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In this album, some of our current and most well-respected playwrights offer an insight into the mechanics and beauty of writing for the stage. Contributors include Alan Ayckbourn, David Edgar, Bryony Lavery and Willy Russell, who discuss their own work and the pleasures and pitfalls of crafting a script. All of the fundamental topics, from character and structure to dialogue and editing, are covered in detail in a series of entertaining and insightful interviews. This material forms part of The Open University course A176 Start writing plays.

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The structure of plays

Arguably the key tool in the playwright’s arsenal, all aspects of structure are touched upon here, along with a few invaluable tips of the trade.


7 Jul 2009

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The editing process

This is where a play really comes together. Playwrights discuss approaches to editing their work and writing with actors in mind.


7 Jul 2009

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Start writing plays

A short introduction to this album.

7 Jul 2009

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