked, started doing individual’s charts and could start to see how relationships were moving according to people’s charts * You are more than your Sun sign. Your birth chart is a map of the planetary patterns, the cosmic dance, when you were born — A LIFE MAP and LIVING MAP * Astrology is an intuitive science. We have the science of astronomy data, but how to interpret it is the art. It’s like learning a language. * Not all astrologers are good at communicating this to people. You need good counseling and listening skills, which is how Kelley learned * Discussion on LILITH and how it has been a part of her life and business * Suspicious on how powerful women can get negative reputations * How can this be used in a greater way in your business? * Know what your strengths are and what planets will guide you to your successes in life. What is the career area in your chart all about? * Opening a new business between the new moon and full moon, energy is growing * Also need to look at the chart of the business, not just of your career * Where is the spot on our charts where we can find money, satisfaction and happiness in life? * Talks about how much things have changed in this business and in astrology since she started in the 60’s and 70’s * Developed specialties and is known for her publications on LILITH. Not much is written in English on that topic in astrology * Make sure to check out her services, email list and webinars available on her website for more information on how to learn more Maven Moment: Something I want to encourage you to think about… you’re a business owner! No matter where you are when you’re going about your day and you always have an opportunity to share your message, results and outcomes for your clients. When you do that, there is a lot of opportunities you can uncover throughout your day. Mentioned In This Episode: Michellemcglade.com Maven Inner Circle Maven Facebook Group Connect with Kathy: http://www.heliastar.com** books on Amazon  BOOKS - two books on Lilith (who is she?) and Planetary Gods & Goddesses Coloring Book


12 Jun 2017

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Build Your Business Based on Your Lifestyle, Not the Other Way Around with Brodie Welch | MTM 035

Brodie Welch is an acupuncturist, a holistic health counselor, and more! Brodie's wisdom on how she achieved success is something to pay attention to. I was very interested to hear from Brodie on how she came to the decision to expand her business. Brodie was very open throughout the interview and talked about some of the growing pains she has been having since making that decision. She is the perfect example of how you can take a one-to-one business model and convert it to a one-to-many. I hope you like the show and I always welcome feedback on what you think! Key Insights & Aha Moments: *Brodie was doing what she loved, but it was a little too much. *While Brodie was adjusting to parenting her step kids, she realized quickly her business needed some extra set of hands. *There's never really a 'right' time to hire an extra set of hands, but when you do you'll realize you can bring more to the table. *As a wellness professional, it can become really easy to get lost in the 'hustle' of it all and not be as yen and balanced as you'd like to. *Brodie moved to a town where she didn't know anybody. *Going out and pursuing your personal interests and hobbies helps you meet new people. Tell them about what you do! *Provide people with an incentive to take a risk. Give them a coupon or something similar to make it easy for them to try something new. *Brodie is very interested in providing value to her patients. *People are problem-aware, but might not be solution-aware. *Brodie has invested in a business coach. She believes in shortcuts. You don't need to reinvent the wheel. *Brodie found Quiet Power Strategy, by Tara Gentile to be extremely helpful. The book talks about running a business that matches your lifestyle. *You’re never going to know it all, but you do know enough to help someone. *It was hard for Brodie to get a realistic view on what her true role was as a wellness professional. *Patient education and expectation management is an incredibly important part of the business. *Brodie just launched a class on the basics of Chinese medicine. *Brodie sent out a survey to her mailing list to ask what they wanted from her and she listened to their responses. *It's a different ‘animal’ trying to communicate your message and your trustworthiness through the internet. *Do you ever feel alone in your business? Maven Moment: Brodie shared with us how she was able to grow her acupuncture practice very quickly and to create a consistent stream of leads in less than six months. How did she do it? Networking in her own community played a critical role to her success. You can apply this as well, by selectively choosing your networking opportunities that place you in a manner that makes you shine! Instead of going to a networking event surrounded by other industry experts, branch out, go to a yoga class or join a book club and get more involved with the community. Mentioned in This Episode: Quiet Power Strategy by Tara Gentile https://www.facebook.com/groups/966412330044546/ Connect with Brodie: Website Email Facebook


29 Feb 2016

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7 Things Mavens Do Differently to Reach Success | Michelle McGlade| MTM099

