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You've just found the Retro Radio Podcast. The Internets best kept secret source of Old Time Radio Comedy. All comedy radio classics for your listening pleasure. Hand picked by Keith, and sometimes by the Retro bots. Tell a friend about us. We also take requests! If you have a favorite classic radio show, that you would like to hear,send me your request. It doesn't even have to be comedy. If I have it in my collection, I'll play it for you

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CBS Radio Mystery Theater 750227 Them

A man has been acquitted for charges of manslaughter. One person monitering the well publicized trial seems to think the man was falsley acquitted. Being a retired judge, he feels it his duty to take matters into his own hands. The man is invited to a luncheon, he presumes it is to be a victory party. The old judge has other plans that sound a little more disturbing.  The worried wife talks to police, but three days later, there's still no sign of her husband. The police do notice a trend of missing persons who had just been acquitted of various crimes. There's definitley something going on, but all they need is just the right break to figure it out. They get it when the son has something to say.  Meanwhile, is there any hope for our man, and the others that are also being held captive? Some of his captives have been there for years.  Is the old judge right? Is he being fair? I suppose it's all a matter of opinion, however he is indeed breaking the law when he takes it into his own hands to apply his own breed of justice.  So will the testimony of the son help to free his missing dad? Will the old judge keep his little prison an force? With little to hope for, what hope is there for our man to escape? All the answers are revealed in act 3 of our radio play, so stay tuned, and listen in.  In the mid 1970's the CBS Radio Mystery Theater was produced. If it had hopes of bringing back the glory days of radio drama, it didn't work, although the show had a long and successful run. Hosted by EG Marshal, and using all the best voice actors both from the old days of radio, and a new breed of acting tallent.  Bonus Track: Gene Wilder and Peter Boyle. Puttin on the Ritz.  PS: The Retrobots take over as we try to kick off a series of scary Retro Originals for the Halloween season. 


21 Oct 2010

Rank #1

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Gunsmoke - Letter of the Law. 560715 (retro435)

56-07-15 Letter of the Law. (retro435)


31 Dec 2013

Rank #2

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Lum and Abner - Mysterious Military Surplus - Triple Feature. 1953. (retro343).

Lum and Abner - Mysterious Military Surplus - Triple Feature. 1953. (retro343). Abner has accidentally bought a mystery machine, but with the help of Squire he figures out what it is. Now he just needs to figure out what it does. As Lum helps him assemble


13 Feb 2012

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Bergen and McCarthy - Fred Allen. 471102. (retro323).

A Halloween episode full of scary things. Charlie has a toothache, and fears a trip to the dentist. Mortimer plans a Halloween party, and Fred Allen is featured as the dentist, and the devil in Charlies crazy dream. Bonus Tracks: Phil Harris. 1950. The Thing.


15 Aug 2011

Rank #4

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You Bet Your Life 550114 Paper

First, a 66 year old female bowler, who has been at it for 30 years. Along with an Italian immigrant named Frank. After a sponsor break for DeSoto Plymouth, the show continues.  This time an unmarried, female airport worker is joined by an unmarried man who is seeking a vegetarian mate.  Finally a prince and princess join the show. A prince from the Belgian Congo, who tells his success story rising as a commoner, to living in America, being educated, and returning to his home country. He is even convinced by Groucho to perform a brief native dance and drum number. .  So who wins? I'm not telling. Listen to find out.  Bonus Track: Don Gibson. Sea of Heartbreak.  PS: The song is from around the mid-1950's... probably, but may be from as late as the early 1960's. Leave me a comment and set me straight. 


21 Oct 2010

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Black Museum - The Sash Cord. ep36, 1952

The Sash Cord. ep36, 1952


12 Jan 2014

Rank #6

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Burns and Allen - 431102 - Gracie Blackmails Jack BennyEpisode 310


9 Apr 2010

Rank #7

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The Great Gildersleeves 411005 ep006 Investigating The City Jail


10 May 2010

Rank #8

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Our Miss Brooks 481128 The Sunnyvale Finishing School

After some technical difficulties, and a couple quick instrumentals on the organ, the show gets started. Connie is in a rush, and doesn't have time to read her mail. Mrs. Davis finds what she thinks is an important letter, a job offer from an upscale school. The worried landlady warns the Conklins in hopes of preventing our favorite english teacher from leaving her happy home at Madison High. She doesn't realize though, that the letter is five years old. At school, Mr. Boynton plans a secret trip with Miss Brooks to study nature out in the country. The trip just adds to the confusion and misunderstanding as Connie's friends try to convince her to stay. Bonus Track: Bing Crosby and the Andrews Sisters. Have I  told You Lately that I Love You?             


