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CoffeeGeek Podcast 072 - Remembering Coffee Kids and Trevor Corlett Interview

We look back with fondness and some anger at the Coffee Kids charity and its shutting doors. Also a feature interview with Trevor Corlett

1hr 9mins

29 Jan 2015

Rank #1

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CoffeeGeek Podcast 071 - Podcast's Back and We're Talking Coffee

After a crazy long 3+ year hiatus (not planned!) the CoffeeGeek Podcast is back; we talk bright coffees, social media, and the new La Marzocco Home venture

1hr 9mins

20 Nov 2014

Rank #2

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CoffeeGeek Podcast 070 - ChristChurch Cafe

A special edition of the CG podcast, with Carl Sara of Crafted Coffee Co in ChristChurch NZ and how we can help the coffee community in this earthquake-stricken area.


18 Mar 2011

Rank #3

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CoffeeGeek Podcast 069 - History of Espresso Part 1

A look back at the origins of espresso as a brewing method and a beverage, going from 1820 up to 1947 and Gaggia's introduction of modern day espresso.


25 Feb 2011

Rank #4

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CoffeeGeek Podcast 068 - Looking Back at 2010

Taking a look at some of the biggest stories and happenings in coffee and espresso in 2010; including a special guest interview with Jim Hoffmann.

1hr 17mins

8 Feb 2011

Rank #5

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CoffeeGeek Podcast 067 - Vacpot History Part 2

In this episode, Mark concludes the history of siphon coffee right up through the early 2000s. Nice to be back folks!


27 Dec 2010

Rank #6

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CoffeeGeek Podcast 066 - Vacpot History Part 1

A detailed walk through the early history of vacpots and siphon coffee makers, including their origins, rise in popularity, and saturation in the US market in the 1930s.


5 Feb 2009

Rank #7

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CoffeeGeek Podcast 065 - Vario Grinder

A detailed interview with Kyle Anderson from Baratza about the forthcoming Vario grinder; also talk about the new CoffeeGeek site, and CoffeeGeek on Twitter

1hr 10mins

29 Jan 2009

Rank #8

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CoffeeGeek Podcast 064 - Carl Sara Rocks

This episode talks about some culinary vs commodity coffee, great coffees available this summer, a new Barista outreach program from the Cup of Excellence, and a feature interview with Carl Sara.

1hr 27mins

9 Aug 2008

Rank #9

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CoffeeGeek Podcast 063 - SCAA, Connecting Worlds, George Howell

Finally, our post SCAA 2008 Minneapolis wrapup show, and a feature interview with George Howell about the book Connecting Worlds: The Coffee Trail. We also talk about trends in coffee, blends hiding the farmer, CoE and much more.

1hr 13mins

10 Jun 2008

Rank #10