I’ve learned so much about podcasting and myself over the last two years! And we’re almost to Episode 100! This week’s episode is going to focus on 7 things mavens do different to reach a new level of success in their wellness business. It’s inspired by all my interviews and mentors in my business, up to this point. What a milestone! I also have a big announcement for the podcast! Tune in! I’m going to blow your mind and take this podcast to the next level. And please make sure to check out all the valuable content over the last 99 episodes, and in the countless Maven Minis! Key Insights & Aha Moments * 7 things that mavens do different to really accelerate and reach the level of success in your business * #7 - Leverage Your Strengths- don’t build a cookie-cutter business. Build one that suits your lifestyle and shines on your strengths. It makes it so much easier! * Not familiar with your strengths? Take a strengths finder and reach out to those close to you. * #6 – Listen to What Clients Want – focus and open your ears on what clients want, not what you want * Give them what they want and tell them what they need * #5 – Take Action Over Perfection – many of us have suffered from perfectionism, but it can freeze you. Stop preparing instead of getting paid! * If you want success and see results, you need to let go of being perfect! * #4 – Fail Fast-Forward – look at failure as a good thing. Everything is a risk and when you fail, you learn * Everybody fails at some point in something. But it will get easier and easier. * You will develop the muscles and tolerance for risk and you will be able to move and respond quicker to what is happening around you. Do something differently the next time * #3 – Focus –Say yes to the things that will help you move your business forward more quickly, say no to everything else. * #2 – Invest in Themselves – This can be so difficult for people! * Whether it’s taking a course, finding a mentor, individualized coaching, it’s at the very top of what successful mavens are doing for themselves * It can be uncomfortable and scary, but will come back to you in such a huge way, because it lives on. * #1 – Work Constantly on Mindset * The only way to get OUT of your way is to work on that mindset. Build those muscles! * Looking at your personal relationships could be reflected in your business Mentioned In This Episode: Michellemcglade.com Maven Inner Circle Maven Facebook Group


26 Jun 2017

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The Marketing Secrets of Wellness Business Owners Part 1 | MTM110

Are you feeling like you’re getting nowhere with your wellness business? Well, I decided it’s time to stop this nonsense and get your butt moving in the right direction. This is why I created a three-part series on the ‘secrets’ to marketing. To be honest, they’re really not that secret, it’s just that it seems nobody out there is using these very important tips! This week dives into secret number one: How to automate your marketing system without being tech savvy. Key Insights & Aha Moments: *What are some of the marketing secrets every wellness business owner needs to know? *You can create a marketing system without being tech savvy! *You can create a fantastic offer that will attract your dream clients. Yes! It’s true! *You can fill your email list up with people who want to work with you before you even talk to them one-on-one! *This week let’s dive into secret number one and help you get your butt moving and those clients coming in. *By the way, I have a new freebie for you guys! *Okay, so how can you get your automated marketing system set up when you’re not tech savvy? *Are you burned out that you’ve been doing ‘everything’ and no new clients are coming in through the door? *Here are the five ways I get great engagement from my email list and get them to take real ACTION. *Grab your pen and paper here! *Let me dive deeper into step 2 on how to bring in that REAL email list engagement. *How do you create a strong brand message? Mentioned in This Episode: Michellemcglade.com Maven Inner Circle Maven Facebook Group


13 Nov 2017

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Everything Doesn’t Happen For A Reason | Alissa Daire Nelson | MTM095