25 Mar 2010

Rank #9

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Lum and Abner - Christmas Sto

Lum and Abner - Christmas St


4 Mar 2012

Rank #10

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The Adventures Of Sam Spade - The Rowdy Dowser Caper 51-04-20

51-04-20 Rowdy Dowser Case


10 Mar 2013

Rank #11

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Jack Benny 540411 Jack Hasn't Recieved His New Contract. (retro233)

 Flashback to the day before at rehearsal. Jack is critical of Bob Crosby's band members. Jack begins to worry when Don points out that his contract hasn't been renewed yet. Mary's comments don't encourage Jack, so he tries to phone Rochester. After the phone connection is tied up with gossip from the operators, talking about Frankie Remley. Dennis arrives with a story about a run in with a traffic cop. He sings, Once I Had a Secret Love. Dennis reveals a secret medical problem, then Rochester calls back with the report, still no contract in the mail. Jack grows worried, and wants to make a good impression when he phones the sponsor directly. The Sportsmen were going to help, but are late, and their song for the commercial adds to Jacks worries. Now even more desperate, Jack calls his old sponsers, Jello, General Tire, and Canada Dry. Just when he thinks it can't get worse, it's happy ending time. Bonus Track: Graham MacNamee. Reading fan mail from 1940.


12 Apr 2010

Rank #12

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You Bet Your Life 510110 Secret Word is Heart

The actual game takes a back seat as Groucho chats it up with the contestants. Groucho is always hilarious as he talks with the regular people on the show. First up is a weather man named Aldrich, and a cashier of a drive in movie theater named Winnie. Next is a body builder from Philadelphia, and the wife of a New York policeman who say the secret word. The final couple are identical twins, Jean and Jane Luther. No matter who they are, or where they come from the conversation is always entertaining.  The game comes down to a tie, and a faceoff between the bodybuilder and the housewife, against the twins. Who wins the big prize? Listen and find out.  Bonus Track:Tony Martin and Dinah Shore. 1951. A Penny a Kiss. 


7 Sep 2010

Rank #13

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My Favorite Husband 480705 The Cugats Tenth Wedding Anniversary. (retro268)

Actually the first episode of My Favorite Husband, starring Lucille Ball and Richard Denning. The first show sets up the premise of the series. A married couple who have been happily married for 10 years, and still seem to be actually in love. The Cugat's flashback to moments of their wedding day, as they prepare for their anniversary. Liz, the well to do socialite, and George, the up and coming banker.  Liz is to have a portrait painted for the big anniversary celebration. George's friend Corey, a confirmed bachelor cass doubt on the intentions of the portrait artist. Of course Liz doesn't see anything in the artist, but manages to say all the right things to cause jealousy to grow in George. It gets so bad that George calls a doctor along with his attractive nurse. Still simmering over the artist, George see's his chance to use the situation of having the nurse to get some revenge jealousy brewing in Liz.  In the end though, George and Liz come to their senses. They see through their petty jealousies, but don't worry, the laughs won't stop even to the very end.  Bonus Track: Glenn Miller. 1938. The Cowboy from Brooklyn.  PS: Coming soon to the Retro Radio Podcast, Lucille Ball as Liz Cugat. Lucky for me, by the end of the first season, and without explaination, their last name is changed to Cooper. Fortunately for me, because I can never remember how to spell Cugat, but Cooper isn't so hard. (Isn't that so selfish of me, or what?) Watch for more additions and changes to the lineup in the coming weeks.  


9 Sep 2010

Rank #14

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Casey, Crime Photographer - The Scene of the Crime 49-03-10 (retro464)

49-03-10 (retro464) The Scene of the Crime


4 Jun 2014

Rank #15

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Fred Allen - The Jack Benny 1

Fred Allen - The Jack Benny


28 Apr 2012

Rank #16

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The Shadow - Death Shows the Way ep176, 39-12-03

39-12-03 ep176 Death Shows the Way


27 Nov 2014

Rank #17

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Baby Snooks 420528 Abnormal Psychology. (retro236)


30 Apr 2010

Rank #18

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The Bee is Finally Played 37-02-28 (RV008 retro438)

37-02-28 RV008 retro438 The Bee is Finally Played


18 Jan 2014

Rank #19

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Boston Blackie - Blackies Car Kills A Woman. 450716 (retro430)

450716 Blackies Car Kills A Woman. (retro430)


8 Dec 2013

Rank #20