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FXholic SHOW is about the journey to Success through FOREX Trading! Daily Episodes will explore the tremendous power of Daily little disciplines like going for no more than 5pips trading FOREX. Tips on setting our Trading Plan and using Technical Analysis tools to identify our Entries and Exits along with step by step tutorials on Trade and Risk Management including SL placement and trailing, Stay IN criteria, position sizing, TP estimating and more.

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Episode #3 : the Penny and the Million

Truth is like a diamond. It has as many facets as the angles from which light shines on it.Philosophizing has the purpose of seeking YOUR truth shedding light to the facets that are of essence to you and that means it's your guidance system towards spotting the best little choices that make up your every day course in Life.Your philosophy filters the options you are DAILY presented with and the keyword here is ...DAILY.Filtering your options and making choices is what pushes you UP to Success or DOWN to Misery. Your Philosophy is your personal system of beliefs. It either makes you or breaks you.


13 May 2015

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Episode #8 : Start from the end

FXholic's Philosophy is based on your Trading Plan. Your Trading Plan stands on the principle of Learning and Earning as you go. Trading Plan's explosive results are generated by the tremendous power of Geometric Progression. Geometric Progression -the compound effect that turns a penny into millions- comes in play when you set up your DAILY Trading Routine based on the 7 Steps Checklist which is comprised of Risk and Trade Management Rules that help you transform possibilities into certainties. Magic kicks in, when going for a handful of DAILY PIPS and keeping them, becomes second nature to you. It is extremely simple to do and because it is also extremely simple not to do, this is why the vast majority of traders are getting slaughtered in the Markets.We design our Trading Plan using FXHOLIC's Equation and that's what we'll talk about on the next Episode.


8 Jun 2015

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Episode #7 : Your Business is Everyone’s Business

If you had a Business, would you run it based on luck or feelings?Would you wake up in the morning thinking " I have a hunch my Business will do well today"?Would you rely on luck for your Business's progress?I don't think so.Guess what?Trading FOREX...you are in Business and your Business is everybody else's Business because you trade what every Business needs and uses : MONEY!If you don't see your FOREX Trading as a Business, you better stay away from it RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!


1 Jun 2015

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Episode #6 : Learning to Swim

The Fear of losing your money Trading FOREX is a healthy feeling and it can be eliminated through Learning Process.Learning to use the Tools of Technical Analysis as part of your Risk Management Arsenal is what will help you replace fear with confidence and soul-consuming stress with fun.It sounds simple and it is. But as simple it is to do it, is also to NOT do it. So practically, it all boils down to Learning how to Trade FOREX. And that's the point where most of the new Traders get trapped, for two reasons : they seek knowledge from the wrong sources or they try to learn the wrong way .


31 May 2015

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Episode #5 : Excuses

If you are a results-person, the journey to FOREX Trading Success will be an amazing experience that will bring true abundance to your life. You are familiar with goal setting and execution. You know you need education and a Plan. You also have the attitude of making consistent incremental progress through tiny little DAILY disciplines that are compounding in time. You know that the same set of skills required to turn $100 into $200 is also required to turn $50000 into $100000 and to go from the humble $1000 up to $1Million you only need to apply your set of skills to achieve a sequence of 10 doublings. You will not have to throw in the Markets' teeth your family savings. You will acquire the knowledge and apply the DAILY discipline building up your $1000 till it grows to $1Million making slow turtle steps.


21 May 2015

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