After being a Registered Dietitian for 8 years, Alissa Daire Nelson decided to pursue her nursing degree. But after becoming an RN, she drastically shifted course. Now, a Certified Strengths Strategy Coach, Alissa helps entrepreneurs and small business owners catapult their businesses to the next level without sacrificing their sanity, integrity, or personal lives. She's an accomplished Success Coach, Speaker, host of the Maximize Your Strengths podcast, as well as published Author of a hot new book. She's also able to focus on what's most important in life – being a proud wife and mother of two, who loves helping others discover how to make their businesses and relationships thrive in harmony! Key Insights & Aha Moments * Believe it or not, fear was the primary motivator on Alissa Daire Nelson starting her business * Everything doesn’t happen for a reason, but good can come out of the bad. Something positive can come from any negative situation. * Alissa is always searching for connection and externally processes the things that happen around her. * During her time in health care, she wasn’t great at self-care. Between kids, learning how to be a single-mom and life, it was overwhelming. * Emotional health, though, was always at the forefront and she sought out counseling. * Counseling or coaching doesn’t mean you’re weak. It means you have a handle on the importance of working through things in life with support. * Her first entrepreneurial journey failed because she didn’t have the items she needed to succeed. She lacked confidence in herself, but she didn’t give up! * Started working on educating herself on how to be a business owner through books, conferences, webinars, etc. * Than she hired coaches and joined coaching programs, went through the steps and knew the entrepreneurial road was her calling * She won’t take on clients for long-term because she doesn’t want it to be such a comfortable relationship that they’re just getting together for coffee. * There needs to be a constant push for growth. * It’s not a bad thing to have multiple coaches to help you work through different things in your business * She works with her clients a lot on strengths and doesn’t work within any specific industry * Doing her own strength finder was so impactful and life-changing for her, so that is what really changed her course when she was building her coaching practice * Coaching is all about dragging their best self out of them * Her new book is a little bit of self-development and a little bit of productivity blended to keep growing! * The book is intended to be reread to keep growing in 3-month periods! * Get the First Two Chapters Here NOW for FREE, Mavens! Maven Moment Well, I took a strengths test with Alissa and it looks like I’m working in my A+ zone and my zone of genius! Hurray! Since we’re on this topic, I want to reinforce the importance of knowing, owning and leveraging your strengths for success in your business! I don’t believe in cookie-cutter, which is why I don’t sell courses. I have an individualized coaching program. Not every course will work for everyone and nothing is cookie-cutter in business. Get to know yourself, outsource when you can and know your limitations! Mentioned In This Episode Michellemcglade.com Maven Inner Circle Maven Facebook Group Connect with Alissa Website New Book - From Frustrated to Fricking Awesome Grab the First Two Chapters in the new book HERE NOW FOR FREE


29 May 2017

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Be the Most Important Authority in Your Life | Sarah Louisignau | MTM094

Sarah is an empowered sensuality & fertility coach, with over a decade of experience helping driven women and entrepreneurs reclaim healthy, happy sex lives, and discover deep wisdom, love, and trust within - through the process of claiming shameless pleasure and sensuality. She's had her own podcast, led workshops & retreats, coached individuals and groups, and created a complete program for women looking to reclaim sensuality & fertility. This girl has been around the block, searching for the best non-dogmatic methods and philosophies to empower extraordinary women in their search for well-being and we’re so lucky to have her here today! Key Insights & Aha Moments * Sarah discusses how sensuality and pleasure are the touchstones for lasting empowerment, and the ultimate path to breaking through plateaus in business. * She has found parallels between birthing babies as a doula and birthing a business * Rupture to rapture – What was her personal journey? * What broke down for her and led her to this empowering place. * Sarah has a really unique background * As someone who has always thought outside of the box and branched out to do her own thing, she’s comfortable making the “next step” and helping other goal-oriented women do the same. * She finds that she doesn’t even really fit into a category when doing her taxes anymore because what she does is so unique! * Her outer work is reflected in her inner work and it has helped her come to know herself as a woman and entrepreneur * Enjoyed teaching yoga and body work working with women one-on-one was when things really launched for her * Now tailors her work with women to focus on reproduction and pre/post natal care, as well as being a doula * She has found powerful synergies between personal growth as an entrepreneur and how a woman grows and develops physically and emotionally when birthing babies * Works with women entrepreneurs to open themselves up for self-care and self-love * How do women realize that having a deeper connection and love with your body is an important part in their business and life? * Sarah walks us through her very own rupture to rapture and how hitting rock bottom helped her move forward and slow down * What are the warning signs women have * Sarah has openings in her calendar for discovery calls. Are you a fit for my RADIANT + Sensual Entrepreneur program? Website below Maven Moment I found Sarah’s message to relevant, since I called my first business my business baby. Literally! This was my rupture to rapture moment! I built it from the ground up and it was a reflection of everything about me! But I got myself too attached. I was willing to give anything to this business, but it really had to stop. It was getting detrimental to everything else in my life. I was putting too much pressure on myself and I’ll never make this mistake again! I gave more to my business than I did to myself and it was so hard to disconnect from that business. It almost felt like I had to kill my “baby” in order to get back to a healthy lifestyle! While it was a powerful experience, it’s definitely not recommended. Think about how much you’re giving your business and how you’re balancing your business and life! It’s so important! Mentioned in This Episode michellemcglade.com michellemcglade.com/maven michellemcglade.com/community


22 May 2017

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Asking for Referrals and Building a Strong Client Base | Carmen Hunter | MTM040

