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by Coach Sandi Nypaver and Sage Canaday

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by Coach Sandi Nypaver and Sage Canaday

Sage Running Podcast Episode 31: Top 10 Tips for Distance Runners!

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Coach Sage goes into detail with 10 key points for long-term distance running success, health and improvement.

This 32-min long podcast is available as audio only (iTunes etc) as well as on Youtube as a video.

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Coach Sage and Sandi

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Sep 15 2020


Sage Running Podcast EP. 29

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We’re back for 2020! Coach Sandi and Sage sit-down to update you on what’s been going on with their running (from running form, injury and glute activation to the latest Tarawera 100km trip to New Zealand and improvements in sleeping mattress and work chair/desk ergonomic quality!). Also other coaching topics are discussed as well as talk about social media, perceptions, and communication challenges within the sport of mountain-ultra-trail running and road marathon running as well as current issues. Coach Sandi also touches on Women specific training considerations in regards to hormone cycles and periodization.

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The post Sage Running Podcast EP. 29 appeared first on .

Feb 25 2020



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Thank you

By Steven 229 - Mar 01 2020
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Hi folks, I really enjoyed your candor in discussing the topics in this episode. I also like the easygoing conversational format. Thank you both for all the great work you continue to do in supporting both the running community and the vegan community. It’s much appreciated.

Great show. Great topics

By RobinGetty - Nov 14 2017
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Keep up the good work. I always enjoy your show. Very informative.