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Maybe He Became a Bear: An Interview with Jim Harrison

I don't know who took this photo, but I owe him or her a t-shirt and patch.I spoke with Jim at Dennis Sizemore's house up Emigration Canyon, about ten miles east of Salt Lake City. We'd eaten dinner and it was too noisy inside the house, so we sat in my pickup truck out in the driveway. Donate

6 Apr 2016

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The Greater Yellowstone Grizzly

Upper Paradise Valley, Montana.The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is planning to take the Yellowstone grizzly bear off the list of endangered species, perhaps before the end of this year. This is the beginning of a series about the issues surrounding the management of the bear in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. DonateThe South Fork of the Shoshone River near Cody, Wyoming. The Yellowstone River in Paradise Valley, Montana. Bill Zanoni and son, looking for bears in Tom Miner Basin, just north of Yellowstone Park. Donate

13 Oct 2016

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Trump and Sanders in South Bend, Indiana

Both candidates were speaking in the same place, on consecutive days, just before the Indiana Primary last Tuesday. I thought it would be interesting to compare and contrast the two events. Donate

7 May 2016

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Absolutely, God Told Us To Do This

Brand Thornton, one of the militia that has taken over the Malhuer National Wildlife Refuge in southeastern Oregon.An Interview with one of the Bundy gang. DonatePete Santili  covering the event. On the road from Burns, Oregon, to the Malhuer National Wildlife Refuge. Donate

14 Jan 2016

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Searching for Amnesia

Scott CarrierI'm currently at the Panama Music Festival in Launceston, Tasmania. I was invited to speak about podcasting. So this week I'm posting this story from the archives. It originally was broadcast in 1996 on This American Life.New Home of the Brave patches for sale.

22 Mar 2016

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The Greater Yellowstone Grizzly, Part Two

Courtesy of Bradley OrstedIn this episode, the scientific arguments surrounding the Greater Yellowstone grizzly bear.Books about Grizzly Bears by Todd Wilkinson and Doug Peacock.Music: Slow Bicycle, Mum; Faure's Requiem, first movement. DonateDoug Peacock, Yellowstone National Park, 2016 Dog-bear near Jackson Lake, Wyoming Dog-bear south of Missoula Donate

25 Oct 2016

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After Thinking About What To Do

Trent Harris wonders 'what the fuck?' at a gun shop in Salt Lake City.In a few days I'm getting in my car and driving to the conventions in Cleveland and Philadelphia. Donate

9 Jul 2016

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The Greater Yellowstone Grizzly, Part Three

How people feel about trophy hunting the bear.Link to savetheyellowstonegrizzly.org DonateDonate

7 Nov 2016

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The Test

This story originally aired on This American Life in 1996, but there's a new rant at the end. Music: White Rabbit by Grace Slick, performed by Mayssa Karaa for the American Hustle soundtrack. DonatePhoto by Carlo Nasisse

3 Jan 2017

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The Balkan Route

The final report on the refugee trail, describing how they travel from Athens to Germany.Music: Crossroad Metamorphosis and Super FM Dub by Hayvanlar Alemi. DonatePhotos by Camilla Q. Madsen Walking from the Greek border to Gevgelija, Macedonia. Gevgelija, Macedonia. A Syrian with two babies, near Gevgelija. Check point at the transit camp on the Serbia/Croatia. Slavonski Brod, Croatia. We were allowed to photograph the refugees but not talk to them. Slavonski Brod, Croatia Slavonski Brod transit camp, Croatia. Transit camp at Sentilj, Slovenia. Waiting to cross into Austria from the transit camp in Sentilj, Slovenia. A team of medics from Norway at the Sentilj transit camp. Inside the tent at the transit camp in Passau, Germany. Passau, Germany Afghan volunteers at the transit camp in Passau, Germany.

1 Jan 2016

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It's All Over Now

photo by CNBCWho is this guy? Who is he really? We think of him as a villain, but perhaps he's more the tragic hero, doomed to lose everything he cares about.The link to Bonnie Raitt on the David Letterman show Donate

23 Feb 2017

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My First Radio Story

I-10, Texas, 1983This is how I started producing stories for public radio in 1983. I was extremely lucky. Some people say I still am.Music during the introduction: Slow Bicycle by Mum DonateSoapbox preacher, I-10 near El Paso, Texas, 1983

15 Mar 2017

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End of Season One: A Walk On the Beach

I need to take a break so let's call this the end of season one. And I'd like to play the second story I produced for the show, an interview with Alex Chadwick. Thank you very much for your support. I'm going to turn off the subscription service (Pay Pal), but you can still donate and buy tee-shirts, tote bags, and patches. I hope to be back soon. Music: Slow Bicycle by Mum.

8 May 2018

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The Green River

Paul Brennan, Creighton King, and myself at the Green River Lakes in the summer of 1991.I thought, considering the recent mind-fuck of news, it would be good to play a relaxing story. This is a re-run from a couple summers ago, although I originally produced it in 1991 for Weekend All Things Considered. Donate

26 May 2017

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Encountering the Other

It’s not easy for me to walk up to people and ask if they want to be interviewed for my podcast. I’m afraid they will think I’m a fool, or an idiot, or be suspicious of the whole thing—fake news, etc. But on this trip, more often than not, it was other people who came up to me. Pretty much everybody wanted to talk about the cultural divide. Donate

3 Oct 2019

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Two More Stories About Mountains

A stitched panorama of the Salt Lake valley, from the north end.

1 Jan 2018

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Getting Into Cars With Strangers

Biloxi, MississippiThis is maybe what you’d call a pilot episode for a series that would be separate from Home of the Brave. I don’t have a title for it yet, but it would involve traveling around the world by taxi, or ride share, or just hiring drivers who can function as guides and translators. I think this is the best way to travel, but it’s expensive, so the series would need a big sponsor. Western Sound, a new podcast company in Los Angeles, sponsored this test run of the idea.Here are some links to the music used in this story:Ray Charles, Sweet Sixteen Bars from the album The Best of Ray Charles, Atlantic SD 1543Greg Allen Jones, Monticello Rose and Boll Weevil from the album Crossing the WillametteThe Mountain Goats, Love, Love, Love from the album The Sunset Tree A very good place for crawfish jambalaya, New Orleans. DonateOne of the buildings in New Orleans that was flooded after Katrina broke the levee. Gulf Shore Gulf Shore One of the places in Florida where there are no taxis or ride share drivers.

7 May 2019

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Bear's Ears, Part One

Looking south towards the Navajo Reservation from the top of Cedar Ridge, Utah.The first in a series of reports about the controversy over public land in southern Utah, plus a story by radio genius Joe Frank, who passed away January 15, 2018. Donate

16 Jan 2018

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The Continental Divide

The top of the highway through Rocky Mountain National Park.The day before it snowed three inches. Donate

16 Jun 2017

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Trump's Wall, Part One

The Rio Grande in Bend Bend Ranch State Park, Texas, just west of Big Bend National Park.The first part of a series about the proposed wall along the border. A visit to Big Bend National Park.Music: Down By the River by Neil Young DonateThe Rio Grande near Lajitas, Texas.

6 Apr 2017

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