Carmen Hunter is my guest for this week's episode and she and I have a lot in common. Carmen first started out as a personal trainer and then slowly transitioned to being a health coach. She now helps others who are fresh out of school to become better practitioners. Carmen is really on a mission to help guide the new and inexperienced through their wellness journey. She admits during the podcast that she didn't have a support system and that the first couple of years were incredibly hard for her. I could completely relate! I also think this is why she is so driven to help others, fresh out of school, find their place in this world. There's so much more key insights to take away from Carmen's interview, so tune in! Key Insights & Aha Moments: *Don't forget to ask your current clients for referrals *Carmen has been a health couch since 2010. *Carmen is not an overnight success. It took years of mistakes to find her way. *Carmen believes it's important to teach someone who is unable to pay, for free, as a way to give back. *There's such a huge gap between getting out of school and actually implementing your practice. *Health professionals just didn't want to share important information within the industry. *I had to find resources and information outside of the wellness community when I first started out. *Afraid to share information? Stop! This industry is so big and there are so many people who need our help. *It's a disservice to each other to not share information and potentially not help someone else outside of your local zip code.  *Let your town and local community know who you are. Get your name out there. *Getting referrals online is a different story, but what worked for Carmen was sharing her story and sharing her mistakes. *Sometimes all you have to do is ask for referrals. *Carmen saved time by creating a template that covered five of the foundational things about health. *I love that Carmen took the time to slow down, so she could use it to go faster later. *As we try to help others, don't forget to also help yourself along that journey. *How did having the support system help Carmen? It completely re-sparked her energy. *There's so much information out there that sometimes it's hard to find the real and reliable methods. *People think they don't know enough, but that's simply not true! *We should never be afraid to say we're still growing or that we don't know or understand. *Look out for Carmen's webinar coming out April 6th - Health Coaching with Confidence! *Carmen does free face-to-face videos. Go to her website for some great resources. *I am offering a step-by-step guide on how to grow your Facebook Group! Maven Moment: Carmen talks about being alone throughout her wellness journey and this is something I could also, sadly, relate to. The first few years are always hard, but it's even harder without the support from your tribe. Your friends and family are sometimes not the best place to look to for support either, because not everyone is able to relate to our desire to become entrepreneurs or to help others on a more meaningful level. So, I can't stress enough how important it is in the wellness community to really support each other and share both our successes and our dark moments. You're not alone! Just by finding others in your industry, it can save years of mistakes and feelings like you're the only one out there. Mentioned in This Episode: www.michellemcglade.com/ www.michellemcglade.com/mtm034a/ Making The Maven on Facebook www.nutritionadvocacy.org/ Connect with Carmen: Website Facebook Group


4 Apr 2016

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Outsource Today and Get More Done| Kathy Goughenour| MTM096

Kathy comes in with such a great mix of knowledge in today’s podcast! She has paid her dues in the Corporate World for 20 years and even earned her MBA, just to feel stagnated in lower management. After a life-changing realization struck her, though, she took matters into her own hands, quit that corporate job and life changed dramatically! Now she helps other entrepreneurs find the perfect fit for outsourcing work in their business to a Virtual Assistant, along with training and coaching VA’s to be the best that they can be! Learn all about what you should be looking for in your next VA hire today! Key Insights & Aha Moments * Many are curious about how to get more hours in their day, but there is a lack of knowledge in this topic in the wellness industry, and in many others! * She started in Corporate America for almost 20 years, but just wasn’t getting promoted and stuck in middle management * She thought about how she could change herself in order to get promoted, which caused a lot of self-doubt * Finally, she read Wishcraft by Barbara Sher and it changed her life * She realized she could be a business owner and make even more money than she thought, even though she was 45 years old at the time. * Her boss and many people closest to her told her she was making the biggest mistake of her life when she quit her job, but soon was earning double what she was making in Corporate America * Was terrifying, but was more terrified of living her life being miserably unhappy in the Corporate World. * Now she teaches others on how to become a VA, trains and coaches in an all-inclusive program * Dirty secret about the VA industry – the majority of VA’s don’t actually know what they’re doing! * How do you know what VA you should steer clear of? * You get what you pay for. Professional VA average rate is $45/hour. If you’re looking at cheap VA’s, there may be a reason why they are so cheap (don’t know what they’re really doing). * You’re only paying for the work you need a VA to do, so while it seems like a lot, you only need to use them as needed or for special projects. * Hire a VA before you really need them so you aren’t stuck when you actually need them. Make sure you talk with them about what they charge and how they invoice. * VA should be providing an invoice, an onboarding process, etc. If they don’t have these systems in place, run! * Make sure you have a cap in place so you have budget flexibility * Kathy recommends a 15 minute productivity secret – a weekly, biweekly, or monthly phone call on the day you usually plan your week on a consistent, standing date where the VA runs the meeting * The more hours you have the VA working for you, the more frequently you should be meeting * She is offering a free service, 1-time opportunity to meet with her for a VA matchmaking session * Will talk about skills you are looking for, what you’re struggling with, goals and what a VA may be able to do and will email you 1-3 options to interview to see what may fit best with you and your business * Email her Kathy@expertvatraining.com for this deal and say that you heard this on this podcast Maven Moment: Even though it feels like it may be too soon, you always want to make sure you have someone under your umbrella before it’s too late! It will feel uncomfortable and it will feel like you’re not ready, but guess what?! You’re suddenly going to have more hours to do what you do best – coaching! And that, my friends, will bring in more money for you and your business. Now, you may not always hire the right person the first time around but don’t let them scare you off from bringing someone in. I always recommend talking to 2-3 people before hiring your VA. You’ll see how is a great fit for you and who is not. Another thing my hubby and I noticed – if I talk about someone at home at the end of the day and it’s negative or a struggle and it happens more than 3 times, it’s probably time to let them go! Nip that problem in the butt! Mentioned In This Episode: Michellemcglade.com Maven Inner Circle Maven Facebook Group Connect with Kathy: Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/expertvatraining/?pnref=lhc Website - http://www.expertvatraining.com/


5 Jun 2017

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This is How You Manifest Your Desires | Jen Mavros | MTM131

Jen Mavros is a modern-day Spiritual Messenger, the host of The Jen Mavros Show, and the creator of The Mavros Method of Manifestation. Her work has helped 5900+ of purpose-driven entrepreneurs discover and live the life they truly desire. On the show, Jen shares how she went from a hot mess to someone with a thriving career, soulmate, and living life with impactful and meaningful purpose. She also shares steps you can take to manifest your desires and make your dreams finally come true. Do not miss out! Key Insights & Aha Moments: *Hey! I would love for you to leave a review for the show! *How did Jen first get started in her career? *Prior to learning about manifestation, Jen’s life was a hot mess. *For most of us, we don’t change until we absolutely have to. *Life really began to change when Jen discovered the teachings of Louise Hay. *When did Jen turn her intuitive powers into a career? What was that transition like? *When you’re out of aliment, life has a really beautiful way of supporting you and course correcting. *Jen was able to change her life and find her soulmate just by manifesting and being positive. Things were finally working for her *Jen shares the defining moment that made her decide to change her career and take a leap of faith. *What does Jen’s soulmate think about all of this ‘woo-woo’ stuff? *Jen discusses the mindset you need to have when going from employee to entrepreneur. *Jen shares advice on steps you can take to manifest an amazing life. *What’s the most important to you right now? *How do you define success? Mentioned in This Episode: MichelleMcGlade.com Thejenmavrosshow.com Inwardprogram.com/onward/ Louisehay.com


16 Apr 2018

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Serving 10,000 People in 12 Months | Dr. Chris Frykman | MTM038

Dr. Chris Frykman has been a chiropractor for the past 16 years and he is also the host of the Vibrant Potential podcast. Chris focuses on natural and holistic healing methods and also specializes in brain health. I really like Chris's message and feel he does something very different than what most online business owners do. He runs a business that matches his lifestyle - not the other way around. I love this about him because so many people feel like they 'should' be doing something when in reality it has nothing to do with what they really and truly want. You seriously have to listen in for more amazing gems from Chris in today's episode. Key Insights & Aha Moments: *Thank you for leaving iTunes reviews! *Chris is usually the only person in the office. *Chris understands he doesn't do everything well, so he’d rather outsource than hire employees. *However, there's nothing wrong with wanting to have a ton of employees in your office. Do what works for you. *Be careful about doing things you think you 'should' be doing. What do you really want? *Should you keep growing your business or do you want to grow your business? Why? *Chris wants to help 10,000 people reach their vibrant potential in 12 months. *Now that Chris has a very clear goal, he's able to say no to things that aren't aligned with his message. *When people say no to you, don't take the rejection seriously. Other people are busy too and are also working towards their best message. *You can achieve as big as you can dream. *Talk to mentors and other like-minded people about your goals. *It's not automatic that your current set of friends or family will be your biggest supporters on your entrepreneurial journey. *People who have negative opinions about what you're doing are usually reflecting something about themselves onto you. *Believe in yourself. *Let's talk about scarcity vs. abundant thinking for a moment. *Nothing moves when you're in the scarcity mindset. *However, there is no such thing as competition when you come from an abundance mindset. Maven Moment: This interview was jam packed with a ton of information, but what I really loved from Chris was when he told me how easy it was to say no after he created a clear goal. I could completely resonate with Chris on this, because it can be so hard to say no, especially if your message is to help others. However, by having a clear goal in place, all of a sudden you know when to say yes and when to say a firm no. When you get dragged into too many 'yes' commitments it's not only exhausting, but it can be the reason why you burn out. Have a clear goal in mind so that it can lead you down a path that is more fulfilling and aligned with who you are. Mentioned in This Episode: http://michellemcglade.com/ http://www.michellemcglade.com/mtm035/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/bizmaven/ Connect with Chris: Website Facebook


21 Mar 2016

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Why Community Is Critical for Growing Your Business Online | Maven Mini

One of the common mistakes I see people making is that they're trying to create their business alone. As entrepreneurs, we're wearing many different hats and this can be extremely overwhelming. People try to set up roadblocks for themselves as well. I hear statements like, 'if only I had an MBA' or 'I need a PhD for that'. It doesn't take a fancy business class for you to get started!  Participating in a community will not only bring you down from needing that fancy degree, but it will also give you the courage and the confidence you need to get out there! Remember, we all need support. Building a business is filled with ups and downs and our family/friends might not be able to offer the best support. Instead of putting all that pressure on one person, like your spouse, you can now look for support in a community of people who have already been there! How great does that sound? A community is also an excellent networking opportunity and a way to build stronger connections with others. So there are many facets to why you should join. I honestly believe you shouldn't knock it until you try it and the encouragement/support will honestly blow you away once you do! I wrote an article about the five key ways to grow your community online, featured on the Huffington Post. Please check it out and let me know what you think!


18 Apr 2016

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Leveraging Your Strengths | Amy Love | MTM043

Wow! What can I say? Amy is a serial entrepreneur whohas been in business for herself for about nine years; seven ofthose have been online. She is also a big believer of running abusiness that matches your lifestyle and because of that Amy is nowtraveling full time for the next two years. There are so many keyinsights from Amy that you can only get from someone who is asexperienced as she is, so tune in and enjoy! Key Insights & AhaMoments: *Thank you so much for listening!You guys are why I'm doing this. *This is a community. We need eachother and you're not alone! *Go to my website to get special VIPpricing! *Amy Love runs Real Food WholeHealth. *Amy started her online business 7years ago. *Online is an excellent way to reacha lot of people. *Your business should support thelifestyle you want to live. *Too many people build theirbusinesses on 'shoulds'. *Remember everyone, nothing is anovernight success. *It takes a mindset shift tointeract with clients online. *An online business is so much morefreeing than a brick and mortar business. *The online space gives you theopportunity to create a movement. *Amy started her blog as an onlineresource for her already existing clients. *Take things step-by-step. You haveto start somewhere. *Learning how to use the 'tech' inher business was the biggest challenge for Amy. *Amy's second challenge was managinga farm. She has had the farm now for three years. *Amy has over 200animals! *What's Amy's key takeaway from thatexperience? Take a little bit of time to plan. *Take the time to slow down now, sothat you can speed up your business later. *Mindset is huge! Keep in mind andknow that anything can be learned. There are always solutions toproblems. *We really lack community in ourday-to-day life, which is why it's so important to seek out astrong community. *One piece of advice to someonewho's new at this whole business thing? You are the brand. How youshow up in the world is your entire brand. *My advice is to always just getstarted and let it evolve. *Think about your brand before youinvest in the big bucks! *Before we sign off, let's talkabout community. *You don't need an MBA or severaldegrees to get started, what you need is a community. *It's not about being everywhere allthe time; it's about building meaningful relationships. MavenMoment: Community, community, community! When Amy mentionedthis I got excited, because it's so important to drive this pointhome to you guys. Too often we feel like we're alone in all of thisand we are simply not! Amy says we often lack community in ourday-to-day lives, which is why finding an online community is notonly great, but convenient too. We need support, especially in thewellness industry. We are healers, we are givers, but sometimesgiving and giving can wear you thin. A community will help bringyour energy back, your inspiration back, and remind you why youbecame a healer in the first place. Mentioned in This Episode: www.michellemcglade.com/ www.michellemcglade.com/maven Making The Maven onFacebook www.huffingtonpost.com/michelle-mcglade/5-reasons-you-need-commun_b_9665658.html Connect withAmy: Website Facebook


25 Apr 2016

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